Ryden Hunter (HOO-RAH!)

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Ryden Hunter (HOO-RAH!)

Postby Ryden » Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:53 pm

Player Name: Patrick
Hangouts Handle: mikelamroni or payoung95

Character Name: Ryden Hunter
Call-sign: Brainiac
Race: Arismal (Aliens Unlimited p.100-101)
Tier & Power Category: Tier 3
Rank: O-1, 3rd Lieutenant
Military Occupational Specialty: Cyberjacker
Alignment: Scrupulous
XP Level: 8
XP Points: 57,575 [Augur 2/4/18]
Next Level @ XP: 71,201 (use Alien table)
Disposition: Ryden's superior mind has always made him think he is superior to all others, a persona he took on to deal with the weakness of his body. While not unhealthy, he is rail thin and has limited muscular development. This has made him a selfish and defiant git, yet despite that he is a team player who thrives at the center of attention. While quiet, he is not humble. The fact that he can manage to hold his own in combat only serves to inflame his sense of superiority. As time as gone by, Ryden has learned that he is every bit as central and integral to the success of the 1st S.O.G. and his teammates recognize his importance. While this has not really subsided his ingrained superiority complex, he is at least a little less "in your face" about it. Along the way, Ryden realizes he has
Insanity: Psycho-Reliance: VR Suit - Ryden craves 24 hour access to his worn computer VR suit. He feels like he's been hobbled if he does not have it.
    Penalties when not worn: Cranky, distracted, -5% on all skills, -3 to save versus Horror Factor, -3 Initiative, and -1 to all combat bonuses.
I.Q.: 27
M.E.: 17
M.A.: 19
P.S.: 12
P.P.: 18
P.E.: 20
P.B.: 9
Speed: 21 [52.5' per action]

P.P.E.: 12
H.P.: 44
S.D.C.: 39
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Description: Rail thin and physically weak, Ryden is frail and plain. His reflexes are slightly above average, and this has helped. While he is eager to help and prove himself, his hard work has only taken him from weak to average. He knows he will have to do a lot more work, and even then he may never have the physique he truly desires.

Racial Abilities
Nightvision: 600'
Must wear protective eye wear (sunglasses) or: -4 to Initiative, -8 to strike/parry/dodge
Sensitive Hearing (20 decibels beyond normal human range)

Natural Abilities
Trust/Intimidate: 55%
Perception: 83% +3%/lvl
Max. Carrying Weight: 80 lbs.
Max. Lifting Weight: 160 lbs.

Super Abilities
Extraordinary Intelligence
    Mental Disciplines (subset of Extraordinary Intelligence)
    Speed Reader: The character can read one page per every M.E. attribute points per minute. Just as important, the character comprehends and remembers what he is reading clearly.
    Bonuses: +5% to all skills required to build, deconstruct, or do something after reading the written instructions.
    Ranged Weapon Bonus (Guns): +1 to strike under any condition.
    Bows & Thrown Weapon Bonuses: +1 to strike at levels 2, 5, 10 and 15 for Aimed or Called Shots when using a bow, crossbow or thrown weapon.
    Bonus Melee Attack: +1 attack per melee round when only a gun, bow or thrown weapons are used for all the attacks for the entire melee round.
Danger Sense
    The ability to sense immediate personal danger. The warning time is 3 seconds in advance per level (18 seconds) and makes him hyper alert and ready to act or react at a moment's notice - Cannot be attacked by surprise

M.O.S. Skills
Computer Operation 108% (+5%)
Computer Programming 113% (+5%) (Area of Expertise)
Cyberjacking 108% (+5%) (Area of Expertise)
Computer Hacking 93% (+5%)
Research 108% (+5%)
Cryptography 88% (+5%)
Advanced Mathematics 128% (+5%)
Military: Electronic Warfare 83/78% (+5%)
Computer Repair 58% (+5%)

Other Skills
Intelligence 69% (+4%)
Escape Artist 73% (+5%)
Detect Ambush 63% (+5%)
Prowl 68% (+5%)
Find Contraband and Illegal Weapons 63% (+4%)
Pick Locks 73% (+5%)
Lore: Alien 73% (+5%)
Jury-Rig 68% (+5%)
General Repair/Maintenance 68% (+5%)
Electrical Engineer 73% (+5%)
Cyberjacking Construction and Repair 73% (+5%)
Artificial Intelligence 48% (+5%)
Laser Communication 73%+5% (+5%)
W.P. Handgun
W.P. Rifle
Pilot Hover Cycle 93% (+5%)
Pilot Personal Anti-Gravity Transportation 83% (+5%)
Pilot Military Spacecraft: Medium 89% (+4%)
Military Spacecraft: Small 93% (+4%)
Read Sensory Equipment 73% (+5%)
Weapon Systems 83% (+5%)
Navigation (Land, Air, Water) 93% (+5%)
Navigation: Space 63% (+5%) (Skill Download from EP)
Navigation: Faster Than Light 48% (+5%) (Skill Download from EP)
Mechanical Engineer 38% (+5%) (Skill Download from EP)
Weapon Engineer 38% (+5%) (Skill Download from EP)
Demolitions 73% (+3%) (Skill Download from EP)

Secondary Skills
Physical Labor
Literacy: Imperial Trade Tongue (Les Iban) 78% (+5%)
HTH: Arismal SpecForce Close Quarters Combat (HTH: Assassin)
--W.P. Paired
Pilot ADF War Dog Power Armor 63% (+5%) (Level 4)
Robot Combat: Type III Exoskeletons (Level 4)
W.P. Blunt (Level 2)
W.P. Energy Pistol (Level 2)
Salvage 63% (+5%)(Level 2)
Language: Pillian 66% (+3%) (Skill Download from EP)
Literacy: Pillian 48% (+5%) (Skill Download from EP)
Wardrobe & Grooming 63% (+4%) (Skill Download from EP)
Anthropology: Alien 23% (+5%) (Skill Download from EP)
Impersonation 43%/29% (+4%) (Skill Download from EP)

Basic Skills
Language: Arismal 123% (+5%)
Language: Imperial Trade Tongue (Les Iban) 108% (+5%)
Literacy: Arismal 103% (+5%)
Mathematics: Basic 108% (+5%)
Military Etiquette 88% (+5%)
Radio: Basic 118% (+5%)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Arismal SpecForce Close Quarters Combat (HTH: Assassin; visually looks like Black Widow or the Arrow's form of combat)
Number of Attacks: 6 (+1 if using guns, thrown weapons, or bow/crossbow and arrow the entire round)
Initiative Bonus: +5
Strike Bonus: +4
Parry Bonus: +6
Dodge Bonus: +7
Disarm Bonus:
Entangle Bonus: +2
HTH Damage Bonus: +4
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +2
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +3
Death Blow: Must be called. On natural 19 or 20, hit goes direct to hit points.
Karate Punch: 1d6
Punch: 1d4+4
Elbow: 1d6+4
Backhand Strike: 1d6+4
Knee: 1d6+4
Kick: 2d4+4
Karate Kick: 2d6+4
Body Block/Tackle 1d4+4 plus knock down
Body Flip/Throw: 1d4+4 plus knock down
Power Punch: Double Punch Damage
Power Kick: Double Kick Damage

Cyberjacking Combat Data (includes bonuses from VR immersion suit)
Perception: +4
Number of Attacks: Base Ability: 6 (+1 at level 8, 11, and 15); Sonic Speed: +3 = 9 (+1 at level 9 and 12)
Initiative Bonus: Base Ability: +3; Sonic Speed: +6 = +9
Strike Bonus: Base Ability: +14 (+1 at level 8, 11, and 14); Sonic Speed: +1 = +15
Parry Bonus: +15 (+1 at level 8, 11, and 14); Sonic Speed: +3 = +18
Dodge Bonus: +17 (+1 at level 8, 11, and 14); Sonic Speed: same
Autododge Bonus: Base Ability: None; Sonic Speed: +4
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: Base Ability: +0; Sonic Speed: +6
Bonus to Pull a Punch: Base Ability: +0; Sonic Speed: +5
Death Blow: Must be called. On natural 19 or 20, hit goes direct to hit points.
Other: +5% to skills requiring dexterity; +5% to computer skills against passive security

Power Armor Combat Data
HTH Type: Expert
Number of Attacks: 7 (8 if using guns the entire round)
Initiative Bonus: +8
Strike (HTH) Bonus: +5
Strike (with Integral Weapons): +4 (+5 ranged)
Parry Bonus: +6
Dodge Bonus: +6
Disarm Bonus:
Entangle Bonus: +2
Death Blow: Must be called. On natural 19 or 20, hit goes direct to hit points.
• Restrained Punch: 1D4+15
• Full Strength Punch: 2D6+15
• Power Punch: 4D6+15
• Kick: 3D8+15
• Leap Kick: 5D8+15
• Body Block/Tackle/Ram—3D6 plus 50% chance of knocking comparable sized opponent off his feet. Victims knocked down lose initiative and 2 melee attacks/actions. Triple damage if performed at or near full running speed, but counts as four attacks.

Weapon Proficiencies
W.P. Paired Weapons (From HTH: Assassin)
W.P. Handguns - Aimed Shot: +6 to Strike; Burst shots: +4; Called Aimed shots +6 to Strike, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
W.P. Rifle- Aimed Shot: +6 to Strike; Burst shots: +4; Called Aimed shots +6 to Strike, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
W.P. Blunt (Level 1) +1 Strike and Parry
W.P. Energy Pistol (Level 1) - Aimed Shots: +4 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions); Burst Shots: +2 to Strike Bonus; Called/Aimed Shots: +4 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +10%
Toxins (15+): +3
Magic (varies): +3
Lethal Poison (14+): +3
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +3
Insanity (12+): +1
Psionics (15+): +1
Mind Control (?): +2
Possession (?): +2
Illusions (?): +2
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Re: Ryden (Work in Progress!)

Postby Ryden » Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:54 pm

"You egghead, why don't you just go and crawl in a hole - you'll never amount to anything. You're ugly, slow and weak!"
"Yeah, you can't even run away like a good weakling. The mundanes are faster than you!"
"Man, a third tier worse off than a mundane, how pathetic!"

When you grow up with this sort of taunting on a daily basis, there are two reasonable reactions. You can curl up into a ball, or you can fight back. Ryden chose the later. While he may have lacked physical heart, his constant beatings and hazings from the other boys did help to improve his endurance. He escaped into the world of computers at an early age. He was doing two dimensional runs into the Data Realm long before most kids his age were even adept at social networking sites.

His parents gave him nothing but compassion and love, and that helped to found in him a sense of duty and love for those who supported him. When teachers and later recruiters would play into these feelings, he would form strong bonds that would define how most people who thought well of him would define him. Serious, loyal, dedicated, and driven to succeed. He mastered not one, but two training regimens. He mastered the cyberhacker courses while learning advanced piloting on the side. It helped that his parents helped him at home, and had their friends give him lessons when their work made it impossible to help him. His father was a test pilot, and a master of Electronic Warfare. His mother was a design engineer, and they met when his father had been testing his mother's design. The sensors of the Albatross series would eventually come from that work.

Joining the military was never a choice in Ryden's mind. It was the only place where merit and not politics would allow him to advance like he needed to. While he never had delusions he was the smartest arismal on the planet, he knew he was in the top one percentile. He also knew that he did not have the political connections to make light of the obstacles in his path. When he first went to the recruiters, he was underweight, too slow and too weak to make the cut. He worked with his recruiters who knew he would make a great soldier given a bit of help. A regimen of running, muscle building, and good hard work improved Ryden's already prodigious stamina, and put his strength in the bare minimum of enlistment requirements, and left him fast enough to keep up with the average soldier.

The destruction of the planet, and the certain knowledge of his parent's death, has left him angry and hurt, but not disfunctional or depressed, beyond what is normal for a being whose homeworld was just obliterated before his very eyes. But what it has awakened in him is a genuine knowledge that he may well be one of the most intelligent minds left in his race. He only wishes he had followed his mother's path as well. A good solid grasp of engineering could help him create new weapons and ships for the ADF, and help advance the cause of his people. While his previous notion that he was among the smartest was perhaps at worst arrogance, it has grown into a full blown obsession with his own intelligence and what he has to offer his people. He no longer feels that the Tier Ones, mere genetic flukes, should have absolute say in the future of their race. He desperately wants to make sure that the one vote for all citizens comes back for any matter pertaining to the fate of the entire race, as small as it is.

Despite his meglomania, or perhaps because of it, he is a team player who works for the goal of all, but thinks that he himself should have his credit given to him at all times. He craves attention and goes so far as to demand it if he is ignored. Time will tell how this will play out in the new reality of the Arismal race.


Forty-seven days. It had only been forty-seven days since his homeworld had died in a thunder of exploding rock

Zero day had been interesting. There he was, flirting with this stick up her ass officer named Lieutenant Tina...something...Martinez, while she flirted back. That was also the first time he'd seen PFC Regina DuCote, callsign Thumper, in action. The planet had exploded and they'd skidded onto the plating of the Guardian's flight deck. He'd heard Brynn's voice for the first time that day, though it'd be some time before he'd realize that. He even remembers when he first felt...whole after that - when he snapped down the visor of his VR suit. Poor Jessica had just been vacant after that. Thumper's co-pilot had to get her help, so he was out. The chaos had been busy, and that helped. Servo stepped in, took control, got him and Brynn and Tarmo all working to go get Speckles, Halko, and Bodean out with all the other folks aboard the habitat ring. Speckles had done his magic and squeezed a station full of folks into one pod. Good thing. They'd all done their job, rescued them, and jumped to the emergency coordinates he'd decoded.

At seven days he was given a game changer of a mission. Of course everyone suspected it was the brush heads. It was obvious really. Too obvious. Being told he was the last of his family wasn't news. His father and mother had been going to go visit an observatory as a vacation. Of course they'd also find time at the mountain resort they were staying at for some quiet time. Not for the first time, he wondered if they died in each other's arms. He hopes so, honestly. Better to die in the arms of the person you love than to die wondering if they are okay. He experienced that wonder from time to time when he thought of Digital Information Specialist Miwa Covell. With both of them on opposite teams, nothing was guaranteed. The approach was textbook. Thinking back, he smirks at the though of trying to talk Thumper into flying sideways. That had been funny. Blaster's idea. Funnier was that he was actually the cargo to that hard bitten team of marines and commandos. He'd actually gotten to ride inside of Servo in his car form. That never ceased to be weird. For as long as it lasted... He stops this train of thought. He and Servo had tag teamed that combat robot, and it had opened up like a high school freshman girl going out with her senior boyfriend. Then Servo had formed into the combat bot and they'd walked through the forcefields into the bot bay. Things were tense, but okay. They got into a small dust up in the robot maintenance bay, and prepared a welcome for the carload of Mantellan troopers, even as they zoomed away to the main facility. He had suggested they sleaze their way in, but Speckles decided on a more traditional assault. So be it. Servo and Thumper had lost their lives there, trying to get him into position. He'd felt so helpless there. They'd gotten in, rescued Nova, who'd been a prisoner there. Together the two of them holed up at the jack, and he fought his way through an atorian nerd's wet dream. A lot happened while he was out, but he'd received a motherload of data. The Empress Makeda of Vikelter had ordered Arismal's demise. Their jump drives and their innate abilities would change the balance of power in the quadrant to one that did not favor the Empire. What had been billed as a backwater intelligence relay had in fact been one of the intelligence repositories for the Empire's entire Liloquan border. If only he'd spent just a little more time grabbing other data too! They'd know so much. He'd grabbed more than he needed, of course, but not enough. That, and taking Mila, had been why they'd sent Zed after us, of course. No way to know how much we grabbed, so assume the worst. Wait, that means they weren't second guessing us, they were putting reaction teams in place where they knew they had juicy data. They'd gotten lucky, plus they had the manpower to spare. Plus the interrogation of Mila, so they know our food situation. Frack, it's so obvious!'

Coming back, the debrief, the ceremony, getting assigned Mila, the bar fight and meeting Miwa Covell had been a blur. Then they met the Lupis, and that was an experience. Afterwards they left for the mission to Phorilla that changed everything. They obtained the ships, they got overtaken by Zed, they lost Mila, but gained Mika. But their issues with Zed still come back to that first raid. When a band of Arismal Operators infiltrated one of the most secure data centers in the Atorian Empire and got away with data.
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Re: Ryden Hunter (Work in Progress!)

Postby Ryden » Wed Aug 12, 2009 1:28 pm

Rating Badge


Worn on Person

Custom Multi-Optic VR Goggles
• Polarized lenses
• Passive IR Nightvision: 300'
• Thermal-Imaging: 300'
• x3 Telescopic magnification
• Integrated Wireless HUD
• Modifiers: +1 to Strike in a RES

Atorian Multi-mod Headset
S.D.C.: 20
☞ Micro-Translator: pre-programmed with 322 languages, including all known languages of the Atorian Empire & F.A.R.
☞ A.B.S. Detector (Aberrant Bio-Signature)
• • Range: 100' directional scanning beam (LOS required)
• • Accuracy: 55%
• • Misidentifies Attributes over 20 as ABS: 80% (GM determined)
• • Specifies genetic class, ABS, and psionics
☞ Digital Audio/Video recording: 2TB storage or 24 hours constant video recording
☞ Insulated from EMP discharges, vacuum, and liquid submersion up to 300'
☞ Compact design; Can be worn under environmental and armored helmets

Light filtering contacts - Automatically filters any harmful bursts of light across the spectrum. A nanite-based internal lens layer automatically polarizes and darkens the contacts whenever exposed to light in excess of 35 watts. Last a month or more with proper care.

Virtual Reality Immersion System
A.R.: 10
S.D.C.: 25
• Can be worn under A.D.F. Light, Normal, Heavy and A-G Suits
• Helmet with full sensor suite and polarized visor
• Gauntlets
• Body Suit with rear-mounted Hacking Computer
• Anti-Gravity Simulation Harness
• VR Filtration System
• • A.R. and S.D.C. effective only in the data realm
• • A.R.: 19
• • S.D.C.: 100
• +3 APM, +1 to Initiative, +4 to Strike, + 5 to Parry, + 7 to Dodge
• +5% to skills requiring dexterity
• +5% to computer skills against passive security
Ready-to-Use Programs:
• Sonic Speed Power Program
• Force Aura Power Program
• Translator Program
• Navigation Program
• Prowl RES Skill Program--77%
• Pick Lock RES Skill Program--77%
Loaded Reference Libraries:
    • Reference Library: Alien Lore (Limited to the few races known by the Arismal) ☞ 15%
    • Reference Library: Electrical Engineering (Galactic Theory & Practice) ☞ 40%
    • Reference Library: Computer Operation (Galactic Theory & Practice) ☞ 40%
    • Reference Library: Computer Programming (Galactic Theory & Practice) ☞ 40%
    • Reference Library: Computer Hacking (Galactic Theory & Practice) ☞ 40%
    • Reference Library: Arismal Modular Robot Mechanics ☞ 50%
    • Reference Library: Arismal Modular Robot Electronics ☞ 50%
    • Reference Library: Arismal Modular Spaceship Mechanics ☞ 60%
    • Reference Library: Spaceship Mechanics (Galactic Theory & Practice) ☞ 40%

High Impact Polarized Goggles (GMG PG 189)
2-Piece Suit (Black, w/White button up collarless shirt and black shoes); Jacket is carried
    In Pocket: Individual Credit Card: 8,275 credits

Shoulder Holster with 3 magazines of explosive ammo and pistol
Improved Stomper Machine Pistol
• Range: 610'
• Damage: 5D6 or 1D6x10 for micro-jet or explosive rounds
• Rate of Fire: Single shots only
• Payload: 2 internal magazine of 6 rounds each, 12 round total payload
• Dimensions: 6 lbs., 10" long
• Modifiers: Recoil Suppressors: +1 to Strike

A.D.F. Mini-Lasers (under shirt sleeves)
S.D.C.: 25
Weight: 1 lb. Each (.45 kg)
Range: 80 feet (24.4 m)
Damage: 2D6 S.D.C.
Rate of Fire: Equal to the player character's attacks per melee
Payload: 10 shot mini E-clip

Personal Foot Locker aboard the Dauntless
Small Book "Advanced Geo-Metrics of Binary and Zeto-Encryption"
Tablet Computer (4x4, flex screen, project-able image)
Black Leather Journal + Pen
Hand-held Video Game System
Picture of Mother & himself as an infant

Other Items/Services

In Hotel Room
A.D.F. Combat Goggles (worn while in room)
A.R.: 15
S.D.C.: 25
Features: Automatically filters any harmful bursts of light across the spectrum. A nanite-based internal lens layer automatically polarizes and darkens the lenses whenever exposed to light in excess of 35 watts. Can receive and display visual data on the inside of the light emitting polymer lenses.

    [1x] Light Sensitive Polarized Goggles (GMG PG 189)
    [2x] Police Style Jumpsuit (Navy Blue) (HU2 pg 348)
    [2x] B.D.U.'s: Pants (Navy Blue)/Shirts (Navy Blue)/T-shirt (White)/Field Jacket (Navy Blue)(HU2 pg 349)
    [1x] 2-Piece Suit (Black, w/White button up collarless shirt and black shoes)
    VidComm Watch Deluxe (Range: typically around 2 miles, VHF 250mhz, includes satlink)
    A.D.F. Flight Suit & Helmet with attached Pilot's Survival Suit - ADF logos removed, recolored to be unique. Personal wolf logo prominent.
    This is a non-restrictive. lightweight body suit that nonetheless provides its wearer with decent protection. The flight suit is made of multiple layers of a polymer weave fabric reinforced in vital areas by semi-rigid composite ceramic plates. It is not meant as a front-line armor suit, but designed for aviators, flight crews, and power armor drivers as a last resort protection measure if their vehicle is destroyed, shot down, crashes, or is breached.
    Weight: 11 lbs.
    Mobility: Unrestricted (no penalties).
    S.D.C. by Location:
    --Helmet: 30
    --Arms: 20 each
    --Legs: 30 each
    --Main Body: 50
    Features: The suit forms seals at the cuffs and collar. The helmet connects to a craft's life support system for sustained operations. In the event of an emergency, the suit has been equipped with 6 hours of oxygen reserves.

    Pilot's Survival Kit
    The standard design is a pouch-covered, web-vest assembly worn over the pilot suit at all times. The vest is olive drab, somewhat bulky and doubles as a personal flotation device (+25% to Swimming skill) in addition to containing basic survival gear. Includes a shoulder holster for standard-size handguns, two additional sidearm magazines, multi-tool/knife, signaling mirror, map, compass, first-aid kit, strobe light & tracking beacon, walkie-talkie (10 mile range with 72 continuous hours of battery life), emergency "space" blanket (folds to the size of an envelope), a half-liter squeeze bottle of water, water purification tablets, and an emergency food rations for three days.
      • Shoulder Holster: A.D.F. Slug-Thrower
      • Magazine Pouch: Magazine, Slug-Thrower (AP) x2

    A.D.F. Standard Issue Modular Utility Belt
    Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.
    • Attachment: Grappling Gun
    • Attachment:
    • Attachment:
    • Attachment:

    Grappling Gun
    Range: 100'
    Damage: 2D8 if used as a weapon
    Weight: 5 lbs.
    Capacity: 500 lbs.
    Retraction Rate: full retraction in 1 melee

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Re: Ryden Hunter (Work in Progress!)

Postby Ryden » Tue Nov 17, 2009 8:34 pm

Programs Loaded in Active Memory:
Sonic Speed: Can run 700 mph (over Mach 1: 1 mile every 5 seconds)
    +1 APM (at levels 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12)
    +6 Initiative
    +1 to strike
    +3 to Parry
    +4 to Automatic Dodge (hand to hand and melee weapons)
    Dodge bullets, blasts, and thrown objects (no bonuses, straight roll)
    +6 to roll with punch
    +1 to pull punch (at levels 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 14)
    Normal Punch: 1d6
    Fast Punch or Kick: 2d6
    Super Fast Punch or Kick: 4d6
    Super Fast "Power" Punch or Kick: 1d6x10, but costs two attacks
    Leap 60 feet high or 100 feet lengthwise
    Can go from zero to 700 in a single attack action, but causes a sonic boom. Speeds under 100 mph are silent, a soft wind. (Taking off or stopping counts as an action).
    Nightvision: 500 feet

Force Aura A blue field of power surrounds him, and his fists and arms glow with primal power.
    +10 to PS, considered natural
    +4 to PE
    +4 to roll with punch
    AR: 14
    200 SDC FF + 10 SDC per level
    Horror Factor: 10 (optional)

    Cyberjacking Combat Data (with both powers active) (includes bonuses from VR immersion suit)
    H.P.: (+4)
    Perception: +1
    Number of Attacks: 10(11)
    Initiative Bonus: +3(9)
    Strike Bonus: +16(17)
    Parry Bonus: +18(21)
    Dodge Bonus: +20
    Autododge: +(4)
    Disarm Bonus: +
    HTH Damage Bonus: +
    Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +2(12)
    Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2(3)
    Other: +5% to skills requiring dexterity; +5% to computer skills against passive security

Translation Program
    This program is loaded with 322 languages, including all known members of the FAR, the Atorian Empire, TGE, and others. It uses the suit's built in speakers and microphones for input and output.

Navigation Program
    Relays navigational information, including direction, distance, and speed. If it can link to a satellite or orbiting ship, it will actually show terrain and an aerial map with a 3 mile radius around the user.

• Prowl RES Skill Program--77%
• Pick Lock RES Skill Program--77%
• Climbing/Rapelling RES Skill Program--77%
• Acrobatics RES Skill Program--77%
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Re: Ryden Hunter (HOO-RAH!)

Postby Ryden » Sat May 07, 2016 11:36 am

Ryden's Eclipse Locker

Credit Card: 1,995 credits
Ration Card: 4 alcohol rations
Flashbang Grenade
7 magazines of armor piercing ammo (PISTOL)
8 Magazines of standard ammo (PISTOL)
10 magazines of armor piercing ammo (STAR)
10 magazines of explosive ammo (STAR)
A.D.F. Duty Uniform

Tactical Field Radio Signals Interdiction Pack
The Tactical Field Radio Pack is a man-portable, long-range military radio designed for use in deep reconnaissance and observation. The pack connects to any A.D.F. standard issue body armor via a Magnetic Interface Locking System, and is commonly carried by reconnaissance patrols and dedicated radio/comms members of infantry units. It consists of a high-powered modulated FM transceiver, and satellite communications uplink all nestled in an armored shell. The transceiver and uplink are encrypted and automatically change encryption every fifteen minutes, giving opponents -15% on rolls to intercept communications traffic. The radio pack also contains a powerful signal jammer, as well as equipment to intercept and decrypt enemy communications.
☞ Range: 300 miles in urban or densely cluttered areas (forests, mountains, ruins), 600 miles in wide open areas like prairies and wasteland.
☞ Power: High capacity, rechargeable gel-cell battery good for 18 hours of constant use. Battery life can be extended to 48 hours through conservative use. Radio batteries take four hours to recharge.
☞ S.D.C.: 25. Any single attack directly to the pack that deals more than 40% of its S.D.C. has a 30% chance of rendering the Radio Pack inoperable.
☞ Weight: 20 pounds (9 kg).

Flashbang Grenade
• Radius: 10' (double in darkness)
• Effect: Blinded for 1D4 melees (-8 to strike, parry, dodge, -1 to initiative and -1 APM)

A.D.F. Slug-Thrower
S.D.C.: 40
Weight: 5 lbs. (2.2 kg)
Cartridge: caseless 12.70 mm
Range: 100 feet (30.48 m)
Damage: 6D6 S.D.C.
Rate of Fire: Equal to the player character's attacks per melee
Payload: 8 round box magazine

A.D.F. Shipboard Tactical Rifle
S.D.C.: 75
Weight: 12 lbs. (5.4 kg)
Cartridge: caseless 19mm
Range: 500 feet (152 m)
Damage - Explosive Slug Rounds (EX): 1D10x10 Damage; [size=85]10% chance each round discharged that the gun will jam.

Damage - Armor Piercing Slug Rounds (AP): 1D8x10 Damage; Reduces the A.R. of the target by a factor of 2. Successful strikes result in 1/2 the round's damage being applied against the armor, the rest to the target beneath.
Rate of Fire: Equal to the player character's attacks per melee
Payload: 20 round box magazine; nothing loaded 0/20[/size]

Ryden's A.D.F. Light Strike Anti-Gravity Suit
A.R.: 12
S.D.C. by Location:
--Arms: 50 each
--Legs: 65 each
--Helmet: 100
--Main Body: 100
--Slim-pack: 25
Weight: 12 lbs.
Speed: up to 60 mph
Altitude: from one to 800 feet
Maximum Weight Allowance: 400 pounds
Features: Fully environmental, HUD in helmet visor, encrypted short-range audio/data transceiver, range: 12 miles (19.31 km).
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Re: Ryden Hunter (HOO-RAH!)

Postby Ryden » Thu Jun 02, 2016 5:10 am

1d6 = 3 = level 7 Hit Points
Semi-Random Power Selection - Greater choice of individual powers:
    1d100 = 36: Criminal Intuition (PU1)
    1d100 = 5: Defensive Will (PU3)
    1d100 = 98: Targeting (PU3)
    Danger Sense: +1d4 = 2 ME
Using this for wish list as well
Ryden power wish list:
Linguistics (PU 3 p16)
Bookworm (PU1 p15-16)

Redeem 25-Milestone Reward: (5 EP) Attribute Boost - IQ: 1d6 = 3
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Re: Ryden Hunter (HOO-RAH!)

Postby Ryden » Thu Aug 25, 2016 12:34 pm

Ryden now knows as much about the Mull Tiaii Fassinae as is covered in AUGG p. 108.
Ryden now knows as much about the Perola as is covered in AUGG p. 72.
Ryden now has full canonical knowledge of Mogomian (AUGG p. 57) & Phorilla (AUGG p. 64), and general knowledge [what race occupies which world & anything of note about either] of Rol (AUGG p. 57), Bau Daban (AUGG p. 35), Salva (AU p. 64; Salvinus), and Nystum (AU 85-86; Lupis).

GM NOTE: Please see this link for details, or present more specific inquiries in the future.

    This is a list of FAR members for reference only:
    Caecils AU 52
    Sorinam AU 56 Namia
    Salvinus AU 64 Salva
    Dyteens AU 69 Shia
    Maeus AU 70 Formerly Ropora; Now their worlds are wandering fleets
    Elicans AU 73 Elicia
    Latrans AU 84 Goreal
    Dakarans AU 103 Dakara
    Kassans AU 105 Kissia
    Nadians AU 108 Nadine
    Silisons AU 112 Feradine (Rad world)
    Fredulians AU 126 Fre-Ad
    Nithians AU 136 Nithia
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Re: Ryden Hunter (HOO-RAH!) LEVEL UP

Postby Augur » Tue Dec 05, 2017 9:34 am

Something is frakked in your gear post image-wise. I could not edit your post.

Code: Select all
Individual Credit Card: 5,575 credits [color=#4000FF](Augur, 12/05/17)[/color]

Code: Select all
[b]FAS Tier 1[/b]
[size=85]A.R.: 10
[u]S.D.C. by Location:[/u]
• Helmet: 40
• Arms: 40 each
• Legs: 50 each
• Main Body: 80
Modifiers: Can also be worn under other armor, for additional protection; Reflective ceramic coating: Lasers and Energy Expulsion: Light powers only do half damage to the character and the armor.
Weight: 10 lbs.[/size]
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