Organizations: The Brotherhood of Magic WIP

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Organizations: The Brotherhood of Magic WIP

Postby SNAFU » Mon Jan 01, 2018 5:24 pm

The Brotherhood of Magic

The Brotherhood of Magic is open to Wizards, Diabolists, Alchemists and Summoners of all races and sexes. Unlike similar guilds located elsewhere, the Brotherhood at Llom is an official organization of the city. As such, it is subject to regulation but free of taxation.

Summoners are under the most restrictions and forbidden to summon infernals; demons, sub-demons, Deevils, alien intelligences and their avatars, entities, or any other demonic supernatural creature. Any Summoner caught doing so is subject to the same penalties applied to Witches and Necromancers, which is generally death. There are exceptions, and extenuating circumstances will be considered, but one should not rely on them. The restriction on infernals applies only while in the city of Llorn or the region under its sphere of influence. They are pretty much free to do as they please elsewhere in the Eastern Territory and other kingdoms or wilderness areas — especially against the Wolfen.

The Brotherhood guild house is a 120 foot (36.6 m) tall spiraling tower with a wide base and a pointed peak. The tower contains two libraries, vaults, offices, training rooms (places where Wizards can practice offensive spells like Fire Ball without destroying something), and a grand meeting hall where all the members gather for official business.

In addition to the benefits described on pages 100-103 of the Palladium Fantasy RPG® 2nd Ed., members of the Brotherhood are expected to perform services for the city. The individual is paid for their services, and payment varies depending on the length of service and what is required, but typically ranges from 1,800 to 6,000 gold per month or fraction thereof.

To be accepted into the Brotherhood of Magic, one must pass a series of tests designed to prove the individual's mastery of their chosen craft. The tests are overseen by two or more similar practitioners (Wizards test Wizards, Diabolists test Diabolists, etc.). Once the tests are passed, all that remains is for the new member to pay their Membership Fee (2,500 gold), and swear an oath to the Gods of Light to obey the rules of the guild, to
obey the Grand Master of the Brotherhood and to obey and serve the ruler of Llorn. Thereafter, members are required to pay a 3000 gold due annually.

The Grand Master of the Brotherhood (Varese Melinka, male human, 10th level Wizard, Scrupulous alignment) serves not only as the head of the magic guild, but also as one of the Duke's royal advisors.
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