Character Creation

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Character Creation

Postby Augur » Fri Dec 19, 2014 1:37 pm

Welcome to the Palladium Fantasy Roleplaying Game (PFRPG)

Note: Make sure you fully understand all the rules/directions and contact the GM of this game setting if something is unclear, or if you have questions.

1st edition classes are prohibited until revisioned by the community.

  1. Welcome to EU - Start Here
  2. EU PbP House Rules
    1. EU PbP Rules
    2. EU Combat Rules
    3. Miscellaneous Rules
    4. Perception Rules
    5. Spellcraft and Magic Rules
    6. How to Roll Dice
    7. Explorer Points
    8. GM's (Game Masters)
    9. AGM's (Assistant Game Masters)
    10. PFRPG Character Sheet Template
    11. PFRPG Unified Skills List
    12. Post your Character Here (Recruit These PC's Forum)

    • Do your research! Go through Explorers Unlimited and find out if this site is right for you.
    • Feel free to contact veteran players, GMs, and AGMs with your questions.
    • You have 4 weeks from the date you registered to complete your Character Creation process.
    • After four weeks, you will get a warning. After another week, your account will be deleted.

    Instant Messenger and Private Messages
    • Instant Messenger services are useful tools for the character creation process as the person reviewing your character will want to contact you frequently.
    • The only alternative is to communicate through Private Messages which can be very time consuming and result in lengthy delays.
    • There are various, free chat programs available (Trillian, Digsby, etc.), and the use of one is encouraged for communication purposes.

    Registering an Account
    • All accounts must be registered with your character's name.
    • No "l33t-speak" or other nonsensical account names will be kept.
    • Your account name should be the same as that which your character will use in conversation with the other players on-site.
    • After you register your account, you should receive an e-mail by which you will activate the account.

    A Word on Chat Etiquette
    During your chat with Ya-Blik (Dimension Master for PFRPG) you will answer a battery of questions that will help guide you to your choice of accepted player character. Keep these things in mind during our chat:
      ● I ask questions in a specific order for a reason.
      ● Direct answers to the questions asked yield the best results.
      ● If asked a yes/no question, provide a yes/no answer.
      ● I'm sure you've got a ton of questions, but keep them to yourself until we're done.
      ● I've been doing this very successfully for years now, it works. Bear with me and answer the questions.
      ● Answer each of the questions below in order, one at a time, and allow me to approve/deny at each step.

    Character Concept Approval
    • Once your account has been activated, contact the GM of this game setting via IM or PM to go through the character approval process.
    • First, consult the Dimensional Unlocks tables to determine which choices require EP, and which do not.
    • Verify via the PFRPG Demographics post that your desired class & race is still open to new submissions.
    • It is a good idea to have a short list of character concepts in mind should your initial concept be rejected.
    • It is generally ill-advised to have a detailed character in mind prior to this process.
        Tips for going through the Character Approval Process:
      • Think in general character terms, not specific.
      • Thinking in terms of character roles within a group is a good idea, but don't play something you're not into just because a group "needs a healer" or similar situations.
      • Don't even consider a background or rationale for the character until the basic concept has been approved.

    Player's cheat-sheet for Approval Interview's Questions:
      What archetype are you thinking of playing?
        The archetypes are:
          Men of Arms
          Practitioners of Magic
          Racial Character Classes
      Which O.C.C. would you like to play?
      Which player character race would you like to play?
        The player character races are:
        Racial Character Classes
      Have you already read the content of the House Rules forum?
      Any questions?
      Ask about your concerns--no matter how wild the consideration--because not asking may cost you a unique or interesting character development.
    • Once your account is active, post your entry to the Explorer Points Ledger. If you are a new player, you will start with 1 EP.

Important Character Creation Rules
All characters start at experience level three.
  • If you elect to start at experience level two, you will receive 1 EP in compensation.
  • If you elect to start at experience level one, you will receive 2 EP in compensation.
Players are not allowed Miscreant or Diabolic alignments.
  • Miscreant or Diabolic are strictly NPC alignments.
  • A character who degenerates into one of these alignments through in-character roleplay, must be redeemed by the end of the character's next adventure, or he will be converted to an NPC at the GM's disposal, and the character account deleted.
All characters without an M.E. of 16+ automatically start with at least one insanity.
  • Characters with an M.E. of 16+ have an opportunity to save vs. insanity.

Purple text denotes associated EP costs for that selection.

Consult this more detailed thread for tips, suggestions, and long-established customs.
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Re: Character Creation

Postby Augur » Fri Dec 19, 2014 1:43 pm


Permission & Approval
1) Registered Account with an appropriate handle? Yes/No
2) Completed approval process with TGM via instant messenger? Yes/No
3) If applicable, spent appropriate Explorer Points (EP) to unlock any special benefits (meta-bonuses, etc.)? Yes/No
4) Contacted GM of desired group(s)? Yes/No

Style & Form: Character Sheet
1) Used PFRPG Character Sheet Template? Yes/No
2) Skills presented as per PFRPG Unified Skill List? Yes/No
3) Bonuses add up and are presented correctly (If no bonus, is it listed with a +0 or --)? Yes/No
4) Proofread by someone other than the author? Yes/No

Style & Form: Equipment
1) Used the PFRPG Equipment Sheet Template? Yes/No
2) Prioritized gear? Yes/No
3) Indicated area of sacrifice, if applicable? Yes/No
4) Listed all other gear and money correctly? Yes/No

Style & Form: Background
1) Used the PFRPG Background Story Template? Yes/No
2) Uses EU BB code to denote speech, thought, etc.? Yes/No
3) Is longer than a sentence but shorter than a novella? Yes/No
4) Proofread by someone other than the author? Yes/No

1) Used standard BB Code? Yes/No
2) Found an appropriate avatar? Yes/No
3) Used Die Roller for all rolls? Yes/No
4) Included save vs. insanity? Yes/No
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Re: Character Creation

Postby Augur » Wed Feb 18, 2015 5:48 pm


This post is subject to periodic pruning, bribes, and updates.

General Guidelines for Closure:
  • Core classes get closed at two characters (Exemptions may be made for returning characters)
  • Rare classes get closed at one character (Exemptions may be made for returning characters)
  • Dual Classed Characters Note: Both OCC's are counted
  • Each EP race gets closed at one character
  • Changelings get closed at one character
  • All other races get closed at three characters
  • Humans are under no restriction

Vital Information for Character Concept Consideration:

Updated By Netosa on 2/14/2017.

Changeling (1) (Closed)
Dwarf (1)
Eandroth (1) (Closed)
Elf (1)
Human (4)
Ogre (0)
Wolfen (1)
Kankoran (1) (Closed)
Dragon Hunter (1) (Closed)

Character Classes
Druid (1)
Forsaken Mage (1) (Closed)
Half-Wizard (0)
Longbowman (0)
Military Assassin (1) (Closed)
Mind Mage (0)
Palladin (1)
Soldier (0)
Summoner (0)
Thief (0)
Undead Hunter (1)
Warlock (1)
Wizard (1)
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