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ROLL 20 Game Schedule & Policies

PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2016 7:52 pm
by Augur
Roll20 Game Schedule

Online Calendar

Rules of Thumb
  • The first hour is mostly concerned with addressing technical issues, getting all the players together, and the like.
  • I only cancel the game if there are less than four players at 8pm.
  • We play until 11 PM.

Basic Schedule Format
  • Savage Rifts: 1st Saturday of each month. Contact SGT 86Delta on Savage Rifts for details.
  • Game Slot #1: 2nd Saturday of each month.
  • Game Slot #2: 3rd Saturday of each month.
  • Game Slot #3: 4th Saturday of each month.


  • 19th @ 8PM: Halloween Special: Hadeshill Abandoned Asylum (Beyond the Supernatural one-shot adventure)

  • 10th @ 7PM: Heroes Unlimited: Operation Endzeiten (Session 14)
  • 17th @ 7PM: Palladium Fantasy: The Eastern Borderlands (Session 16)
  • 24th @ 7PM: Rifts: Humble Origins (Session 9)

  • 8th @ 7PM: Heroes Unlimited: Operation Endzeiten (Session 15)
  • 15th @ 7PM: Palladium Fantasy: The Eastern Borderlands (Session 17)
  • 22nd @ 7PM: Rifts: Humble Origins (Session 10)

Re: ROLL 20 Game Schedule

PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 6:41 am
by Augur
Augur's Roll 20 Policies

1) Make sure you have a mic! Webcams are entirely optional, but it's always fun to see one another's faces when the unexpected occurs.

2) Attending a full session will earn you 1 Benny and 1 XP.
    2.1) If you don't play a full session, you can choose either 1 Benny or 1 XP, but won't receive both.

3) When a player reaches 3/3 XP, he can either:
    • Roll-up a new character or
    • Tweak the pre-gen he's already playing, level it up, and claim it as his own (permanently).
    3.1) Once "leveled up" a player can create his own character--instead of playing the pre-gen with which new players start.
    3.2) Character creation will be per standard EU rules (forum die-rolled attributes, etc.).
    3.3) Character class restrictions will vary according to the game setting, but will be posted.

4) A Benny can be used for all kinds of things. If you want to use a Benny for something, just ask Augur in game.

5) All players on EU (regardless of Patron status) are welcome to play, but patrons have priority access according to their tier.

A player might ask himself Hey, how is it decided which games continue and which get voted on?

I'm glad you asked, hypothetical player! When, in the course of game nights, I do not have sufficient players present on a given game night to continue the campaign, I call off that game session and put that time slot up for a vote. This is why the Robotech campaign went on the backburner and PFRPG got its chance to shine.

Definitions of Terms re: Character Restrictions:
  • 1st Level Players: Players new to a given Roll20 game who will use an available pre-gen character until such time as they have earned 3/3 XP.
  • Leveled Players: Players who have earned 3/3 XP in a given game and who have character options from which to choose--see policy 3 in the above post.
  • Players who have earned 3/3 XP will be known as 2nd Level Players; those who have earned 6/6 XP will be known as 3rd Level Players, and so on.

Re: ROLL 20 Game Schedule & Policies

PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2018 7:16 am
by Augur

Here's the formula:
SPD x 20 = yards per minute
x 3 = feet per minute
divided by 4 (melees per minute) = feet per melee
divided by APM = max. possible feet run per action

Shortened Version
SPD x 15 = feet run per melee divided by APM = max. possible feet run per action

Calculate your movement and include this on your character sheets for easy reference, it will assist you in knowing how far/fast you can move on Roll 20 maps.

A word on practical movement
Mind you, the calculation above denotes a character's maximum running speed. Walking speed is nowhere near that fast.
Anytime you attempt to prowl, you gotta move slowly and cautiously as per the skill description.
R:UE wrote:Prowl: This skill helps the character to move with stealth; quietly, slowly, and carefully. Techniques include balance and footing, short steps and pacing, weapon positioning, prone positions for low visibility, and crawling. A failed Prowl roll means that the character has been seen or heard. If the Prowl roll is successful, then the character is not seen or heard and may make a sneak attack.

In play, that usually means walking = 1/2 top speed, and prowl is half of that...I apply penalties to skill (prowl) checks if the character isn't moving slowly and cautiously, so moving slowly while prowling is advisable.