Hard Crossing.

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Hard Crossing.

Postby Tolliver Trask » Wed May 30, 2018 6:49 pm

  1. Location: 30 miles Southeast of Llorn. On a tributary between the Old Kingdom River and the Great Canal.
  2. Population: formerly, Bartholomew Scott
  3. Surrounding Area: Orchards and farmland.
  4. Defenses: Fortified House: The farm has fortified its holdings, thickening doors, adding shutters to windows and barring all possible entrances. Arrow slits and murder holes are available on request.
  5. Loyalty: Subject of the Duchal crown.
  6. Wealth: Provides a steady income of 5000 marks a month
  7. Industry: Mill and River Crossing
  8. Buildings: Large Fortified House; Central Keep; Stables

NPC Personalities

Bertrand; Butler of Hard Crossing

Tobias; Stable Master of Hard Crossing

Leila; Cook/Maid of Hard Crossing

Karnack; Gate Keeper of Hard Crossing
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Re: Trask makes his way to Hard Crossing.

Postby Tolliver Trask » Wed May 30, 2018 6:56 pm

The weather is gloomy by anyone's standards, with a continual rain fall. The road approaching the fortified bridge is a weed choked dirt road wide enough for four wagons abreast. The road is lined with dour looking trees such as weeping willows and forlorn looking beeches. In the distance a lonely wolf howls which causes the whole seem to just seem more surreal. A lone figure walks down the road with large dog and a stubborn looking mule in tow. Rain drips from his cloak and the edges of his kettle helm, while a thin haze of smoke trails behind him. The figure seems unfazed by the weather, as he just continues forward with the pack laden mule. The hound sniffs the air around but seems to take the man's unconcerned nature in stride and keeps pace with him.

Trask looks up into the sky and sees the moon slowly rising over the trees. Made alright time I suppose. Trask thinks as he looks back down to the Moor Hound. A wise purchase if I don't say. Trask thinks as he begins nearing the fortified manor house attached to the bridge. The structure is Gothic with thick walls and heavily shuttered windows, it facade sparsely decorated with leering gargoyles and jagged looking flying buttresses. The main door is a solid and foreboding looking dark oak, with iron bands reinforcing them. Trask takes a moment to tap out his pipe and place it back into his tobacco pouch, before knocking on the solid door.

From behind the door, several bolts being thrown open can be heard, and with a groaning creak the door opens a small ways to reveal a shadow shrouded face. "Can I help you?" Comes a thin reedy voice of a man in his later years.

Bertrand; Butler of Hard Crossing

Trask looks the equally old man in the eye before speaking. "I am Toliver Trask, the New Lord of Hard Crossing." Trask reaches into one of his pouches and pulls a rolled writ that is tied with a simple ribbon. The old man at the door opens it a bit further and takes the writ from Trask. Several moments pass as the old man reads the particulars written on it's pages. Once the old man has finished reading, he rolls the missive back up and reties the ribbon, handing it back to Trask. "Lord Trask, I am Bertrand, and I welcome you to Hard Crossing." Says Bertrand before he opens the door fully and steps to the side. "I shall have the stable master see to your mule." Bertrand says as he notices Trask's mule Garrick standing near the doorway.

Trask enters into the fortified manor without fanfare. He takes a brief stock of his surroundings, before making any further movement. The room is dark and forelorn, it's spartan nature apparent to the eye of Trask. Trask looks to the dog for a moment. "Dog, go lay down." Trask says firmly, as he watches the moor hound find a spot near the small fire in the hearth to plop it's soggy bulk. Trask looks back up at Bertrand. "I would require lodgings and a meal." Trask says without much emotion as he pulls back the hood on his guild cloak and proceeds to remove it to be hung to dry. Bertrand takes the time Trask uses to situate himself, to head off, likely to rouse the stable master and the other servants of the house. Once Trask has hung his cloak to dry, he makes his way to the hearth and spies two padded chairs. Lowering his old bones into the chair he finds it to be surprisingly comfy given the general malaise of the main hall.

After a while Trask is awoken by Bertrand gently coughing. "I have seen to your mule and prepared you both a room and a meal sir." The old butler says with a reedy voice. Trask shrugs and gets up from his comfy spot near the fire, to follow Bertrand to a small dining hall. It is here that Trask is introduced to the next servant of the house.
P.P.E.: 10/10
I.S.P.: 32/32
H.P.: 31/31
S.D.C.: 48/48
Mjorgullan Mail
• A.R.: 17
• S.D.C.: 360/341
• Modifiers: None.
• Features: Leggings; knee, shoulder, and elbow guards; helmet; coif; hauberk; arm bands; gloves; surcoat.
• Regenerating Armor (10 S.D.C./Hr)
• Wearer is Impervious to Fire
• +3 on all saves

Tower Shield of the Hex
• Damage: A shield-bash does 2D4+4 damage
• S.D.C.: 200/174
• Modifiers: +4 to parry
• Weighs 16 lbs
• Features: Subtract 5% of the damage that would normally be inflicted by a weapon when parried by a shield

Enchanted Kettle Hat
Magic Features
• Indestructible
• Wearer is resistant to Cold
• When used as a pot, water and anything at all edible will result in a delicious and nourishing soup once brought to a boil.
Longsword of the Hex
Leather Knife Bandoleer
• Sheath 1: Throwing Knife
• Sheath 2: Throwing Knife
• Sheath 3: Throwing Knife
• Sheath 4: Dwarven Throwing Knife
• Sheath 5: Dwarven Throwing Knife
• Sheath 6: Dwarven Throwing Knife
• Sheath 7: Kobold Dagger
• Sheath 8: Dwarven Dagger
• Back Sheath 1: Dwarven Cinquedea
• Back Sheath 2: Enchanted Stiletto

Ranir's Heavy Crossbow 24/24 Crossbow Bolts.
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