Zeru (Gnome/Male Earth Warlock)

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Zeru (Gnome/Male Earth Warlock)

Postby Consumer » Sat May 19, 2018 3:27 pm

Character Name: Franshwcha Zeru Stonewhisper
Alias: Zeru
Race: Gnome
O.C.C.: Warlock (Earth)
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level: 3
Racial Hostilities: Ogres
Sentiments/Western Empire: Doesn't care much for them, but also doesn't have to deal with them, so win win.
Sentiments/Dominion of Man: It's where he lives, good or bad, he's likely there to stay.
Disposition: Wild man, cocky, overconfident, takes unnecessary risks.
Insanity: None

I.Q.: 17
M.E.: 9
M.A.: 18
P.S.: 10
P.P.: 17
P.E.: 20
P.B.: 14
Speed: 22 Digging Speed: 2 (Ft/Attack: 82.5'/action)

P.P.E.: 77
H.P.: 24
S.D.C.: 113
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Height: 2'4"
Weight: 30 lbs
Description: Short, Tanned,Tattooed, with a black Mohawk. Wears brown and grey robes with subtle metal jewlery.

Racial Abilities
Nightvision: 90ft

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: 31% (+3%)
Charm/Impress: 0%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 50%
Max. Encumbrance:
Max. Carrying Weight: 200 lbs
Max. Lifting Weight: 100 lbs
Max. Jumping Ability: Height: 5' Length: 6'

Special Abilities
Elemental Sign/Force: Earth
Underground Tunneling (Special): 45% (+5%)
Underground Architecture: 35% (+5%) (can recognize style and construction, and, if traveling cautiously locate and avoid or deactivate underground traps)
Language: Elemental 92%
Knowledge of Elemental Power Words & Symbols
Sense Elementals (120 ft): 40% (+5%) (double range & +20% if Elemental forces appear to be at work)
Recognize Natural Minerals: 68% (+2%)
Sense Seismic Distubances within 40 Miles (quakes/explosions/heavy equipment): 72% (+2%)
Sense danger located in the earth (loose rocks/quicksand/potential mudslides/pit traps): 50% (+5%)
Underground Sense of Direction: 88% (+4%)
Etiquette between Elemental Forces (including Warlocks and Elementals of another type)
Summon [Lesser] Elementals: 15% (+5%) [+10% on a Ley Line, + 20% on a Nexus]

Spell Knowledge
Spell Strength: 13
Create Wood 5 or 10 PPE
Range: 10'; Save: None; Duration: Permenant; Effect: 100lbs of Wood, 5 PPE (Soft Wood (2-ft logs)) // 10 PPE (Hard Wood (planks))
Dust Storm 5 PPE
Range: 120'+20'/lvl; Save: None; Duration: 4 melees/level; Effect: This is a localized Dust Storm with a 20' diameter. Victims (No Save) have vision reduced to 10', -50% to Speed, Lose Initiative, difficult to speak, breathe and/or cast spells.
Rock to Mud 6 PPE
Range: 20'; Save: None; Duration: 1 min/lvl; Effect: Affects 30lbs/Lvl This spell will do 1d4*10 to Stone GOLEMS (no effect on Elementals)
Hopping Stones 6 PPE
Range: 100'; Save: None; Duration: 4 melees/llvl; Effect: With this spell the Warlock can make any stones, pebbles, or rocks hop and jump, creating a bizarre spectacle, or using them to pelt people. The stones can hop up to 6 feet in the air and a maximum of 50 lbs of stones can be made to hop. An assault of pebbles does 2D4 damage. Small rocks do 1D4 damage each, large (shoe sized) do 1D6 Damage, and very large (football or soccer ball sized) do 3d6 damage each. The attack can be spread out to assault several people or directed on one person.
20 ft AOE
Chameleon 5 PPE
Range: Self/Touch; Save: None; Duration: 6 min/lvl; Effect: This spell enables the person to seemingly alter the color and pattern of his clothes and physical body, enabling him to blend into the surrounding environment like a chameleon. Movement destroys the effect of this magic.
90% undetectable if unmoving
70% undetectable if moving 2 feet per melee or slower.
20% Undetectable if moving 6 feet per melee.
Total ineffective if moving any faster.
Wall of Clay 8 PPE
Range: 60'/lvl; Save: none; Duration: 4 min/lvl; Effect: The Warlock can create a wall of clay with 50 SDC/lvl. The wall can be cast up to 60 feet away. Dropping the wall on top of somebody inflicts 6D6 damage.
Walls dimensions are is 8'x8'x4'/level
Wall of Stone 15 PPE
Range: 60'/lvl; Save: None; Duration: 3 min/lvl; Effect: Effects/covers an 8x8x4 feet area per level of experience.
The warlock can create a wall of stone with 100 S.D.C. per level of experience. The wall can be cast up to 60 feet (18.3 m) away. Dropping the wall on top of somebody inflicts 1D6x10 S.D.C. damage and traps him underneath its weight (a combined P.S. of 60 is needed to raise the wall enough to crawl out). All elemental walls can be made to vanish via the wizard's dispel magic barrier spell.
Dig 8 PPE
Range: Immediate Area/Touch; Save: None; Duration: 5 min/level; Effect: This unique spell unleashes an invisible force that will dig a hole or tunnel for the warlock. It can dig through 10 feet (3 m) of dirt per melee round, five feet (1.5 m) of clay, or two feet (0.6 m) of stone. The stone must be somewhat loose for this to work, a solid wall of stone and mortar cannot be dug through. This spell cannot be used against golems or elemental beings.
Animate Plants 10 PPE
Range: 40' (+5'/lvl); Save: None; Duration: 4 Melees/lvl; Effect: This spell enables the warlock to mentally manipulate all plant life within a 40+ foot diameter around him (he's in the center). He can cause vines, weeds, shrubs, or trees to trap and ensnare an animal, entangle someone, or cover/camouflage something. He can also manipulate the larger plants to grab and hold things or act as bludgeons and hit
people with them. Although the limbs of the plants can be made to move and function like hands and arms, they are still restricted by the facts that the plant is rooted in the soil and they are not designed for articulated movement.
This magic manipulation requires the full concentration of the warlock, preventing him from casting any other spells or performing other actions. Notes on plants: since the warlock is likely to use this magic to impede movement and to attack, here are some basic statistics:
• Weeds, grass, soft plants impair movement, reduce speed 20%.
• Heavy weeds, vines impair movement, reduce speed by 30%.
• Bushes, shrubs, small trees significantly reduce speed by 50% and
can be used to strike people, inflicting 3D6 S.D.C. damage per blow
or strangle; six attacks per melee.
• Average trees impair movement, reducing speed by 70% and can
strike people, inflicting 1D4x10 S.D.C. damage or strangle; eight attacks
per melee.
• Entanglement can be utilized within the entire radius of control,
even outside the line of vision. Striking attacks must be within the
warlock's line of vision.
• +1 on initiative (the element of surprise); no other bonuses.

O.C.C. Skills
Language: Elemental 92%
Language: Native: Dwarven 55% (+5%)
Language: Other: Human (Eastern) 55% (+5%)
Language: Other: Elven/Dragonese 55% (+5%)
Literacy: Other: Elven/Dragonese 55% (+5%)
Lore: Demons & Monsters 50% (+5%)
Lore: Faerie Folk 50% (+5%)
Land Navigation: 56% (+4%)
Wilderness Survival 55% (+5%)

O.C.C. Related Skills
Lore: Geomancy & Ley Lines 50% (+5%)
Holistic Medicine
    Diagnosis 57% (+5%)
    Treatment 47% (+5%)
Identify Plants & Fruits 52% (+5%)
Animal Husbandry 50% (+5%)
Language: Other: Gobbely 45% (+5%)
Sculpting & Whittling 55% (+5+%)
Disguise 45% (+5%)
Prowl 50% (+5%)
Cooking 40% (+5%)

Secondary Skills
Horsemanship: Exotic
    Ride/Care/Recognize 45% (+5%)
    Combat/Maneuver 35% (+5%)
    Backflip (+4 Dodge) 55% (+5%)
    Pole Vault 65% (+5%)
Climbing 45% (+5%)
Rappelling 40% (+5%)
Swimming 45% (+5%)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Basic
Number of Attacks: 4
Initiative Bonus: +0
Strike Bonus: +1
Parry Bonus: +3
Dodge Bonus: +3
HTH Damage Bonus:
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +4
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2
Bonus to Disarm:
Other: Kick: 1D8

Weapon Proficiencies
[color=blue]Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Archery +2 to Strike, +1 to Parry, +2 to Disarm
W.P. Knife +1 to Strike, +2 to Parry, +2 to Strike when Thrown.

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: 10%
Magic (varies): +4
Lethal Poison (14+): +4
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +4
Insanity (12+): +0
Psionics (varies): +0
Horror Factor: +2
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Re: Zeru (Gnome/Male Earth Warlock)

Postby Consumer » Sat May 19, 2018 4:34 pm


Carried in Hand
Masterwork Katar
Damage: 2D6+3

Worn on Person
Soft Leather Armor
Light Brown and Grey Robe
Quiver 20/12 Crossbow Bolts
Gnomish Crossbow
Damage: 1D6
Range: 160'

Damage: 1D4

2 Sets of Clothing
Small Mirror
Tinder Box
[2] Stick of Charcoal
[2] Stick of Chalk
[2] Candles
Wooden Cross
[2] Onyx (Earth Symbol)
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Re: Zeru (Gnome/Male Earth Warlock)

Postby Consumer » Sat May 19, 2018 4:36 pm


This Gnomish Earth Warlock left home to see the world some years back. So far it's big, and it smells funny, and too many things want to Eat Gnomes, which is preposterous on too many levels to count ... Zeru typically sits far back from frontline melee combat, happy to try and plug the odd Orcish raider or guttersnipe human with a barbed crossbow bolt in the eye. He very much wishes to acquire a Big-Horn sheep (Ram) like the ones his father and brother (Fallakyr) trained to as riding mounts. He'd even love to find a saddle made up with the anti-disarming enchantment to prevent him from being thrown from the saddle at speed ...
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Re: Zeru (Gnome/Male Earth Warlock)

Postby Consumer » Sat May 19, 2018 7:08 pm


<insert image here: 200 x 200 pixels, .png format, transparent background>
Real Name: Unknown
Alignment: Anarchist
Attributes: IQ: 5, PS: 37, PP: 20, Spd: 48 (Ft/Action: 180)
Hit Points: 120
S.D.C.: 130
Size: 8' 600 lbs
Age: ???
P.P.E.: 300
Description: 8 foot tall humanoid shaped pile of stone.
Disposition: Unknowable.
Experience Level: 6th
Magic Knowledge: Spell Strength is 14; All Earth Warlock Spells of 1st through 4th Level
Psionic Powers: None
Combat Skills: Punch: 5d6
Racial Abilities: Nightvision 1200 feet, identify all minerals, gems, plants and substances that are found in the earth at 80%, land navigation 90%, magically understands all languages, and bio-regeneration of 1D6x10 S.D.C./hit points every minute/four melee rounds. Travel through earth and stone at will (costs no P.P.E.); same as spell, but without limit.
Attacks per Melee: 4
Bonuses: Strike: +6, Parry: +6, Dodge: +5, Roll w/:+4, Pull Punch: +4
Saves: +5 vs Magic, +4 vs Psionics, impervious to Horror Factor, and +14 to save vs possession, Impervious to poison, chemicals, drugs, and disease. Does not breathe air. Resistant to normal weapons, fire, heat, and cold (does half damage).
Skills of Note: Prowl 70%, Land Navigation 98%
Armor: Natural AR of 16
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