Undisclosed Location

CPT Zoi Cardea is the commanding officer of the A.D.F.S. Dauntless, one of the two remaining Vigilance Class Carriers in the fleet.

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Undisclosed Location

Postby Augur » Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:57 pm


There is a steel deck chair in the middle of the room. The door opposite has a flush handle. There's a CCTV camera in the room.
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Re: Undiclosed Location

Postby Niall » Thu May 03, 2018 6:45 am

Perception ☞ 36% 1d100 = 72

JIC 1d20 = 20
1d100 = 37

Niall spends their last few days on Grymdin on edge, going over the Eclipse with a fine-tooth comb, and conferring with Gilina on every aspectof the pre-flight protocols. Zed being on this station, right before we need to take delivery of this food, is seriously raising all my mental alarms. We can't afford any problems with this - the fleet's already on a razor's edge. And our people... on the verge of extinction.

His fears are unfounded, however, as the transfer of foodstuffs goes smoothly, and Niall only really begins to breathe easily once the fleet appears.

Capt. Tanaka wrote:"This is Captain Ainsley Tanaka of the A.D.F.S. Stiletto. Welcome home, First S.O.G., you'll find the fleet's in a bit better shape than when you left. Welcome home. I bet you can't wait to give Captain Cardea your debriefings."

The fleet's in better shape? Niall's heart lifts and he smiles, for the first time in days. "That's frakking excellent."

After they dock, Niall goes through the customary decontamination and medical protocols before he is escorted to debriefing. He is briefly concerned about having potentially picked up some alien germs on Grymdin, and is relieved once he has cleared medical.


Niall is familiar with the debrief process by now. Give your report - they record it, review it, and if it passes scrutiny, you're released to berthing without further Q&A. So... here goes.

Niall clears his throat.

"This is 2nd Lieutenant Niall Zeddeus, 1st SOG, after-action report for the reprovisioning mission to Grymdin. We arrived at Grymdin station 8 days ago. Before arrival, we set ourselves cover identities as Kassan businessmen - interested in establishing a colony - so that our provisions purchases wouldn't raise too much suspicion. My cover ID was Vanko Borias, ship medic. Upon arrival, we immediately began to familiarize ourselves with Grymdin station and it's standard procedures.

Following local custom, we set up a contract with a Dispute Resolution outfit called Premier DRO. From what I can tell, it's basically a local protection racket - if two people get into a dispute of any sort, their DRO's step in to negotiate a settlement. It's all that passes for law enforcement on Grymdin - but even that is being generous. I'll get more into DRO's in a bit.

We set ourselves up at a local hotel, and set about researching suppliers and prices. Our first stop was TGE Emporium - it strikes me they can supply almost anything you might need - at a fair price, but not at wholesale prices or order sizes. We purchased some civilian clothes and gear for our cover idents, and returned to the hotel to change, and then to a restaurant to eat. Afterward, we returned to TGE, where we encountered an alien named Ro Shambo - an Arreri - pretty gross-looking aliens - who knew enough Arismal to recognize our accents through the Pilian we were speaking. It turned out he was an Arreri official of some sort, assigned to Arismal. I gather he was a sort of... troublemaker, though. He'd stolen some ancient texts of some sort. Didn't get a good look at them, though. Fang took to calling him Jujak.

We decided to try to learn more about the guy, and he shortly proved himself valuable when a thief - an Aurovax named Caja - stole Brainiac's headgear. This turned out to be a diversionary tactic, as he was working with the Nithian bounty hunter Zed, who had somehow either tracked us to, or coincidentally found us at, Grymdin. During the fight, Zed grabbed my collar and began hauling me off to gods-know-where at high speeds. I can confirm that Zed is one STRONG piece of Balgor-dung. I couldn't break his grip, and my weapons were ineffective on him. The team, accompanied by Ro Shambo, gave pursuit. After a bit, I was able, I think, to temporarily blind Zed with my innate abilities, after which he released me and fled.

At this point, we learned that a DRO will not intervene if another DRO has a bounty on you, or if you had a pre-existing bounty on you that you didn't inform them of. Like I said, pretty useless.

During the fight, Nova was badly injured. I healed the injuries I could with my powers, but he had lost a lot of blood, so we returned to our hotel and I spent the night doing blood transfusions to keep him alive, using the medkit from the Eclipse. The whole team assisted, though I particularly want to note that Fang offered to donate all of the needed blood himself. I'm no doctor, though, so I decided it was best to not put the burden all on one person. He did convince me to draw two units from him, though. Still, I think he deserves a commendation for that. A note for the medical team - I did not take blood from the alien.

The following morning, I manifested a new innnate ability - which I do not doubt was due to the stress of my near-capture by Zed. My new ability is a sort of... anti-friction field that surrounds my body. It makes me hard to grab, and allows me to slide across surfaces at decent speeds. I will happily demonstrate my new ability for medical if provided a room with sufficient padding to minimize injury.

During the night, the team researched means of bypassing Zed's seeming invulnerability, and learned that alien 'magic' might be able to accomplish the job. Fang was sent to investigate a local proprietor, but made no purchases. It remains an avenue for later investigation. Brainiac also researched wholesale food purveyors, and the team investigated ways to add capital to our mission funds. At some point, the alien Ro Shambo went his own way - my best guess is that he felt we were calling too much attention to him - given he had stolen some very valuable stuff - and decided to lay low. I cannot confirm if he has communicated with the Arreri or not that some Arismal survived our planet's destruction, though the possibility exists.

The next day, Nova, Fang, and Backlash performed a retrieval job for a local DRO, while Gilina and I scouted out Zed's ship, posing as losing gamblers who owed him a debt and paying a day's worth of docking fees to the dockmaster for confirming the information about his ship. His ship is called the Compulsion, and others can confirm it has a pretty powerful shipboard AI. We were unable to perform any further actions against his ship, so his current whereabouts are unknown. Following this, we changed hotels, and paid under different names. I cleaned our hotel room as thoroughly as possible before we vacated it, and incinerated any genetic material I found - used bandages and the like. Brainiac examined all of our electronics to ensure the Compulsion's AI hadn't infected our gear.

Brainiac set us up with a meeting with Alton Lang, who is the CEO of Maga-Pastova Vertical Farms, and Fang and Backlash entered a local gladiatorial game, in order to earn even more mission funds. We researched Lang and Maga-Pastova in advance of the meeting, and I did some quick math to determine our immediate needs for fleet reprovisioning. We also researched the competition at the arena to provide an edge to Fang and Backlash - as most competitors are affiliated with a "House" and we weren't, we had to sort of function as one.

Nova and I attended the meeting with Lang, who was amenable to our discussion and provided us with a hefty amount of food at a reasonable cost. Further, he was open to future business with us - note that he believes we are Kassan colonizers. We spent a million credits on two million kilocalories of food appropriate for our nutrition and in sufficient variety to support morale. During the meeting Backlash and Fang performed admirably at the arena, with Fang the last man standing after Backlash, also, manifested a new ability and non-fatally blew himself up. The purse for the fight was about 10,000 credits, and we were able to purchase some additional wares and protein bars. I purchased a variety of seeds for use in hydroponics to provide a replenishable source of food in the future.

Afterward, Fang got a message from his cousin Rolyn, who also had survived the destruction of our planet, and was serving as a diplomatic attache. I accompanied him to meet his cousin on Grymdin, and we were introduced to the diplomat he's working with, a Klikita named Wanda Coxand, who had been assigned as a representative of the FAR to our people. No doubt you've met her already - we decided it was best to bring them in.

We left Grymdin, took delivery of the provisions we'd purchased at a neutral location, and returned to the fleet."
1st LT. Niall "Crash" Zeddeus
Current Details
H.P.: 50/50
S.D.C.: 57/57
Power Touch Points: 138/950
Current Gear: ADF Standard Armor, FAS Tier 1, vibro-sword, electrical toolkit, mechanical toolkit, Dragonbane Blade

ADF Standard Armor
A.R.: 16
S.D.C. by Location:
--Helmet: 100
--Arms: 100 each
--Legs: 150 each
--Main Body: 180/200
Weight: 14 lbs. (6.35 kg)
Modifiers: -5% to movement & physical skills
• Fully environmental
• HUD in helmet visor
• Encrypted short-range audio/data transceiver, range: 12 miles (19.31 km).

FAS Tier 1
A.R.: 10
S.D.C. by Location:
--Helmet: 40
--Arms: 40 each
--Legs: 50 each
--Main Body: 80
Modifiers: Reflective ceramic coating: Lasers and Energy Expulsion: Light powers only do half damage to the character and the armor.

Current Conditions:
Constant Conditions:
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Re: Undisclosed Location

Postby Halko » Sun May 06, 2018 3:09 pm

Percep 39%: 1d100 = 72
JIC: 1d20 = 18 1d100 = 27

Halko looks up at the camera from where they seated him in the lone chair in the room as glances back at the door before shooting the camera a grin, "Well, I hope you guys don't mind, but I've been stuck behind a console for the last little while, so I'm gonna pace a bit while I get this all out." He stands and starts a slow circuit of the room being sure to stay in the camera's view and away from the door as he stretches his legs and gets and kinks out of his shoulders.

Taking a deep breath, Halko starts his debrief, "Sergeant Jerrik Halko, 1st SOG, Grymdin debrief. After arriving at Grymdin, we docked and were lead through their standard entry procedure. Which included a medical sweep to make sure we weren't bringing any contaminates onto the station. Then we were allowed to enter the station proper." He wipes a hand across his face, thinking back, Frak, it feels like its been years since we left for Grymdin and not just a handful of days. He runs his fingers through his hair and he takes another deep breath, "Once inside we found out we needed to sign up with a DRO. A dispute resolution organization is kind of like a cross between cops and an arbiter. Basically, with no really laws or government backed police you pay 3rd party for protection. Funny thing is, most places won't deal with you if you don't have a DRO. And because we were unknowns on the station they charged a pretty steep rate. That took a chunk from our funds. Once we got the DRO locked in though, we were able to get lodgings and move around the station pretty easily."

Halko reaches the wall in the small room, yet again, and makes another 180 degree turn, "We looked in a on few places and ended up at the TGE Emporium. There we purchased some extra clothes that we might need for the cover ID's we'd come up with and ran into an alien that recognized us for what we are. Ro Shambo, an Arreri operative of some kind. Turns out he was on the run for stealing some religious books or something. He didn't stick with up that long, but he was around when Zed, that Nithian bounty hunter made another appearance. We were leaving the TGE store when a speedster of some kind, I don't really remember, alien lizard or amphibian I think, swiped some of Ryden's gear and lead us on a chase. The end of that chase was an ambush set up by Zed. We took a bit of a beating and Lieutenant Ridatharen was badly hurt. Zed was also able to grab Lieutenant Zeddeus and started to make a run for it, but Crash was able to get free and we didn't see Zed again."

Tiring of pacing the small room, Halko walks back over to the chair and drops into it before continuing, "At this point, Nova was bleeding out, but we got back to the room and Crash got him stabilized. Though over the course of the night, Nova needed several transfusions. By morning Nova was in the clear and we proceeded to change hotels. After these event we started to note several of us were developing new abilities. Crash got some slippery power, Fang bulked up and appears to be super strong now. And I didn't know it then, but I can now cause explosions. At first I thought it was a super jump ability but that expanded to punches and then to being able to explode my whole self only to reform perfectly fine. The team discussed this some and think it may be caused by the stress of our current situation as a species." Fraking great, here comes the full on medical probe. And here I was hoping that Lieutenant Faux was going to be the next person I did any probing with. He lets the thought slip from his head as an image of Doc Links with some long shiny medical apparatus pops into his head.

Halko shifts slightly and goes on, "Lets see, I'm getting ahead of myself. After we changed hotels, we determined that supplemental funds would be needed. We also started thinking up way to deal with Zed. Being that the creature is nearly indestructible, Fang went to check for weapons at what was reportedly a magic shop." Halko looks a little pained as he air quotes the words 'magic shop' "But nothing really came of that folly. Though to remedy our need for additional funds Fang, Nova and I took a job with one DRO to retrieve a corpse from the morgue of a different DRO. that went fairly smooth. Fang ran interference with the guards and Nova and I slipped in, found the body, portalled it away then snagged Fang and got out of there. To get a bit more funds, Fang and I signed up for a bloodsport event. A battle royal type thing, last man standing."

"In our downtime before the fight, Ryden set up a meeting with a food contractor and did research on our fight opponents. The other went off to the meeting with.." Halko snaps his fingers a few times, "Sorry, I was focused on the upcoming fight at this point. Um, Alden.... no, Alton Lang, CEO of Maga-Pastova Vertical Farms. Meanwhile, Fang and I were down in the arena. I started out with a general evade tactic, so that the other contestants would thin themselves out. It worked pretty well, but since Fang and I didn't start out at the same point I teamed up with an alien named Fsheeme, she's a Klikita, not that it matters at this point. After whittling down the competition, it was just Fang, Fsheeme and I. By this point I was beat to hell, stupid frakking spear traps. My deal with Fsheeme ended when it was just the three of us left, so she came after me. That's when I discovered the full extent of my explosive power and blew myself up. I took her out in the explosion, though she did survive. But being converted to energy or particles or whatever, even for a short time, was basically a tap out and Fang one by default." Halko gives the camera a big grin. That's right Fang, by default. So don't go bragging about it around the ship or I'll have to set the record straight.

Halko pats a hand across one of the many places he was cut that Crash was kind enough to heal up in their down time before joining back up with the fleet. "From here on out we were just waiting for the ship to recharge so we could come home. That's when Fang's cousin made contact and a meeting was set. It was pretty standard from there. We were all a little on edge but once we confirmed each others stories everything was fine. It was decided to bring Rolyn in and the FAR woman Wanda Coxand as well. Then it really was just a wait to leave. So we cleaned up as best we could before departing Grymdin. After leaving Grymdin, we rendezvoused with the food supply ship, transferred the cargo and met back up with the fleet."

Halko looks up at the camera and raises his hands in a, 'any questions' expression. "If you need me to elaborate on anything or have any questions, you know where to find me." He gives the camera a little nod, sinks down in the chair to the point his head is resting on the chair's back and as uncomfortable as it looks, proceeds to close his eyes and take a nap.
Staff Sergeant Jerric "Backlash" Halko
Current Details

H.P.: 52/52
S.D.C.: 80/80

Constant Conditions:
Re-Channel and Expel Energy: absorb any energy based attack and expel it at his attacker or another target at 2 times its original power
Re-Channel Kinetic Energy: absorb any physical/kinetic energy attack and expel that energy in the form of a punch, kick or force blast. The character is not knocked down or back by the impact or explosion
Vulnerable to: Heat and cold based attacks, edged weapons (cutting & stabbing), gas attacks, poison, drugs, disease, psionics and magic.

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Re: Undisclosed Location

Postby Cairo » Sun May 06, 2018 4:24 pm

Perception [59%]: 1d100 = 24 [+15% in Space]
JiC D20: 1d20 = 19
JiC D100: 1d100 = 2

[*] So Long Grymdin, and Thanks for all the Fish (figuratively)

Over their last couple days on Grymdin, CJ will land a couple of cases of liquor and a couple more decks of cards from TGE so that he can pass some time and catch up with Rolly. Noticeably, CJ seems to continue packing in calories, an extra 10-20,000 each day, as if to make up for a deficit (whether from his time on the pirate Scarab, or the Dauntless' rationing). Almost imperceptibly to most of his taller comrades, CJ leaves Grymdin almost an inch taller than upon arrival (and has packed on nearly 30lbs of extremely dense muscle mass).

He creates a virtual machine within his computer to access his wireless GT Account and download the Hippodrome fights (both his own, and those which were happening elsewhere), 50-60 hrs of Kassan (or other interesting sounding music), and any FAR historical texts he can locate to download. [OOC: He'll pay up to 1,000 credits to the degree needed to download].

Computer Operations [105+25%=130%]: 1d100 = 11
Computer Hacking [80%]: 1d100 = 4 To preclude/avoid download of any malicious software
Computer Programming [95%]: 1d100 = 33 To create virtual machine
Research [70%]: 1d100 = 21, 1d100 = 4 Find Fights/Music/History Texts (e-versions)

When the transfer from the MPVF Ship goes thankfully smoothly, he breathes a sigh of relief, and sets a course to meet with the Fleet.

[*] Fleet-United (& it feels so Good)

The Pilot's heart soars when the Fleet jumps out of hyperspace and further lifts (briefly) at a hint of general improvement, and he taps their radio live when coordinates and clearance are received for a hangar deck, "Stiletto you are a sight for sore eyes. Dauntless Hangar 02, please inform the Deck Chief we are inbound with full Crew plus two. Otherwise we are five by five." When he clicks the comms off, Cairo in a nervously hushed whisper asks the cockpit [Nova, Brainiac, Crash (?)], "I see the Dauntless, and the Sovereign. 5 Destroyers. Any ships missing to your eyes? ... " His eyes scan for any new or significant battle damage and CJ is thankful not to find any.

After a smooth touchdown, Xanreys heads for the decontamination and medical exam where he is pained by the emaciated condition of his examiners, "Grymdin caused a few of us to manifest new powers, I grew a bit, and developed the ability to function without an EVA suit. I'm sure you'll know more than me about it once you run your tests."

[*] Sooo Debrief Quarters Seem to Have Gone Downhill

CJ enters the decidedly downgraded debrief quarters and takes a seat to calmly address the camera's unblinking lense/eye, "My name is 3rd Lt. Cairo Xanreys of the ADF's 1st SOG. I know, my appearance will deviate from my service record pictures from just days ago, but hey, my tattoos match. I just, I started growing on Grymdin, as I ate and ate, and ate ... which is of couse a crappy thing to say to a bunch of guys on forced rations, and I am sorry, but I thought it would be important to explain. Anyways, so, it is ... Day 54, and our squad is newly returned from a mission to Grymdin to secure supplies. When we left on Day 46, things were tense. There had recently been a Coup attempt, and food for the Fleet was near exhaustion. We were dispatched to Grymdin, a quote 'intergalactic hive of scum and villainy' to secure short term supplies. We took on potentially Kassan cover personas roughly equivalent to our ship-assignments, which made me Noran Altec."

Shifting in his seat the PA Pilot wriggles for a position of comfort before settling, "Now, Grymdin's a Former-Prison-Planetoid that is being run by descendants of the former inmates, who are now the equivalent of a hereditary upper class. I will also point out a personally surprising revelation that hit me for the first time on this mission, apparently there are hundreds of races out there that use Magic. Honest to Gods, Magic. Entire cultures built around the stuff instead of science, and I have heard that magic tends to just be a form of science that we have not grasped yet, but this was different. We had Ryden Hunter along, and if you knew him, you would appreciate that if he doesn't get it, we as a species are unlikely to puzzle it out."

"But I digress, we landed in the system and docked with this planetoid-station which essentially has a city akin to a much larger MeKao or Veggas. To maintain order, the locals rely on a series of companies called Dispute Resolution Services. They're basically a hybrid of an extortion racket, and a crappy justice system where you are putting private security on a stipend and they will show up to look tough on your behalf unless someone has hired a more expensive and better armed DRO in which case you can kind of expect a bunch of chest thumping before someone backs down and cites red-tape as the reason you are shit-outta-luck. But apparently you can't hope to have anyone honor their word to you without DRO backing, so some minor buy-in is required to get along."

"After an initial DRO shakedown, we secured lodgings, and Brainiac and I went down to do some research at a Data Hub into Kassans while Crash and Backlash went to secure clothing to support the cover identities that had been assumed. That is, there is a race called Kassans who are near-identical in appearance to the Arismal, come from a twilight world like home, and are longtime members of the FAR. Apparently members of the 1st SOG had been mistaken for Kassans in the past so they decided to steer into the oversight. This however meant learning more than that Kassans are universally powered by ego, but that they have a narrower range of powers than Arismal. You can review the report I wrote up on my research. Suffice to say, apparently the Kassans have 20 colony worlds deep inside FAR space, each with approximately a million colonists. Given the Kassans' personal preferences, light tolerances, atmosphere, etc., I feel like a very strong move might be to lease a continent on the far side of one of their colony worlds to use as a base of operations for a century. Their history as a founding member of the FAR could serve to insulate us against further attack, just a thought."

"Anyways, we got some background intel, clothing and generic small arms to support out covers because, well honestly because having high-end identical weaponry did not fit the cover. Then somehow, Crash and Backlash showed up with a random alien named Ro-Shambo, an Arreri who looked like a bubbling, boiling, humanoid hamburger. Don't get me wrong he was a nice enough fellow, but that guy was not suited to blending in anywhere except a horror flick and he claimed to have been a trained Intelligence agent which if true means he was either a brilliant actor or more than a bit of a moron.
We'll probably never know which. Anyways, we met up at a local watering hole because we were trying to figure out how to expand mission funds so that more food could be brought back, and were headed back to the hotel when we got blindsided by a diversion. In retrospect maybe it could have been handled differently, but a speedster ran up and did a smash-and-grab on Brainiac, so we chased. Using my force disc as general transport we followed what appeared to be a solo-snatcher for about 20 minutes at speeds approaching 200 sometimes 300mph. He eventually took cover in an alley where we thought we had cornered him, only to find that the whole thing was a set-up so that a bounty hunter named Zed could get the drop on us at a site he had chosen."

"Backlash spontaneously manifested a new exploding power, he's been doing a few of those lately. First the spitting goop, now this. He's on his way to his own Tier. Actually Nova did as well, an energy form. Might be related to something he already had. Well after a hell of a throw-down, Zed grabs Crash, and just takes off. Looked like a pre-chosen route, pick-up vehicle, the whole shebang. He could not hold onto Crash because he got blinded, but seriously ... this is the 2nd time I've run into this bruiser in 3 missions. First on Chandrakhant, then on Grymdin, and he can't apparently be hurt by anything. I strongly suspect he has some form of generalized invulnerability, and likely heightened speed, but it seems the things most able to affect him are psionics and Magic. Neither of which is presently in the 1st SOG's bag of tricks. By the way I would propose that in future personnel assignments, those options should be considered, I am not a huge fan of folks who go poking in others' minds, but seriously I'd love to have our own skull-jockey onboard to help neutralize that Nithian piece of bantha fodder."

"Anyways, we got Crash back and returned to the Hotel and I was dispatched to go obtain a communicator for Ro-Shambo and look into trying to figure out when and how Zed had arrived, y'know whether he had a ship we could locate. Yet while I was out, I got a call that Nova had incurred a serious injury during the fight with Zed and dropped into a coma. To my embarrassment, I did not notice his wounds when he was giving out orders and was only able to get back in time to participate in getting him transfused. We eventually ran down a couple options for cash to supplement our mission budget, first an Arena fight, and secondly, the possibility of a local job retrieving a body from a Morgue. The Morgue thing was unorthodox, because it was not the family that was looking to hire and acquire."

Cairo gets up for a moment, spins his chair and re-seats himself astride the chair looking over its back, "Once Nova was out of the woods (figurative, because they don't have many trees), I made contact with a purported Magic-Shop that sold weapons. But honestly the cheapest item on sale was over 300,000 credits which was just too far outside out potential budget even for dealing with a recurring threat that's kidnapping people. Those funds were just too important to getting food for the Fleet."

"Anyways maybe the Morgue job was a bit too outside burger-face's comfort zone, or maybe he just got jittered out by Nova and the coma thing. Either way he took his leave, so it was me, Nova, and Backlash to break into the Morgue while Gilina, Crash, and Brainiac had background investigations to in play to try and figure out where in the Seven-Savage-Hells our pursuer Zed had stashed his ship because, I will admit I argued that: 1) it must be fast to get to Grymdin at approximately the same time as us, and 2( whatever star astronavigational charts he has must be significantly broader than those presently available to us. Anyways the Morgue should have been a cake walk but we also needed to avoid using any powers which might be traceable back to our alter egos because we were going to be on Grymdin for a while still. We gained access, to the Morgue via a techno-merge, and were in the process of locating their ... inventory storage, but we got split up. I ended up engaged by a number of private security personnel including some damn magic user who first blinded me. This left me in the dark to engage, somewhere between 3 and 6 of them, without powers to keep them distracted. Overall, this ranked as less fun for me than either the Zed assault, or the later Arena battle."

"I guess I was successful enough because although eventually I was, I kid you not, I was blind, magically hanging in mid-air and firing and tossing flash grenades to keep security focused on me. The most infuriating thing was having to sort of take shots from security and being kind of powerless to the task beyond blindly suppressing them, and being bound by the order not to use powers, because otherwise I could have just flown away on a force disc ... sight or no sight. Eventually though, after they had completed the main mission, Backlash and Nova came and grabbed me and we got the frak out."

"After I got my sight back, we managed to get paid off for delivering ... I don't remember his name. The late Mr. Package. Then Nova and I did a secondary EVA investigation of the ship that by then we had identified as the Compulsion. As we approached from outside the station though, the ship's onboard AI preojected a holographic image out into the void which hacked our radio encryptions so it could advise us that that we were being targetted by multiple defensive turrets. I was unable to access the exterior Maintenance pads. I believe, but cannot confirm whether Nova set an anchor point physically on the hull, inside the plane of the doorway ... by the boarding iris. Or at least that had been my suggestion. He said he did it, but then later when I asked him if he could test it to see if the Compulsion was within range he said 'my powers don't work that way' which, to me feels off. He may think that, but I think he might be mistaken. Anyways, nothing to be done. We left the Compulsion and it was set up that Nova, Crash, and Brainiac would be handling a business meeting with Alton Lang, a Grymdon local who was like purchasing manager for a place called Maga-Pastova Vertical Farms. They were going to see about setting up some kind of longer term arrangement, and also secure some short term food, whatever 1,000,000 credits could get us."

"In the meantime, and this was Day 49, while they were handling that meeting with the farm exec., Backlash and I entered into a tournament at the 'Bloodsport Hippodrome'. It sounds ominous and I guess it really kind of is. 10 people enter, 1 leaves ... very dramatic, although their sports betting is crap. They have 7 locals up against 3 unknowns and everyone has evenly crappy 4 to 1 odds against their winning? Meh, it just felt like a lazy way to go with it. We used the Morgue payout as seed money on a wager for 1 of us to win, which well down the road we did. Solid teamwork that, although it felt about the same as when I was being held as a captive punching bag for pirates for a month after our planet blew up. That was a lengthy and somewhat ridiculous beating to take, although it eventually resulted in us essentially doubling our mission funds. I brought back videos, because I figured it would be something new to pipe to the crew."

Cairo sighs heavily and begins to rock his chair back and forth on 2 legs absently as it appears he is getting close to the end of his story, "After the Arena fight, I received contact from my cousin Rolyn Xanreys who had somehow made it to Grymdin. He was serving as a 'diplomatic attache' for a Klikita named Wanda Coxand. I guess she had been assigned as a representative of the FAR to our people." He stops rocking his chair and sits quietly for several long moments before continuing, "Look, in all honesty I love Rolly, thats what we called Rolyn growing up. He's blood. He lost a wife and a 4-year old on Arismal, and he has been entirely alone on a foreign world. But I am not sure about his f^cking priorities right now. Like when we found him, them, he pulled a gun on me. He was acting like Coxand was more important than anything. I'm not sure if he's been ... turning to her for comfort since he's been alone. But I, we, had to bring him back, and her with him. She seems alright, but she's allegedly a Klikita, meaning she comes from a frozen world and should find anything near a comfortable temperature to us, intolerable. Instead she wears ... well let's just say you do not require a whole lot of imagination and doesn't look like it's going to keep anyone warm. Neither of them has given any false responses to date, but he won't answer anything without her say-so, and there are a number of things where they just were evasive and would not answer. Easy crap like 'how long have you been here'? ... just to me it still feels off."

Setting his seat back down on its feet CJ clears his throat, "Anyways, after the fight in the Arena we had some more cash handy which seemed like an opportunity to increase what else we could bring back to the Fleet. Before lifting off from the Station we picked up 50,000 Protein Bars for about an extra 150,000 kilocalories, ~100lbs of Caff, ~100lbs of Tea, 600lbs of sweetener, some spare parts, and for our R&D folks to look over Armor Stealth Coating and Armor Force Field Generators. Basically just looking for pragmatic stuff that would boost morale. Then we rendezvoused with a ship to take possession of the food bought by Nova, Crash, and Brainiac from MPVF before returning to the Fleet." With a yawn, Cairo shrugs before signing off the message, "I believe that's all the news that's fit to print. Captain Tanaka indicated that the Fleet might be in better condition than we left it, and I could not hope that was true enough."

If there is a bed in his room, CJ rises and heads over to take a nap and wait for processing as needed. When he wakens he does not engage in morning exercises or anything else until he figures out the rationing situation (because doing 1,000 push-ups is wasteful if he's back to 500 calories/day and he should conserve strength).

If made aware by Doc Links or any other medical staff of the scope of his new powers (there's probably a standard handbook for each given the relative commonality of powers across the overall race), CJ will take on self-rationing and try to do a bit of EVA to use solar radiation as a nutrition source/supplement.
2nd Lt. Cairo Xanreys
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H.P.: 262/262
S.D.C.: 1450/1450

Constant Conditions:
Impervious to [Mind] Control & Possession; Impervious to Radiation/Depressurization/Cold; Breathes without Air (& can speak in a Vacuum); Resistant to Gravity Based Attacks [½ Damage/Effects]; Supervision: Spectrum Vision (Able to see energy magnetic fields, the electromagnetic spectrum, radio waves, electricity, microwaves, phase fields, force fields, x-rays, and all forms of radiation, 180ft); Regenerates 30/Hr (HP or SDC); Fatigues at 1/3 Normal Rate, Nightvision: 600', Sensitive Hearing (20 decibels beyond normal human range)
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Re: Undisclosed Location

Postby Ryden » Thu May 10, 2018 1:26 pm

Perception: 83%/1d100 = 57
JIC: 1d20 = 5, 1d100 = 24

Cairo wrote:"I see the Dauntless, and the Sovereign. 5 Destroyers. Any ships missing to your eyes? ... "

"I see the Dauntless, Sovereign, Invincible, Arbalest, Archer, Assegai, Dart, and Stiletto. I see 6 of the Liberty Transports. I think I see the Venture Capital, one of the big transports. I don't see Profit Motive or the other Liberty Transports. My guess is they are undergoing recovery ops at Chandrakant based on what scuttlebutt I heard before we left. Which could be why they are in much better shape than when we left. Meat will do a lot for the body, and that a lot for morale and therefore the fleet."

Stripping off his clothes and other gear is no problem, but Ryden has to be prompted, multiple times, to take off the suit computer. He does so quickly, as if ripping off a bandage so it hurts for a shorter duration. It doesn't help. It never does. Its only now that he begins to understand what has become instinctual - he relies on the computer suit to boost his own self worth and confidence. That is both horrifying and oddly amusing. After he changes into a fresh uniform, he makes his way into the interrogation room. "Wow, are all the overnight quarantine rooms full?" His question isn't to anyone in particular.

Sighing, he summons the focus to complete his task. "Alright, begin debrief, Ryden Hunter, First Special Operations Group - reporting." His voice is fast, but each word is enunciated and understandable. He paces the entire time, like a caged animal.

"First, I will say that future operatives should use Kassan identities, or use optic contact lenses that counteract the effects of bright light on our eyes and go as some other humanoid. When we got on station, we found out that no one does any business of any sort without a DRO (Dispute Resolution Organization). We used Premier. They factor reputation and credit line. Short term contracts, such as we negotiated, are more expensive. We did get a small discount for being a group over an individual. Our final cost was 30,000 credits for a thirty day term. It included standard arbitration and customer service only. My research suggested that those rates were representative, if on the high end. I suggest establishing one or two cover organizations we can use, and establishing a relationship with one of the DROs in that organization's name. "

    "Note: We need disguises for all future ops on Grymdin. If Intelligence can work out the backstories of those cover companies, they should include company uniforms or jumpsuits too. "
"Grydin Telecomm was very useful both for local net traffic and as a place to access the FIN. Note, all FIN access is read only, with no data drives. I used my optical feed capture in order to record everything and later transcribed the relevant data. Lt. Xanreys and myself gathered enough data to put together a good briefing package for any operative trying to use a Kassan cover. Note, it takes a LOT of attitude, so the meek need not apply. I also put together a lot of information on this area of space. Check the Eclipse's star charts, as well as those on my suit and tablet. Also, we obtained FIN access under an assumed name for intelligence."

"We hit up a few stores to better our disguises. The gear is in the ship's stores and should prove useful for future operations. For the record, TGE is seriously your best friend if you need bulk and generic goods. It's also ubiquitous, so no one questions it. Weapon Masters is a nice place for better than stock and generic weapons. While on Spacer Street, we used the Kelvin Hotel. It's good, secure, in a nice-ish area and they don't get too interested in your business. Of course we could also use Nova's portals to move back and forth once established, so we never had to bring purchases in through the front door. Other teams will want to be careful of what they bring in and out. We also had unprecedented access to our ship because of the same ability. Which helps, because it is a long ordeal through decontamination if you forget something. We also found a nice restaurant that served Kassan fair. It was called "Mwanamke Mtukufu na Buibui" or The Marquessa and the Spider. This is important for future operatives using Kassan identities. Being aware of Kassan fashion and pop culture is something the Kassan are noted for. Fang suggested we, that is our race, might lease out one of their lesser used continents, but I don't think he is taking into account WHY all the Kassan are so wealthy - they have more land than they do people and they get exorbitant amounts leasing that out. But hey, if they'll take us, it would be the right kind of world to sustain us. We'd probably lose our Arismal heritage in a few dozen generations, but we'd be safe and our history preserved, if not directly honored."

"We got spotted by a operative from the Arreri Secret Intelligence Service named Ro Shambo. He approached us and we conducted a short interview with him afterwards. He didn't seem like a threat so I got him a cheap room (he was sleeping on the streets) and invited him for a private dinner/interrogation that night. Fate had other plans though. Ro was with us when the Nithian bounty Hunter Zed showed up with some Aurovax named Caja for backup. The lure was Caja, a speedster from an amphibian species, stealing the Atorian headset off my head. As I said the lure was just to get us into position for Zed to get us, and Caja was piloting their get away vehicle. Caja was just hired muscle, but if a follow up team were to capture and interrogate him, they might find out more about the Nithian. Nova got hurt in that engagement. Crash was captured briefly, but managed to blind him and make him let go. We had to do a field transfusion."

"Back to the operative, he is basically a hard operations guy put on a deep cover mission to find us. As I said to the team, simply put, Grymdin is the only civilization around here with the right combinations of intelligence, commerce, crowds, and independence to act as a hub for operations in the sector if you're avoiding certain galactic parties. The predictive AIs that run his planet figured rightly that eventually someone would come through. I bet the stolen goods were simply to force the operative to be under cover and on the look out for allies. He would tend to look for these people he's studied so much. The artifacts themselves are either part of a scheme or an element of some other operation entirely where Ro here was simply used as the fall guy. What I don't know is the goal or reasoning of the AIs. Are they simply offering one piece in some galactic chess game, or are they building up to some offer of assistance. Or is it a cog in some bigger play that we don't see coming. Who knows? Not the operative, and certainly not me. I also captured a full scan of the books he had. If we have time, it might be a good idea for intelligence to look through them with an Arreri dictionary and see what it says. Just in case it wasn't just a senseless cover."

"We got a job to steal a body off the job boards to have a little more cash. Backlash, Fang and Nova took the job and handled that. Ro was originally going to help, but I guess he felt it was too high profile as he just kind left off. Follow up teams should look into him. I figure he went to make contact with the AIs that run his planet. Soria, Crash and I all found where Zed's ship was docked and tagged its location. Nova and Fang did an EVA from our ship to his. That's when we found out about his AI. I had to wipe every piece of gear we had, restore back to the images I had stored. To me, this is proof that the Nithian is on the payroll of the Atorians and not simply an independent hired in. His ship is too fast, too well armed, and too stealthy to be bought on a private individual's payroll. After that Fang, Nova, and Backlash all went on their op to steal a body while the rest of us did downtime."

"I now have a full schematic on my VR gear and the galactic equivalents of all parts, so we can reproduce it with off the shelf parts. We also did some research on how to get past the Nithian's invulnerability. Turns out if you use enough potential psychic energy and manipulate it, you can bypass his ability to ignore most damage. The few races that can do this call it magic, but my research suggests its much more like psionics than illusion and tricks and that it requires years of practice and study to learn. Psionics could bypass his abilities as well."

"It may seem like we're focusing on this guy, but he has been hounding us since we got that intel from the Atorian Data Hub. Which, by the way, I am pretty sure was the Atorian data clearinghouse for this sector. When we set off the self destruct, we probably set them back quite a few years, and they couldn't be sure how much we actually got. You might want to take a look at that again to see if there is anything we missed. Specifically look at data fragments, things we got part of. Maybe there's something there."

"After that Backlash and Fang entered into an Arena battle to increase our winnings. Not the smartest undercover move, but Backlash wasn't at the facility and his appearance has changed with his mutation anyway. Backlash isn't precisely unchanged either - and his powers have changed drastically. Meanwhile I tracked down a wholesaler and set up a meet. Not sure what our engineer was doing at the time, but Nova, Crash and I handled the negotiation. Details are written up on my pad, but we got a good amount of food and a line to buy more if need be. They think we are setting up a for profit Kassan colonization project. All contacts and contracts are included on my tablet and my suit."

"Incidentally, I have a theory on the mutations. As far as my own rather lackluster and lazy research into the are has been done, my understanding is that our powers tend to manifest on familial lines and more or less result from who you are descended from. Our forebears made their most powerful their leaders, and that evolved into the tier system we have today. Well those most powerful, I think, were the risk takers and defenders that defended our settlements against the many dangerous fauna and flora of our planet. It seems our DNA has a mutability that reacts to stress. I think the same thing is happening again as the scouts and warriors facing the most threats begin to mutate. While I have not experienced any of the more overt mutations, I have noticed an awareness of my surroundings that is more than simple training. Similarly I seem able to calculate trajectories on the fly, and I can read easily fifty times faster, if not more. And I don't mean fiction, but hard technical manuals. I've increased the breadth of my knowledge several times over. At the same time I'm finding it easier to concentrate on multiple tasks and keep up with things. Suffice to say, we are all changing and manifesting new abilities. I once chalked it up to the unstable genetics the first tier is known for in certain theoretical papers, but now I think it is becoming more obviously a stress reaction. Interesting times for us as a race."

"Anyway, we also met up with a cousin of Fang's and the diplomat he's attached to, so we brought them along. She says she works for the FAR. I can't place my finger on it, but something is off about the both of them. Might want to interview them extensively. We got the food and we got some miscellaneous stuff for supply to work with. I also grabbed gobs of data, including an iteration of an Arismal game we sold to TGE just after contact. Still has Arismal heroes - cops for the tactical unit. Once we pick through the code, we should set it up so folks can play. It'll be a nice distraction for off duty, and it'll help with morale too."

He glances up at the camera, and then adds, as if an afterthought. "Oh, report complete. Lt. Ryden Hunter, signing off."
3LT Ryden "Brainiac" Hunter
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SDC: 39

Current Gear: Here
Trust/Intimidate: 55%
Perception: 83%

"When you look at the 1st SOG, you're looking at the last best hope for all of the survivors of our planet, and my squad mates are pretty helpful too."
"That's brilliant. Of course it's brilliant, it's you." - Rosseyn "Nova" Ridatharen
"Ah, looks like Ryden know something we don't. But when has that even NOT been the case." Staff Sergeant Jerric "Backlash" Halko

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Re: Undisclosed Location

Postby Augur » Thu May 10, 2018 3:40 pm

When you've finished your debrief, continue to post here.
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Re: Undisclosed Location

Postby Rosseyn » Sat May 12, 2018 2:30 pm

Perception: 1d100 = 58/43% 58% regarding modern technology, 68% to perceiving any tactile characteristics, 83% regarding modern technology + tactile characteristics simultaneously
JIC: 1d20 = 10/1d100 = 80

Nova sits in the chair, slicks his hair back and gives a long tired look at the camera. At least here it's just one. Frakkin Grymdin.
"This is 2nd Lieutenant Ross Ridatharen of the 1st SOG. Debrief of the Grymdin mission."

"We were sent to procure foodstuffs. Make sure the fleet and our people can survive short-term and long. We were to find a Mister Lang who could use his connections to sell us what we needed. A few side missions of less importance. A lot of things happened along the way. Most of them odd. We came to Grymdin as a crew of Kassans. Real snooty assholes. We signed up for a DRO. A kind of protection racket slash security force thing they have going on there. Conflict resolution slash arbitrators on a world full of criminals. We had some concerns about the amount of cash we were sent with so we did two things about it."
"First, we took a job that our abilities would come in very handy with. I don't think I'd ever stolen a corpse before that. Wait. That's not true. Moving on, that job came with its share of problems. Took some effort to get inside, but we made it happen. A different DRO than the one we signed up for came and tried to stop us. They had Fang but we managed to get ourselves the hell out of there. Something else happened to me there but I'll save that for the end."

Nova sneaks a guilty look at the screen but it transforms into a cocky smirk.
"The second thing we did was send Fang and Backlash into a gladiatorial arena and put some cash down on them winning. We're Arismal, that's what we do. Win, not place bets. We do that sometimes too. At any rate we had Brainiac check out the stats on the other fighters, felt confident that between Fang and Backlash that we could come out on top. While they beat the crap out of the other fighters, we went to the Ceiling Club for our meeting with Alton Lang. He seemed your average businessman. Full of himself and his secrets. We made our deal, gathered the crew and got out. Oh, and we picked up a FAR diplomat with an Arismal bodyguard. She might be able to offer us some assistance."

Nova sighs and puts both his hands on his knees.
"Now for the bad news. We encountered our tail Zed again. He had some little green hopping frakker steal a piece of Brainiac's gear and run off. We chased him and ran right into his trap. He shrugged off everything we threw at him. He grabbed Crash and was gonna take off with him but we managed to get our man back. I manifested a new power. I turned into a blue energy form. Seemingly the energy that I charge my ball bearings with. Constant evolution I suppose."

"Fang and I took a trip to his vessel to attempt to leave some incriminating evidence or possibly disable his ship to ensure he couldn't follow us. It turned out that he has a super AI that trained the ship's weapons on us, taunted us and then let us leave with our lives."

"But the weirdest thing that happened in all of this was some sort of goddamn time traveling universe saving stuff that made not all that much sense. When I was setting the gateways for the corpsegrab, I was approached by someone who ensured me that it was absolutely important that I follow him. I ended up on another planet with a group of others who had been similarly brought there from many different dimensions. Some shit about our souls being split in two that allowed us to be there. I don't know, I was honestly paying attention to the women. Red and Me-ya-rin, they were something else. Said they were from a place called Erf. Anywayy, there was an invading force called the Mechanoids. Creepy frakkers. They seemed to be mostly machines, but they were capable of telepathic thought like a Spook. We flew in a stealth ship to their mothership and brought a frakton of boom with us. Due to some bad planning, we ended up cornered and had to fight our way through quite a few of them. But we all made it, planted our explosives and bugged out. I was returned to my body and it took a while for my two selves to properly merge, but the memories are all there. I haven't gone over that with the boys yet. Bad timing or what have you."

"And that was our trip. We got anything to drink in the Nest? I'm parched."
Lieutenant Commander Rosseyn "Nova" Ridatharen
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Energy Form S.D.C.: 119/119

Current Gear:
Galactic Standard Automatic Pistol:
  • Range: 200 feet.
  • Damage: 5D6 per shot, double for short burst.
  • Rate of Fire: Single shot or short burst. Payload: 15/15.
Battle Harness w/ Ball Bearings
Throwing Knives

Current Conditions:

Constant Conditions: Impervious to Fear & Terror, Mechanical Awareness, Heightened Sense of Touch.

Gateways (0/15):
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