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Orbit: Tinkerers Thread

Postby Sol » Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:53 pm

Quick Guidelines for Operator/Engineer work
1.) Only the GM knows just what modifiers are in place (+5%, -25%, etc.)
2.) The PC Operator/Engineer only knows the roleplaying factors of which he's aware (not at his shop, not working with full tool set, working under pressure, etc.)
3.) The Operator/Engineer will receive a number of attempts per day equal to his/her Experience Level. Assistants can add to the number of attempts the Operator/Engineer can make in a day. The Assistants will use the Operator's/Engineer's skill level unless their own is higher.

Indicates that an item has been destroyed due to gross incompetence; impossible to salvage.
Indicates that an item has been disabled/broken due to some mistakes; it's repairable though.
Indicates that an item has not been successfully altered, no harm done though.
Indicates that an item has been successfully altered to the desired effect.
Indicates that an item has been miraculously altered beyond the expected results.
Neither the GM nor the Operator/Engineer will be altering your stats, do that yourself and check back here periodically for updates.

Players will be prompted to PM rolls to cover a specific time-frame periodically which the GM will use to determine the results of the character's labors.

Guidelines for assessing attempts per day

Assistant types & Limitations on type of work
Operators, engineers, and other tinkerers receive a number of attempts per day equal to their experience level.
Assistants are assessed at the highest level of skill possessed.

Unskilled Laborers (possess no applicable technical skills) can only assist in basic repairs. (NPCs provide +1 attempt per day)
Skilled Laborers (possess limited technical skills) can only assist in basic repairs. (NPCs provide +2 attempts per day)
Skilled assistants (possess an engineering skill) can assist in technical jobs within their area of expertise. (NPCs provide +3 attempts per day)
Highly skilled assistants (engineers in more than one field) can assist knowledgeably in any endeavor. (NPCs provide +4 attempts per day)

Basic Technical Skills
☞ Art
☞ Aircraft Mechanics
☞ Automotive Mechanics
☞ Basic Electronics
☞ Basic Mechanics
☞ Boat Building
☞ Brewing
☞ Calligraphy
☞ Carpentry
☞ Chemistry
☞ Computer Repair
☞ Cybernetics: Basic
☞ Excavation
☞ General Repair & Maintenance
☞ Jury-Rig
☞ Leather Working
☞ Locksmith
☞ Mining
☞ Recycling
☞ Safe-Cracking
☞ Salvage
☞ Sewing
☞ Skin & Prepare Animal Hides
☞ Whittling & Sculpture

Skilled Technical Skills
☞ Bioware Mechanics
☞ Crime Scene Investigation
☞ Electricity Generation
☞ Field Armorer & Munitions Expert
☞ Vehicle Armorer
☞ Trap Construction
☞ Chemistry: Analytical
☞ Chemistry: Pharmaceutical
☞ Demolitions
☞ Demolitions Disposal
☞ Demolitions: Underwater
☞ Oxygen Systems

Engineering Skills
☞ Artificial Intelligence
☞ Clinical Genetics
☞ Cybernetic Medicine
☞ Electrical Engineer
☞ Genetics
☞ Juicer Technology
☞ Mechanical Engineer
☞ Military Fortifications
☞ Robot Electronics
☞ Robot Mechanics
☞ Weapons Engineer

Tinkering Addendum: Optional Project Rules:
    For groups like ours, with only a few actual tinkerers, there can be a significant time of non-engagement by the non-tinkerers when a tinker project is required for the story. The conversion of the APC is one such event. Because it will allow for many more skills rolls than normal, more rolls will be needed to complete individual tasks. There are also penalties built in that can be negated by unskilled laborers (the only way to mitigate penalties). As such, the entire group will engage in active assist of the technicians. To do this, they will make a full number of attempts per day equal to their level. But they will do so guided by either their own skill, or that of the lead engineer at a significant penalty based on their rating as an assistant.
    GM Note: This system leverages a lot of semiskilled and unskilled assistants to complete a task quickly. It is ill suited to a large group of tinkerers or to individual tinkering tasks.

    Terms of Note:
    • Project Skill: A skill used to create a project. These are usually, but not always higher engineering or scientific skills, but leather working, cooking and other tasks can be done as projects too.
    • Project Difficulty: A rating of the difficulty and complexity of the task. This number, from two (2) to ten (10), is the number of skill checks required for a task within the project.
    • Project Task: One for each rating. Consists of a skill and a basic description. GMs are encouraged to get creating with the skills for a project task (mechanical engineering for casings and fabrications, weapons engineering for anything involving weapons, electrical engineering for electrical work, Computer Programming for computer systems, etc),
    • Project Lead: The skilled tinkerer who is the primary for all tasks on a project.
    • Highly skilled assistants: Other skilled tinkers acting as a second on a project. Could be the Project Lead, just isn't.
    • Skilled Assistants: This is a person with numerous secondary tinkering skills that allow them to make checks to assist with a project. Could not lead the project.
    • Skilled Laborer: This is a person with a few basic skills of note, but no real tinkering skill.
    • Unskilled Laborer: A laborer able to do any manual and repetitive tasks, but unable to do any extensive tasks. Will roll the Project Lead's Basic Mechanics or Basic Electronics skill at -20%. May not complete tasks on a project, but they can give a bonus of +10% to any other project worker's skill rating if successful. There is no penalty for failure, aside from wasted time. Critical Failures reduce the affected skill level by -5% instead. Critical Successes increase the affected skill by 20% instead. The laborer player chooses who it applies to and what skill is affected when they roll.

    Project Rules Process:
      1. A player or the GM proposes a project.
      2. The GM assigns a difficulty from 2 to 10. Projects requiring only one roll are not tinkering projects - they are skill rolls.
      3. The Project Lead (and any PC assistants) will declare who is rolling for what. Each PC may work on multiple projects, as long as it is done sequentially (project 1, Project 2, etc - no hopping around). They should assign themselves a number of rolls equal to their attempts.
        A. The Project Lead MUST do at least one third of the skill rolls themselves (round up). They can assign themselves more than the minimum.
        B. An assisting PC may only do up to one third of the skill rolls required on a Project (round up).
      4. All PCs will make their own rolls. They will get a number of attempts equal to their level.
      5. A NPC assistant can assist any player with a rating of Skilled Assistant or higher. Doing so offers the normal boost to their attempts per day.
      6. An assisting player can request alternate skills for certain checks. For example, A Weapon Engineering roll might be substituted to a Mechanical Engineering skill roll and a Field Armorer and Munitions skill roll (both must succeed or the task fails). Alternate skills always carry a -5% (Engineering Skills), -10% (Skilled Technical Skills), or -15% (Basic Technical Skills) to the skill checks involved, in addition to other skill penalties, such as poor working conditions, insufficient specialty tools, etc. Unskilled Laborers can help mitigate these penalties.

    Replacing a Weapon System on a Base, Vehicle or Robot at a well equipped shop:
    Difficulty: 3
    Skills Required: Weapons Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Programming

    Replacing a Weapon System on a Base, Vehicle or Robot at a basically equipped shop or in the field with access to heavy lift gear and adequate tools:
    Difficulty: 4
    Skills Required: Weapons Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Programming, and Mechanical Engineering
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Re: Orbit: Tinkerers Thread

Postby Tyrannosapiens Rex » Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:13 am

Jenny as a Tinkerer (New Rules)

Level 5 (2.5 attempts)
Basic Electronics, Computer Repair, Jury-Rig (3*.25=.75)
Aircraft Mechanics, Bioware Mechanics, Computer Programming, Techno-Wizardry Construction (4*.5=2)
Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Robot Electronics, Robot Mechanics, Weapons Engineer (5*1=5)
Situational: Telemechanics, Total Recall, Computer Operations, Sensory Equipment, Gemology

Attempts per shift: 10.25, rounded to 10.
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