The Player's Guide to Earning EP

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The Player's Guide to Earning EP

Postby Augur » Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:28 pm

The Player's Guide to Earning EP

+# EP for providing feedback on the portal (coming soon!)
+# EP for contest participation (when applicable)
+# EP for contest victory
+# EP for helping to upkeep the site demographics thread
+# EP for helping to provide stats & image work for equipment IAW site/armory standards
+# EP for participation in the reboot (this earned players from 1-6 EP)
+# EP per quadrimester from the Player Quality Reward System

+1 EP for EU membership (this is a one-time, initial reward)
+1 EP for membership in good standing (no warnings) per quadrimester (based on the date of your initial account registration--this is applicable only to the veteran rewards action and is not an ongoing reward)

Recommend other players for EP rewards! Send me a PM (only via PM!) detailing why a certain player deserves an EP reward. Be specific, provide link(s) as needed, and make your case in as concise a manner as possible. Your PM's subject line must begin with: EP

Player Quality Reward System

Note: Post-rate activity is tied to specific accounts, while EP is tied to players.

1. Post-rate rewards are only judged from accounts.
  • Exceeding post-rate minimum by 01%-50% over a quadrimester: 1 E.P. per participant
  • Exceeding post-rate minimum by 51%-100% over a quadrimester: 2 E.P. per participant
  • Exceeding post-rate minimum by 100%+ over a quadrimester: 3 E.P. per participant
2. EP rewards for exceptional post-rates get awarded to players.
  • Yes, this means that a player with 4 characters, and who does a great job across the board, will be seeing a handsome cumulative reward.
3. Post-rate assessment is done each quadrimester by A/GMs.
  • A/GMs will send both admins (TGM and Tiree) via PM only the post-rate assessment of each player in their group.
  • A/GMs will send both admins (TGM and Tiree) via PM only their group's post rate & the basic math which supports that figure for collective reward consideration.
  • A/GMs will send both of the above in one PM, and reference their group name in the message title.
4. Post-rate is judged purely off of in-character posts.
  • Only quality posts should be included in post-rate assessments; such is the purview of each group's A/GMs.
  • This makes assessing post-rate super easy, and goes hand-in-hand with the regular XP tallies.
    5. Collective reward, but not punishment.
    • The 3 groups with the highest average post rate will be rewarded with EP rewards.
    • 1st place: 3 EP per member, 2nd place: 2 EP per member, 3rd place: 1 EP per member.
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