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Benny Marketplace

Postby Augur » Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:17 pm

Benny Marketplace

If you want...

:arrow: to transfer Bennies to another player
:arrow: to redeem a Benny reward from the ROLL 20 Benny Menu
:arrow: to request a service in exchange for Bennies
:arrow: to request Bennies in exchange for your service
:arrow: to do something with your Bennies not mentioned here

do so here!

I will:
1) Verify the transaction details with both parties
2) Adjust the Benny trackers of the involved parties

Include the following:

Relevant Character:
What did you want done?

Code: Select all
[b]Relevant Character:[/b]
[b]What did you want done?[/b]

Usage Notes
:arrow: A "Reward" is something tied to a player's specific character, and thus non-transferrable.
:arrow: Each Bennies award/transfer/transaction will be noted in the player's ledger, or will be considered invalid and subject to removal without warning upon discovery.
:arrow: Bennies are units of currency that are non-transferable between players, and are bound to players within a given game--not characters.
:arrow: All Benny transactions are final; no refunds of any type will be made.
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Re: Benny Marketplace

Postby Townsend » Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:39 am

Name: Eric/Servo
Relevant Character: Alge Howard (HU)
What did you want done? Use the 6 Bennies purchased in this EP Marketplace post for the following buffs to be applied to Alge's character:

(3 Bennies) P.P.E. Boost (+1D4x10)
(1 Benny) Attribute Boost -- P.E. (applicable to attributes under 16, +1D6)
(1 Benny) Attribute Boost -- P.S. (applicable to attributes under 16, +1D6)
(1 Benny) Attribute Boost -- M.E. (applicable to attributes under 16, +1D6)

This should not affect Alge's 'earned' tally of 3 Bennies listed here.
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Re: Benny Marketplace

Postby Dime Store Magic » Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:16 am

Name: Pete
Relevant Character: Reynauld Porter
Current Benny Balance: 5
What did you want done?

Benny Tracker

Related to this EP Marketplace post adding bennies to increase benny balance to 15.

-12 Bennies Intrinsic Reward: Manifest One New Major Super Power of choice: Zombie Flesh(Rey Porter)

Code: Select all
[color=#FF0000]-12 Bennies Intrinsic Reward: Manifest One New Major Super Power of choice: Zombie Flesh(Rey Porter)[/color]

New balance: 3
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