First Op: Where Have All the Cadizians Gone?

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Re: First Op: Where Have All the Cadizians Gone?

Postby Susan Lee » Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:36 am

Jezebel wrote:Post in progress
As the group walks back towards The Real Geese, Jez shakes her head. This is all speculation. There is a missing population of people. Military doctrine in such cases is simple: conduct a search. We've already searched the immediate scene and verified their absence. The next thing to do is a focused search, and to sweep the countryside. "We need to conduct a search. Susan, Cordelia, find out where this mine is located, and head there to check it out. Maybe grab Fi and Corrigan to join you if they've not found anything useful in town. I'm going to climb back in my bot and conduct an expanding search of the general area. If you find anything of interest, radio me and I'll rejoin you ASAP. Good luck." Jez takes off at a run for her TR-004. While running, she radios the rest of the group to let them know what's up. Once inside the TR, she'll begin running the bot in a clockwise sweep of the countryside starting at a mile out from town and expanding a mile with each sweep.

Susan salutes Jezebel. "Understood. Can Analoy come too? Corrigan, Fiona, want to come look at the mine with us? I imagine that if there's trouble it will be more useful for people with more military experience to be in place. We'll get the girl's DNA later."

Susan tries to get her Naruni computer to play the music from the violin sheet, if it can even do that. "Computer - play this music. Do it!"
Computer Operation: 1d100 = 1 / 53%

To Cordelia, she says, "Is there no piano in the inn? I've always seen a piano in saloons in the trids."

When everyone's ready/formed up, Susan is good to go to the mine.
It's DNA, all the way down.

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Re: First Op: Where Have All the Cadizians Gone?

Postby Townsend » Sat Apr 14, 2018 2:26 pm

The Weatherman wrote:Wednesday, February 5th, 111 PA
8:50am (sunrise was at 5:34am, sunset estimated at 5:22pm)
29 degrees F (projected high of 46)

Conversation at Breakfast

Kat Porter wrote:The City Rat-turned modern cowboy leans her lever action Naruni carbine against a nearby table, adjusts the hand cannons on her hips, takes a seat, and then kicks her legs up onto the table. "How long has it been since everyone left? Did you eat all the food here?"

Becky shakes her head as she takes a big bite. “Nunh-unh, not me,” she says with way too much food in her mouth. Once she’s had a chance to chew and swallow she adds, “That was the bad people. They came and got most of the food. It’s been real hard to find something to eat the past few days.”

Susan Lee wrote:Susan starts humming the Sorcerer's Apprentice to herself. "It increasingly seems like this may be a Pied Piper situation. No one is able to tell me what piece of music this is one the notes here? Oh well. Perhaps they took the townsfolk to the mines, since we're meant to also examine a problem there. I should patrol or...?"

She looks away for a moment.


The girl’s eyes go wide at Susan’s loud outburst, but she settles back down a bit when she sees the sheet music the doctor’s waving around. “Hey, where’d you get that? I think that’s Master Roshi’s. He likes to play his fiddle on the roof of his house in the evenings. He plays real good too.”

Susan’s fingers fly over the controls of her mini-computer, but the only clue it reveals is that the language it’s written in matches up with samples of Dragonese. And while it’s capable of playing music files the computer doesn’t have a scanner for the sheet music. There’s also no piano there at the Real Geese, only a tabletop jukebox loaded up with a full assortment of both kinds of music: country AND western.

Meanwhile, Becky continues to warm up to Analoy. “Well, you sure seem like you're not with the bad people. You're taller. And you're nice, like Mister Sulley. He's funny too -- he likes singing when he's chopping wood. Momma asked him to make a bed for Newt before everyone started leaving. But the first people to leave were Bernard and Bianca. She said she had a ‘lead’ on something important so they left out about three weeks ago. Then the nice scholar lady after her truck got fixed. It wasn’t long after that that people started hearing the call. They just got up and left. Some got in their vehicles and left, some just walked. Master Roshi said he could hear it in his mind too, but he could block it out when he tried. He tried real hard, but he got too tired and walked away about a week ago. He was the last one here besides me. I dunno what the call is, I can’t hear it like Master Roshi could. He said it was one of my gifts, that my mind shuts out stuff like that before I know it’s there.”

Meanwhile, in the Mechanic’s Shop

Fiona and Corrigan continue their search of the premises until Jez calls for them to meet up with Susan and Cordelia at the mine.

It’s a Clean Sweep

Jez returns to her robot and conducts a sweep of the surrounding area. Between her sweeping and the others consulting the notes Fixer gave them, it isn’t long before the group finds the town’s coal mine located just north of the outskirts (on the larger road heading out of town to the north). Becky pleads for Analoy to stay at the Geese with her -- failing that she begs to come along with her. Clearly Analoy has made a close friend with her meat pies.

It’s nothing extraordinary by any stretch of the imagination, but anyone who enters the mine and makes her perception roll notices that just about all of the tools (shovels/picks/etc.) and most of the man-portable equipment is missing.

What are you doing?
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Re: First Op: Where Have All the Cadizians Gone?

Postby Analoy » Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:27 pm

Percep 55%: 1d100 = 59
JIC: 1d20 = 12 1d100 = 15

Force Field: 130/150 min duration, 80/80 MDC

Analoy smiles at Becky and Newt, "I'm sorry Sweetie, but my friends need me to help. So you just stick close to me and if I start acting like I hear this call, you do you're best to snap me out of it." Frak, sounds like a psychic power or something. Becky must be psychic too or she has some kinda mind block power. Makes me wish I had one of the tattoos that covered this kind of thing. Well, lets hope Becky can keep me safe.

Analoy repeats Becky's story to Jez and the others in hopes that something stands out to them. Then she turns back to Becky, "Just how tall were the bad people?" She stands up, Where would they come up to on me? Was there anything else different about them?" When Becky answers that question, Analoy says, "You're doing great Sweetie. No remind me, who are Bernard and Bianca? And what do they do here in the town?"

When Becky finishes answering, Analoy asks her to stay put for a moment. Then moves over to where she can talk with the others without worrying Becky. "It sounds like this Bernard and Bianca or maybe the scholar stirred up something and a psi power was used to draw the towns folk away. That Master Roshi should have called for help if he was able to resist the call, at least at the start." She looks around at the other member of the group, "What did you guys find on your search?"
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Re: First Op: Where Have All the Cadizians Gone?

Postby Jezebel » Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:48 pm

Perception: 71% / 1d100 = 33
JIC: 1d20 = 9 / 1d100 = 58
Sensory Equipment ☞ 90% / 1d100 = 41 (merged)

Jez doesn't bother to dismount from her TR upon reaching the mine. This could be an errant lead, best maintain maximum mobility for the time being. Instead of getting out and directly inspecting the mine, she uses the TR's incredibly diverse array of sensors to inspect the mine from its opening. In addition, she uses the TR's external audio pick-ups to listen in for sounds emanating from the mine in case there are any. Still at the mine entrance, Jez, upon hearing the recounting of the girl's story from Analoy, chirps on the radio in response to her. "Ask the child which direction people went when they were leaving town. I'm at the mine presently, but we've no way of knowing if this is the direction the townsfolk headed when they heard this 'call,' you know? Better to not waste any more time. Better to find out which direction they went at least before searching any further."

If Susan or Cordelia so desire, Jez will be fine with them riding in the backseats of the TR for greater mobility. The sight of the ends of Jezebel's hands being actually merged into the console in the cockpit might freak them out a bit though.
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Re: First Op: Where Have All the Cadizians Gone?

Postby Susan Lee » Wed Apr 18, 2018 7:53 am

Stupid Computer
Perception: 1d100 = 4
JiC d20/d100: 1d20 = 7 / 1d100 = 54

Incredibly disappointed with the computer, Susan nods to the little girl, "That makes sense, I found it on the roof. Can you keep it safe for him, while we rescue him and the rest of your neighbors?" She then hands the little girl the violin, but NOT the sheet music. That's for later. "You have such pretty hair," she says, reaching out to touch it and, casually, keep any that happen to brush off.

Over the radio, "Based on our protege, this sounds like a mental domination attack of some kind. Sorry Corrigan, you'll be our coalmine canary, since you're without advanced psionic dampers. Can anyone track? If a bunch of people all headed out of town in the same direction, they probably left a trail. And considering how much detritus they left here, there might even be a Hansel/Gretel breadcrumbs situation, but with clothes or similar."

Susan politely declines Jezebel's offer. "I'm so jazzed up, gotta get out and move! But I'll run alongside you!"
It's DNA, all the way down.

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Re: First Op: Where Have All the Cadizians Gone?

Postby Fiona » Wed Apr 18, 2018 4:24 pm

Perception: 1d100 = 6/29%
Just in Case: 1d20 = 3; 1d100 = 34
Conditions: None.

Fiona takes one last look at the Computer before getting up from the stool in front of it. "I wonder if he was right about the carburetor?" Fiona asks absentmindedly. Shrugging her shoulders, Fiona steps out of the Operator's Shop and makes her way back to the others. Fiona's mind continues to mull over pieces of what she's seen, but the Irony is that all of her thoughts keep going back to the unfinished bike. From her observations of the Operator through his workspace and his meticulous notes, it would have to have been a powerful compulsion to pull him away from his work.

Once back to the others. "Damn strange place this is, and whatever compulsion dragged them away was strong as can be. And I would say likely psychic in nature. Though that's just from personal observations versus education." Fiona says with almost a sigh. "So what's the plan now?"
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Re: First Op: Where Have All the Cadizians Gone?

Postby Cordelia » Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:49 pm

Perception: 1d100 = 51
JIC: 1d20 = 12

"Susan, did your computer say the sheet music matches some dragonese. May I see it, maybe I can read it. In the mean time lets get to the mine. I'm out of leads here .

This master have left a message, If he sounds as cool as the kid lets on

Cordelia is now just hoping to get a lead. Not knowing is worse than anything. But the mine may hold the answer and she wants pictures from inside the robot.
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