Proposal: Cyborgs and the Wishlist System

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Proposal: Cyborgs and the Wishlist System

Postby Alex Kowalski » Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:25 pm

The Cyborg OCCs by their very nature somewhat break the wish list system. They start out with weapons, more MDC than armor typically provides, and a good enough ground speed to keep up with all but the fastest of vehicles. So I would propose that for Cyborg OCC's (And only Cyborg OCC's) the Wish List gets changed as follows:
    Prior to submitting their Wish List, all Borb players must have their Borg chassis on their equipment sheet, including all bionics/cybernetics and weapons systems/armor.
    They do not get a Vehicle, Primary Weapon, or Armor selection.
    The receive two Bionic Category options (since those only grant one implant each by my understanding, this basically allows for customization for people who select pre-built models over the generic Combat Cyborg)
    They still receive a Secondary Weapon wish list selection.
    They receive a 2d6x1,000+10,000 credit upgrade and repairs budget for after they enter play (does not apply to the Combat Cyborg OCC who already receives this)

That is my idea. Since so many cyborgs are already fast, they come with not just an MDC body but armor as well (it is in their bionics section on the OCC/Pre-built models), and are typically fairly well armed, It doesn't make sense to allow them to double up on them for the Wish List. Having a Borg chassis already finished by the time they submit their Wish List allows whoever is handling Character Generation to have a good idea of what the player already has, and rule on their Wish List items appropriately. The Upgrade and Repairs budget is to help cushion the players who pick a military Borg OCC, which do not come with a repair budget typically.
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