Proposal: Two-Handed Weapon Rule

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Proposal: Two-Handed Weapon Rule

Postby Underguard » Mon Sep 30, 2019 7:02 am

Melee Two-Handed Weapon Rule.
Unless a weapon has multiple mechanisms that specifically state they require both hands to function, a weapon designed for two-hands due to strength ability (such as Greatswords, Mauls) can be wielded one-handed using the following rules.

If the Item is more than 20 lbs.
Normal P.S.: 28 or higher
Robotic/SuperHuman P.S.: 23 or higher
Supernatural P.S.: 19 or higher

If the Item is 20 lbs or less.
Normal P.S.: 25 or higher
Robotic/SuperHuman P.S.: 21 or higher
Supernatural P.S.: 17 or higher

Characters with the W.P. of given item do not lose their bonuses. Those without the needed W.P. suffer a -2 to Strike and Parry while wielding one-handed.
If wielded by Robotic/Superhuman or Supernatural (of appropriate level), no modifiers lost and no -2 to strike without the W.P.

Anyone can pick up an item and swing it around ungracefully, if they have the strength for it, with some degree of accuracy and speed. This assumes that a PC with a proper P.S. but without the W.P. can essential pick up an weapon or item regardless of its weight, and use one hand to move it. In example, Hulk picking up a tree log and swinging it one handed to wipe out a couple vehicles. He didn't get to use it repeatedly nor efficiently but it was a decent one hitter. Mechanically, it translates to a PC receiving a -2 to Strike/Parry with the item in question if they have the P.S. but not the W.P.
A demi-god, cyborg headhunter and juicer are all examples of Supernatural, Robotic and Superhuman strength. The idea of Super (ANYTHING) strength (or Robotic) is that is dwarfs standard physical strength. Incidentally, I personally think if they have any special class of strength such as these, there is no weight restriction on weapons. However, for the sake of mechanics, I included both in my set-up proposal. The rule stands that if they meet the required P.S. and are Robotic/SH/SN, they can wield it with zero negative modifiers and receive all of their normal H2H modifiers. They just don't get the bonuses from the W.P.

Personal reasoning and justifications: I am an Instructor and Black Belt in Traditional Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu, think Avatar TLA if you want visuals.) I have been training in this specific system for four years; this form practices with 18 traditional Shaolin Weapons. A few examples of the weapons I've personally trained with from this stack of 18 is a 25 lbs Dragon-Head Quan-Dao which stands about 7'6" (I am 5'11") and the Traditional Chinese Broadsword; my specific sword that I train with is 9.3 lbs, and I do a full weapons form (about 3-4 minutes) with that sword in one hand.

I make this proposal from a personal standpoint using my personal martial experience and logical knowledge. To further expand on this; the concept of a P.S. or Two-handed requirement on any weapon is always based on two things which translated into one. Weight and Size of the weapon, and ultimately just it's weight. And ultimately, as with any martial weapon, using the weight of a weapon to your advantage to continuously strike without getting fatigued is how martial fighters train. The Quan Dao in question I can personally swing one-handed for several rotations with a fair degree of accuracy using the weapon's weight as a guiding factor (obviously this isn't complex movements)

That same Quan-Dao I can wield, I have watched a much smaller and physically weaker individual wield with greater proficiency because of how they wield it and the time they've spent training with it (W.P. Understanding). Could they swing the Quan-Dao with one hand like a toothpick, no, for we are mere humans with limited physical strength capacities in the real world. The same can't be said for a world of magic, monsters, aliens and cybernetics/AI.

For example, A Robot, Cyborg or other form of Super Human with a SH/Robotic P.S. of 23 (which is on the low end for them) would have zero trouble with swinging around a 25 lbs Quan Dao like a toothpick in comparison to myself or even an average human in the settings.

A dimensional supernatural being (vampires, Demigods or anything) are hundreds times stronger than mundanes according to the book, and should also be able to swing these efficiently with ease.

Robotic/SH/SN strength eliminates the real-world application of strength restrictions for two-handed weapons as even the wimpiest supernatural creature is stronger than a strong human.

And any size restrictions is just a W.P. understanding. Once you know a weapon, have trained on it for years, it's size and weight to you is apart of how you wield it.

End Proposal

I am open to questions or revisions of this proposal.

Note: If you like this idea or support it, be vocal about it and respond :)
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