Availability & Rarity Guide

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Availability & Rarity Guide

Postby Augur » Sat May 12, 2018 9:09 am

Availability & Rarity Guide

Note: EP cannot be spent on Automatic Critical Successes against required military etiquette rolls.

Common Items: Require no military etiquette rolls to obtain.
Uncommon Items: Requires a military etiquette roll at -15% to obtain.
Rare Items: Requires a military etiquette roll at -30% to obtain.
Very Rare Items: Requires a military etiquette roll at -45% to obtain.
Ultra-Rare Items: Requires a military etiquette roll at -60% to obtain.
Unique Items: These are patron items or their equivalent and must be obtained through the course of game play.

Patron Items
The CAF Elite Corps Load-Bearing Chest Rig is an experimental model at the field-testing stage, and so any patron may equip his character with this item via a standard requisition. These are considered Ultra-Rare Items, and so while initial procurement will be automatically granted to patrons, loss of the original item will require a military etiquette roll at at the listed difficulty to successfully obtain. Non-patrons, of course, cannot acquire any patron items.

Experimental Prototypes
The following items are accessible via the fleet's Research & Development Department. Each is a unique, experimental design. Because of this, only one item of each type can be fielded at any time. Players are encouraged to either cooperate or bid for their access to these experimental designs.
  • NG Equalizer
  • GAW Throwback
  • T4-2044 Flexible Armored Suit
  • ATEA-50 Supai Stealth Armor
  • KLS Triarius Heavy Armor
  • Universal Energy to Matter Converter
  • KLS-RG-15X Manpack Electromagnetic Rail Gun

Unique Story-Arc Items
The following items require the completion of certain narrative-based arcs to make accessible to players who are patrons. These items are also unique, and so only one item will exist in game at any possible time.
  • Dragonbane Blade
  • Nano-Hive Brain Implant
  • Empress Heavy Ion Pistol
  • Gravity Wave Maul
  • Tesla Bow
  • Altess Eviscerator
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