Historic Timeline of the Eastern Territories

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Historic Timeline of the Eastern Territories

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Historic Timeline of the Eastern Territories
    • 100,000 years ago: The Age of Chaos ends and the Old Ones are placed in an enchanted slumber to last the ages. One of the few surviving races, the Danzi, inhabit the Eastern Territory as their homeland, the Elves eventually build the New Kingdom in the south.
    • 8,700 years ago: The fighting of the Elf-Dwarf War spills into the Eastern Territory on the coast of the Inland Sea, the Great River and Bruu-Ga-Belimar mountains. The warring factions clash with the Danzi, a race of tattooed humanoids believed to have been extinct for at least 30,000 years.
    • 6,000 years ago: The Elves and Dwarves arrive on the shores of the Inland Sea as they retreat from the declining New Kingdom. Others migrate down the Old Kingdom River and arrive in Timiro. A few Elven colonists reinhabit the island of Phi after three centuries of neglect.
    • 2,800 years ago: Elsewhere in Palladium, the Timiro Kingdom rises to power.
    • 2,354 years ago: The first human explorers from the Western Empire travel deep into the heart of the Eastern Territory and what will later become the Disputed Lands; Wolfen and Bearmen are discovered by humans.
    • 1,200 years ago: A small settlement is established at the mouth of the Great River by followers of the Church of Light and Dark led by Father Antes of the Cult of the Great One who is seeking to convert the denizens of the wild Eastern Territory. The followers claim to carry one of the fourteen parts of Osiris and begin construction of a shrine.
    • 1,175 years ago: The city of Haven is constructed around the site of the shrine and is open only to followers of the Church of Light and Dark. The building project is spearheaded by Father Mezim. It takes a full two decades to complete.
    • 1,155 years ago: The construction of Haven is completed and the Antes temple is born, housing the shrine of Osiris. The temple gains its namesake from Father Antes who died a year before its completion. Work on the Tower of Light is begun.
    • 995 years ago: A mining colony is established at the base of the White Rock Mountains on the Tegyn Peninsula. The miners find rich deposits of rubies and diamonds and the entire colony enjoys a brief span of prosperity.
    • 994 years ago: The White Rock colony is destroyed by Ores of the Blood Eye Horde. Emboldened by their success, the Ores drive west and invade the eastern border of the Timiro Kingdom. The Royal Timiro Army soundly defeats the Blood Eye Horde and the ravaged Ore army retreats back onto the Tegyn peninsula. Border raids continue for the next four decades.
    • 955 years ago: The Tower of Light is completed and is the tallest structure in the known world.
    • 950 years ago: Sir Aaron Penington leads an army of 35,000 to root out and destroy the Blood Eye Horde. After 3 months of skirmishing, a titanic battle is fought in the Mound Hills. 80,000 Ores die to the last man in what becomes known as the Penington Campaign. With the destruction of the Blood Eye Horde, the Tegyn Peninsula is opened for colonization. Sir Penington creates the Ivory Throne from the bones of the Orcish war chiefs and declares dominion of the entire region. The Timiro Kingdom formally recognizes Sir Penington's claim. Though King Penington lays claim to the entire peninsula, only the lands bordering the Timiro Kingdom are actively colonized. Penington's second in command during the campaign, Sir Joran Anken,. is given the hereditary title of Count by Penington and is granted lordship of the lands bordering the mountains and the marshes. Count Anken immediately reopens the mines closed nearly half a century earlier.
    • 905 years ago: King Penington dies at the age of 70 years. He leaves two sons who both claim the throne. The Anken family sides with the youngest of the claimants while the rest of the nobility that grew up under the rule of Joran side with the eldest.
      A brief war is fought and the kingdom quickly splinters. From then on, the region is dubbed The Kingdoms.
    • 900 years ago: Immigrants from the crumbling Western Empire and Old Kingdom begin arriving on Lopan and the east shores of the Inland Sea.
    • 880 years ago: Population levels in the Timiro Kingdom reach a critical level and a flood of Timiro immigrants finally begin settling the interior of the Tegyn Peninsula.
      Elsewhere, the shores of the Inland Sea are settled and scores of villages appear almost overnight. The native Danzi avoid them. Western settlers discover the ruins of several ancient cities but avoid them after several treasure hunters disappear and
      rumors of demons and ghosts abound.
    • 870 years ago: An army of Ogres, Trolls, Algor Giants, Ores, Coyles and Goblins descend upon the settlements on the Inland Sea and push them to the Dwarven town of Kadaskome. The Danzi join the battle and together destroy the invaders' army, but not before half of the settlers and their villages are destroyed. The Danzi are now recognized as elusive inhabitants of the region, but most avoid contact with the settlers and retreat into the wilderness.
    • 850 years ago: Count Edger Anken grants the lands bordering the marshlands to the Wyndglades family. The marsh soon takes on the Wyndglade namesake. Initial forays into the waterlogged marshlands show little promise for expansive colonization. Cattle and their handlers begin disappearing on the edges of the marsh, giving rise to rumors of swamp monsters.
    • 700 years ago: The Tegyn Peninsula is washed in a tide of humanity as settlers begin exploring the region. They encounter scores of monolithic stones and other ruins as well as the occasional nomadic Danzi. In the north, the city-state of Haven is well established and opens relations with Timiro and neighboring outposts. Immigrants
      from the south, denied citizenship in Haven, travel west and begin carving settlements along the Old Kingdom River. Immigrants from the Inland Sea reach the Great River in the northeast, while the first humans arrive on Phi.
    • 650 years ago: Tension and discord brews among the nobility of the Penington Kingdom, rumors abound that the Anken family is seeking to claim the Ivory Throne. The Circle of the Scroll is established and settlers erect the foundation of what will become the city of Wisdom.
    • 620 years ago: The Great River cities are firmly established. The Tower of Light is formally declared the seat of power for the Church of Light and Dark in the east. Logging begins in earnest along the river and great swaths of land are completely deforested to fuel the growing settlements.
    • 600 years ago: The Island Kingdom of Bizantium openly declares its sovereignty. The Wolfen and Coyle barbarian tribes war among themselves and raid all non-canine people. The Danzi are a prime target of the tribes' aggression in the east.
    • 580 years ago: The first canine invasion begins. Three-hundred thousand strong (two thirds Coyles), the barbarian horde lays waste to the human settlements along the Inland Sea and the north. At the same time, the Kingdoms to the south hotly disagree on whether to send military aid to the embattled north. Old feuds amongst the nobles and regional powers erupt into open bloodshed and the ensuing conflict is dubbed the War of Houses. Any question of sending troops to fight the Wolfen is forgotten.
    • 576 years ago: The canine invasion reaches the northern tip of the Old Kingdom. Refugees from the fighting assemble in an unoccupied ruin on the present spot of Llorn overlooking the Inland Sea where they are able to hold off the Wolfen horde for
      three days. Losing patience, the barbarians finally leave and turn east towards the Great River cities after destroying the Dwarven city of Kadaskome, ending its 3,500 years of continual habitation.
    • 572 years ago: The Wolfen horde arrives at the walls of Haven. The fighting continues for another six months. The people of Haven claim victory, but they win only because the canines start to fight among themselves and disappear back into the Great Northern Wilderness. Still, thousands of Wolfen and Coyles are killed. Of the original 300,000 canines who began the invasion, only 50,000, mostly Wolfen, make it back. Wolfen and Coyle raids continue for centuries, but no force numbers more than 40,000 and most are well under 5,000. The Fortress of South Watch is established on the shores of the Algerian Sea where they can keep an eye on the canine barbarians.
    • 500 years ago: A shaky peace finally returns to the Eastern Territory with the fall of the Anken family, ending the second oldest noble line in the East. The Peningtons take control of the Anken diamond mines. The Great River cities are rebuilt and thrive. Logging on a vast scale begins again and large swatches of the Highback Plains are recultivated. Llorn is formally declared an independent city with the arrival of General Mistoan and the young Duke VasPasseon from the Western Empire. Coyle attacks begin on logging camps in the Disputed Lands. South Watch retaliates by attacking Wolfen along the Algerian Sea.
    • 450 years ago: The Great River cities open talks to establish .fair and equal taxation policies and to officilize currency weights. Initial discussion begins on military cooperation. Coyles raze a Borderland settlement on the Eastern Ocean coast
      killing 200 men, women and children. Despite Wolfen claims of innocence, South Watch destroys a long house 50 miles (80 km) inside Wolfen lands. Meanwhile, a combined force of Llornian mercenaries and Danzi hunters destroy the band of Coyle marauders
      responsible. Away from the eyes of humans, the Wolfen (and Coyles serving under them) defeat the last of the Danzi armies on the shores of the Algerian sea. The battle is so fierce and the Danzi so courageous, that the Wolfen declare them noble warriors to
      be honored and respected. Elsewhere, the Highback Plains are cultivated and the Great River city populations begin to rise as food becomes more plentiful. The region enjoys a boom time that lasts 30 years.
    • 411 years ago: The Western Empire prepares to launch the greatest human offensive in history against the Eastern Territory to claim it for themselves. The Timiro Kingdom, the Land of the South Winds, and Kingdom of Bizantium join forces and take diplomatic action to stop the invasion while each prepares its own army. If the West forces the issue, they will wage a united war against the Empire of Sin. If the Eastern Territory should fall into the hands of the Western Empire (or any one nation) it will greatly unbalance the world powers.
    • 409 years ago: The (very) temporary union of the Land of the South-Winds, Timiro Kingdom and Bizantium, joined by the strongest cities and kingdoms of the Eastern Territory, finally persuades the Western Empire to withdraw its armies and declare a truce. A condition of the surrender is the signing of the White Paper by which the Empire promises to never again build or use the Demon Black Ships. Though they are not invited to sign it, all of the major city-states in the Eastern Territory welcome and support the treaty. These events make it clear that no existing nation owns the Territory and spark a boom time for homesteaders and settlers from the lands of the three allies, particularly Timiro and Bizantium. The Emperor in the west declares that any citizen of the Western Empire found leaving the kingdom to settle in the "wild east" will lose their citizenship forever, and they and their descendants will be executed as traitors if they dare to return for any reason. Despite that, at least ten thousand Westerners venture to the east to make new lives. The Western Empire slips into centuries of decline.
    • 340 years ago: The Eastern Territory is declared the "Dominion of Man" and the region experiences one of many intermittent booms in human colonization. The final draft of the Charter of Dominion is penned and presented to the eastern kingdoms. In the north, the Charter is greeted with enthusiasm and all but a few of the River Cities sign. The attitude towards the Charter is mixed as several of the more powerful nobles stall. Lopan and Bizantium refuse to sign, though Bizantium does agree to a more limited series of economic treaties.
    • 200 years ago: Finally succumbing to pressure from Llorn, Lopan signs the Charter of Dominion and it is formally recognized as an independent kingdom.
    • 100 years ago: The Silver Coin Coyle horde destroys the fortified town of Malroon on the Great River, killing 2,000 people. The Wolfen are implicated and the Dominion Army is mobilized to beat back a supposed invasion. During the next year, no less than 16,000 Wolfen, already weakened due to an ongoing civil war of their own, are killed as the east invades Wolfen lands in retribution.
      80 years ago: The "Sun Bridge" over the Great River is completed and New Haven, on the northern shores of the river, is born. The Dwarven engineers sell the blueprints to the city and leave for home.
      72 years ago: Phi officially declares itself The Kingdom of Phi and joins The Dominion of Man as the Western Empire rebuilds.
      68 years ago: News of yet another Wolfen civil war spurs Governor General Wesmark of South Watch and commander of the Borderland Army to make a thrust into Wolfen lands. Initial resistance by the embattled Wolfen is weak and uncoordinated.
      67 years ago: The Borderland Army is caught by surprise as the newly created Wolfen Empire drives the human invaders back to South Watch. Governor General Wesmark is killed in the botched invasion attempt and his title is posthumously revoked. Only a quarter of the Borderland Army makes it home alive with stories about an organized Wolfen Empire and skilled military force. Their tales are met with a mix of disbelief, terror, and uncertainty. Many refuse to believe the Wolfen are capable of such things, and mistakenly point to the brazen clans of disorganized and barbaric Coyles as proof. Despite this, reports of an organized and skilled Wolfen military presence in the Disputed Lands persist. The Coyles are emboldened to launch more raids against human settlements and adventurers in the northeast.
    • 30 years ago: The Dominion Army sweeps across the Old Kingdom River and destroys several Orcish strongholds, reducing the constant fighting along the river, sparking the most recent boom time of settlement.
    • 20 years ago: Elsewhere on Palladiium, Lord Itomas ascends to the Imperial Throne, marking the rebirth of the Western Empire.Westerners going east slows to a trickle a short time after.
    • 5 years ago: Scouts and locals in the Dominion of Man report signs of large numbers of Ogres congregating in the mountains north of Timiro. The Timiro Kingdom politely ignores the warning.
    • 3 years ago: The Wolfen Empire brings many of the barbarian Coyle tribes into the Empire, but discord strains the young kingdom and the Wolfen Empire begins to splinter along old tribal lines.
    • 2 years ago: The Wolfen expand their claim to include all the lands north of the Great River. The Disputed Lands, they insist, are theirs. Elsewhere Llorn opens the Grand Canal and Western Empire glassware, spices and gold flood the northeast communities, along with a new rush of Western settlers.
    • Over the Winter: Hostilities in the Disputed Lands and areas bordering them have reached the breaking point, and war seems imminent. Emissaries from the Dominion of Man and the Wolfen Empire are meeting at the Tower of Light to find some way to avert a full scale war, but the Dominion fears the Wolfen are only stalling. The Silver Coin Coyles and other clans continue to attack settlements and travelers in the Disputed Lands and the Dominion blames the Wolfen Empire. To make matters worse, pressure
      from the rejuvenated Western Empire has pushed the seemingly limitless tribes of Ores, Ogres and Goblins along their borders and hi the Old Kingdom east. Raids and conflicts
      all along the Old Kingdom River have steadily and dramatically risen. Dominion scouts report the Orcish strongholds cleared three decades ago have been reoccupied and are more heavily populated and aggressive than ever before.
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