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Notes on Bio-Systems
A quick note on Bio-Systems: A "Bio-System cybernetic organism" is the ultimate cybernetic prosthetic: a combination of machine, electronics and living tissue and blood. They are basically living machines. Cybernetic Bio-Systems are cybernetic implants built into or combined with living tissue and organs. These are the most advanced and natural of the implants and augmentation, often combined with genetic manipulation and cloning to create a true synthesis of man and machine; basically, living machine parts for the human body. Although they rarely have the spectacular abilities that bionics are famous for, these implants offer the recipient the luxury of a real, non-mechanical appearing simulation that will look and function close to 100% natural.

Bio-Systems always cost much more than mechanical simulations, because of the complexity in creating a cyber-part that combines both living matter and micro-machinery, and because of the cosmetic superiority of the item. People are vain and will pay exorbitant prices to look perfect or natural. Most Bio-Systems are designed with the intention of keeping the individual as human and natural looking as possible, and were created for medical purposes. However, the abuse of cybernetics is commonplace among the technologically advanced civilizations
of Rifts.

Mechanical cybernetic appendages are much less expensive than advanced Bio-Systems and function basically the same as the Bio-Systems with neural attachments and have excellent motor response. The major difference is that the skin covering is not living flesh, but an obviously synthetic and unfeeling covering. The fake skin is usually a soft, skin-colored plastic, but it can be hard plastic or even left uncovered to show the metal, plastic and ceramics of the cybernetic mechanism.

Some Bio-Systems are completely organic replacement organs genetically "tweaked" as needed to fit the patient without worry that his body will reject it. As one might expect, the cost of these supremely advanced Bio-Systems is two to five times more expensive than a simple, mechanical cybernetic replacement. The cost of Bio-Systems are included with each cybernetic description. Bio-Systems can NOT be bionic.

The Stats reflect the cybernetic "standard" common to most manufacturers, Cyber-Docs, installers and Body-Chop-Shops, both legal and illegal. The maximum amount any attribute, S.D.C. or M.D.C. can be tweaked and increased is 20%, with an appropriate increase in price. Both mechanical and Bio-Systems can be "tweaked" and improved. Moreover, most Bio-Systems prosthetics can be improved another 20-30% through intense physical skills just like any living body part through lifting weights and other exercise. However, Bio-System appendages are not as strong or resilient as the genuine article, so their maximum capability is less than a normal arm or leg.

Other notes on stats: Weight will vary depending on the size and race of the recipient. Cost is also the industry standard and may vary, up or down, from place to place. Where cybernetics are outlawed or availability is high but supply is low, the price could be double or triple. Cybernetics and bionics rarely sell for less than 20-30% below list price, and such discounts are usually limited to select items to entice customers to come in and buy.

Cybernetic Appendages, Prosthetics & Bones
  • Cybernetic Finger/Toe
  • Cybernetic Foot
  • Cybernetic Hand
  • Cybernetic Hand & Forearm
  • Cybernetic Hand & Entire Arm
  • Cybernetic Leg & Foot
  • Rebuild Hip & Leg Joint
  • Rebuild Shoulder & Shoulder Blade
  • Reinforced Bones
  • Spine
Bio-System Eyes
  • Infrared/Ultra-Violet Eye
  • "Lifelike" Simulated Eye
  • Mood or Color-Changing Eye
  • Nightvision Eye
  • Polarized Eye
  • Underwater Eye
Bio-Systems for the Head
  • Inner Ear
  • Outer Ear
  • Nasal Passages
  • Outer Nose
  • Lips
  • Tongue
  • Larynx and Voice Box
Bio-System Internal Organs
  • Artificial Heart
  • Artificial Lungs
  • Artificial Kidney
  • Artificial Liver
  • Artificial Spleen
  • Artificial Intestine
  • Artificial Skin/Plastic Surgery
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