Catch-All Thread

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Catch-All Thread

Postby Augur » Thu Nov 12, 2009 12:55 am


Nibiru wrote:Something has been bugging me about the rules for speed in space. I have a power that lets me go up to 100mph in space, and I notice that some of the equipment lists a max speed for extra-vehicular use. My problem is that there really isn't such a thing as a max speed in space until you approach light speed. As long as you have thrust you should be able to continue accelerating and increasing speed. So I think the important statistic would be acceleration and deceleration rates.
It might be worth setting up a home rule determining rates of acceleration per second and using that to determine overall speed (based on how many seconds spent accelerating or decelerating).
You absolutely correct.
While I'm not one who is overly concerned about applying the laws of physics judiciously in my games, I do feel there's usually some form of common sense necessary.
I will simply regard so-called "top speed" as a measure of acceleration, not ultimate velocity.
Mind you, this only applies to STL travel, FTL travel is determined according to factors and another set of rules that make no scientific sense whatsoever so I'll leave them alone completely.
Brynn wrote:2 quick questions:
1. What are our general quarters stations? I assume that Brynn and Servo are conveniently in hangar bay 7?
2. Are there some type of force fields or something that keep the hangar bays pressurized when the doors are open, or do we need to suit up in space suits?
1. Consider yourselves "Flying Squad." :D Ergo, where you are is fine for the moment, you go where the action is.
2. The Arismal do not utilize force field technology. Yes, you should follow everyone's lead and button up your suit. Should you only be wearing a Light Suit--you should seek immediate shelter as the hangar will be exposed to vacuum!
FYI: Hangar Bays go through rapid mechanical depressurization but not explosively so. Stuff won't be flying about or anything like that.
FYI: I've been using this to designate what channels are in use on the ship. :D
Give it up for Servo!
Tarmo wrote:Do the standard ADF suits have built-in oxygen re-breathers, or is that a separate attachment? If the latter, would I know if there would usually be some aboard the Albatross-type ships?
Features: Fully environmental, emergency distress beacon, range: 100 miles (160 km); short-range audio/data transceiver, range: 12 miles (19.31 km).
"Environmental" is generally understood to mean INDEPENDENT OXYGEN SUPPLY good for a few hours, perhaps even a few days at best.
Re-breathers (as in "air scrubbers" like are used on Submarines), are NOT a feature of EBA. Scrubbers can operate indefinitely provided proper maintenance and the like.
Brynn wrote:There is no speed listed for the Albatross, so I assumed a speed of about 500mph, so we are going about 8.3 miles/min. If the pod is one minute away that works out to about 14,000 yards. CBDR stands for constant bearing decreasing range, with a relative bearing of 358.5, basically means we are headed straight for it. TGM feel free to change these numbers if you like. :) Also I left my damage as a ? since I could not find where the damage is listed for the shipboard weapon systems.
Nope! No "speeds" will be listed other than FTL or STL as what is truly important (to me as a GM anyway) is:
1) Acceleration/Thrust--The Albatross has an Anti-Gravity Drive for it's STL
2) Velocity--will be based on the class of STL drive in use (maximum Factor Speed translated into top acceleration rate)
You're right! I have not transcribed the details of the various drive types to here, I will do so now!
Maximum Speed Factors by Drive Type
Anti-Gravity Drives: 20
Interstellar Ramjet: 100
Metallic Hydrogen: 50
Microwave Sails: 50
Nuclear Fusion: 60
Photon/Ion/Fission (Nuclear Power): 30
Magic Drives: 20
From the table above (listed now on the A.D.F. Starships thread) you can see that A-G drives are kind of slow in comparison to others. As there's no drag-race or chase scene going on here, it's a fairly innocuous time to clarify things. Thanks for asking!
Weapons damage for all these weapons (save for the Bio-Energy Amplifiers) can be found in Aliens Unlimited Galaxy Guide.
Brynn wrote:In order to make things sound a little more military, I would like to propose a name designation for each turret aboard the Albatross. Referring to them by location can be a bit cumbersome. Here is what I propose:
:arrow: Port Forward Turret (Lasers): L1 (Lima one)
:arrow: Port Aft Turret (Lasers): L2 (Lima two)
:arrow: Starboard Forward Turret (Rail Guns): R1 (Romeo one)
:arrow: Starboard Aft Turret (Rail Guns): R2 (Romeo two)
This will make it easier to refer to the various weapon mounts over the radio. Let me know what you think!

Bodean wrote:Just to be clear, TGM, the requisitions thread is OOC right? But you suggested selling an idea to a quartermaster... so are all transactions to be IC as well, or just special circumstances like say convincing him the need for our group to have stealth tech?
P.S. We need someone with charm/impress and trust/intimidate to go down to supply and convince them this is a pure stealth mission where we're supposed to be completely undercover so we can get that stuff... Tarmo has one and Regina has the other, but no one else. Maybe they can tag team it with an officer for legitimacy?

Yup! It's totally OOC! It's digital paperwork.
If requesting something really hard to get (rarely available, not widely available) include a Military Etiquette skill roll and Charm/Impress ability rolls as desired.

Regarding running speed.

Here's the formula:
SPD x 20 = yards per minute
x 3 = feet per minute
divided by 4 (melees per minute) = feet per melee
divided by APM = max. possible feet run per action

Shortened Version
SPD x 15 = feet run per melee divided by APM = max. possible feet run per action

If you wish to include this on your sheets for future reference, it may assist you in knowing how far/fast you can move on these gridded maps.

The Rank issue:

"there seems no rhyme or reason to rank" (paraphrasing here) followed by "seniority is the only thing that matters in determining rank"

--Do you REALLY want me to implement realism here? The reality is fucking BANAL and bureaucratic. No thanks. A game is supposed to simulate reality, not duplicate it, and it's supposed to be fun.
--Tie rank to XP? Xp Already produces its own rewards, so no, and it doesn't jibe with reality either. (There's no shortage of experienced, low ranking officers in any military.)

Answers/Explanations from a military to veteran to his civilian players who might be ignorant of such trivia:

1. Rank is important for establishing the chain of command (duties & responsibilities) in normal military units. In special operations units, rank is of FAR less import as they operate largely OUTSIDE a normal chain of command structure. (Niall and Ryden aren't routinely ordering around Halko, for example)

2. The most important rank/role in a SOG (real or fictional) is its leader. I have intentionally excluded myself from this process. You have chosen who leads. Even in the game setting, the leadership role is only of marginally more importance than the others (at least so far).

3. IRL, promotions vary in import drastically according to status (enlisted/commissioned), and tier (the enlisted ranks, senior NCOs, junior officers, senior officers, admiralty), and many steps in a given sequence are little more than pay raises; MANY are purely symbolic in nature.

"A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon." --Napoleon Bonaparte

You have seen this reality reflected a couple times so far in the medals I've infrequently given out.

4. The above are the reasons why I'm NOT going to systematize Rank.
Palladium Books Internet Policy
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Re: Catch-All Thread

Postby Augur » Thu Nov 12, 2009 12:58 am


I stole this from Drifter & Reaver in the CS SOG's forum on EU. :twisted:

Phonetic Alphabet
(Used to make sure you understand what letter is being used, often used for identification and grids)
A: Alpha
B: Bravo
C: Charlie
D: Delta
E: Echo
F: Foxtrot
G: Golf
H: Hotel
I: India
J: Juliet
K: Kilo
L: Lima
M: Mike
N: November
O: Oscar
P: Papa
Q: Quebec
R: Romeo
S: Sierra
T: Tango
U: Uniform
V: Victor
W: Whiskey
X: X-ray
Y: Yankee
Z: Zulu

1: Wun
2: Two
3: Tree
4: Fo-wer
5: Fife
6: Six
7: Seven
8: Eight
9: Niner
0: Zero

Enlisted must salute officers. Officers salute the officer above him/her. The only time an enlisted outranks an officer is during special operations and when the officer is working for a company/troop. Those of higher rank, enlisted or officer, are given respect at all times until such time as unwarranted disrespect is shown them.

Positional Authority
This is the term used to describe when one's in-depth knowledge of a specific field and assignment to a position in that field outweighs matters of rank. No (non-pilot) officer on-board her Albatross is going to tell the pilot how to pilot her craft and she'd be well within her authority to kick them out of her cockpit and shoot them dead should they refuse to do as instructed.

AO: Area of Operation
LZ: Landing Zone
There's more to follow from myself and others. All you other soldier/sailor people, start imparting your wisdom. If you can edit this post, at least put up a small edits post at the bottom to say what you added :D

Saluting addendum:
Saluting is rarely done among Spec Ops type groups, with the exception of ceremonies or reporting to a superior officer upon summons etc. And saluting is never ever done out in the field. Reasoning for this is that this is a sure fire ID for enemy snipers & forces. NCOs are never saluted, only Officers.

Rank addendum:
NCO = Non-Commissioned Officer
E-1 through E-3 are just enlisted rating soldiers
E-4 (Corporals) are typically considered NCOs in our modern Army today
E-5 through E-10 are NCOs
O-1 (2nd Lieutenant) are commonly referred to as "butter bar lieutenants" and even though they are officers and technically outrank all Enlisted soldiers, most E-8 through E-9 and higher will ignore an O-1s orders if they don't make sense or are obviously wrong/a bad idea. Occasionally E-7s might do the same thing and E-10s (Sgt Majors) will completely ignore O-1s, to them they are nothing more then privates with a little shine on their lapels. This is how it works in practice mind you, it is NOT how it should go "by-the-book".

Additional acronyms & terms:
SITREP = Situation Report

Standard Radio Procedure:
Names, first or last, are never ever used over the signs, explained above, are used to reference a particular unit or individual at all times. A radio call starts by identifying who you are calling and then identifying who is making the call. Also there are 3 very important words involved in a radio call, "over", "out", and "break". When you are expecting a response to your call you, say after asking for an air strike, say "over". To signify the end of a radio conversation you say "out". If you have a lot of info to say over the radio, typically when making a report involving a lot of info, you say "break" pause for a moment and then continue. Now in the "break" situation there is no need to do the identifier after each "break". Typically any kind of report is going to be made to your immediate superior or to the next link in the chain of command above whoever is in the current group.

Brynn wrote:Here is some Navy jargon for all you land lubbers out there. :)

AFFF - Aqueous Film Forming Foam. A fire-fighting agent which is mixed with water and sprayed on flammable liquids fires. Pronounced "A triple-F". Aka 'Light Water' for the foam's ability to float on oil or gasoline. Replaced protein foam. Unlike blood-based protein foam, AFFF is self-healing, in that holes in the foam blanket will close by themselves, preventing reflash.

Air Boss – The watchstander responsible for the safe operation of the carrier’s flight deck. His minions direct the placement of aircraft on the deck, monitor the operation of catapults and arresting gear, and direct firefighting efforts if a crash occurs.

Airdale, airedale - Naval aviator, aka 'BROWNSHOE'. Can also refer to any member of the aviation community, officer or enlisted. From envy, often modified by non-aviation types with the adjective "fucking".

Alert Five - Aircraft on five-minute alert. This generally requires that the aircrew be seated in the aircraft at all times. There may also be aircraft/aircrews on alert fifteen, etc.

Birds Free - Permission has been granted to fire missiles.

Birds Tight – Permission to fire is refused.

Bitchbox – Intercom or amplified circuit used to communicate between spaces of the ship.

Boot – Rookie or newbie, as in ‘boot Ensign.’ Originated in the habit of referring to a new man as ‘bootcamp,’ rather than by name.

Bravo Zulu - Phonetic pronunciation of 'BZ' from the NATO signals codes. Signifies 'Good Job' or 'Well Done.'

Bug juice - A substance similar in appearance to Kool-Aid which is served as a beverage aboard USN ships. Its color has no bearing on its flavor. Largely composed of ascorbic acid. Used extensively as an all-purpose cleaner/stripper for bulkheads, decks, brass fire nozzles, and pipes.

Butter Bar – Ensign/Second Lieutenant (O-1 paygrade), so called for the gold bar collar device.

Captain's Mast - Non-judicial disciplinary procedure, usually meted out by unit commanders.

CBDR – Constant Bearing, Decreasing Range. When comparing another object’s (ship, aircraft, missile, etc.) movement relative to your own, if there is no BEARING DRIFT and distance is decreasing, it’s an indication that collision is about to occur.

Class Alpha Fire – A fire which leaves ashes.

Class Bravo Fire – A fire involving flaming liquids.

Class Charlie Fire – An electrical fire.

Class Delta Fire – A fire involving special materials and firefighting methods. Commonly thought to consist of a fire involving flammable metals, which is one example of a Class Delta fire; another type of Class Delta fire involves deep fat fryer equipment.

Cluster Fuck – An evolution remarkable for its significant lack of excellence. Mass confusion and chaos. Similar to a GOAT ROPE, Chinese Fire Drill, etc.

Condition 1 - General Quarters (battle stations). May be modified for certain conditions, such as Condition 1-AS, in which all antisubmarine watch stations and weapons are manned, but AAW stations may not be. Modified conditions are used to minimize crew fatigue, which can be a significant factor over a prolonged period at battle stations. Other types of modified conditions include 1-SQ (battle stations for missile launch).

CPA – Closest Point of Approach. The range and bearing to the closest point of another vessel’s passage, relative to your own.

Deck Ape - Surface fleet personnel, usually Boatswain's Mates, that care for topside gear and equipment. A type of KNUCKLE-DRAGGER.

DILLIGAF – Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck? A term indicating sublime indifference to someone else’s plight.

Field Day - To scrub or otherwise clean a ship's spaces. Usually ordered when the COB or the XO thinks morale is low.

Fire For Effect – A signal indicating that the correct spots have been applied and rounds are falling on target; the firing battery should begin rapid fire.

Float Test - Testing the buoyant qualities of unwanted material while at sea. Whether it passes the test or not, it is outta here.

Foul Bore – (1) In gunnery, an unsafe condition where the bore of the gun is not clear after firing. It may be obstructed by a stuck shell casing, an entire round, or other unwanted foreign material. (2) Someone who repeatedly tells uninteresting sea stories.

Foul Deck - A flight deck which is unsafe for landings. May be due to a crash, location of an aircraft, gear or personnel, or the condition of the deck surface.

Geedunk, Gedunk - (1) Dessert/junk food/candy, or a place to buy same. Aka 'pogey bait'. (2) "Extras" or benefits, awards, ribbons, or medals. (3) Easy or "sweet" duty.

Give Way – (1) An order to oarsmen to begin pulling. (2) In the Rules of the Nautical Road, a ship which must maneuver to avoid another ship is called the "give way vessel." Similarly, it may be used to refer to getting out of someone’s way.

GLOC - G-induced Loss Of Consciousness. Pronounced 'gee-lock'. Can be induced by magnitude or duration of the G load, the rate at which G's are applied, or a combination of these factors.

Golden Shellback - One who has crossed the Equator at the International Date Line.

GQ - General Quarters. The call for all hands to man battle stations. Often used prepare the crew to react to a potential emergency. For example, a ship will call away general quarters for a major fuel or oil leak in the engineering spaces (to prepare in case a fire results). RN form is Action Stations.

Hangar Queen – (Aviation) An aircraft that never seems to be in flyable condition, it often sits in a corner and provides spare parts for serviceable aircraft instead.

Head – Marine toilet.

Heave to – In a sailing ship, to come into the wind and essentially stop, with minimum sail area exposed. Used to wait out a squall or storm.

Hollywood shower - An excessively long shower.

Hook – (1) Anchor. (2) (Aviation) Short for tailhook.

Horse-cock - Sandwich meat, usually served at MIDRATS or during relaxed states of GQ, made with mystery meat masquerading as bologna or other lunch meat. The legendary 'tube steak.' Aka 'cylindrical sirloin', 'fillet of mule tool.'

Hot Rack (or Rack) – Sharing of beds due to a lack of living space aboard ship.

Hull Down – The term for a ship when viewed at such a distance that only her upper works (structure above the weather deck level) can be seen.

Hull Up – The term for a ship which is sufficiently close that her weather decks may been seen.

Knot – A measure of speed, equating to one nautical mile per hour. "Knots per hour" is incorrect usage.

Knuckle-dragger - Any sailor whose job requires more brawn than brains. See DECK APE, ORDIE.

Ladder – Stairs aboard ship. Found in a "ladderwell" (stairwell).

Lagging – Fiberglass insulation material commonly attached to bulkheads, ducts, and piping.

Lagging Paste – Oatmeal.

Lifer (or Lifer Dog) – A career member of the service, or one who has been in a long time.

Line – (1) What mere mortals call ‘rope’, the sailor calls ‘line.’ Small line is called by the number of threads it’s made up of (e.g. 9-thread line); larger line is sized by its circumference (rather than diameter).

Line-Crossing Ceremony - The ceremony which turns POLLYWOGs into SHELLBACKs. Enjoyed much more by the Shellbacks than by the 'Wogs. Held when a vessel crosses the Equator. During the ceremony, POLLYWOGS are made to go through a number of ordeals, each more disgusting than the last. These trials are conducted in full view of KING NEPTUNE and his court. Once the ceremony is completed, the POLLYWOG is now a SHELLBACK. Similar ceremonies are conducted for Orders of the BLUENOSE and REDNOSE.

Mail Buoy Watch - A practical joke pulled on inexperienced crewmembers and midshipmen which revolves around convincing the victim that mail is delivered to a ship at sea via a buoy.

Material Condition Xray - A material condition where fittings or closures (hatches, watertight doors, valves, flappers, etc.) marked with an 'X' ('X-ray, in the phonetic alphabet) must be closed. Generally seen only inport. Surface ships only.

Material Condition Yoke - Closures marked 'X' and 'Y' must be kept closed. This is the normal daylight underway material condition, and represents a minimal condition of watertight integrity.

Material Condition Zebra - All fittings and closures marked 'X', 'Y', and 'Z' must be closed. Maximum watertight integrity. "Set Condition Zebra" is the command to close all water-tight doors, hatches, and fittings throughout the ship. Usually follows the call to GQ.

Material Condition Circle William - A material condition involving ventilation fittings and machinery marked with a 'W' inside a circle. Used to control the spread of smoke in a fire belowdecks, or in preparation for an NBC attack.

Midrats - Food served at midnight for ongoing watchstanders, although the oncoming watch section commonly does not get up early enough to partake. Offgoing section gets the remnants, if any. Usually a combination of leftovers, plus something new to round out the service. A contraction of "midnight rations."

Monkey on a stick - Derisive term for dish similar to satay chicken, served on skewers, by street vendors in any port of call. In third-world countries, only consumed by drunk sailors and Marines, due to questionable sanitation practices.

Navigator - Officer responsible, under the captain, for safe navigation of the ship. Aka 'Gator', 'Nagivator', 'Old Clueless'.

Nonskid - An epoxy compound applied to deck surfaces to improve traction for feet and wheels. At the end of a cruise, when a flight deck's nonskid is mostly gone, not to mention oily and/or greasy, taxiing or landing can be even more of an adventure than usual. Usually applied to all weather decks of any ship.

Oh Dark Thirty - Very late at night, or very early in the morning. Aka Zero Dark Thirty.

Order of the Blue Nose - One who has crossed the Arctic Circle in a ship.

Order of the Red Nose – A fraternal order made up of those who have crossed the Antarctic Circle in a ship.

Peak and Tweak – An activity intended to bring electronics, avionics, or other systems to optimum operating condition.

Pig of the Port - The least attractive member of the opposite sex brought aboard during a port visit. Awards and honors are often granted, though seldom sought after.

Plank Owner – A member of the original commissioning crew of a ship. Traditionally, when a plankowner leaves, he is presented with a piece of the wooden decking. Since the advent of all-metal warships, however, a common plankowner memento is a plaque bearing a brass or bronze escutcheon constructed from the machining scraps of the propellers.

Pollywog, Polliwog - One who has never crossed the Equator aboard ship and become a SHELLBACK. Aka 'wog'. Frequently modified by the adjective "slimy".

Port and Starboard – (1) Watch schedule where one stands 6 (or four or eight) hours on, the same amount of time off watch, then back on watch. Aka "Port and Stupid." (2) Before ships had rudders, they were steered by an oar which was positioned on the quarter. This side was known as the "steer board side" which, over time, was corrupted to "starboard side." For a long time, the other side of a ship was known as the "larboard" side, even into the 1700s. This led to confusion and difficulty in giving orders during storms, etc., where it might be easily confused between starboard and larboard. Since the larboard side was also the side of the vessel which was placed against a pier or dock, it became known as the "port" side, i.e. when you went into port, that side of the ship was against the pier.

Puke – People, or person. "What are those pukes up to?" "He’s a drifty puke, isn’t he?", etc.

Roach Coach – Mobile food vendor’s vehicle or gedunk stand.

Salty – One whose level of experience is extreme. One who is "in the know" regarding matters maritime.

Scope Dope – A radar scope, or one who watches same.

Scullery Slut - Junior hands assigned to work in the mess decks (enlisted eating area) to clean dishes, serve the Chiefs, make coffee, etc.

Scuttle - (1) A water-tight opening set in a hatch or bulkhead. (2) To intentionally sink a ship or object. (3) To punch a hole in something.

Scuttlebutt - (1) Drinking fountain; Originally, a BUTT which had been SCUTTLED, used to hold drinking water for crew access in sailing ships. (2) Gossip or rumors. Originated from the habit of crewmembers of talking while at the scuttlebutt.

Sea Daddy - Someone who takes a less-experienced crewmember under his or her wing and expert tutelage. Often, and traditionally, when a CPO takes care of and educates a boot ensign.

Sea Story – A tale of nautical or airborne derring-do. Differs from a fairy tale only in that while a fairy tale begins "Once upon a time," a sea story begins either "There I was," (aviation version) or "This is no shit," (seaborne version).

Shellback - One who has crossed the Equator. Frequently modified with the adjective "trusty".

Shift Colors - When a ship moors, the national colors are broken on the stern, the Jack is broken on the bow, and the national colors ("steaming colors") are hauled down at the masthead, all at the instant the first line goes over. When the ship gets underway, as soon as the last line is cast off the dock, the Jack and colors are struck at bow and stern while the steaming colors are broken at the masthead.

Shitbird – A screwed-up person.

Shot – (1) (Artillery) A radio call that a round has been fired. See also SPLASH. (2) A unit of measure for anchor chain. In this usage, a shot is 15 fathoms (90 feet). (3) (archaic) A unit of measure equaling a league (3 nautical miles). This appears to be the origin of the convention that a country’s territorial waters extend 3 miles out from its shores—a country was able to claim what it could control with its guns. That is probably also the origin of the term itself—"gunshot" or "cannon shot" became simply "shot."

Skate - One who avoids work. See BANDIT. Also, to get out of something, e.g. work.

Sliders - (1) Hamburgers. So greasy, they "slide".

Sliders with lids - Cheeseburgers.

Snipe - Crew members in the engineering rates; someone who works in the engineering spaces and seldom is seen topside when underway. MM's (Machinist's Mates) and BT's (Boiler Technicians) are ultimate snipes. In today's modern gas turbine fleet, also includes GSM (Gas Turbine Specialist, Mechanic), GSE (Gas Turbine Specialist, Electrician), and EN (Engineman). It is believed that true snipes cannot stand direct sunlight or fresh air, must have machine oil in their coffee in order to survive, and get nosebleeds at altitudes above the waterline. It is also firmly believed that fresh-air sailors who venture into SNIPE COUNTRY are never seen again.

Snipe Country - The engineering spaces, bilges, and voids where the snipes dwell. Considered to be extremely dangerous territory for non-snipes. "The snipes will get you" is commonly used to deter sailors from going too far below decks.

Splash – (1) Signifies the kill of an aircraft, e.g. "Cowboy one-six, splash one." (2) (Gunnery) A radio call warning that a salvo or shell will land in ten seconds (see also SHOT). The call may be to warn you to get your head down (if you’re in the target area) or to get your head up (to observe the fall of shot if you are a member of the fire direction team).

Swinging Dick - Men (or personnel), as in "I want every swingin' dick in Deck Division working on the problem!"

Turd Herder – Personnel assigned to the ship’s sewage handling plant.

Under Way – Sometimes seen as "under weigh." The term refers to a ship which is not physically connected to solid ground, i.e. neither moored, anchored, nor aground. Often confused with "MAKING WAY" (q.v.), though legally very different.

Wakeup – The cry of the short-timer, often intensely annoying to those around him. If a sailor will be leaving the service in ten days, he is said to have "nine days and a wakeup."

Water Wings - Warfare qualification pin for a Surface Warfare Officer (SWO), or Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS). Represented as the bow of a ship superimposed on crossed swords (SWO) or cutlasses (ESWS).

WestPac Widow – The spouse of a deployed sailor, if he or she strays from the marital bed in their absence.

WTF - "What/who/where the fuck?" Sometimes spoken as "What the fuck, over?" (WTFO), or spoken phonetically, "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot."

ZULU Time - Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Used in radio traffic when the origin of a dispatch is expressed in GMT, i.e. "1700 ZULU".

Servo wrote:Great reference, you two! Thanks for posting 'em!

I had to look up some jargon for a PC I created once before learning of EU. Here are the sites I found; most of it's probably all duplicated from above but thought I'd share anyway.

Palladium Books Internet Policy
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Re: Catch-All Thread

Postby Augur » Thu Nov 12, 2009 12:58 am

What you can expect from my GMing style & what I expect from you.

1.) I do this shit for FUN. Contrary to the beliefs of an immature few, I am not not on a power-trip. If power over the lives of others was something I desired, I'd still be in the Navy.
2.) I expect good writing from each and every one of you. I expect you to proofread your posts before you hit submit. I don't expect anyone to be Shakespeare, but I don't want you butchering my fucking language. Spell-check is your friend, but that friend is not 100% reliable. Doing a spell-check is not the same as proofreading your post.
3.) One-liner posts piss me off. If your character doesn't have something to say or do in a given situation...well, shit, that happens sometimes, right? That's when you get into your character's HEAD and express his thoughts instead of his words or actions. The best posts include all three of these things: Action, Dialogue, Introspection. If you have these in every post, we will all get to know your character well.
4.) It can be unhealthy for your characters if you do NOT post JIC and Perception rolls in every postn. Don't say I didn't warn you!
5.) I tend to reward good roleplaying more than hacking-and-slashing. That being said, you can rest assured that you will have to fight for your lives throughout this campaign.
6.) I tend to be miserly with the LOOT and more generous with XP. Sometimes, the opposite of this is true. In this campaign, you'll find LOOT to be damn near non-existent.
7.) If you're not having fun I expect you to tell me! Politely, of course, and be helpful by telling me why.
8.) I am always cool with being corrected on a rule or detail I missed so long as you're polite.
9.) Do not assume an emotion or "tone" behind a written sentence unless you see an emoticon beside that sentence. (This is one of the most important on-line lessons which one can learn.)
10.) This is an epic-scale game determining the survival of an entire civilization. Post accordingly! Your characters MUST interact with each other in order for this game to succeed at any level whatsoever.

What else?
:arrow: The description of the Arismal race in Aliens Unlimited is important to read, even if it is only a very basic framework.
:arrow: The content I have posted is required reading. It is considered canonical source material for purposes of this game.
:arrow: I am not a solely reactive GM. I will push you in certain directions by way of stimuli external to your characters. That being said, I will never dictate your character's actions provided you give me enough information to go by.
:arrow: I am experimenting here as I usually am in one way or another when I GM. I am making this a more visceral, gritty, and potentially punishing game than that to which some of you may be accustomed.
:arrow: I am making this a more mature game than any of you likely imagined possible in a quasi-heroic game system. You can expect for there to be raw-edged emotions, adult situations, and potentially violent personal reprisals. Note: *Fade to Black* is the adult content policy, clear?
:arrow: The relationships between your characters and how you interact will be as large a part of this game as the missions the Admiralty assigns.
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Re: Catch-All Thread

Postby Augur » Wed May 02, 2018 3:37 pm

Arismal Bestiary

Balgor - A breed of cow, bred primarily for meat.

Boarwulf - A massive tusked hound - considered a delicacy in the Twilight Valley.

Darris - a breed of cow, bred for dairy and meat.

Duskhound - A nocturnal semi-feral canid. Used as pets in the Twilight Valley. Considered dumb but tough and loyal.

Frill-Cat - A small quasi-reptile wild-cat. It's skin is scaled, but with patches of striped or spotted fur (depending on subspeciation). Along it's back is a frill which typically lays flat, but which rises to a sail-like configuration when the cat is fearful or angry.

Jujak - "a bird, a 3-toed raptor" "...used radar to hunt despite lightning and plasma storms"

Krothak Beast - A sylvan mammal with fur, horns, and wing-like fins along its' back, from snout to hips. It possesses a long whiplike tail ending in a tough horn, used for defense.

Phwoar-bird - flightless jungle fowl bred for meat and eggs.

Prorx - a wasp-like insect, known for swarming invaders of its territory.

Zwoot Horse - A gracile equine mammal - popular for racing. Females of the breed possess a bright mane of fur along their back.

Cobalt bull/cobalt wildebeast - AKA "Cobies"; one of the most-commonly semi-domesticated food sources in the Twilight Valley

Hedril - a large, snakelike venomous parasite. Hedril venom has permanent side effects, and is teratogenic, affecting the future children of any female Arismal bitten.

Spiderslug - native to Twilight Valley, slow-moving

Aryssian "Star Steeds" - pitch black horse with tiny white specks

Thergal - a small fox-like mammal known for its cleverness.

Ureen - a river mammal said to never forget.

Valley cat - AKA "curly-hairs"
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Re: Catch-All Thread

Postby Niall » Thu Jun 28, 2018 9:53 am

Arismal Cultural Encyclopedia

Arismal - a planet with 13 continents, destroyed by Atorian military action.

    Rajat - the Red Desert - "home" of the nomadic Lomaj people, though they could at one time be found on every continent

    Tangarata - a continental archipelago - home of the Hoshi people

Natural features

    Duskland Plains - a wide prairie considered ideal for large crops

    Grey Peaks - a wooded mountain range

    Illyrian Plains - A fertile farming plain

    Kendran steppes - Steppes known for their abundant fruit-bearing trees

    Twilight Valley - a wide, fertile valley which was home to giant farming combines. The people of the Twilight Valley, who were demographically mostly mundanes, organized themselves into clans, and marriage was typically within-clan instead of across-clans.

    Vedrun Bay - a body of water north of the city of Serion

Cities and structures

    Bridge City - home of the Halko family and their shipping concern

    City One - A city that was the primary home of Arismal filmmaking

    Serion - A city; the home of the Zeddeus family and their enterprises

    Shadowglass Tower - the Tallest skyscraper on Arismal

Arismal cultures

Lomaj - nomadic people native to the Red Desert. One of the last of the Arismal ethnic minorities to assimilate into the global culture, the Lomaj remain more connected with their cultural heritage than most Arismal. Historically they were a nomadic people whose low social station kept them at the margins of Arismal society. Even now, so many years after cultural unification, the Lomaj retain the tendency to occupy the fringe niches of Arismal society and operate in its grey areas. Perikavi or some variation is the second most common name amongst the Lomaj, the first being Lomaj iteself.
Hoshi - native to the archipelago of Tangarat in the southern hemisphere of Arismal.
Korrai - a group of Arismal whose lifestyle is highly ritualized
Twilight Valley - agrarian Arismal, primarily mundanes, who organized themselves according to clan structures


Texts of Cojo - ancient religious texts, most of which were preserved digitally

The Cult of The Great Spirit in the Sky - a monotheistic nature-worshipping cult found in the Twilight Valley

Food, Drink, and other consumables

Albannaich whiskey - a smokey whiskey

Caff - a bitter beverage with stimulant qualities

Cold Gold - a brand of ice cream popular in the Twilight Valley. Flavors included Nukeberry, Moonshine Mocha, and Double Cobalt Crunch.

Dravarri - an edible tuber

Duskweed - a tobacco with strong sedative, and slight hallucinogenic properties.

Fall Feast - a traditional Arismal meal to celebrate harvest time.

Fision Martini - a mixed drink of Vermouth and Curacao

Fluorescent moonshine - native to the Twilight Valley, a potent home-brewed whisky with a distinctive green glow.

Hoshi Whiskey - a potent alcohol with a murky brown tint

Kendran steppes Rosewine - a wine served chilled.

Pear Cider - a fermented fruit drink from the Illyrian Plains

Sparran - a vegetable producing edible florets

Tamaberry - a sweet berry often used to flavor candies

Wormwood Gin - a tart yet bitter alcoholic beverage

Zap'em cola - a sweet carbonated beverage, said to have an aftertaste not unlike licking a battery

SurviDyne - a vehicle manufacturer, known for its hover-vehicles, run by the Surviteaux family
VirtuaTek - makers of VR gear

Off-world locations
Orbital Training Facility C-49 - an off-world ADF facility for training in zero-g combat, shipboard operations and protocols, and other space operations. Incinerated in the destruction of Arismal.

Habitat Ring - AKA the "doughnut hotel", a space station 14 million miles from Arismal. Incinerated in the destruction of Arismal.

Catalog of known surviving Arismal artwork
The Collection of Gyn Bowen - Property of ADF Fleet
    1 Old police uniform

The Collection of Miwa Covell
    a mint copy of Barrak Wynd's action figure from Deus Luxx Machina - still in the original shrink-wrap

The Collection of Regina DuCote - Property of ADF Fleet
    Silver necklace with heart-shaped locket

The Collection of Jerrik Halko
    1 : Flash Drive (puzzle games, pics of Arismal sites, several books)
    1 : Book (Arismal Classic Literature)

The Collection of Ryden Hunter
    Small Book "Advanced Geo-Metrics of Binary and Zeto-Encryption"
    Hand-held Video Game System
    Picture of Mother & himself as an infant

The Collection of Nibiru ka Akeno
    3x adventure novels
    13x old issues of science magazines

The Collection of Corrigon Malath
    Locket with two photos of members of the Malath family

The Collection of Bodean Marrowrath
    small Arismal Wood Carving (a dusk-hound figurine carved by Bodean Marrowrath Junior)
    5x albums of Arismal Twilight Valley music

The Collection of Tina Martinez
    wedding ring
    Several discs of various music/video entertainment

The Collection of James McAnally
    Several video and game programs for entertainment system

The Library of Edgar Norton - Property of ADF Fleet
    Hand-held computer with several tb of books loaded on it
(note that this is several thousand books)

The Collection of Myka Pearson
    Datapad (with a few electronic books and letters)
    Postcard of Shadowglass Tower

The Collection of Brynn Rondorwin
    ornate wooden puzzle box

The Collection of Cairo Xanreys
    1x Tablet Computer (4x4, flex screen, project-able image) w/ a variety of games, Photos (mostly Family, some from Mecha-Fighting & a few girls from School), 3 dozen Sci-Fi and Spy Novels, and Music (120 hours of various, nothing from the Twilight Valley)

The Collection of Niall Zeddeus
    Small wooden box with red silk interior, containing one signet ring bearing the Zeddeus cadet insignia
    6X "hot rod" magazines detailing Arismal sports hovercars
    Notebook computer, loaded with games and music

Notable phrases
Blood and Ashes
By [a gods name/the gods] - a plea for divine intercession/a general curse
Come judgment or death - Roughly analagous to "Come hell or high water"
If you save a person’s life, they are your responsibility forever - A Hoshi saying
Lay on Madreath - a quote from the Tragedy of Madreath

    Death Pits of the Valerium Sector
    Holo-Jammer 2
    Orbital Troopers: Close Quarters Combat
    Planet of the Terror-saur
    The Telurian Saga
    the Ultimate Adventure series
    Warminds of the Frontier Realms

Notable Individuals
Barrak Wynd - model, actor (filmed 7 movies, two straight to vid), ADF Marine, mutineer during the attempted coup
Mierna Wynd - model and actress (filmed a dozen movies including the Lady Lectro Luxx series) - DECEASED
Steffie Marglo - Technology heiress - DECEASED
Ruther Halko - Shipping magnate, founder of Prime Transportation - DECEASED
Jerrick Halko - Son of Ruther Halko, heir to estate, ADF Infantry
Karla Halko - daughter of Ruther Halko - DECEASED
Kimber Halko - daughter of Ruther Halko - DECEASED
Tessika Halko - daughter of Ruther Halko , ADF gunnery specialist assigned to The Invincible
Lani Andral - a news anchor in Serion - DECEASED
Cidrec Surviteaux - founder of SurviDyne - DECEASED
Brandy - an entertainer aboard the Habitat Ring in Arismal orbit. Her talents are limited, but she is one of the very few surviving Arismal entertainers
Aurora Lassiter - Singer/actress
Zora Neyru - Fashion model - DECEASED

Books, Plays, and other written materials

The Tragedy of Madreath - "an obscure Arismal play involving some very dour people who like to wear skirts"

Bands and Song lyrics
Swingin' Xavier and his Duskhound Boys band
Drago Han
The Irreedemables
Valina Guatra
the Mighty Liquored Up album (Twilight Valley music)

    "Oh Hail, Oh Hail the Infantry
    Queen of Battle follow me
    The Infantry life's the life for me
    for nothing in this world is free

    All of my buddies they ask me why?
    Oh why oh why do you wanna die
    The answer is this and this is true
    for I love the sky and the Infantry Blue

    Oh Hail, Oh Hail the Infantry
    Queen of Battle follow me
    The Infantry life's the life for me
    for nothing in this world is free

    The Arismal grunt he takes a knee
    he says my darlin' marry me
    We're off to war and I must go
    and when I'll return I do not know

    Oh Hail, Oh Hail the Infantry
    Queen of Battle follow me
    The Infantry life's the life for me
    for nothing in this world is free"

    "I hear the ships a comin'
    They're flying overhead
    They've come to get the wounded
    They've come to get the dead

    Arismal (shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot to kill!)
    Marine (shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot to kill!)

    My buddy's in a floating tin can
    Shot through his head
    The Marines say he's living
    But I know that he's dead

    Arismal (shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot to kill!)
    Marine (shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot to kill!)

    I ran to tell the C.O.
    About my buddy's head
    But when I got there
    The C.O. was dead

    Arismal (shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot to kill!)
    Marine (shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot to kill!)

    And now the battle's over
    The debris is all around
    We wanted to go home
    But we're floating planet-bound"

    **They say Arismal is breathing,
    with each wave that finds the Sho-re,
    Her soul ri--ses in the e--vening,
    for to open twilight's door.
    Her eyes are the stars in heav--en,
    watching over us all the while,
    and her heart it is in Eyreland,
    deep within it's Emerald Isles ...**
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