Episode 1b: Jenny's Trip to the Stars

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Episode 1b: Jenny's Trip to the Stars

Postby Jenny Jeffries » Mon Feb 04, 2019 9:38 pm

Part I: Jenny and Titan Robotics
Gemology 61%: 1d100 = 7
Wardrobe & Grooming 82%: 1d100 = 38
Charm/Impress 35%: 1d100 = 100
Invoke Trust/Intimidate 50%: 1d100 = 71

The last mission Explorer's Inc did for Titan was a clusterfrag of epic proportions. By the time Jenny recovered her memories, the rest of the crew had quit working for Titan entirely. But Jenny's a special case- the Techno-Wizard has provided valuable information to Titan in the past, so the recovery team scooped her up and brought her to the Upper Peninsula Titan facility in the Imperium.

After some recovery time, and another debriefing, Jenny is cut loose on special assignment to the Titan facility. There, she and her buddy Cabal set up to construct her masterpiece. After the space is ready, Jenny will likely visit nearby Ishpeming to collect the supplies she needs armed with a letter of introduction from her new superior Argent, and also convert her 'dirty Coalition currency' into the fungible assets Jenny prefers: precious stones.

Jenny's Shopping List

OOC Comments
For the Masterpiece:
Diamond, 5 carats: 82,500
Single used M.O.M. Implant: ???
Random Materiel for Device Construction: 31,475*
Assistants: ???

Total: 113,975*+???

*Minus a partial deduction for whatever gold, silver, and electrum wire was used

Other Shopping:
100 Standard Naruni Plasma Cartridges: 4000
10 Used E-Clips 30,000
Red-Orange Agate, 100 carats: 6,600
Fire Agate, 100 carats: 8,800
Amber, 40 carats: 26,400
Diamond, 14.5 carats: 239,250
Emerald, 2.5 carats: 44,000
Lapis Lazuli, 5 carats: 27,500
Onyx, 15 carats: 55,000
Aquamarine, 5 carats: 11,000
White Pearls, 5 carats: 27,500
Black Pearls, 5 carats: 33,000
Rose Quartz, 10 carats: 1,650
Ruby Quartz, 10 carats: 3,300
Clear Zircon, 10 carats: 38,500
Alexandrite, 2 carats: 6,600
Amethyst, 20 carats: 8,800
Andnodite, 2 carats: 1,100
Citrine, 5 carats: 22,000
Blue Zircon, 1 carat: 1,650

Total 596,650

Grand Total: 710,625*+???

*Minus a partial deduction for whatever gold, silver, and electrum wire was used
If the total with the variables exceeds her budget, cut lines from the bottom up. All gems already include a 10% markup.

Jenny will keep her Black Card intact, and leave 10,000 UC on one of her two cards, leaving a budget of 730,910 UC for her purchases. Anything left over will be spent on MREs and clothing in equal measure.

Part II: Jenny and her Masterpiece
Round I Rolls
Mechanical Engineer 71%: 1d100 = 59
Electrical Engineering 71%: 1d100 = 57
Aircraft Mechanics 61%: 1d100 = 4
Weapons Engineer 41%: 1d100 = 34
Bioware Mechanics 30%: 1d100 = 40
Lore: Magic 36%: 1d100 = 99
Techno-Wizardry Construction 94%: 1d100 = 89
Gemology 61%: 1d100 = 41

Round II Rolls
Lore: Magic 36%: 1d100 = 77
Techno-Wizardry Construction 94%: 1d100 = 29
Save vs. Non-Lethal Poison: 1d20 = 14

After her return from Ishpeming, Jenny will sequester herself along with Cabal (if the robot is interested in magic like normal), any anyone she could hire to assist her on her remaining budget in the shop assigned to her. She'll shoo out anyone, even anyone from Titan who tries to interfere. The only exception being her new direct superior, Argent Goodson, whom Jenny has a fondness for**.

For weeks, the Techno-Wizard subsists on only a few hours of meditation and microwave meals while putting her Masterpiece together, rebuilding the component parts as she goes.

**Jenny has a thing for AIs, whether or not she realizes Argent is one.
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Re: Episode 1b: Jenny's Trip to the Stars

Postby Sol » Sun Mar 03, 2019 11:46 pm

Time stretches on as Jenny remains at the Titan Facility waiting for a "Pending Assignment" or so she's been told, when she even bothers to ask. Which is all well and good for her, as she is all consumed with the work on her Masterpiece. Days stretch to weeks and weeks on to months. Occasionally she disappears to hunt down some elusive part.

Eventually the work on her Master Piece is complete and she is left to stew for a short while. One day Argent Goodson appears and instructs her to report to hanger Fifty-Two. On arrival to Hanger Fifty-Two, Jenny sees a giant metal monster. The 60 foot tall EX-5 Behemoth Explorer takes up almost the entire hangar.

Argent Goodson grins as he turns to Jenny, "The Behemoth has been significantly modified. The piloting compartment is been left alone.... for the most part as well as the lower deck, though the infirmary has been converted into a kitchen. That said, the mid deck and all of the common space for the top deck has been taken over by machinery. Feel free to load as much of your equipment as can fit on the lower deck storage boy and then march the Behemoth out to the one hundred mile mark, minimum. Once in position, spin up the new systems and report in."

The trip out to the middle of nowhere is uneventful and when Jenny reports in, the voice on the other end of the transmission gives her a code to enter into the pilot's station. When she does so a secondary console extends from the dashboard. The interface on the secondary console is a relatively simple graphical display which states, 'System Ready, enter destination coordinates'. Jenny enters what she is told to put in. 'Coordinates Excepted' scrolls across the screen and a new button appears on the touch screen display which reads, 'Discharge'

The voice on the radio simply says, "Press the Discharge button when ready." Jenny asks the voice what the new system does and after a moment it replies, "Its an experimental propulsion system. Please press the Discharge button." Jenny looks out the pilot's windscreen and there is nothing around save trees, rocks and dirt, the sun shining on what could only be described as virgin forest. With a shrug she presses the button.

For a moment the world feels as if it is collapsing in on Jenny and in a flash of blue-white light it explodes back out from her. As She sits strapped into the pilot's seat, Jenny lifts slightly from the chair, though still held in place by the straps. With a shake of her head, Jenny's body is no longer telling her which way is up and the glare from the flash of light begins to fade.

(What do you do?)
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Re: Episode 1b: Jenny's Trip to the Stars

Postby Jenny Jeffries » Tue Mar 05, 2019 11:53 am

Perception 38% (+15% For Magic/Machines): 1d100 = 38
JIC d20: 1d20 = 9
JIC d100: 1d100 = 91

Telemechanics: -10 ISP (26/36)
Diagnosis 80%: 1d100 = 94

Pilot Robots & PA 79%: 1d100 = 14
Radio: Basic 81%: 1d100 = 5
Sensory Equipment 66%: 1d100 = 71

Jenny loads up all her normal bags of gear, but leaves behind the Flying Titan and the damaged Hoverbike in Titan's warehouses. Her masterpiece is coming along for the trip, though. The Techno-Wizard didn't even think twice about that.

Well before she gets to the 100 mile mark, Jenny ends up checking out the Behemoth and it's modifications with Telemechanics. Titan should know better than to give her a machine they didn't want her to check out. That's how Titan knows how to build what they built here.

That knowledge just makes Jenny double time the plodding sluggish monstrosity to the hundred mile mark. Yay! Test flight time! Argent sure knows how to get a girl excited.

The experiment completed, Jenny reaches over to the sensors and scopes them out. The Techno-Wizard also activates the radio. "Reckon y'all wud call that thar ah successful test. Y'all copy?" Assuming she doesn't get a response, the TW will unstrap herself and float on toward storage. In case the atmosphere is leaking out of this plodding tortoise, you know. Jenny floats around uselessly quite a bit before she gets herself into the Samson part of her Masterpiece and it's stored oxygen and filtration system.

Then things get a little easier. Jenny uses her thrusters on the lowest setting to propel herself around. First thing she checks is to see if the fold drive vanished- it occurs a recognizable percentage of the time for the Masters, so she's now a bit worried about getting home.
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Re: Episode 1b: Jenny's Trip to the Stars

Postby Sol » Fri Mar 08, 2019 11:02 pm

Time and Date Unknown
Approximately 20 minutes have passed since the fold test

As Jenny's clear, all systems seem to be functioning normally. When she checks out the sensors, they don't report back much. The Thermo, IR and UV don't show much more than the stars visible out the cockpit window with the naked eye. The radar on the other hand is tracking a large unidentifiable object approaching at a relatively low speed. An estimate would have it on a near intercept course arriving in a little over 70 minutes. The radio only reports back static, but the environmental systems all shine in the green.

As soon as Jenny unstraps herself things become very difficult. Every movement she makes twists and spins her about. She flounders for quiet some time before she manages to drag herself out of the cockpit. As soon as the cockpit doors open she has no trouble seeing that the added machinery that must have been the fold system, has vanished. Leaving only a few sparking power cable dangling here and there. Somehow she manages to get to the elevator so she can make her way to her Masterpiece. Punching the button for the bottom deck, the elevator starts up without any issue of its own. However, Jenny drifts up to the ceiling only to be pushed back to the floor as the elevator stops at the bottom deck.

The elevator doors open and she sees her Masterpiece strapped in place in the storage bay but every other loose bit of gear and equipment, that had not been stored before the test, is floating and spinning through the storage bay area.

Somehow Jenny manages to bounce her way over to her Masterpiece and after quite a bit of trial and error dons the Sampson portion of the modified armor. As it powers up, the optics come on just as a screwdriver tinks off the faceplate.

What do you do?
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Re: Episode 1b: Jenny's Trip to the Stars

Postby Jenny Jeffries » Sun Mar 10, 2019 7:34 am

Perception 38% (+15% for Machines/Magic): 1d100 = 52
JIC d20: 1d20 = 8
JIC d100: 1d100 = 39

The only object in scanning range, I better be ready to meet it. Jenny's fears are there, but they are mitigated by a sense of excitement. The Techno-Wizard was raised on stories of some interstellar nation called the 'Consortium of Civilized Worlds' by one of her childhood tutors. Jenny's always longed to leave the confines of her own world behind, even if she does want a way back home.

Once she gets in the suit, Jenny sets herself a 40 minute timer. Then she chases her bags around the storage bay using the suit's thrusters in short directional bursts. Then the Techno-Wizard tries to find some cargo netting to wrap it all up in so she can hold it all as a single bundle in one hand. Anything useful she spots floating around while gathering up her kit gets grabbed and wrapped up along with it.

In this case, anything Jenny would find useful would be:
-Rope or cable
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