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Rate your GM(s)

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Rate your GM(s) & Feedback!

Postby Augur » Sun May 03, 2020 6:45 pm

JTFA, named by you guys, was a rare crossover event designed on the fly to save multiple groups from dissolution due to a total absence of GMs. We've had player, AGM, and GM turnover throughout JTFA's three(?) quads, and it's been a rollercoaster ride managing such while still trying to maintain the momentum of the narrative, mentor new GMs, and keep the whole thing on track for its scheduled end. It's pretty much just been Paul and myself managing the end of this beast this quad. Paul's been helpful this quad as a GM, and has provided pushback against me that I have found to be useful as well as provided some level of additional aesthetic/content value to the GM posts themselves.

With that in mind, I've allowed each of you two votes in this poll. We'll find the average and thus earn the same EP reward. In addition, we'd love to hear some feedback! What did you like, dislike, think was innovative, what didn't work so well, etc. Your feedback will count as your "I've voted" acknowledgement. You have about 13 days to get in your feedback and votes.

Thanks for an interesting year of roleplaying. I've really enjoyed many of your posts, the different voices of your characters, how each of your characters deal with different and differently challenging situations, and your commitment to seeing this adventure through to its bittersweet end. You'll find there to be a substantial XP bonus in addition to the regularly scheduled and administered quad post-rate EP rewards; your characters have definitely earned it!

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Re: Rate your GM(s) & Feedback!

Postby Rocky » Sun May 03, 2020 7:03 pm

First , I think this was over all Fantastic, considering all the groups that got together to do this. To all the Gm's, the writing was superb. Truly a work of art.
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Re: Rate your GM(s) & Feedback!

Postby Saul » Sun May 03, 2020 8:14 pm

Really enjoyed the game. Glad I got to be a part of it.

Re: Rate your GM(s) & Feedback!

Postby Wolf Whitaker » Tue May 05, 2020 7:49 pm

It was an interesting ride given that my first EU character came into the arc in the middle. I could see some very good story points trying to be made, but I feel the execution could use a little work. A lot of the story felt flat. Even the rousing speech was at the wrong time, at least in my opinion. I don't know who much character influence was made so I can only speak from a player perspective. I get that you wanted the players to feel some sense of urgency, however I feel as it felt overly forced and not a natural sense of urgency. Given that I came in during the middle I'm not sure how much of that was due to characters or players.

I also understand this was to save 3 different groups and that can not have been easy to plan and execute a year long session for us. That being said I do think there were, at least from my perspective, things which were overlooked. Now given that there were at most two people looking at nearly 20 player posts, I understand that things get overlooked. However at times during the campaign it felt, as a player, that certain things were being overlooked to help force the narrative. I believe that some of these oversights may have inadvertently lead to many things being lost during this campaign.

So overall I liked the story, however the ending fell a bit flat for me. I honestly did not feel as if any of the players actions contributed...well besides shooting the blood pillar other then that I felt as if I were just watching everything unfold. Even putting Nxla back in his own dimension seemed a sure thing. Maybe it was the counter you put on the title card for the GM post that were counting down to when JTFA ended. I'm not sure. All I know is the ending, while a nice battle, felt...off...I'm not really sure how to explain it. But hey, it's just one guys opinion.

I don't know what I was expecting, but it was...entertaining...for the most part. So I guess that's what it's about right? The enjoyment of playing a game.

Anyway just my view on it.
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Re: Rate your GM(s) & Feedback!

Postby Dark Lord » Wed May 06, 2020 6:18 am

Things I liked:

- The use of maps for the final confrontation to demonstrate different perspectives of the battle.
- Some solid pathos involving NPCs at the end, especially Saul and Lahz.
- I really enjoyed a lot of the writing.

Things I didn't like:

- I think this overall campaign suffered from the circumstances surrounding its GMs, specifically in that Lloyd was caught a little flat-footed a couple of times and ended up effectively running three groups by himself. I know all too well how difficult it is to try and squeeze in longer-range planning in-between a heavy post load (not to mention other time commitments). But I think this campaign would have been better served by a less-strict adherence to a seven-day post mark, in exchange for a little bit more time planning and weaving the narrative threads together. This ties into my next couple of points.
- The ending didn't feel terribly satisfying, either as a standalone battle or the climax to a ~1.5-year adventure. Prior to this, we were all running around the Federation on little side-missions, ostensibly to stop Nxla's return. Except it didn't, so we went to Black Mountain to stop Nxla's followers from completing the ritual to allow his return. Except it didn't, so then we had to stop Nxla from getting too far from the Rift. Except we didn't, I think? Ultimately, it feels like the only action of any real consequence to the narrative was Lahz blowing up the blood pillar. And yeah, all the other stuff we did to stop Nxla made a difference in terms of its power level when it manifested, and presumably made the difference between victory and defeat. But we didn’t see any of that in the story, we were just assured of it out of character. It makes a player feel like their actions aren’t having an impact on the world- since I know Lloyd has been watching Running the Game I’ll just leave it at that.
- Another reason that the climax didn’t feel very climactic to me was that it was very rushed. I understand not wanting things to drag on (and am myself an egregious example of allowing just that), but I don’t think it would have been the end of the world if the final battle had taken another month or two. I’d agree with Wolf that this felt like an artificial sense of urgency (and one that was induced by effectively retconning our earlier missions).
- I’m pretty sure JTFA represents a net loss in terms of interesting equipment across all surviving characters. In my opinion that’s wrong for an epic adventure.
- I think it would have been helpful for all parties concerned if Augur had been able to take more frequent breaks from GM posting duty, much like what was happening towards the end. Nothing anyone could really do about that in this instance, but it’s probably worth keeping in mind the next time someone wants to try a large, multi-group adventure.
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Re: Rate your GM(s) & Feedback!

Postby Augur » Tue May 12, 2020 4:59 am

I agree with DL's assessment in pretty much every regard. It's damn good to know fellow GMs perceive these things, too.

That said, 5 players out of 12 have voted! Get your votes in, players!
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Re: Rate your GM(s) & Feedback!

Postby Underguard » Tue May 19, 2020 5:15 am

I failed to vote for Ronan, however I would've voted 9/10 from my perspective.

Some of the good things;
A) This was basically one GM managing a group of 14+ playable characters with intermittent help at best from the other GMs. Had Lloyd been able to hand the reigns over more frequently to other GMs, some of the bogged down bits would've been changed I think.
B) The maps were awesome, an obvious huge time dump in their constant creation and update.
C) This may or may not be a con, but I thought it was a pro. Reminded players that their PCs are not immortal and are subject to death or other such horrible things.

Cons) Arguably the only con I can think of is something that's been echoed several times. The gear or personal property lost versus value gained was skewed a bit. Several people lost several powerful or expensive toys that took years to achieve and will take years more to achieve again. We got a single rune weapon, which granted are designed to be rare, a single magical item then a bunch of minor weapons and such, plus a small amount of credits compared to the scale of the arc. I don't have too much vested into that point, but I did observe it and other players frustrations about it.


The campaign was fun and collaborative and made me want to experience a true EPIC like I've heard the stories of on this site, possibly even GMing for a group of it in the future. It also established some ties between different people in different groups thatll be fun to roleplay as time progresses.

Thanks for tackling that in light of a lack of support and keeping those groups from dying.
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Re: Rate your GM(s) & Feedback!

Postby Blackhaunt » Tue May 19, 2020 9:28 am

My feedback mimics and elaborates that of many others.

Had I not missed the poll, I would have rated 6/8.

  • Maps were absolutely wonderful and helped out immensely in any given scene.
  • Lots of NPCs that weren't nice that we had to work with added some flavor to the adventure.
  • Challenging.
  • You worked really hard to make this happen. Thank you.

  • Felt like we were reading a story and then sometimes rolling dice about it. Our actions had minimal impact on what happened. The phrase railroading came up (and was shrugged off) numerous times but that's how it felt as a player.
  • You got abandoned by multiple GMs who were supposed to help you, leaving you with a massive sprawling undertaking. The pro side to this is that you didn't complain and you just made it happen. The con side is that we ended up with lots of aspects of our posts missed which was frustrating.
  • Gear was targeted to be destroyed or lost by the GM and there was nothing that could be done about it. It'd be fine if it was a couple of things, but near the end it got out of control. You missed players' contingency actions that specified defensive maneuvers and then posted that their items were destroyed. I can't begin to explain how frustrating I find that.
  • Massive life-changing actions that varied greatly from the desired results of the player took place without a friendly “heads-up, you should fix that” or a chance to redeem the problem in the next round. For example, Will died because of a 2 action protective spell. You could have sent a PM/Hangouts Chat or typed a note at the bottom of the player post. You could have destroyed his armor entirely and left him with one chance at the beginning of the next melee round to run and hide or cast a spell that would have saved his life. Part of the problem with PBP is the weekly format that makes everything slog on forever without decisive action on the GMs part. But the difference between a GM that I will follow to hell and one that I won't play with is compassion.
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Re: Rate your GM(s) & Feedback!

Postby Jack Killian » Tue May 19, 2020 9:46 am

With everything going on this time I think everyone did great. the gm writing was fantastic, balancing the three groups and keeping them busy was superb.
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Re: Rate your GM(s) & Feedback!

Postby John Altfeld » Tue May 19, 2020 10:11 am

My feedback is in line with most of what everyone else is saying.

This was an enormous amount of work for the GMs and that's deeply appreciated.

  • Excellent maps
  • It was super-fun getting to work with other teams and switch it up
  • Having to build alliances with a diverse cast
  • A clear investment from the GM team in making interesting combats

  • The occasional dropped plotline (why was that mage asking Vheld about his notes?)
  • Lack of character agency, particularly in the final battle. That one felt like we were just walking through a script - The Federation of Magic screw up caused Nxla to be summoned and then ghosts defeated him. In a lot of ways, we may as well not have been there.
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Re: Rate your GM(s) & Feedback!

Postby Lahz » Tue May 19, 2020 10:15 am

So for 15 RL years I have avoided GMing onsite because it is a thankless job fending off armchair quarterbacks equipped with hindsight, a stack of books, and varied levels of imagination. I am newly amongst the GM ranks and find that my wariness was a bit of prescience. The JTFA was a tough haul, and I am thankful Augur, the GMs, and AGMs who assisted him.

There were points of howling frustration that very nearly got me to quit, most poignantly when Tony the Tigerbot was obliterated because Augur indicated he had never gotten to do a Nat1 situation with a nuclear-device before and thought it would be cool.

The Endgame-apex scene felt very https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMVd6DaEtUM ... I guess technically we had an effect by virtue of blowing up the Blood Pillar, but from that moment on it felt like we were extraneous ... it felt like NPC comrades by fiat were more important than the players. I understand it was a huge effort and that you set yourself a time-frame to close things out, but the theatre of the mind aspect suffered.
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Re: Rate your GM(s) & Feedback!

Postby Mierin » Tue May 19, 2020 10:17 am

I agree with everyone's comments re: cons (they said it better than I could have).

That being said, I enjoyed the campaign and am glad I brought Mierin back for it. It's fun having multiple groups work together and form connections that can be used in future game ideas.

Thank you to the GM's for all your hard work with this - it cannot have been easy and it is appreciated!
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Re: Rate your GM(s) & Feedback!

Postby Wakiza » Tue May 19, 2020 7:13 pm

I had to wait a while to draft this so I wouldn't come across as really bitter for being the moron of character who dropped a greatest rune sword, arguably the most powerful item in all three groups, into a rift. Maybe I am still a bit bitter! ;)

The good:

- The use of maps for the all the combat scenarios was superb. Probably the best I've seen in 9 years on the site.
- The fight scene at the temple was a blast and very well written.
- "Some solid pathos involving NPCs at the end, especially Saul and Lahz." (Stolen from Vheld and right on point)
- Other than the end combat, I really enjoyed most of the writing.
- Loved seeing Kzaa flake and run, I totally believe it is exactly what he would have done.
- Liked the interactions between the groups and between the NPC groups.
- I liked seeing another epic campaign involving multiple teams dealing with one problem.

Didn't like:

- It seemed like the GMs were just looking for gotcha moments, mostly to kill innocent civilians. Seems a bit harsh as these type of things wouldn't have likely happened in a tabletop game. I know it isn't a tabletop game, but we should strive for that. I honestly still don't understand how John killed civilians after looking at his post. Will's death fails under this point too. Harsh outcome, maybe more so as I consider that fight scene as the best part of the adventure.
- The ending wasn't satisfying. Felt like the players weren't really necessary. More than enough has been said on that. I do wish someone would have spent some time negating magic. Impervious to Energy takes two rounds to cast and we were constantly doing damage, so he wouldn't have been able to reactivate it. Then the Bursters would have really shined!! JUst a thought and no criticism on a GM, would have liked to have seen what would have happened. He had 40 attacks but only 10 per 200 foot section, so Nxla wouldn't have been able to use 39-40 action to recast. I also agree to the above that the last scene should have probably went on for another month. Artificial deadlines seem to be a bad idea especially in an epic setting.
- The treasure, meaning items found, seemed not very well thought out for an adventure of this magnitude. Obviously loot was most likely going to be a loss considering my above-mentioned bitterness, however, that could have been offset a bit with several original, non-cannon, items to spread around among the teams. The lack of those type of items does seem wrong for such an adventure, especially with so many people involved.
- Another issue I thought was problematic was the sudden appearance of the Federation and Magestar that caught us all by complete surprise in Act 1. Hard to believe so many mages has such good prowl rolls. Just cause we couldn't see them doesn't mean we would have heard something that might have alerted us. At least three of us beat our perception rolls by more than 20% and both Vheld and Wakiza beat their rolls by more than 30%, and that didn't include his amplified hearing. This would have been a great time to have the old Perception vs Prowl battle. Hey, I could be wrong and that is what happened.

Other than these, I generally agree with the other comments.

Thanks to the GMs for their work on another epic campaign.
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Re: Rate your GM(s) & Feedback!

Postby Augur » Mon Jun 01, 2020 2:27 pm

Augur GM Rating: 7.9
Aegis of No Retreat GM Rating: 7.9
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