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[MW] Catch-All

Postby Dark Lord » Tue May 10, 2016 8:29 am

This thread will contain stuff pertinent to both groups for the duration of the Demonic Invasion.
Why kill a PC when you can torture them?
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The Device

Postby Dark Lord » Tue May 10, 2016 8:31 am


This technowizard device is built upon the foundation of an air raid siren. The crank has small sharp prongs upon the entire length of the handle that can not be avoided. It emits a high frequency sound audible only to demons and other supernatural creatures causing them damage and to flee the area. The device was created with non-magical beings in mind, as such it requires the being activating the device to expend his/her life force. 1 H.P./M.D.C per revolution. It takes 47 revolutions to empower the device which will then last for 6 hours. As long as there is no break in holding the crank, different beings can take turns spinning the crank per action with a successful P.P. roll (1d20, unmodified, less than or equal to the PP attribute). Failure for the person 'tagging in' to roll beneath their PP means that all cranks that round are lost as the device resets itself. Whoever is using the device can pause cranking to take other actions, but cannot dodge or use paired weapons or two-handed weapons while maintaining their grip. The device must be stationary to activate. Once activated, the device cannot be moved until the duration ends.

Duration: 6 hours
P.P.E Cost: 2 + 47 H.P./M.D.C.
Time to Activate: 47 actions
Device Weight: 100 lbs
Size: 4' tall (6' with handle in upright position, 3' wide, 2' deep.
M.D.C.: 50

Primary Spell: Expel Demons
Secondary Spells: Sonic Blast, Energize Spell, Globe of Silence, and Life Source
Gems: 5 carats Fire Opals, 1 carat Jade, 1 carat Red Zircon, 2 carats Garnets
Why kill a PC when you can torture them?
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Re: [MW] Catch-All

Postby Kesslan » Sat May 14, 2016 7:36 pm

Hope you don't mind DL. Just putting this here so it's easy to keep track of the GA's FIDO unit(s) and what they are carrying as they may see use by either group.
GM EDIT: Nope- this is a great place for them.

NG-PD12 "Fido"
Weight: 200lbs (+ up to 800lbs of cargo)
PS: Utility arms have robot PS 12
MDC By Location:
*Headlights (2): 5
*Head: 90
*Utility Mini-Arms (2): 15
*Legs, Front (2): 70
*Legs, Rear (2): 90
Main Body: 110
*Requires a called strike to hit. -4 to hit. -8 to hit the legs of the drone while it is running.


Land: 35mph (Reduce spd by half when wading through water, snow or mud as deep as it's chest. Walking on ice reduces the SPD to 6mph)
Leaping: Can leap 5ft high, 10ft across. +50% with running start
Water: Can wade through water 2.5ft deep without getting cargo wet. Maximum underwater depth of 1,000ft and spd of 5mph walking along the bottom. (Can not swim)

Weapon Systems:
2: Trail Cutting Lasers (Head)
Range: 20ft
Damage: 2d6 SDC, 5d6 SDC, 1d6X10 SDC or 1 MD. Linked fire is possible
APM: 4

Communications Suite: 5m Optimal range. Can send/recieve audio and video. Includes voice recognition system and speaker system enabling the FIDO to bark or growl warnings.
Concealed Digital Cameras: Pops out from the cheeks of the unit. Can rotate 360 degrees. THere is another camera in each shoulder and chest for a total of 7 cameras. The cheek mounted cameras have passive night vision (500ft), telescoping zoom (1,000ft), Macro Lens (8x) and video capability with live feed and can record 96hrs of video and capture 4,000 still pictures.

FIDO Cargo: 765/800lbs

evil looking trident inset with Rubies
Dmg: 6d6 MDC
Bonuses: +2 strike, +1 disarm
25: E-Clips
4: Depleted E-Clip
1: Partially Depleted E-Clip (1/2 charge)
14: Long E-Clips
10: Wilks Blinder Grenades
8: Smoke Grenades
11: Plasma Mini Missiles
2: Cans of Metal-Spray
1: Phase Tech Full Medkit
1: Laser Designator
4: GR-15 Rifles with sniper attachment
142: GR-15 Rifle mags
10: NE-10G HE Grenades
1: Sledgehammer Mortar
40: NE Frag Mortar rounds
40: NE HE Mortar Rounds

Cargo For FIDO #2

3: KHEX Plastique Cubes (1d6x10 MD to 10ft. area, moulding it properly results in double damage)
9: GAW-AT6 LAW with K-Hex Frag Warhead & NE Guidance Package (Launcher is P124 Merc-Ops. Warhead P57 DB03, Guidance Package: P56 DB03)
12: GAW-AT6 LAWs with K-Hex AP Warhead & NE Guidance Package (Launcher is P124 Merc-Ops. Warhead P57 DB03. Guidance Package P56 DB03)
7: AIM-1 Anti-Personel HE Mines
Weight: 3lbs
MD: 6d6
Blast Radius: 20ft

6: AP Mini-Missiles
4: EPR-8 Rifles
3: KHEX Plastique Cubes (1d6x10 MD to 10ft. area, moulding it properly results in double damage)
4: Electric Blasting Caps (p114 Merc Ops)
4: Pull Detonator (P114 Merc Ops)

1: Box of 4 WI-40M MRM launchers with K-Hex AP warheads (Holds 3/5)
Weight: 520lbs (120lbs each)
Damage: 3d6X10
Blast Radius: 20ft
Range: 10 Miles
NE Guidance Package: +5 Strike, +4 Dodge, 2 APM
Note: Usually takes 2 actions to pull a launcher from the box and aim it

1: NE-MAT-3 Anti-Matter Anti-Tank Mine (Metri)
Weight: 25lbs
MDC: 1d4x100
Blast Radius: 500ft
3: AIM-1 Anti-Personel HE Mines (Metri)
1: GAW-AT6 LAWs with K-Hex AP Warhead & NE Guidance Package (Launcher is P124 Merc-Ops. Warhead P57 DB03. Guidance Package P56 DB03)
2: Long E-clips (Holt)
1: GR-15 (Icky)
6: GR-15 Mags (Icky)
1: GR-15 (Sorrenson) DSM 11/21/2016
6: GR-15 Mags (Sorrenson) DSM 11/21/2016
10 Long E-clips (Bryke)
5 E-Clips (Bryke)
EPR-8 Rifle (Tis)
3 Long E-Clips (Tis)
6 NE-10G HE Grenades (Tis)
2 Electric Blasting Caps (Tis)
4 KHEX Plastique Cubes (Tis)
1 Pull Detonator (Tis)
1 NE-MAT-3 Anti-Matter Anti-Tank Mine (Tis)
2 Wilks Blinder Grenades (Tis)
2 Smoke Grenades (Tis)
16 AP Missiles (Baron)
1 can Metal Spray 2/3 Uses (Baron)
1 can Metal Spray 1/3 Uses (IckY)
1 GAW-AT6 LAW with K-Hex Frag Warhead & NE Guidance Package (Icky)
2: Smoke Grenades (Prothor)
1: GR-15 (Solaris)
Kesslan's Character Sheet
HP: 72 SDC: 118
MDC Skull: 22

Constant Effects:
Autododge +5, Mildly Radioactive, Can see Ultra-Violet spectrum of light, Takes 1/2 Damage from Radiation, Immune to Horror Factor, No fear of heights. Cybernetics: See Character Sheet. Can make Aimed/Called shots while running, swimming, parachuting or from a moving vehicle without penalty. Steady Nerves: Driving Penalties 1/2. Street Rep (Hardcase to be Feared): HF14 when Angry/Threatening.

Rose (To Kesslan): I don't suppose you're planning an assault on all free kind are you?
Daisy (OOC) Figures big crowds don't seem to be his thing, unless he's firing on them.
Rex: his ears rotate like dishes towards Kesslan's roar and the response from his foes, "trouble."
Al: Listening to the roar Al nods. "That would be Kesslan. Which most of the time means the exact same thing."
Theme Songs: Imagine Dragons - Radioactive , Disturbed: Indestructible , Johnny Cash: Hurt , UNKLE: Burn My Shadow, The Kinks: I'm not like everybody else, The Equalizer theme song, X Ambassadors: Jungle (feat. Jamie N Commons)
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Re: [MW] Catch-All

Postby Dime Store Magic » Sat Mar 04, 2017 3:13 pm

Naruni Enterprises

NE-R2000 "Reaper" Assault Robot (EU Robot modifications applied)

Crew: Three. One Pilot (who dedicates his efforts to the movement and actions of the robot, including the use of the energy scythe), one gunner (directs all weapons other than the scythe), and one communications officer. Can seat three additional passengers or 600 lbs of cargo.
M.D.C. By Location:
• Energy Scythe (1) - 240 (Invulnerable when energized)
• Arms (2) - 336 each
• Hands (2) - 384 each
• Legs(2): 744 each
• Shoulder Plates (2) 180 each (protects head, chest, and arms)
• Reinforced Pilot's Compartment - 300
• *Head (packed with sensors and optics): 600
• **Main Body: 3120/2350 [10/FEB/18]
* Destroying the sensor head of the robot will eliminate all forms of optical enhancement and sensory systems, forcing the pilot to rely on his own human vision and senses, looking through a small view port in the robot's chest. Furthermore, any bonuses provided by the robot are lost. Note: The sensor head is a small and difficult target to hit, shielded by the shoulder plating. It can only be hit when a character makes a called shot and even then the attacker is -3 to strike.
* Destroying the sensor Turret on the right shoulder of the heavy combat titan will destroy the radar and targeting system. The pilot must now rely on his own human vision and other optical enhancements of the robot. The turret is a small and difficult target to hit, requiring an attack to make a called shot and even then, the attacker is -2 to strike.
**Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body destroys the robot completely.
Statistical Data
Speed: up to 130 mph when running;
Leaping: The powerful robot legs can leap up to 30' high or across. Getting a running start will enable the Reaper to leap up to 100' lengthwise.
Underwater Capabilities: Can walk along a river or lakebed at 30 mph. (48 kph), but it sinks like a stone (can not swim).
Maximum Depth Tolerance: 1 mile.
Flying: Not possible.
Dimensions: 32' high, 18' wide, 12' (has a fairly wide torso)
Weight: 29 tons
Physical Strength: Robotic PS of 50
Cargo: Large storage area for the pilot's personal items, as well as a weapons bin that has room for eight rifles and pistols, two heavy weapons, four sets of body armor, basic gear for the crew, and a four week supply of food and water.
Power System: Nuclear, 20 years of life
Cost: 115 million credits
Weapon Systems
1. Multiple Micro-Missile Integrated Launcher System (1):
• Range: 2 miles
• Damage: 6D6 M.D. per AP micro missile to a 3' area
• Rate of Fire: One at a time or in volleys of 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, or 24.
• Payload: 668 AP micro missiles. Distribution as follows: Head - 8, Shoulders - 160 each, Upper Arms - 60 each, Lower Arms - 30 each, Upper Legs - 80 each
• Bonuses: Smart micro missiles are +4 to strike. If they miss, they will double back and attack again (two attacks per melee round!). Their size makes them very difficult targets to hit (requires a called shot, can dodge at +4). They fly at relatively low speeds (60 mph) to weave around obstacles. If the target is fast moving or there is a clear path towards it, the missile can attain a fight speed of up to Mach 2.
2.Particle "Eye" Beams (2)
• Range: 2400'
• Damage: 1D4x10+6 M.D. per single eye beam or 2D4X10 M.D. if both beams are fired at the same target.
• Rate of Fire: Single or double blasts count as one of the gunner' attacks per melee round.
• Payload: Unlimited
• Bonuses: +2 to Strike
3. Energized Combat Scythe
• Size: 40'
• Range: 2400'
• Damage: Energy Scythe: 5d6 M.D. per slicing or chopping attack. Solid Spike: 3d6 M.D., and Long Range Energy Bolt: 4d6 M.D. per blast.
• Rate of Fire: Each combat action counts as one of the pilot's actions.
• Payload: Unlimited
• Bonuses: +1 to Strike, +2 to Parry, +3 to Disarm with the combat scythe.
4. Hand to Hand Combat
• Restrained Punch: 1D6 M.D.
• Full Strength Punch: 3D6 M.D.
• Power Punch: 6D6 M.D.
• Kick: 2d6 M.D.
• Leap Kick: 4D6 M.D.
• Stomp: 3D6 M.D.; only effective against targets smaller than 15 feet tall
• Body Block/Tackle/Ram--5D6 MD, plus 95% chance of knocking comparable sized opponent off his feet (If successful, the target loses the initiative and two melee attacks), but a ram uses up two of the pilot's actions.
8. Sensors
Has all normal robotic vehicle sensor systems, including:
• Thermo-Imager - Range 5000'
• Infrared and Ultraviolet Optics
• Infrared Searchlight - 2000'
• Enhanced Radar - Can identify and simulataneously track 96 different targets. Range 100 miles
• Gravitic Sonar - Uses gravity waves as sonar to electronically map even the insides of structures (including occupants). Combined with the thermal imager, the sensor system can identify invisible targets, find people hiding in buildings or vehicles, and even detect traps and hidden troops. The sensor system can not penetrate force or phase fields. Range - 500'

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