Mission Notes: Crimean Wolves

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Mission Notes: Crimean Wolves

Postby SNAFU » Thu May 19, 2016 12:49 pm

Crimean Wolves
  • Find and eliminate the four primary targets
  • Collect and deliver Death Tokens
  • Find and eliminate any collaborators

Mission Notes

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Postby SNAFU » Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:31 pm

Primary Targets
Lycaon-- 10 Level Immortal Godling (PU2)
I.Q.18 M.E. 22 M.A. 29 P.S. 21 P.P. 18 P.E. 18 P.B. 28 SPD 33
MDC: 1066 PPE: 60 ISP: 280 APM: 7
Height: 7' Weight: 213 lbs
Description: A tall, pale hauntingly beautiful man or a pure white wolf. Awe Factor: 18
Lycanthropy; Energy Expulsion: Soul Blast; Divine Aura
Telepathy: Superior; Telepathic Suggestion; Mind Block: Auto-defense; Mentally Posses Others; All Sensitive Powers
Doctor Warpveil-- 8th level MegaVillain. (HU2)
I.Q.15 M.E. 18 M.A. 12 P.S. 17 P.P. 23 P.E. 18 P.B. 10 SPD 21
MDC 66 APM: 8
Height: 6'1'' Weight: 173 lbs
Description: A void in the shape of a man.
APS: Void; Distort Space; Slow Motion Control
Blur; Side-Step
Fake Gyges-- Gene-Tech Abomination.
I.Q.5 M.E. 8 M.A. 6 P.S. 87 P.P. 18 P.E. 28 P.B. 4 SPD 61
M.D.C. 1500 APM: 12
Height: 67' Weight: 122 tons
Description: A multi-limbed colossus. HF: 18
Powers of Note:
Regenerate 1d6*10 per minute.

Other NPCs

Known or Encountered Regional Parties
  • Megabears
  • Vrilline
  • Kherson
  • Slavers
  • Warlord Sokolov
  • Warlord Kolodenko
  • Russian Firebird
  • Octodragon

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Postby SNAFU » Fri Oct 07, 2016 5:17 pm


Death Tokens
For the 4 primary targets, what is required are their heads (or some Death Token that can act as equally concrete proof of elimination). Hades doesn't care who kills them but he wants to ensure their souls will be his forever.

Using the True Name technique you can try to claim secondary targets not actually killed by the Spooks. As a Death God, Hades will know the truth though, and if you get too greedy he might run out of patience.

As for the definition of Death Token:
  • Obviously the Head, but also the Heart or the entire Body are the ideal.
  • Next best is any part of the corpse at all.
  • In a pinch a prized possession can be substituted but you need to be sure an Object Read will identify the object's owner as the target (and of course further identify the owner as dead)

Note: In the case where the Spooks actually kill the subject, your own memories can act as the 'death token' but since he asked for the heads it can be assumed that that's what's preferred.

Language of the Morogot Dimensional Entity
The Exterior: the invasive infectious mass that Morogot manifests when it attempts to devour a locality. Consuming an essentially infinite dimension such as the one in which Earth exists is not possible. However (Rifts) Earth as a locality which is essentially a Megaversal Nexus could be consumed/absorbed and then turned into a sort of ‘vector’ spreading Morogot literallt everywhere. The Exterior can be described in the following terms.
  • Protrusion: the physical structures/substances/materials manifested by Morogot
  • Nexus Node: the “pyramid” structures
  • Antibody; the nearly reflexively formed, semi-autonomous unit manifested to defend the early stages of the ‘infection’
  • Chitin: material that Morogot manifests for its constructs.
The Interior: The Dimension that is Morogot.

Tactical information:
  • There is a thick soupy fog surrounding the island of Crimea at all times of day or night.
  • The fog is a magical barrier around the island, making it impossible to teleport, or fly in astral form, or indeed turn into a fish or bird and fly or swim there.
  • Radar and sensors find the fog nearly impenetrable from the outside coming in. But if anything it benefits the various warning systems of those on the island as evidenced by the lethality of the airspace surrounding the island.
  • The fog can move out from the island across the water and penetrate the coastline.
    Somehow, the werewolves travel with it.
  • The fog extends an average of 10 miles from the shore of Crimea, at some points it invades the opposite coast permanently.
  • There are boats of appropriate size available in the village of Kherson.
  • There are three fortresses on Crimea.
  • Kerkinitis is the abode of Chaz-Amych
  • Chersonneus is the abode of Lycaon
  • Panticapaeum is the abode of Dr. Voidveil
  • The giant wanders the island finding people and things to eat.
Strategic Information:
  • Odessa, a large town with claim over a good chunk of the coast, is a powerful trade community made up of an odd mixture of Cossacks and Kobolds.
  • The fishermen of Kherson had been making a good living trading there products with Odessa who in turn trades with the Warlords, Sovietski and communities in Poland.
  • Three years ago an increasingly frequent rate of werewolf attacks in the region and the coinciding evidence of a Wolf cult forming on Crimea became obvious to the locals.
  • Slavers based out of Istanbul have been increasingly more active in the Black Sea; descriptions of them point to Splugorth or Demonic involvement, or both.
  • There is an obvious trade agreement if not outright alliance between the slavers and the powers that control Crimea. Ships aligned with the Slavers come and go from Crimea at all times.
  • The increase of slavers and werewolves has disrupted (among other things) valuable trade routes for luxuries and food vital to the various human nations in the region.
  • This has brought ire of the Warlord Kolodenko who came from his mountain fortress of Windshorn, to set up a warcamp on the Eastern coast of the Black Sea about three months ago.
  • Kolodenko's prescence so close to his own borders angered the Warlord Sokolov. His forces appeared last month to the north east.
  • Kherson elders, frightened by those armed camps sent word to the Warlord Romanov in Kiev, whose forces are due in the next few days.
  • The movement of her troops has brought the situation to the attention of the Warlord Orloff whose troops have begun to assemble in Donetsk to prepare to move to the coast, a week perhaps to arrive.

Radio Information wrote:Channel 1: Brother (the first channel encountered; still intermittently in use; low-level encryption)
Channel 2: Outcamp (Not in use; high-level encryption)
Channel 3: Channel 3 (Constant; high-level encryption; and furthermore the messages are written in a code phrases“The blackbird pales at night, but borscht remains red” and other such nonsensical sentences.)

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Postby SNAFU » Fri Oct 07, 2016 5:22 pm


Map 1: Arrival at Bear Nexus

Map 2: Vrilline Community & Kherson


Map 3: Black Sea Political Map


Map 4: Crimea

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Postby SNAFU » Sun Oct 09, 2016 8:24 pm

Vino's World

Vino hatched in the Crimean Wastes


Carvaggio: Vinograd's first friend, now enemy...

The bulk of the people Vino has encountered are demon slavers....

and African Pirates...

The Locals have lost control of their pet baby dragon; the bosses have sent in the Fixers...




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