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Rifts: Humble Origins Character Narratives

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 7:53 am
by Augur
Rifts: Humble Origins Character Narratives

Reward: Bonus Bennies will be rewarded commensurate with the depth and quality of the narrative.

Requirement: Describe what occurred during the session from your character's perspective in at least two paragraphs of text. Players have 1 month from episode wrap-up to get such posted.

Re: Rifts: Humble Origins Character Narratives

Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 9:52 am
by Consumer
The concept was simple, we sneak in, boost a few vehicles, keep one or two, and sell the rest. How did they fail at such a simple concept. Mike thinks as he drives the Armored Security Vehicle into the Warrens. I know my end went fine, snuck into the garage under the camera so as to not be noticed, made my way down the rows of nice looking sedans and a few bikes until I saw the first worthwhile vehicle. Mike recollects as he pass around a inconsequential street fight between some drug addicts. I would have stolen the Obertail, but don't know how to drive one. So I made my way further down and found this beast. Mike continues reminiscing while sneaking a look over at Alex in the passenger seat.

Found it in the back corner of the small garage in a poorly lit section and got to work on getting entry. Disabled the alarms and Lowjack first, because I didn't want to start a scene. Mike thinks as he honks the horn to gets some youths out of the way. While I was picking the driver's side door, someone started up a loud ass hover bike. I guess we were rushing things at that point or someone goofed. Alex had joined me at this point and questioned my ability to drive. Mike thinks as he looks to Alex again "You gonna call Booster's guy and see if we can get some work done?" Mike asks while turning another corner. Once I was inside the Armored Security Vehicle, I popped open the passenger door and let Alex in, while making a cheesy pickup line. The thing was super easy to hotwire, and while the two new guys tore off on that hovercycle, we quietly drove out the back. Seems to be clear sailing at this point as the Defender's haven't started chasing us. Mike thinks before chuckling. "Not a bad night I guess."

Augur Edit: +1 Benny rewarded

Re: Rifts: Humble Origins Character Narratives

Posted: Sat Mar 21, 2020 10:20 pm
by Cairo
So, we were 'approached' after the last job went pearshaped by a member of Dutchers Murder Inc. crew who offered to 'do us a solid' by springing the bozos who got pinched last go round in return for the minor task of mounting an immediate assault on that club, Fleshpeddlers, to finish off the last vestiges of that Greenskins trash. I suppose it would not have been a horrible deal, but the timeline was crap. No-time to scout, no time to tail and time cycles on a security team. Very fly-by-the seat of your freakin pants shit. For them, they were strong-arming us so they probably didn't give 2-shits if we lose anyone but the whole thing sticks in my craw. It's just not professional, and I have done my time in the trenches for the last 10 years as lookout, wheelman, whatever the Market asked. All of a sudden some no-names get pinched and threaten to roll over as snitches and we have to jump. Last year my friend Benny would just have had a couple doors accidentally left unlocked and arranged a camera glitch, or had them quietly eliminated before they rolled over. Instead Random-chick-3.4 walks in and kicks up her feet like she's got our collective balls in a vice ... must have some juice over in the precinct, or maybe she just knows that Johnny fella better than the rest of us.*

*We do a couple perimeter sweeps, and I took the freaking nickel customer-tour and we set up to hit the place. Warrens locale so, not alot of nosey neighbors. Front entrance on Cyber Street, which is kind of freaking public, so we opted to hit it from 2 breach points, 1 side door that Mike took most through, 1 on the backside where I went in with Johnny the semi-useless psycho-potential-snitch. I swear I never heard a thank-you out of that kid even though we were all taking on significant weight to get him and the other guy out, just this entitled attitude like a f_cking rich kid from Paducah Heights ... dumbass didn't even bring a gun along. We had a couple spares stashed at the loft and he never says a word about how he's rolling into a gunfight with nothing but a f_cking pocketknife ... Hell if he had mentioned it, I could have passed him my spare gun, has a silencer and ramjet rounds and everything, and I know it sounds like I am down on this guy but keep your focus and you'll understand in a couple minutes.

Anyways, it didn't go as poorly as it could have because most of us are freaking competent. Mike breached on the East side with a couple actual flashbang grenades which shouldn't be an issue down here because this whole freaking building is thumping with base ... just silly, but Angel and I went in through a a bathroom I ID'd on my walkthrough, because man, you catch a guy in a stall, he's generally not looking for a fight, and if their attention is somewhere else, well most folks aren't running to 'secure the bathrooms!!' Now as I was sayin our prior tours had ID's a Larmac and a bunch of Ogres, so we kond of had the Lard-butt ID'd as the major hitter. Mike goes in and he starts blasting, and he had Alex and Jym, though Jym's job is to bust through to the front door and jam it so no help comes down f_cking mainstreet.

So we bust in and I tried to keep to cover and it doesn't take long for concentrated fire to put the Larmac down as Johnny ducks over into a back room. We put down like a 1/2 dozen damn Ogres with shotguns and shit, and all of a sudden this Grackle tooth bastage comes flying through a hole in the wall and charges Mikey ... and y'know Mike's either gone back on the drugs or decided he's fragging invincible because it's that same bastage that was shoving a van around last time and he just starts trading with him like maniac. Jym's off securing the front so he can't help and Alex I don't know what's up with her but then Johnny be-bops past up them and apparently decides the best thing for stealth is to turn the club-music UP, and set off a freaking exterior alarm in case no one heard the grenades or shotguns. Now, I put a couple shots into the Grackle but I was gettin nervous when Jym comes in flying off the 2nd story and starts punching on the Grackle like he's chopping a tree ... then the little Dwarf guy with the greasy dreads comes out and he's waving this cannon looking thing at Mike who finally decides he ain't as invincible and clobbers the little dweeb after he blasts Mike with a cheap-shot. I look back and Johnny dumbum kills the alarms about the same time Jym puts the lights out on the Grackle which is good because I did not like the idea of trying to blast him while J was in there so close ... As Mike and I are coming back from chasing down the last fleeing Ogre, theeeeere's Johnny, down there slitting Grackle's throat like a psycho ... it's not like this is the guy who murdered his freakin grandma or anything, and shit last time we turned in Beef the Greenskins' leader and picked up 40,000 creds. Man I am not rooming with that shit, don't think I'd feel safe with a guy like that around as I slept.

Anyways, apparently now we get to call up Random-chick-3.4 from Murder Inc. and hand off the Club like we are hired help. But first, time to walk through this joint and make sure we aren't leaving money on the table we don't have to. Time to see if this place has a damn safe ...

Re: Rifts: Humble Origins Character Narratives

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2020 5:23 pm
by Augur
+3 Bennies rewarded for that recap of the adventure.
Opportunity is now closed for this adventure.

Re: Rifts: Humble Origins Character Narratives

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 12:30 pm
by Cairo
Chuck thinks back [cue music, begin fading here ....]:

So, after Dutcher's Murder Inc. crew requested assistance with a regime-change on the Warrens club, Fleshpeddlers, so their resident muscle had a comfy place to sit his weary XXXL bones in a corner office before last-call. Next, we took a side-trip up to Firetown, one of the Chi-Town burbs on a gun-run for Dutcher's folks. Someone had snitched somewhere up the ladder, because there was a welcome committee looking to lift the shipment. I kid you not, as we pulled up a bunch of sketchy street rats bubble up out of the woodwork. We changed some hearts and minds, at the end of a pistol, and ended up taking 3 of em prisoner; a D-bee and a pair of self-important shot-caller human types. It seemed prudent to stash the humans and hand-off the D-bee to the Deadboys when they ran up on us (claimed he and his friends were attacking and trying to rob us human-folks and I could almost hear knuckles cracking inside their EBA). The local contact in Firetown killed off 1 guy, and we brought the other down here to Merctown to discuss the importance of loyalty and answer questions for Dutcher.

That brings me to the last little gig. We no sooner land from Chi-Town and get our feet up for a beer and a lapdance when knock-frakkin-knock, it's another favor from Murder Inc. They allegedly got wind that there's someone planning to snitch us out to the Defenders for our last dust-up with the Greenskins. I still feel so sad that they began shooting each other dead ... really I remember it quite vividly. The whole thing was cooked up by one of those Grackletooth D-bees, Black-somethin ... I heard he tripped and fell on a knife after that.

Anyways the favor was that some unknown snitch was getting ready to sell us out with some ~clearly fabricated~ story to the Defenders. The guy was holed up in a penthouse suite on the 8th floor of the Ambassador hotel in the Hub. We were advised that the snitch for some reason needed to survive extraction so that Dutcher's friends could question him. We hashed out a 2 day timeline which was a bit of a rush, but after some surveillance (interior and exterior) of the Hotel, the Botanical Gardens and a side-trip past the Hospital to see their ambulance setup, acquisition of a couple bottles of sleeping pills, some heavier anesthetic, and determination that a few of the hotel folks had dropped security badges things started to line up.

I acquired a room in the hotel a couple floors below to get the bulk of us past security's front line as guests. Alex acquired some hotel uniforms which came in in luggage, and paramedic uniforms which were set aside. After check in, a couple of room-service guys asked Mike if they could take a nap in the closet in our suite, and he very thoughtfully allowed them to proceed to the dream state with haste ... Then me and a Josiah did some disguise-action and helpfully filled in for about an hour including delivery of a big meal to the penthouse (that was oddly laced with a bunch of rest-enhancers, not sure what the kitchen was thinking) where we finally laid eyes on the 4 Defenders onsite and the alleged snitch (fittingly a mutant rat named Snarky Pete).

Jo and I went back down to our suite on the 6th floor to collect Alex and Mike, and give the meal a few minutes to kick in. Meanwhile Zeran and Jym were taking a walk through the Botanical Gardens and it seems they helpfully called in for an ambulance when they came across a [fictional] unconscious old lady. When an ambulance arrived, the paramedics miraculously fell unconscious so Zeran and Jym put on pre-acquired uniforms. They happened to be on stand-by in case the Ambassador subsequently asked for an ambulance because someone had food poisoning (or an allergy or something).

Mike, Alex, Josiah, and I [Chuck], headed back upstairs to the penthouse and found 2 of the Defenders taking a nap, and 2 (a Lieutenant and a regular officer pretending to do so). Mike and Josiah found that they actually looked very sleepy and in a couple minutes they were sleeping very soundly. I located Pete who was napping in the kitchen, and Zeran and Jym arrived with a gurney for ease of removing him as a patient. A quick wrap of the scene and those 3 (Jym, Zeran and Pete) had departed while the rest of us bundled some gear that had been dropped. After a few minutes a mix of hotel security and plain clothes Defenders rush into the penthouse. Luckily, Mike, Alex, and Josiah had decided to exit stage-left over the exterior balcony edge. Reggie Blue the ranking concierge for the hotel [a new disguise I might have picked up] was found shaken from injuries by the intruders, and left the hotel without incident ... Some time later folks began to arrive at the crib, with some questions for a rat.

Re: Rifts: Humble Origins Character Narratives

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 1:48 pm
by Augur
+3 Bennies rewarded to Steve for that recap of the adventure.