Chaos Earth House Rules

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Chaos Earth house rules, character creation, etc.
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Chaos Earth House Rules

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Chaos Earth House Rules
  • These rules are applicable site-wide, and so apply to the Chaos Earth dimension.
  • Any changes to the canonical Chaos Earth meta-narrative whether through player action or GM fiat will be recorded in this thread.
  • Any clarifications, reiterations, or changes to Chaos Earth rules which are not already covered will be recorded in this thread.
  • Characters made for this game are restricted to this dimension--no transfer to other dimensions.

Perception Modifiers
Equipment (canonical)
EP Menu & Fortune & Glory Tables

Table of Contents:
  1. Character Creation
  2. Character Sheet Templates
  3. Unified Skill List
  4. Chaos Earth Canonical Content
This is NOT a chat thread.

NEMA Chromium Guardsman O.C.C.
NEMA Silver Eagle Pilot O.C.C .
NEMA Armored Sentinel O.C.C.
NEMA Soldier/Peacekeeper O.C.C.
NEMA Field Engineer O.C.C.
NEMA Fire & Rescue O.C.C.
NEMA Intel-Agent O.C.C.
NEMA Military Specialist O.C.C.
NEMA Para-Arcane O.C.C.
NEMA Demon & Witch Hunter O.C.C.
NEMA Volunteer Militia Fighter O.C.C.
Blue Zone Wizard O.C.C.
Chaos Wizard O.C.C.
D-Shifter O.C.C.
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Re: Chaos Earth House Rules

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Chaos Earth Canonical Content

Rifts Chaos Earth Sourcebooks
  • Chaos Earth RPG
    Chaos Earth: Rise of Magic
    Chaos Earth: Creatures of Chaos
    Chaos Earth: Resurrection
Rifts Chaos Earth Assorted Sourcebook References
The following is a list of references for use with Chaos Earth. Some are what could be considered canon, or we can at least infer that they are, and others are things that are easily converted or just work well in the setting. In any case, it should help players and Game Masters to expand on the existing setting using existing published material.

Rifts is, of course, the no-brainer for finding direct canon inclusions for its prequel, Chaos Earth. Scattered throughout the Rifts sourcebooks are references to equipment, technology, and weapons from the Golden Age. While this list is certainly not comprehensive, it is a good start for Game Masters that want to know what sort of technology was available. You’ll notice that there are things noticeably absent from this list. I have tried to include things here that will only be encountered in North America (where Chaos Earth is set, after all), that are reasonably likely to be encountered (so no experimental prototypes sitting in hangers at Area 51), and are explicitly known to be exactly what was in use at the end of the Golden Age (so no weapons based on pre-Rifts designs).

World Book 7: Underseas
  • M-2011 Ion Pistol (p. 116)
    M-160 Ion Assault Rifle (p. 116)
    LAWS-3 Rocket Launcher (p. 116)
    M-20 Conventional Assault Rifle (p. 117)
    M-90 Multi-Weapon Assault System (p. 120)
    Navy Body Armor (p. 118)
    APA-15 Amphibious Assault Power Amor (p. 118)
    U.S. Marine Combat Armor (p. 118)
    Iwo-Jima Class MIFV (p. 121)
    S-14 Sea Hawk VTOL Jet Fighter (p. 122)
    S-16S Stealth Fighter (p. 124)
    Striker Attack Helicopter (p. 124)
World Book 15: Spirit West
  • USA-M31 Rail Gun (p. 198)
    U.S.A. SAMAS Power Armor (p. 197)
World Book 20: Canada
  • Legion Tundra Body Armor (p. 187)
    Thermal-Armor Body Suit (p. 187)
Rifts Merc Ops
  • M-21 Laser Assault Rifle (p. 124)
    GAW Mark I Flight Suit Armor (p. 120)
    GAW Mark II Battlefield Armor (p. 120)
Rifts Index & Adventures - Volume Two
  • Laser Pistol (p. 92)
    Laser Rifle (p. 92)
    Body Armor (p. 92)
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