Void Reavers' Next Destination Poll

Let's raid a ship!
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Which way do we go?

Hyaist System (Independent) - 184 LYA
The Saragasso System (Hartigal controlled) - 426 LYA
No votes
Theora System (Harigal controlled) - 950 LYA
Total votes: 8

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Void Reavers' Next Destination Poll

Post by MOD »

Alright, to streamline our discussion I've put up a poll with the three systems that serve as our best destinations. Feel free to make your case for why you voted on which system and hopefully we can reach consensus quickly.

My case for the Hyaist System
1) It's the closest system. With two ships with one engine apiece, it makes sense that we can not expect to outrun the bounty hunters on the other ship for long. Getting to a safe port quickly allows us to prepare for that fight. The longer we stay in space, the longer we court a fight.
2) This is a bit of a logical leap, but the Field of the Cloth of Gold might be a good place for this fight. The name is from an actual meeting between Henry the VIII and Francis I that was full of jousts, feasts, and royal wrestling, so if this place remotely lives up to the name (which so far the intel seems to hint at) we can make this a great fighting ground. Maybe (maybe) we can even arrange this to be an organized fight in one of the arenas; we take care of our bounty hunters, we might even make some prize money if it's entertaining. We'll check our lore rolls to see what we know for sure, but I'd expect something ludicrous, violent, and commercial - the perfect place for a pirate.
3) We can make good trade here. We have a hover bike that needs to be delivered there, and who knows what else we might be able to sell under the table. This is not a Naruni controlled system, so there are competitors and we can search for a black market. Also, with a bunch of bloodthirsty cyber-nobles, we should be able to find a patron, even if only for one job.
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Re: Void Reavers' Next Destination Poll

Post by Death and Gravity »

TLDR / how your GM views the options:
There is not wrong or right answer. I am happy to run any of the three options. Although the choice you make will certainly impact how the game goes.
Saragasso = low risk, low reward, boring
Theora = medium risk, medium reward, medium levels of excitement
Hyaist = high risk, high reward, exciting
Nev's Anvil Galaxy Gazetteer entry for each option:

Theora - 950 LYA. This is world is a genuine pirate kingdom, like Madagascar of old. A fleet of seven different pirate clans have come together, selected a king, and taken over this sparsely populated Hartigal outpost, and the company now has a major piracy problem on its hands. Lacking the overt military power necessary to rout them, Hartigal must appeal to larger powers (good luck) to get these lawbreakers off their world, or they must rely on adventurer types and their newly created mercenary army to take care of the problem.

The Sargasso - 426 LYA. This is no planet, but a set of four asteroid belts connected by dense clouds of dust. It is all part of a young solar system that is still accreting into planetary mass, but for the time being, it is home to many smugglers, pirates and crooks of every kind to whom the numerous asteroids provide cheap homes and protection. Hartigal maintains control over the system because they are mining the asteroids. They have an agreement with the criminal types - we leave you alone, you leave us alone. It is working okay for the moment.

Hyaist - 184 LYA. A wealthy industrialized world known for the unique way of life of it's inhabitants. The Cyber-Retros are Cybernetically and bionically enhanced nobility who look towards history for inspiration and guidance on how society should function. Legal proceedings have been replaced by honor duels. The nobility has replaced the corporate executive class. Dukes and duchess and their militias have replace corporate security forces. Their focus is on the stability of their society, especially in their place at the top. At the highest levels of society are the Royals, the nobility and their extravagant lifestyles - highlighted by the annual Field of Cloth of Gold event where the nobility try to out do each other in feats of combat, art, debauchery and wasteful displays of wealth. At the bottom end are the burnt out synapses of the indentured cyber-serf or slave borg.

GM note: I'll add more stuff here based on the relevant player IC rolls - hopefully tomorrow.


Zathark thinks very very hard an isn't sure if he's ever heard of Hyasit or not. It sounds similar but it could be Yaist, Hayn, or even Byearst he's thinking of. Anyway whatever planet he is thinking of they have money and massive bugs. He recalls some old timer telling him about massive bugs, or borgs, or... maybe bats that had Psi-Goblin tossing competitions. the old timer recalled it was a good time, but Zathark wasn't sure. That old timer seemed like he'd suffered repeated concussion after repeated concussion on a regular basis. So that checked out at least. The guy knew how to party.

Theora he has heard of: Pirates, lotsa pirates, as in pirates run the place and have a pirate king. The pirate king loves collecting his tribute and take sit very personally if it's not paid. It has an unhealthy number of Psi-Goblins as well. The kind of place where you watch yourself because, well you know pirates... and that's about all he knows.

He also knows of Saragasso. It's a system with a few massive asteroid belts, with dust in between. So traveling in the system itself is a bit of a chore. Asteroids means mining, miners, manufacturing plants and all that stuff. Dull hard working people doing a hard job in a hard place. A good place to lay low. It is not a good place to get a good price if you want sell stuff.

Dr White

Hyaist is another place where they forsake their flesh for machine parts, which is a bit of a shame really as cybernetics and bionics are just so boring. Sigh. On the other hand they are one of the richest manufacturing planets in the cluster and apparently have some rather loose and entertaining views on vulgar displays of wealth, humanoid experimentation and even torture.

Theora is one of the those places were pirates have moved in and said 'this is ours now'. No one has done anything about it yet, but eventually someone will take exception to them and clear them out. As is the way of these things. Fun places while they last though, dangerous, but fun.

Saragosso is a mining backwater, pure and simple. No planets, just hollowed out asteroids. The absolute pits! The only thing going for it is there should be lots of places to hide.


Bhapknows of both Saragasso and Hyaist. He has never heard of Theora.

Hyaist is, or was at least, a large employer of the Trensik Corps. They had a repeat annual contract for additional security of something called The Field of Cloth of Gold. Apparently the king didn't trust his own nobility to keep things safe, so he hired a bunch of Trensik to keep the peace. It was a fairly good assignment. Not that dangerous compared to a planetary assault, but it had it's risks. Lots of de-escalation of wasted borgs who wanted to tear each other to pieces. Oh man, the stories that came from it! Wow! These crazy throw-back history worshiping borgs would try to outdo each other in terms of art, combat, partying and historical accuracy. The kind of place the is usually impossible to get into without an invitation, and if you can gain the favor of one of the powerful people there, well you could make a lot of money. The borgs are apparently fabulous tippers if they like you.

Saragasso has a small Trensik way station for refitting Trensik Corps ships, plus anyone else who has the credit to pay for it. No questions asked.


Theora and Saragasso are Hydigal controlled systems and are to be avoided by NE associates. However it's fair to assume that there are NE operatives there running all sorts of black ops.

The Field of Cloth of Gold is quite well known as there are shows that cover it on NE media. The wealth on display always meant the viewer numbers were worth the trouble (paying licensing fees) of covering it. MOD would love to visit, the epic sound systems they have look amazing! They say getting an invite is impossible.
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Re: Void Reavers' Next Destination Poll

Post by Dark Lord »

Why kill a PC when you can torture their player?
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Re: Void Reavers' Next Destination Poll

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Voted. I don't think we should got to the first system. There is nothing stopping them from blasting us the moment we touch down. Especially if the plan is to attempt to randsom the bike back to someone who already paid for it. I would recommend going to Theora, selling one of the ship's, getting repairs on the other. From there we can negotiate for a randsom of the bike. This way we are not attempting to randsom something from a place the owner controls. Just my two cents.

Question. Would you guys like Hellhound to take over as the group leader.
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