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Rate The Apothecary QUAD 3 2020

Post by The Apothecary »

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Re: Rate The Apothecary QUAD 3 2020

Post by Dark Lord »

Voted. Post rate is excellent- best we've had from a GM in a long time. You took over without being prompted, and despite being spread alarmingly (to me) thin on this site. Between that and the fact that we've only had a month, I'm entirely satisfied with your GMing so far. A lot of the current adventure so far has featured events we can't do a whole lot about, which does risk frustrated players, but I'm reserving judgment on that until I see how the narrative plays out. Fingers crossed for team evil getting some epic satisfaction later :D.
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Wayne Northblade
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Re: Rate The Apothecary QUAD 3 2020

Post by Wayne Northblade »

Voted. Great post rate, you really shook things up with that bombing, present in chat. Thank you!
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Re: Rate The Apothecary QUAD 3 2020

Post by Mierin »


Thank you for stepping in and taking over so well when our GM vanished. :)
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Re: Rate The Apothecary QUAD 3 2020

Post by Clear and Present Danger »

Voted for Grimloq.

You did a great job of saving the group! You have also set a challenging bar for who ever decides to fill the roll of permanent gm for us.
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Re: Rate The Apothecary QUAD 3 2020

Post by Ronan »

Voted; echoing above sentiments.
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Re: Rate The Apothecary QUAD 3 2020

Post by Lahz »

Voted, agree post rate is solid. A lot of the current adventure so far has featured events the team was helpless to do anything about. I'm also going to go on record though sayin it feels kind of insulting for every NPC to always know what you are doing and thinking.
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Re: Rate The Apothecary QUAD 3 2020

Post by Vheld »

One minor additional point of feedback, but I would like to request you consider the use of

Code: Select all

tags when the GM post copies dialogue a PC has already written. I find this helps differentiate PC speech (which I have already read and am less likely to need to respond to) from NPC speech (which I may need to scrutinize and respond to).
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