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Used Mobil Home GoFundMe

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Hey folks, so I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago on Hangouts that my wife and I had purchased a plot of land. Since then we have been doing some hunting for a mobil home to put on it and we finally have found one we really love. It's a 4 bedroom, 3 full bathrooms, two living rooms (technically a living room and a "family" room), and a room marked as a "man cave" (it's a bedroom without a closet. My wife is thinking about making this her office for her small at home business she runs). She had set up a GoFundMe shortly after we bought the land to help go towards getting our trailer, and now that we found one we like, I'm sharing our GoFundMe page here. Please, anything helps at this point.

(The picture shown on the GoFundMe page is the roof/ceiling in our bedroom in the trailer we are currently renting)
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