Weapons of Wonder (129)

Dominated by the mages of MercTown and shops specializing in magic gear, weapons, and accessories.

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Weapons of Wonder (129)

Post by Augur »

If it is magical and designed to kill, maim or incapacitate, then odds are you will find it at Weapons of Wonder. The owner is an alien dimensional traveler named Ankros Palix who's developed a deep, abiding interest in magical weapons. Where most of his kind focus on amassing power. Ankros has always been fascinated with weaponry. An avid collector, he has scoured the Megaverse in search of his passion, that being mystically charged armaments. Eventually, when his collection expanded beyond his ability to create dimensional pockets to hold it all, it seemed only natural to open a weapons shop. The exact contents of the shop vary all the time, but whatever is in stock, several hundred assorted weapons will be displayed on the shelves and in protective glass cases.

+5% to all rolls to find exotic weapons of rare, ultra-rare, or legendary rarity
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Re: Weapons of Wonder (129)

Post by Drake »

Perception: 1d100: [41] = 41 /55%
Just in Case: 1d20: [13] = 13 ; 1d100: [7] = 7
Conditions: None.

Drake parks his motorcycle near the front of the building, and pulls a sword off of the saddlebag. Heading inside, Drake is more than a little impressed by what he sees, but he's on a mission and buying isn't on his list of things to do. Drake approaches the counter and waits for the proprietor.

"Yes I would like to sell this sword, it's been with me for a while, but I find myself not in need of it anymore." Drake says proffering the two-handed Zhanmadao Xun-Jiang to the proprietor. "As far as I know it only has one power, and that is the ability to ignite into a flaming sword."

Xun-Jiang (Swift River)
Enchanted Two Handed Zhanmadao
M.D.C.: 100
Damage: 3D6 M.D. (5D6 M.D.C when activated)
Magic Features
  • Flaming Sword

Curse: None Known, or experienced.
History: None known to its current owner.

I don't know anything about the blade as it was part of Drake's starting Gear. I would assume it's only worth as much as a Flaming Sword.

Once done here, Drake will thank the Propietor, before making his way back to the Compound.
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