Discount Dan's Slightly Used Mechs and Vehicles (207a)

Dockside, Airport, and outskirts of MercTown.

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Discount Dan's Slightly Used Mechs and Vehicles (207a)

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Discount Dan's Slightly Used Mechs and Vehicles

Behind the MercTown Power Plant (207) sits what amounts to a scrapyard. The compound is surrounded by ten-foot-high fences, which are a mixture or chain link and scrap metal. The main gate is framed by a large spider sculpture made of scrap. Once inside there are three buildings and the scrapyard proper. One of the buildings is a small office from where Discount Dan does most of his work. The other two buildings are old warehouse style buildings holding premium parts and various robots and vehicles; it is here that Discount Dan's staff works does the mechanical work on the equipment. As far as anyone has ever seen Dan's repair crew consists of Northern Gun Drones.

Discount Dan cuts a dashing, if smarmy, figure with perfect teeth, perfectly coiffed hair, and an immaculate suit. He is a combination of the worst parts of used car salesman and a telemarketer, talking in a fast-paced Yonkers accent. He constantly overshares information, as to drown out what could possibly be wrong with the goods he is selling. As for the products he's selling, they're mediocre at best and death traps at worst. Most of what Discount Dan sells is missing non-vital systems or has had safety measures bypassed in ways that no company could dream. That being said, sometimes there is a rare diamond among his wares and people still come to Discount Dan because he sells them at ridiculously discounted prices. There is a rumor that one of Discount Dan's other talents is acquiring things from the Black Market, though which organization he works through is up for debate.

[ooc=A/GM Info]Discount Dan is not a human, but is rather a very life-like Archie Android, like Argent Goodchild. The difference is that Dan's programming is messed up and he tends to get his orders wrong. His Black Market ties are actually ties to Titan Robotics and Archie in general, so on top of most of the items he's selling being faulty they’re also bugged for Archie to spy on the owners. Archie III is aware of Dan's faults and finds them humorous. He finds the location to be ideal for offloading damaged and defective Mechs and Vehicles acquired through other sources such as Titan Robotics and things captured by the Shemarrians.[/ooc]
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