Magic Proximity

Coming to MercTown via land? You'll have to enter through one of the City Gates. A free MAP and GUIDE of MercTown is provided upon arrival.

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Magic Proximity

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At Nexus
Arcane Collegiate

Within 1 mile of Nexus
Bubble, Bubble Theater of Enlightenment
Magic-Tech, Inc.
The Spider's Bite
The Wizard's Chest

Within 1 miles of Ley Line
20/20 Visions
A Second Chance Insurance
Allen's Markets
Armstong-Bennett TW Armaments
Babcock & Sons Outfitters
Bestiary of the Bizarre
Big Budget Productions
Bionics Weapons Masters
Blood Court
Bone & Marrow Shop
Bardun's Basement
Buyer's Market Pawnshop
Cadger's Pawn Brokers
Cafe on the Corner
Computer World
Consulate Building
Cyber Street Clinic
Cyber Street Tenement
Dexter Limousines
Discount Enhancement
Devilman Exotic Arms
Edwards Savings & Loan (Mercenaries Bank)
Emma's Boarding House
Erdano's High Fashion
Feathered Serpent Pharmacy
First Edition Bookstore
Flaverrel's Fine Wines
Flesh Peddlers
Floating Chariots (Main Office)
Gabriel's Discount TW
Golden Age Relics
Goldleaf & Silk
Gornons' Shoe & Repair
Gulf East Trading House
Hak's Hardware Store
Ham's Radios
Hellespont Galleria
Hit list Discs
Hub Swap Meet and Flea Market
Insider Traders
Iverson Auto Repairs
Jackson's Chow Hall
Job Market Cafe
Kentucky Parcel Company
Kentucky Rotisserie
Klingmar Spa & Resort
Lock & Key
Lone Star Saloon
Madeleine's Aroma of Spring
MageFire Weapons
Magic Missives
Man's Best Friends
Marvels Mechanica
McArthy's Video
Men of Metal
Mercenary Plaza
Merchants Association Hall
MercTown Attorneys at Law
The MercTown Gymnasium
MercTown Kitchen & Bath
MercTown Real Estate Office
Merctown State Hospital
MercTown Taxi Services
MercTown Union Local
Miranda's Fashion Boutique
Mystic Droughts
Mystic Medicine Clinic
Northern Gun/Manistique Imperium (NGMI) Bank
Northern Gun Store
Nirvana, the Juicer retreat
Naruni Enterprises Building
Old Granddad's Pizza
Old Time Gunstore
Old Town Tannery
Paducah Dry Cleaners
Pixel Panorama
Percussion, Brass, & Strings
Precinct One Jail Facility
Prescription Meds
Raven's Roost Buriesque House
Shears Barbershop
Silverworks Jewelry
Snapshot Camera
Spirit Sales
Spokes Hotel
Starbright Jewelers
Stogies Men's Club
Stormspire Store
Sunrise Bakery & Cafe
Super-Juice Augmentation
Taste of the Town
Temple of Light and Darkness
Temple of the Four Elements
The Animal House (The Black Bastards' HQ)
The Barracks
The Broken Skull
The Cease Fire Tavern
The Crimson Dragon
The Electronics Warehouse
The Elfin Tea Room
The Golden Dragon Dojo
The Gunman's Tavern
The Haunt (Spook Squad HQ)
The Hub Battle Dome
The Memorial Arch
The News Rack
The Oasis
The Paducah Health Club
The Palace Hotel & Casino
The Patterson Clinic
The Pyramid Emporium
The Quiet Warrior Inn
The Scouts' Garage
The Shrine of Warriors
The Shuffle
The Spokes Credit Exchange
The War Gallery Restaurant
The Winds of Fate
The Wine Garden
Third Eye Private Investigators
Titan Industries Showroom
Tomes of Yore
Uberman's Augmentation
Unknown Knowledge
Vannor's Weapons Repair
Warhawk Magazine Co.
Weapons of Wonder
West Warrens Diner
Wilderness Equipment Outlet
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