Interlude: A Time Lost

The continuing adventures of an arrogant elf, and the masochists who join him on his fools errands.

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Interlude: A Time Lost

Post by Zoe Barenger »

Conditions wrote:Location: Merctown
Date/Time: May 1st, 112PA ;; 1630 MST
Environmental Conditions: Clear skies, ~68*F
Ley Line Conditions: Calm, Nexus nearby.
The next few days is spent in much the same way many return missions are spent which is a nice change of pace for many of the Heroes. The routine they have so missed, the debrief, the checking of gear, of admin details; while tedious is also somewhat soothing.

Barracuda and Grant peel away for their own discussion about leadership and transitioning. Barracuda, for his part, remains the most cheerful of the group, trying to keep spirits high in the wake of the multiple losses suffered by the group on their most recent adventure. After Grant assumes control with Barracuda as his second, the pair make Keiko and Gunnar official members of Heroes for Hire. Gunnar stays with Weiss for the initial few days, being completely out of his depth. Weiss is able to drop a line for Blackman but knows that receiving a response takes time and usually comes with a fee, so best not to wait up for it; Weiss also makes his stop at Desmonds. Keiko settles in to her new home, finding it to be a nice change of pace from what she has been experiencing for the past little while. Keiko is glad to have actual armament stores, a nice thing to have and after having visited the local Wilks, she leaves with a shiny new 457 Laser Rifle that she has time to admire while walking to Naruni. Here, trade is bustling with aliens of all sizes that dwarf the felinoid but she is unfaltering in her search. Fortunately, Naruni was able to part with both items she was after and after a mere hour or so of shopping, Keiko finds herself able to relax at the heroes house.

Grant breaks away after the meeting to research what he can about Ashlynn, anything he can about Ashlynn. Since Grant initially saw Ashlynn seeking something, he has yet to see her since. The image of her gone the night of the full moon, and since returning to their timeline, any attempts produce static. Grant spends the vast majority of his time now researching on ways to save Ashlynn, locking himself away for a few days. It is infuriating, the lack of information available out there considering all of his resources is enough to drive the magi mad. Determined, Grant continues combing through the research and eventually happens upon an isolated file about a demonic event in northern Canada. An entire town was wiped off the map, the buildings, vehicles, people, all were incinerated. Ariel photos show a swath of black in the sea of white snow, like the are was caked with napalm repeatedly. Grant cycles through the images taken and stops at one image. It shows someone standing in the wake of the destruction. He cycles to the next image; a zoomed in one. Grant can feel his heart sink at the sight of Ashlynn. She looks different, almost distorted; it's her eyes in the photo. Grant isn't sure what has possessed her, but the report has demon written all over it. A powerful demon.

Grant is taken away from his research by clattering in the main room. An unusual clattering that prompts the magi to investigate. As Grant does, he notices Keiko leaving her room to investigate as well with Wiess and Gunnar in the main room with Barracuda. The pair are shocked to see Ashlynn's familiar, Huey, the Bookwyrm, freaking out. The small reptile darts across furniture chirping and chittering, leaping onto Barracuda then crawling and jumping onto Gunnar before stopping and resting on Gunnars' shoulder and shaking its head viciously before motioning towards the door. Everyone can tell this is more activity seen from Huey since they have returned that anyone has seen.

[Somewhere else]

Ashlynn can feel her eyes blink and her body move once again. She blinks as her vision adjusts to the pure white surrounding around her, a cloudy sky overhead. Ashlynn feels cold but doesn't feel herself shiver, instead she feels herself walking towards a small village. Another village. She remembers. The last time she woke up was just before she was forced to witness the slaughter of a village... now it looks like it'll happen again. She tries to scream as she watches the village get closer, unable to stop her own body from walking towards it. Ashlynn hear the mellow laugh echoing within her mind as she struggle to stop it from moving. "A penance. Every time you interfere, you will feel the blood of an innocent run down your throat." The voice threatens coldly. Ashlynn steels herself again, it hadn't broken her yet, it won't break her now. She knows what the voice is hunting, she doesn't know where it is or why it is leading her to these outskirt villages. Why any of this matters? Her questions continue to flood her mind as she continues to fight her own walk.

"Resilient. But fruitless. Observe." The voice echoes as it continues to close on the village, its steps slowing.

[Ashlynn: Roll a save v Possession]

What are you doing?
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Re: Interlude: A Time Lost

Post by Ashlynn »


Perception 47% 1d100: [24] = 24

JIC: 1d20: [2] = 2
JIC: 1d100: [92] = 92

Grant pilots the mech to the Heroes Haven, and, unsure about whether he belongs or not, the team continues to make use of his skills, so he stays on.
Grant wrote:I'd like you to work with John on figuring out what critical repairs need to be done to your robots with the funds we have available.
Weiss wrote:"Most of the damage is structural, which your magics dealt with, but we need reloads, switch out those headlights on the new Robot for something like railguns or energy weapons. Something that won't run out quickly. A trip to the junkyards and salvage experts looks to be in order. Gunner, I'll want your input into a good loadout for the Mastiff. Ronith also made a comment before we got zapped back about trying to make the APC a more all terrain vehicle."
Guess they want me to stick around then.

Gunnar nods. "On it, chief."

Gunnar spends the next couple days in the Haven's garage, using the various tools and equipment to strip down and evaluate the new mech, help weiss with any remaining repairs, and confer on loadouts for both mechs.

Robot Mechanics--86% 1d100: [28] = 28 (evaluate both vehicles - make sure they are functioning at 100% capability)
Weapons Engineer--81% 1d100: [97] = 97 (Recommend ideal loadout for the Mastiff based on it's power output, stability, and reaction time)
OOC Comments
These rolls are really for RP use only - I don't expect much in the way of actionable results as much as they're just being used as an indicator of his ability to do a good job.
In truth, working "motor pool" for the Heroes for Hire is the most normal he's felt since the rifts opened, and he has to remind himself periodically that he is now in the far future, will never return to his time, and that even if he could he's technically AWOL and would be looking forward to a harsh court martial.

Gunnar spends his "down time" trying to get to know the other Heroes - Barracuda, Keiko, Grant and Weiss, as well as Zoe, and Weiss' family.

They've all ... they've lost folks. Not only Ashlynn and Ronith, but also someone named Jack. Grant seems... focused. Spends all his time working on god knows what. Something magic, I'll bet. He's a far cry from Gandalf the Grey, but he's a real person, who knows real magic, not some character from a book. And Weiss... I can tell he's hurting, though he covers it when I'm around.

One day, as he works, he hears a clattering from the other room.

"What the heck?" Moving to investigate, he sees the other Heroes also cautiously approaching the main room, the source of the commotion. He sees Huey bounding around the room, uncharacteristically energetic. then, apparently, Huey sees him, because the chubby bookwyrm screeches playfully, and leap-scampers up Gunnar's body to perch on his shoulder and gesture emphatically toward the door.

Gunnar looks at Grant. "I... don't know a lot about dragons..." Nothing, really... "But it looks like he wants us to go somewhere. Like... NOW."


Perception: 82% /87% in Wide Open Spaces 1d100: [66] = 66

JIC: 1d20: [19] = 19
JIC: 1d100: [56] = 56
the Voice wrote:"A penance. Every time you interfere, you will feel the blood of an innocent run down your throat."
A penance...

Ashlynn, through the endless dark, forces herself to remember... snippets of memory return to her. The word penance echoes in her mind, an important memory she forces to the surface.
giant in gold armor wrote:"You should have stayed dead, Unsere. They wish to see you dead. I will claim what was yours and what was left of the Unsere Following will die. As penance for your sins."
Unsere? She tries to remember where else she had heard that name... and, like the other memory, it comes slowly to her.
elderly man wrote:"I cannot help you, Unsere, I am sorry."
The voice... the thing using my body... is Unsere.
the voice, Unsere wrote:"All I require is information. Of all the lords, none held a candle to your knowledge. I am sure you must know where Murmur is keeping it."

Working hard, Ashlynn tries to put the random, scattered memories of eons spent in darkness together into some semblance of cohesion. Who is Murmur? Another memory is pulled from the haze of time.
Unsere wrote:"You have what is mine, Murmur, and I will see it returned to me."
This... thing. Unsere... has kept me submerged for so long...and yet I feel something is about to change...
Unsere wrote:"THEY STOLE MY BODY! We're going back to your home, little one. To find what was mine. And I will find it, and I will kill anything that stands in my path."
And then Ashlynn feels something she has not felt in an age, a feeling long since passed from her memory, but instantly recognizable.

Huey? Huey's alive? Then the others... Ronith, Weiss, 'Cuda, Keiko! They must have survived! I have to warn them!" She begins to struggle, though her mind is weak from prolonged dormancy.

Save vs. Possession: 1d20+1: [1]+1 = 2
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Re: Interlude: A Time Lost

Post by Grant Latham »

New Perception: 78% vs 1d100: [63] = 63
JIC: 1d20: [18] = 18 , 1d100: [87] = 87
Constant Abilities
Character Sheet
  • Sense Ley Line: 89%
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  • Immune to Possession
  • Regenerate 2d6 M.D.C. per minute
  • Fatigues at half normal rate, hold breath up to 3 minutes
  • Base Spell Strength: 15
  • Spell Range doubled
  • Spells, psionic attacks, drugs, and disease that cause confusion, dizziness, or dull the senses are half as effective (penalties and duration)
  • Silver and 90% pure iron weapons inflict their S.D.C. equivalent damage in M.D.C. Rune weapons and holy weapons do double damage. Suffers double damage from Ley Line Storms
  • Turn Invisible at will (Simple)
  • M.D.C.: 97/97
  • I.S.P.: 94/94
  • P.P.E.: 656/656
  • Lord Magus Armor • Main Body: 50/50 Head: 45/45 Arms: 15/15 Legs:30/30
Before leaving for Dweomer
Weiss wrote:
The Meeting

When Grant says he is taking charge, he thumps the table and nods his approval. As Grant details what he'd like Weiss and Gunner to do, Weiss shrugs.
"Most of the damage is structural, which your magics dealt with, but we need reloads, switch out those headlights on the new Robot for something like railguns or energy weapons. Something that won't run out quickly. A trip to the junkyards and salvage experts looks to be in order. Gunner, I'll want your input into a good loadout for the Mastiff. Ronith also made a comment before we got zapped back about trying to make the APC a more all terrain vehicle."

As Grant then details plans to find Ash and the Whither Gate, Weiss chimes in.

"I have some of my own contacts I can reach out to. Any ideas of how to narrow the search would be much appreciated though. One will likely cost us money which is Blackman. The other, not sure what they might cost us."

Assuming Grant agrees, he drops a message to Blackman and to the dead drop he uses for Mr Desmond and awaits a response.
"No amount of payment from the Collegiate would cover our losses, I'll leave it in your hands to determine what would be best. Though if I had to choose, I'd rather have one robot at full strength than two partially functional ones." Grant says to John. "If you think you have contacts that might be useful with what little we know, then approach them; however, we've agreed to not share the full story of what happened."

After the trip to Dweomer

The Three had listened to his recounting of the tale in stony silence. When he had finished, they had thanked him and dismissed him with permission to review the archives of Dweomer, but no active assistance.

The mage pops back to the Heroes Haven, his hands are full with folders, papers, pictures and datapads. He quickly greets the others and goes to his room where he begins organizing the documents. He tacks them on the wall along with his notes. The discovery of the picture on the datapad causes his hand to shake. We were in the past, this picture for all the evil represents proves it. He examines the picture and any related documents to identify where and when in Canada was the picture taken.] He stops when he realizes that the image looks wrong and it takes him a few seconds to note the eyes, recognizing the signs of possession.

The mage is already moving to show what he's found, when the noise hastens his step. He looks at the familiar and uses his telepathy and empathy to try and get a sense of what the animal is thinking. From it's reactions, could it mean that Ashlynn is now here, in our present, close enough to be sensed?

He says to the others "I found an image of Ashlynn that was taken sometime after we departed Croftonland. It's clear that she is possessed, most likely demonic. While I had a sense of her in the past, I've had no luck since we've returned. Based on Huey's actions, it's possible that she has caught up to us in time and is close. However, whatever has her is strong, I doubt we will be able to just ask the demon to leave. We will either need to force it out by exorcism, or bargain with it. I do not know the magic or have the mental ability to exorcise a demon, Keiko is this something you may know how to do?"
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Re: Interlude: A Time Lost

Post by Keiko »

Perception: 1d100: [53] = 53 /40%
JIC: 1d20: [17] = 17 ; 1d100: [26] = 26
Active Effects
Keiko skips happily back to the H4H HQ with her new gear. Oh. It's so nice to be able to move about without fear of being snatched up by some random splugos. I could get used to this. Keiko keeps up her normal routine until it's interrupted by Huey.

Keiko come's out wearing an orange and yellow summer dress that flows around her. She looks at Huey's behavior. What's gotten into him? "Well Gunnar looks like Huey's taken a liking to you. What's up Huey. Do you feel Ash? I hope your right. I think that Huey wants to show us something."

Keiko looks at Grant when he asks her if she can preform an exorcism. he face falls slightly, "I wish I could. Unfortunately that is not something I can do. I'm sure if I had some time and a scroll of the spell I could learn it. But it is not something I have off hand. It would be nice to have as a back up. Still I think if we can get to talk to the entity, we might be able to come some kind of arrangement. I mean it's had Ash for how long now? I mean that's likely the only think keeping Ash alive. I don't think any of our normal life spans would have kept us alive for as long as Ash has been at this point. I don't know if excising the demon or what ever it is would kill Ash or not. So I think it would be best to talk first and if it comes to it we can use the spell as a back up plan. But also remember it can make a very large and powerful AMC. We should also have mundane ways of subduing Ash should it come to it. I can be pretty charming when I want to be." Keiko gives a small wink.

P.P.E.: 110/110
I.S.P.: 35/35
H.P.: 29/29
S.D.C.: 86/86
MA-2 TW Combat Mage Armor
Helmet - 40/40
Left Arm 20/20
Right Arm 20/20
Right Leg 30/30
Left Leg 30/30
Main Body - 60/60
Armor of Ithan 50/50 M.D.C.
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