Templar Base (Aproximately 1km outside of Merctown)

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Re: Templar Base (Aproximately 1km outside of Merctown)

Post by Jason Long »

Perception: 1d100: [43] = 43 / 71%
JIC: 1d20: [4] = 4 / 1d100: [25] = 25

Jason agrees to a time to meet Rufus to view the 'package'. He sits down and takes some time figuring out how much of what materials he will need to make shells for Bonaparte's 105.
Lets see, I'll need about 160 shell casings, GAW can supply ones I can modify. I'll need tungsten rods for the APFSDS and tungsten scrap for the canister. I wonder if a could use scrap silver to make silver canister rounds? Copper and plastique for the HEAT rounds. Same for the MPAT. Plasma is the big question. Of course, smoke rounds should be cheap enough to just buy from GAW. I wonder... Jason calls out to Rufus before he leaves, "Do you know if there is any kind of incense or powder that repels demons or other spirits? If so, I wonder if we can make a smoke round with it?"

Once Jason has his shopping list. He heads into town, stopping at GAW first to buy supplies.

((Demolition--69% / 1d100: [73] = 73 % )) determining charge 105 ammo
((Field Armorer & Munitions Expert 40% / 1d100: [30] = 30 )) determining materials for projectiles
((Chemistry: Analytical 25% / 1d100: [92] = 92 )) working on plasma projectile
((Field Armorer & Munitions Expert 40% / 1d100: [58] = 58 )) working on silver projectile design
Jason Long
OOC Comments
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SDC: 52/52
NE-BA-26 Special Body Armor
• Helmet: 50
• Main Body: 90
• Arms: 40 each
• Legs: 50 each
Modifiers: -10% to Prowl, Climb, Swim, or perform Acrobatics and similar physical skills
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Re: Templar Base (Aproximately 1km outside of Merctown)

Post by Grave Digger »

Team Dinner
Location: Templar Farm, approximately 1 mile from MercTown
Date: March 27, 111 PA, 2:00 PM
Weather: 62°, Clear Skies

Jason: Demolition (Determining charge for 105 mm ammo): Jason has a guestimate, whether he's short or heavy on it he's unsure.
Field Armorer & Munitions Expert (Determining materials for projectiles): The basics are the following; Shell casing, Warhead, Propellant, payload if needed, fuse and primer.
Chemistry: Analytical (Working on plasma projectile.): Seems so much easier in theory, but the math involved is very complex.
Field Armorer & Munitions Expert (Working on silver projectile design): Idea seems simple enough, but one has to consider how much silver is needed to act as payload.

Over the course of the day, the Templar run errands to prepare for their next job. Leo sits back and clears his head, preparing for the long trip ahead. The juicer is nearly indestructible, as seen by everything he has collided with (sometimes literally) in the Dinosaur Swamp, but he is still vulnerable to the pains of the human heart.

Dhatlun starts to do some research on flying and faeries, but nothing comes of his work. After a few hours he gets distracted and wanders back to the kitchen to start cooking. As his assistants start to prepare the evening meal, Dhal realizes they are missing several ingredients and considers going to the market.*

The others hit the markets where they find some valuable items and info. Rufus buys a magazine, and finds the cover interview so fascinating that he pounces on the chance to ask the reporter his own questions. Walker Rainier is happy to provide what info he has, but as he says upfront, "The Emperor is a squirrely guy. He's right now in the middle of 'redefining' his operation, as he likes to put it."

To that point he says that: Lasar's bandits MO is to hit targets on the road and then drive them into abandoned settlements where to then surround and ravage; they will do this to just about anyone they suspect of carrying something of value (they don't care what, if it's worth creds, it's there's); while Lasar's men are as quarrelsome as any group of marauders, grudges can be cleared with money or blood or both; back to the villages, they don't have any set turf, but they feel entitled to any property they collect protection on; that also means that they bounce from town to town over-staying their welcome and then making a point of staying longer.

On the last question, and comment on Leo's family, the Texan Rainer says, "Look poor and mind your own business. Don't tell them a sob story and don't stop to listen to someone's. There's nothing more these guys like than goading a hero. If you want to square up with them, they will come at you with everything they have. But if you are clever and play your hand like a true Texan at hold'em, you might get by fine."

Jason and Murdoc go into their respective stores and place their orders. By mid afternoon, everyone has placed their orders and found their way back to a small anonymous cafe in the heart of Merctown. None of them have ever noticed the place, and in return none of the servers or regulars seem to notice the Templar. They can sit around and chat about their plans in relative comfort.


* Dhaltun's destination has not been stated, so as of 2:00 pm he has not left the Templar base.
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Re: Templar Base (Aproximately 1km outside of Merctown)

Post by Leo »

Perception 34% 1d100: [97] = 97

JIC: 1d20: [5] = 5
JIC: 1d100: [45] = 45

Leo awakens early, and takes a walk around the farm before breakfast, re-familiarizing himself with the workigns and needs of a farm. If he sees Jacob, he offers his services for the day as a neophyte handyman/carpenter and as an experienced ox.

At breakfast, Leo takes hearty portions and consumes them with speed and intensity.
Jason wrote:Our cover story will be that Leo got a request to head back to the area to help against bandits.
Murdoc wrote:"Frak man, you should have said something sooner. No matter, when we get back there those bandits won't know what hit'em."
Leo fakes a sad face and folds his meaty paws under his chin. "Well gosh, sir, I reckon we all could use whatevah help we can find" He blinks. and then resumes eating.

As Jason talks about the package size, Leo listens as Rufus replies.
Rufus wrote:Okay, I'll give you a shout over the radio when I'm done at the magazine office and I'll meet you at the locker. Hopefully it's not something as large as a Tri-Tops frozen in ice or anything like that.
He nods. "If it's that big, it might be easier to bring the recipient to it." He chuckles. then looks down at himself. "Oh wait. I can probably move it if I have to."

He listens as the group finishes discussing plans, and then assists Jacob for the day with chores around the farm. This is quite relaxing for the big man, who has to keep busy to avoid getting jittery due to the juicer chemicals in his blood.

He sees, from where he's working, as the others leave singly or on pairs to head into town. Luckily I got my shopping in yesterday... especially 'cause I ain't got much more credits. I ain't real keen on starting this mission without that new railgun, but it is what it is. If I have to use pistol-and-hammer, I can certainly do that...

He mind begins to wander back to his time in the sploog arenas, but he shudders and focuses back on the taska t hand, resuming helping Jacob around the farm.

I'm way outta practice with farmwork. 'Course as the youngest many of these chores were never mine to do, but still. I gotta get my head right and not let my mind wander. That's how accidents happen.
Leo, Titan Juicer
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H.P.: 343/343
S.D.C.: 1070/1070

Environmental Body Armor
M.D.C. by Location:
Helmet: 40/40
Right Arm: 35/35
Left Arm: 35/35
Right Leg: 45/45
Left Leg: 45/45
Main Body: 80/80
-5% to -10% movement penalty
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Re: Templar Base (Aproximately 1km outside of Merctown)

Post by Dhaltuun Onyxforge »

Perception: 31% / LL1d100[/roll]
JiC d20 | d100: LL1d20[/roll] | LL1d100[/roll]
Initiative: LL1d20+1[/roll]
APM: 6

PPE: 136 at end of post / 136

Speaks in Language: American 117% - LL1d100[/roll]


Post -
Dhaltuun pulls up in front of the behemoth. Jumping out, he heads right to the galley. ”Vlad, you wanna go to town? I need someone to help me with shopping and I chose you. So pick a form you like and let's head out.” Dhaltuun looks around the galley as he waits for Vlad to decide on a form. ”I also got some supplies. They should be here in a couple of days.” As soon as Vlad shifts, Dhaltuun uses his gauntlet to start a count down clock. ”If I am right, you have 2 hours before you need to switch back. Clock started, so lets go.” Dhaltuun heads back to his buggy, with a whistle for Vlad, He gets in and starts it. Once Vlad jumps in, Dhal heads for the Uncommon Knowledge book store.

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Current Conditions:

Saving Throws, Bonuses, and other handy information
Coma/Death: +14%
Magic (varies): +4
Lethal Poison (14+): +4
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +4
Insanity (12+): --
Psionic (15+): --
Possession: +2
Horror Factor: +11

Nightvision 300 feet
Sharp vision (doesn’t deteriorate with time)
Augmented P.S.
Superior endurance (fatigues at 1/4 normal rate)
Max. Encumbrance: 108 lbs
Max. Carrying Weight: 460 lbs
Max. Lifting Weight: 920 lbs
Max. Jumping Ability: Leap 5' long X 4' ft high
Swimming: can swim 69 yards/meters per round for 88 rounds

Special Abilities
Dimensional Rift Home
  • Can always find his way home from another dimension.
    Can always dimensional teleport home at the cost of a paltry 75 P.P.E.
    Only applies to himself and his familiar as well as gear carried and not anybody else (a full rift or dimensional portal is necessary to take others with him).
    Uses 1 melee action
    Rifting on same world - 1/2 ppe of dimension rift home
    Limit - must have visited location before or use communication rift
    Will appear on nexus near desired location (or stone pyramid)
    Can even use on ley line to move along it or jump to a nearby ley line
Sense Rifts
  • Range - within 90 miles +20 miles per level
    Will detect new rift if it opens along the line I am on, regardless of distance (will know where rift is as well as size)
    Can detect teleports and other dimension disturbances at 45 miles +10 miles per level
    He will also instantly know what general direction the rift is located and whether the rift is big or small.
    Note: This sensing ability specifically relates to dimensional portals/rifts and not ley nexuses and ley lines.
Dimension Sense - 49% (+5%)
  • Concentrate for 1d6+2 mins to know: type of dimension, if it supports human life, its magic Level, how it was created, if it will close soon, its frequency of opening, any dimensional monsters nearby or in portal (-10% skill), plus unusual characteristics, just by reading portal or meditating after stepping thru
    See O.C.C. description for further details
Dimensional Travel
[/list]Cost: 125 P.P.E. for familiar and caster / +25 P.P.E. per person / remains open for 1 min
When targeting a random dimension - can open anywhere / drawn to locations rich in P.P.E.
When targeting home dimension - 100% random location appearance
When targeting dimensions visited - will appear in random, but hospitable location
Can use Re-Open Gateway or Dimensional portal at 1/2 P.P.E. in ritual / takes 1d6x10+15 min / open for 1 min per level (4th lvl = 4 mins), close it at will, manipulate size at will (max 10 ft tall x 10 ft wide per level)(4th Lvl = 40 ft tall x 40 ft wide)[/list]

Communication Rift
  • P.P.E.: on or within 1/2 mile of nexus - 50 P.P.E. / on or within 1/2 mile of ley line - 100 P.P.E. / anywhere else away from ley line - 200 P.P.E.
    Duration: 1 min per level (4th = 4 mins)
    Success ratio 34% +5% if done as ritual gives +20% success
    Time to open: 1d4 rds / as ritual: takes 1d6x10+15 min
    If fail but within 20% will contact correct location but not necessarily the right target
    Send familiar - must return in time or trapped until a portal can be opened (x1 per 24 hrs)
Familiar Link
  • Linked to – Marcella the Osprey (monsters and animals pg 158-159)
    Mentally and physically linked with familiar
    Familiar is linked to the shifter and obeys his every command, verbal and mental.
    If the familiar is killed, the shifter will permanently lose 10 hit points; see description for full consequences.
  • Battle of wills - roll above my MA +ME bonus; 3 out of 5x (if fail is subservient)
    If save - roll init....if I win close rift / if fail creature appears and might attack
    If beat creature - use pact
    If lose to creature - the shifter might be attacked or the being escapes
    Max # of Minions: 2 lesser (4 sub demons) - sub demons or imp-like minor being, poltergeists or haunting entity = 1 lesser/2 lesser beings = 1 greater
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Re: Templar Base (Aproximately 1km outside of Merctown)

Post by Consumer »

While Leo and Jaccob work, he notices the old man for his age and apparent health, could work circles around someone half his age. The work is actually really easy, mostly just checking on things. During the course of the day several deliveries arrive (All deliveries made; items added to sheets). All in all it's a rather peaceful day at the farm.
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