Rate your GM - June - September Quad 2

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Please Rate your GM

Poll ended at Sun Oct 11, 2020 7:23 am

10 - The Best GM ever!
9 - Awesome GM
8 - Excellent GM
7 - Good GM
No votes
6 - Decent GM
No votes
5 - Struggling GM
No votes
4 - Needs work
No votes
3 - Hard to handle
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2 - Unacceptable
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1 - Utter Failure
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Total votes: 6

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Captain Cardea
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Rate your GM - June - September Quad 2

Post by Captain Cardea »

Game Master (GM)

  • Maintain a GM post rate at a minimum of one adventure post per week.
  • Have the IM contact info of each player in their group.
  • Notify all players in the group via IM or PM of new GM posts, and other important updates.
  • Maintain your adventure notes in the GM's Cabal. (Gist: If a random GM can't pick up and run the adventure from your notes, the notes are unsatisfactory.)
  • Be available for IM chat at least one day a week.
  • Coordinate with the AGM regarding expected adventure dates & time-frames.
  • Consult with AGM regarding XP awards.
  • Directly notify AGM via PM of any expected absences in addition to the Account Status Tracker.
  • GMs will be rated according to merit by their players every quadrimester.
  • Rating will be done by players on the following schedule:
      • Quad 1: June 1st
      • Quad 2: October 1st
      • Quad 3: February 1st
  • Each is responsible for creating his rating poll on the above schedule.
  • Players are responsible for rating the GMs within a week of the poll being posted, and posting notice that they have voted (in the same thread.)
  • Ratings will be conducted via poll and averaged to the nearest whole number.
  • Players who do not vote will be removed from the average.
GM Rating Reward Table
  • 10: You have earned 7 EP.
    9: You have earned 6 EP.
    8: You have earned 5 EP.
    7: You have earned 4 EP.
    4-6: You have earned only 2 EP, also, you're on probation.
    1-3: Your position is now vacant; the group's AGM will post the availability of the group's GM position to the OOC Recruiting Thread.
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William Summers
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Re: Rate your GM - June - September Quad 2

Post by William Summers »


Having fun. Excellent post rate. Really good first showing as a GM. Stoked to see where this goes.
The Man in Black
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Wolf Whitaker
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Re: Rate your GM - June - September Quad 2

Post by Wolf Whitaker »


You have been very active in chat and kept us apprised of possible absences. You have been willing to drop mini-updates when needed to help keep the players engaged and the story moving forward. I look forward to where this adventure takes us this quad.
Wolf Whitaker

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Re: Rate your GM - June - September Quad 2

Post by Wakiza »

Voted! Good job so far, you already saw my critique. Keep up the good work!

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Seamus Finch
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Re: Rate your GM - June - September Quad 2

Post by Seamus Finch »

Voted. Thanks for being an awesome GM! Your post rate is excellent and I appreciate you always trying to i Clyde as many players specifically as possible.
Seamus Finch

Seamus Finch

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Lux BaghDach
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Re: Rate your GM - June - September Quad 2

Post by Lux BaghDach »


The mini posts are great - really help to keep things moving in the right direction.
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Jack Killian
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Re: Rate your GM - June - September Quad 2

Post by Jack Killian »

Sorry all It has been a busy year at the Middle school with 2020 , good news just a few more Months and we are in 2021.
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