Feedback for the first adventure!

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Feedback for the first adventure!

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Ok. Congratulations on completing the adventure. So this was the first adventure I ever made for EU and the first ever play by post adventure I have run or created. I have had several people talk to me about things they liked or thought I could do better.

- Campaign length. This has been brought to my attention. I can promise the next adventure lead by your wonderful AGM Clear and Present Danger will be much shorter. I miss calculated the time it takes to get things done. Also the holiday slowdown was not taken into consideration for the adventure.

- I have been told that people found the experience enjoyable with some good twists to keep it from being just a slugfest.

I look forward to hearing more feedback from you guys to make the next adventure even better.
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Re: Feedback for the first adventure!

Post by Tiree »

This is very tough on feedback for me. As I have been trying to give you feedback throughout the whole adventure. Because of that, I think you have heard most of my takeaways. I will try and not rehash them all:

Adventure Length: The length of this adventure lasted about what I expected. Even though you may not have thought it was the case, Approximately 2-3 quads is normal for any length of an adventure. If your expectations were set for shorter, then I would readdress your expectations, not necessarily be upset with how long the adventure took.

Downtime in Adventure: This is always a tough one, especially with the length of the adventure. Even though there was a gimmick to get all our forcefields a chance of working again. I think working in some sort of downtime for the tinkerers and non-combatants to shine mid adventure is always a plus.

Rule of Cool: I am a firm believer in the "Rule of Cool". If it looks like it would be a very cool to have something go off. Give the players a win with it. But as being a sadistic GM that you need to be, give it a twist. In this case, we put the demon in a book, it escaped. But it gave the players some time to react, and provide some combat effect.

The Adventure concept itself: Not one, I would normally put my character into. She's a robot pilot, going into a dungeon crawl. But you sold it, and I was looking to see how my character's non-robot gear would handle. The flaws have been identified, and now in the next "non-combat" downtime to build/repair my character has some work to do.
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