Arjay Thompkins (Human/Rogue Scientist)

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Arjay Thompkins (Human/Rogue Scientist)

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Player Name: James
G-Mail: jmarlow3737
Link to Ledger: My Ledger

Character Name: Arjay Thompkins
Alias: None
Race: Human
O.C.C.: Rogue Scientist
Alignment: Scrupulous
XP Level: 4
XP Points: 9,251 (Agency 10/4/20)
Next Level @ XP: 16,401
Sentiments/Non-Humans: Everyone is a learning experience waiting to happen but due to her CS upbringing she's a little hesitant around them.
Sentiments/Coalition: At best they are misguided, at worst they are fearful and ignorant
Disposition: casual, inquisitive and determined
Insanity: None

I.Q.: 18
M.E.: 19
M.A.: 11
P.S.: 12
P.P.: 13
P.E.: 15
P.B.: 11
Speed: 19 (285' per round, 71.25' per action)

P.P.E.: 7
I.S.P.: 0
H.P.: 30
S.D.C.: 37
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Description: A tall and lanky woman with short hair with a bleached out grey tuft up front.

Natural Abilities
Perception: 44% (+3%)
Charm/Impress: 0
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 0
Max. Encumbrance: 45 lbs.
Max. Carrying Weight: 120 lbs.
Max. Lifting Weight: 240 lbs.
Max. Jumping Ability: 6' across, 3' high

Special Abilities
  • Analyze - Adds +5% to perception when the scientist is focused on analyzing or figuring something out.
  • Hypothesize - Allows the character to brainstorm out an answer to an impossible question. +20% to Jury-Rig and Brewing.
  • Find the exotic - +20% to Find Contraband related to scientific equipment, medicinal drugs, rare herbs and chemicals, exotic specimens, (plant, herb, insect, animal, etc.) as ingredients and component parts, or as live subjects for study and testing. +10% bonus to Find Contraband related to finding electrical, mechanical, scholastic, or bionic contraband. Science and medical equipment, drugs and exotic specimens at 30% discount from most scientists, doctors, medical suppliers and the Black Market. 50% discount from Black Market, labs or clinics, if he trades at least 12 hours of work at one of their facilities such as a Bionic lab, Body chop shop, underground lab or illegal clinic. 12 hours gets up to 100,000 credits worth of equipment and specimens at the discount.
  • Recognize Scientific Authenticity and Quality - Tell if scientific equipment is new or used, defective, low or high quality, and if a chemical, drug, specimen or sample is genuine, a fair price and if it is exactly what he needs or not. Halved when dealing with alien technology. 59% (+3%)
O.C.C. Skills
Literacy: American 94% (+5%)
Literacy: Dragonese/Elven 84% (+5%)
Language: American 103% (+1%)
Language: Dragonese/Elven 83% (+3%)
Language: Spanish 83% (+3%)
Language: Gobbley 83% (+3%)
Astronomy & Navigation 79% (+5%)
Mathematics: Basic 94% (+5%)
Mathematics: Advanced 94% (+5%)
Basic Electronics 69% (+5%)
Computer Operation 79% (+5%)
Find Contraband 52% (+4%)
Pilot: Automobile 80% (+2%)
Radio: Basic 74% (+5%)
Recycle 69% (+5%)
Salvage 74% (+5%)
W.P. Energy Pistol

O.C.C. Related Skills
Archaeology 69%/54% (+5%)
Anthropology 79% (+5%)
Xenology 79% (+5%)
Medical Doctor 89%/79% (+5%)
Pathology 69% (+5%)
Lore: D-Bee 66% (+5%)
Lore: Demons & Monsters 71% (+5%)
Biology 69% (+5%)
Chemistry 69% (+5%)
Computer Programming 64% (+5%)
Chemistry: Analytical 74% (+5%)
Optic Systems 64% (+5%)
Sensory Equipment 64% (+5%)
Electrical Engineer 64% (+5%)
Prowl 44% (+5%)
Pilot: Truck 53% (+4%, 2nd level)
Computer Hacking 39% (+5%, 2nd level)

Secondary Skills
HTH Basic
W.P. Energy Rifle
Wilderness Survival 49% (+5%)
Swimming 69% (+5%)
Running (3rd level)
Barter 30% (+4%) (1st level)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Basic
Number of Attacks: 5
Initiative Bonus: 0
Strike Bonus: 0
Parry Bonus: +2
Dodge Bonus: +2
HTH Damage Bonus: 0
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +2
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2
Bonus to Disarm: 0
Kick: 1d8

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Energy Pistol: +2 to strike
W.P. Energy Rifle: +2 to strike

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: 0
Magic (varies): 0
Lethal Poison (14+): 0
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): 0
Insanity (12+): +4
Psionics (15+): +2
Horror Factor (varies): 0
Disease: +2
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Re: Arjay Thompkins (Human/ Rogue Scientist)

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Carried/In Hand
NG-P7 Particle Beam Rifle (Agency gear)

Worn on Person
Green, button-up, long-sleeved shirt
White tank-top
Cargo pants, tan
Hiking boots, black
Bushman Composite EBA (Agency gear)
Secure Universal Card: 3,275 credits
Non-Secure Black Card: 11,000 credits
Secure Universal Card (Pay): 5,250 credits

CAF Elite Corps Load-Bearing Chest Rig (Patron Item)
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.
• Attachment: Canteen
• Attachment: Flashlight
• Attachment: PDD pocket audio digital recorder & player
• Attachment: Note pad, Markers (8 color pack) & Mechanical Pencil
• Attachment: Pocket Laser Distance finder
• Attachment: Multi-Optics Band (1,600')
• Attachment: Digital Camera
• Attachment: E-clip, spare (Agency gear)
• Attachment: E-clip, spare (Agency gear)
• Attachment: Neural Dusters (Agency gear)
• Attachment: NG-35 Heavy Laser Pistol (Agency gear)
• Attachment: Wilk's PRC-5 Secure Walkie-Talkie (Agency gear)

Stored in Vehicle (Link)
The backpack is padded, sealable, and lightly armored. Internal space can be utilized to carry a variety of items. Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep. Items larger than a grenade will require more than one space.
• Space: Goggles
• Space: Laser Scalpel
• Space: Specimen Case: (6) Test Tubes, (2) Specimen Jars, (24) Microscope Slides, Scalpel, Pins, Tweezers
• Space: Rope (100')
• Space: Tool Kit & Tape Measure
• Space: Microscope, Portable
• Space: Air Filter
• Space: Pen Flashlight
• Space: Gas Mask
• Space: Portable Hand held Micro Computer with micro printer

Gear Stats

CAF Elite Corps Load-Bearing Chest Rig (Patron Item)
  • 12 attachment points
  • Integrated IRMSS: 20,000 credits to recharge (R:UE, p.263)

Wilk's PRC-5 Secure Walkie-Talkie
  • M.D.C.: 2
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Features: 96 hours before recharge required; 1 spare battery; hands-free accessories
  • Modifiers: -25% to crack encryption
  • Book Reference: p.106, MercOps

Bushman Composite EBA
M.D.C. by Location:
  • Helmet: 50
  • Arms: 30 each
  • Legs: 55 each
  • Main Body: 60/51

Weight: 17 lbs.
Modifiers: Good to fair mobility, -10% to physical skills.
  • All features standard to environmental armor

Book Reference: p.55, WB 34

NG-35 Heavy Laser Pistol
  • Range: 800'
  • Damage: 3D6 M.D.
  • Rate of Fire: Single shots only
  • Payload: 14 shots per E-clip, 22 per LE-Clip
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs.
  • Features: None
  • Modifiers: None
  • Book Reference: p.191, WB33

NG-P7 Particle Beam Rifle
  • Range: 1,200'
  • Damage: 1D4X10 M.D.
  • Rate of Fire: Single shots only
  • Payload: 8 shots per E-clip, 12 per LE-clip
  • Weight: Block I: 21 lbs. Block II: 17 lbs. Block III: 12 lbs.
  • Features: None
  • Modifiers: +50% damage on natural 19/20 critical strikes; vampires, werebeasts and mummies are impervious
  • Book Reference: p.202, WB33

Neural Dusters
  • Range: close combat
  • Damage: Powered: 2D4 (save vs non-lethal toxins or be knocked unconscious. Successful save: -8 to combat bonuses, -2 APM, -50% Spd for 2D4 melees)
    Unpowered: +1D4 damage to normal punches
  • Payload: 2 neural stun attacks may be recharged 4 times by a E-Clip
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Features: None
  • Modifiers: None
  • Book Reference: p.109, Merc Ops
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Re: Arjay Thompkins (Human/ Rogue Scientist)

Post by Arjay »

Background Story

Arjay ran her tongue across her teeth, still tasting the blood in her mouth from the slap that her high school teacher just gave her. She's always been told that she's a fairly smart girl but its her stubbornness that keeps getting her in trouble. She grinned a little to herself at this thought then stifled it quickly before the teacher saw her. Keep it together girl. You already pushed her too far today, but when she says drek that makes no sense, how can I just blindly follow along. Better figure out a way girl or they'll pull you from school and stick you in some repetitive factory job or something.

Med school was easy. At least to follow the path the Coalition set out. Keep humans alive, not much chance to question protocol there. Arjay looked over at her mid level bureaucrat parents as they stared at the propaganda spilling from the TV. She couldn't identify with them, let alone talk to them. Dad was pissed when I told him I was going to med school right after I got my electrical engineering certification. I guess he thought I'd fall in line, get a job, get married and start popping out little drones for the CS. Crap, I'm surprised they only had one kid. She reaches into her pocket and feels for the fake ID and forged travel papers that will get her out of the city. And he'll be furious if he ever figures out what I'm about to do.

Arjay was looking over the sick D-Bee that was in front of her as she suddenly remembers back, Getting out of the city wasn't as hard as I thought it would be but judging by the que I passed that was trying to get in, that would be a different story if I ever decided to go back. That's not likely though. As she finishes up examining the D-Bee she smiles and pulls a small bottle from the cabinet as she says, "Take one of these a day for five days Mrs. Krontal. You should start feeling yourself by the weekend, but continue taking the pills for the full five days. No heavy work and try to get as much sleep as you can. If you don't see any improvement come on back to the clinic." Smiling she walks the D-Bee woman out of the office, then walks back to an office with an old D'norr man sitting at a desk. "That's it Boon. My last patient has gone. Tomorrow morning before dawn, I'm on that caravan heading east. If I ever get back this way, I'll look you up and let you know what the world is like."

Rogue Scientist XP Table
1: 0,000-2,000
2: 2,001-4,000
3: 4,001-8,200
4: 8,201-16,400
5: 16,401-24,500
6: 24,501-34,600
7: 34,601-49,700
8: 49,701-69,800
9: 69,801-94,900
10: 94,901-129,000
11: 129,001-179,100
12: 179,101-229,200
13: 229,201-279,300
14: 279,301-329,400
15: 329,401-389,500
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Re: Arjay Thompkins (Human/ Rogue Scientist) *WIP*

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Re: Arjay Thompkins (Human/ Rogue Scientist)

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chargen corrections
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Re: Arjay Thompkins (Human/Rogue Scientist)

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(3 EP) Attribute Boost (applicable to attributes 16+, +1D6)

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Re: Arjay Thompkins (Human/Rogue Scientist)

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level 4 HP: Invalid dice code!
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