Chapter X: An Adventurer's Survey of the East

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Re: Chapter X: An Adventurer's Survey of the East

Post by Ecks »

((rolls carried))
1d100: [96] = 96 Computer Operation--108% (+5%) Trying to get the doors to close and stay closed.
1d100: [82] = 82 Electrical Engineer --113% (+5%) Understanding if I can't get the doors to close or what needs to be done.
1d100: [56] = 56 Mechanical Engineer--103% (+5) Figure out a manual way to activate the doors' closure if the computers aren't responding.
1d100: [52] = 52 Computer Hacking-- 93% (+5%, +8 EP) If the computers are responding, force the system to close them.
1d100: [72] = 72 Jury-Rig--103% (+5%) Find a totally unprofessional way to force the doors closed and keep them closed.

Ecks responds to Mink. "You got it! Let's burn this place to the ground." The operator looks at the doors on the small hallway and tries to not only shut them, but keep them shut. ((Added skill rolls, take away attacks as necessary.))
H.P. 61/61
S.D.C. 51/51

NG-EX10 Light ExoSkeleton Battle Armor: Helmet: 96 , Main Body: 216, Arms: 84, Legs: 108
Combat Trench Coat:17/36
Mantooth Dessication Bullets 6 Rounds/2d6 S.D.C. pistol whip
NG-45LP 5D6+5 M.D.C 12/12 charges long e-clip
Vibro Knife: 1D6 M.D.C. Dmg.

NG-V7 main body 492/492 M.D.

Sled main body 110/110
force field 285/285
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Re: Chapter X: An Adventurer's Survey of the East

Post by Underguard »

Conditions wrote:Location: ~50 miles inside of Shemarrian Territory. Underground Complex.
Time/Date: 04:02:30 (15s have passed; Combat Round One); November 23rd, 111PA
Conditions: Stale air, dark with ambient light.
Bri Psionic Modifiers: Enhanced
The team erupts into action with several immediately lobbing grenades or explosives down towards the encroaching horde to the south of them as they double back the way they came. Bri and Max both move towards Nali, Sel and Emet and escort them out. There is a series of explosions to the south as everyone evacuates the room from the explosives and high-pitched grinding that seems to echo off the halls. Damian and Alex take point, moving ahead while Mink and Ecks move towards the reactor hallway. Bri is able to deftly parry an attacker as it got past the explosive wave with Maia and responds in kind; the rune blade taking off one of its arms.

With the slightly altered plan of blowing the reactor before escaping, Munzog and Max bottleneck the small corridor with heavy suppressive fire as the doors slam shut thanks to Ecks. While several are singed and damaged, the explosions from earlier don't seem to have slowed them down in the slightest; though the shut door does. Munzog and Max can hear them clawing at the door which rattles against the impact; it won't hold them for long. Damian cries out in pain ahead of the troop as he positions against the large double doors. "Party crashers in front!" He shouts and he and Alex open fire together while Nali and Sel secure Emet in the corner of the room nearest the console.

While everyone else holds off the wave, Mink and Ecks make it to the reactor control room with Ecks expertly operating the doors and getting in. Inside, there are five large generators that radiate heat, even though they seem to be running on a low state. The console immediately to their right as they enter has a trio of keyboards. Both Mink and Ecks can figure this reactor follows a similar pattern and requires both codes to be entered simultaneously, then needs to be set. Loud sounds of weapons fire can be heard in the other room as their team continues holding everything off.

AAPS Movement 10 (Modified).png

  • Ecks: -1 Personal S.D.C. (from falling) ;; -22 M.D.C. from MB of Gladius Exo-Skeleton
    Brianna: -1 Personal S.D.C. (from falling); -2 PPE from Mesi,
    Selenidaria: -1 Personal S.D.C. (from falling), -14PPE ;; -26 M.D.C. from AoI
    Maximillian: -1 Personal S.D.C. (from falling) ;; -8 M.D.C. from MB of Arrow Ride Armor
    Mink: -18 I.S.P. Total ;; -6 M.D.C from Main Body

Already surrounded, soon to be overrun... what are you doing?
AA Professional Services GM || GIRLS GM|| Theme Song
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Re: Chapter X: An Adventurer's Survey of the East

Post by Munzog »

Perception 24% 1d100: [51] = 51 Fail!
JIC 1d20 1d20: [8] = 8
JIC 1d100 1d100: [50] = 50
Passive: Motion Detector
Active: None
Initiative: 8

Munzog sees the door is holding for now. Not for long though, but we have contact at the other entrance already. Damn I need to reposition. The wounded guy is exposed
“Max I’m going to cover the wounded, let me know when they breach. I will return immediately.”
Munzog moves south 15’ or so to line up with the intruder at the west entrance and open fire with the NE-200. Single shots since there are friendlies close by.
“Don’t move you two. Danger close, incoming fire” He yells at the two by the west door before firing.
Action Report

Shooting at the zombot in the middle of the door if there is a line of sight.
Will shoot until it drops. If drops before all actions used will try to line up and shoot second one.
If not then will move or wait for an opening.
Action 1: NE-200 Attack single shot 1d20+2: [5]+2 = 7 dmg 1d4*10: [1]*10 = 10
Action 2: NE-200 Attack single shot 1d20+2: [12]+2 = 14 dmg 1d4*10: [1]*10 = 10
Action 3: NE-200 Attack single shot 1d20+2: [4]+2 = 6 dmg 1d4*10: [3]*10 = 30
Action 4: NE-200 Attack single shot 1d20+2: [2]+2 = 4 dmg 1d4*10: [3]*10 = 30
Action 5: NE-200 Attack single shot 1d20+2: [3]+2 = 5 dmg 1d4*10: [4]*10 = 40
Munzog| EP Ledger| Other PC’s: Eshmun |

Constant stats and Abilities

Hands (2) - 33 M.D.C. each (max. 50 M.D.C.)
Forearms (2) - 33 M.D.C. each (max. 50 M.D.C.)
Upper Arms (2) - 47 M.D.C. each (max. 70 M.D.C.)
Feet (2) - 13 M.D.C. each (max. 20 M.D.C.)
Legs (2) - 60 M.D.C. each (max. 90 MD.C.)
Head - 60 M.D.C. (max. 90 M.D.C.)
Main Body - 180 (max. 280 M.D.C.).

Hear almost inaudible sounds at up to 360’
Estimate the distance and location of the sound source, and recognize specific sounds and voices at a base skill: 35% plus 5% per level of experience.
Skill level 47% +5 per level
Bonuses: +1 to parry, +2 to dodge, and +3 on
Rifts Bionic Sourcebook pg. 38

Usually built into a sensor hand or pros­thetic with hair-like sensor wires that are actually tiny motion detector sensors. However, a motion detection sensor system may be implanted in the arm, leg or head with sensor wires hid­den among the human hair. Provided the sensor wires are not covered (the arm or leg with the detector must be bare), the sys­ tem will work to measure noticeable movement near the charac­ ter. The reliability of the detector is quite limited, but can be used to accurately assess wind direction and wind speed, and to detect the rapid approach of large moving objects, such as a ve­ hicle, aircraft, power armor etc., whose rapid approach or large size causes a disturbance in the air. A motion detector is espe­ cially useful in the dark because the speeding object must usu­ ally be within 500’ to create a detectable air current. Likewise, the motion sensor will detect the movement of some­ body/thing moving near by, within 40’ but only if the sensor user is motionless or barely moving itself. The sensor can also detect sudden changes in air current and pressure

Rifts Bionic Sourcebook pg.36

Active Gear

NE-200 Plasma Cartridge Machine-Gun
  • Range: 2,000'
  • Damage: 1D4x10 M.D. per shot or 2D6x10 M.D. per burst
  • Rate of Fire: single shots or 10-round bursts only
  • Payload: 40-round magazine or 200-round belt (NE-003PC)
  • Weight: 70 lbs.; 15 lbs. for belt
  • Features: tripod
  • Modifiers: W.P. Heavy Military Weapons
    • P.S. of 24+, Robotic or Bionic P.S. 21+, or SN P.S. 18+: minimum P.S. required to use
    • P.S. 23<: character unable to wield, -12 to strike even if it is braced
  • Book Reference: p.123, Mercenaries

Saving Throw Bonuses
Magic (varies):+3
Lethal Poison (14+): +0
Non-Lethal Poison (16+):+0
Insanity (12+): +1
Psionics (varies):+1
Horror Factor (varies):+0
Possession: +5
Impervious to psionic Bio-Manipulation, Telemechanics (all), See Aura.
Impervious to any at­tacks or weapons that do damage direct to Hit Points
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Re: Chapter X: An Adventurer's Survey of the East

Post by Brianna Clarke »

Perception: 1d100: [46] = 46 (88%)
JIC: 1d20: [16] = 16 , 1d100: [61] = 61
Initiative: 1d20: [17] = 17
APM: 6

I.S.P. Multiplier: Enhanced (18/36)
Mesi's PPE 86/90 remaining
Deaden pain: 4 ISP, Duration: 8 hours, 51 minutes

Brianna winces at the high pitch grinding noise echoes off the halls. I hope Ecks and Mink give us enough time to get out of here before they blow the reactor. Continuing toward the exit, Brianna to cut her way through any attackers that come her way, answering Damien when he lets them know there are party crashers out front "Got it! Let's turn them into scrap!"

1. winces at the high pitched grinding noise echoing off the halls
2. continues toward the exit with the others calling out to the others
3. slashes at attacker with Maia. 1d20+3: [12]+3 = 15 , damage: 4d6+1: [4, 2, 5, 5]+1 = 17
4. Reserved for dodge, if needed. 1d20+4: [16]+4 = 20
5. slashes at attacker with Maia. 1d20+3: [18]+3 = 21 (crit), damage: 4d6+1: [3, 2, 3, 6]+1 = 15 *2=30
6. Reserved for dodge, if needed. 1d20+4: [20]+4 = 24

Auto-parry, if needed.
1d20+4: [7]+4 = 11 , 1d20+4: [1]+4 = 5 , 1d20+4: [19]+4 = 23 , 1d20+4: [2]+4 = 6 , 1d20+4: [19]+4 = 23 , 1d20+4: [9]+4 = 13

Brianna Clarke
HP: 45/45
SDC: 25/25

NE-BA-26 Special Body Armor. Helmet: 50/50, Main Body: 90/90, Arms: 40/40 each, Legs: 50/50 each with N-F20A Medium Force Field (75 MDC) - FF Activated

Constant Conditions
Sixth Sense
Mind Storm
Precognitive Dreams
Sense Water
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Re: Chapter X: An Adventurer's Survey of the East

Post by Maximillian O'Malley »

perception: 1d100: [18] = 18
JIC: 1d100: [41] = 41
JIC: 1d20: [14] = 14
Initiative: 1d20: [2] = 2

Max breathes a short sigh of relief as Ecks gets the door shut. He sees the couple more at the other door. Well this is gonna be that kind of party
“Max I’m going to cover the wounded, let me know when they breach. I will return immediately.”
Max watches as Munzog approaches the Zombots and assists in dispatching them to hell.
Hey reload. He puts a new e-clip in and checks his forcefeild again. Max then returns his attention to the door and the sound of many angry things trying to kill him and his friends. He pulls out the last of the explosives he took from Victor. Two fusion blocks. Max is not trained in demolitions, but he places the blocks at the base of the door. As soon as the reactor is ready, he will set the charges and run. He is pretty sure the two blocks would wreck the whole room and anyone in it, so he doesn't want to be anywhere near it. Until then Max watches the door and waits.

Action 1: reload
action 2: place charges
action 3 and 4: watch the door and shoot anything that comes through.
1d20: [17] = 17 +7 to strike = shoots pulse fire through possible hole in the door 5d6: [3, 2, 6, 2, 4] = 17 MDC
1d20: [12] = 12 =7 to strike = shoots pulse fire through possible hole in the door 5d6: [2, 3, 4, 6, 3] = 18 MDC

If they dont breech, he will wait and hum impatiently.
Maximillian O'Malley ... 87&t=16811
perception 34%
N-F20A Medium Force Field: 75 MDC
NG RA5 Arrow Ride Armor
M.D.C. by Location:
• Helmet: 35
• Arms: 14 each
• Legs: 18 each
• Main Body: 30

Always active: Sixth Sense
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