[GA] Part Deux: Duuk Hunt!

The Anvil, Corkscrew, and Thundercloud galaxies.

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[GA] Part Deux: Duuk Hunt!

Post by Dark Lord »

The Yaya planet is located on the fringe of the Thundercloud Galaxy, and it will take the Dime Store Magic several weeks to travel there via FTL. Post how you spend the first half of the journey.

At about 3AM ship’s time around the halfway point in your journey, those of you with any sort of automatic danger sense are awakened from your slumber. Is… Was that a quack?
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Re: [GA] Part Deux: Duuk Hunt!

Post by Ghast »

Perception: 1d100: [80] = 80 /49%
Just in Case: 1d20: [19] = 19 ; 1d100
Conditions: Sixth Sense (Active)

H.P.: 22/22
S.D.C.: 70/70
I.S.P.: 229/227
Armor (Main Body): 90/90
Integrated Force Field: 75/75; Off

Prowl 1d100: [28] = 28 /55% (To move quietly)

Ghast wakes with a start. What the hell? Ghast thinks as he slowly looks around his room. Ghast reaches over and turns on the bedside light, which is set to low. Very quietly Ghast slides out of bed and moves to put on his combat harness and boots, in that order. before grabbing his coat from the back of the chair. Was that a quack? Ghast thinks as he slowly steps into the hall, and looks around.

Ghast will slowly prowl the hall towards the cockpit.
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Re: [GA] Part Deux: Duuk Hunt!

Post by Juan Echo »

Perception (33%) 1d100<33: [92] = 0
JiC 1d20: [4] = 4 / 1d100: [11] = 11

Board shorts
Teal and black bowling shirt
Action Sandals
HPC bracelet

Magical clubs with the Rings of Sha Los (2)

Before leaving for the Yayamama System, Juan gamely fields any questions and comments about his home. Due to his divine combination of arrogance, shamelessness, and lack of guile, Juan is very candid about the details of the planet Yaya and his yul, or clan.
Priest Icky wrote: Thu Jul 28, 2022 8:05 pm"Meet him, or rescue him? An' did da lil' sister inside yer noggin say why he needed ta lay low in da first place?"
"It is quite literally the last place you would look for Thraxus,"* Juan replies. "Of all the star systems in the Three Galaxies, who would ever think to look for him in one of the many systems where he is widely hated? But we should get him quickly. He isn't being held prisoner by my sister... at least not yet.* But she wouldn't reach out to me so directly if he wasn't in danger."

Juan packs his equipment back on the Dime Store Magic, replaces his spent energy canisters with full ones from the armory, and then settles in for a trip back home. He had not thought he would return so soon. Reports of his death on Cormal had been exaggerated. No, really, rumors that he had died reached the planet Yaya and had been accepted as official fact. It has given Juan the freedom to wander the Three Galaxies without worrying about his responsibilities back home. And he could help fight against a great threat, alongside true heroes. That had been the plan. And then your boss tells you to come back to Yaya, huh, brother? Ironic. Don'tcha think?

As the Dime Store Magic gets closer to Yaya the link between Juan and his sister grows. Her presence becomes sharper; her voice becomes clearer, and she seems to be more aware of Juan actions on the ship. At times it almost feels as if she is standing alongside him as he takes shifts watching the bridge of the ship. Likewise, there are moments when he closes his eyes and is sitting in the solarium watching Joan hold court over their worshipers. The details are fuzzy, but he does not see Thraxus. At least he is not meddling in the affairs of my urqos. He has other ways of making his presence felt, Jonny.

When he sleeps, Juan dreams of being in a room with his sister. It is sparsely furnished, only a simple wooden table and two chairs; despite not having windows the room is well illuminated. Brother and sister sit opposite each other drinking tea. Even though their psychic link is so strong they do not need to speak to communicate they tell each other about their day. The conversation eventually devolves into the logic-less ramble of dreamspeak, but they hardly notice finding a rhythm where one can complete the others sentence creating an odd poetry. This is what the gods of the Yayamama Pantheon dream of.

*Per Rate-A-Deity
Terri di Munci wrote:Joan Echo
Yayamama Pantheon
1 out of 10
The Hostess insisted that we stay for afternoon tea. And when my wife said she didn't like tea, the Hostess offered her limoncello. And after that came finger sandwiches. I couldn't eat anymore But since we were already there, the Hostess insisted we stay for dinner - salad, antipasti, pasti, fish, meat, tiramisu. When my wife said she didn't eat fish, the Hostess offered her sauce. After that I wanted to go home, but she wouldn't let me leave without having coffee. My wife doesn't like to drink coffee so late at night, so the Hostess offered her amaretto and the ladyfingers. Then she insisted my wife spend the night. So I had the coffee and went home.
Status: Juan Echo
M.D.C.: 300 | P.P.E.: 50 | I.S.P.:82
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Re: [GA] Part Deux: Duuk Hunt!

Post by Exe »

Perception: 1d100: [50] = 50 /39%
JiC: 1d20: [8] = 8 | 1d100: [42] = 42

Conditions: Sense Rifts [110 miles] | Res to Cold/Fire (1/2) | Bio-Regen 1d6*5/min |

MDC: 660/660 PPE: 440/440 ISP: 160/160

Lore, Aliens: 1d100: [90] = 90 /61% (What the heck goes Quack in the middle of space)
Prowl: 1d100: [47] = 47 /56% (Quietly look around after the Quack)


Upon the arrival to the DSM, Exe first returns to his room with Corus and helps his large familiar settle, patting it on his shoulder as the large lightning eagle coos. "Yeah I know bud, I don't like flying in these things either. I'll turn on some music and be back." Exe says and flips on his media player and it begins playing ambient nature sounds and his familiar visibly seems to relax as it tucks his beak into its wing. Exe then takes the scenic route around the ship. During his purusing, Exe feels a strong pull from one of the books randomly tucked into a corner and pulls it out to look at it. Furrowing his brow, he squints as he reads the tombs title. Hmm.. what is... this--oh, OH. OH! This is mine is what this is. Exe thinks to himself and pockets the book for later use with a grin.

When ship positions are assigned by Starchief, Exe sort've shrugs. "I call a turret if we get into a fight. I'm going to be making some talismans for the team in my room.. If anyone wants to contribute, knock first." Exe says and will nonchalantly imply he doesn't want adult interference but anyone with a decent magical pool would be welcomed. I guess I didn't consider Sandshrew is literally going to be attached to my hip. Ugh. Spirits are weird. Exe thinks to himself when he returns to his room to find Matthew sitting lotus in the corner of the room with his eyes shut.

"So, uh, do you like, need to eat food or anything?" Exe asks. I remember reading about them... sorta. Exe sheepishly shrugs off his bad habits as a student. Exe just shrugs off the question and continues. "I want to make some talismans for the group to use during our next battle over the next few days. I need to use your magic reserves since I can't sit on a Ley Line and do it. " Exe states, trying to sound more confident when talking to the Ariel. The ariel opens his eyes and nods.

"A reasonable request. I will submit up to 95% of my reserves a day to help until you finish your project." The ariel answers and Exe nods along; good enough.

Exe then empties one of his pocket bags and lets loose trinkets litter his floor and the Grimoire he found sitting next to him. He flips the music on his player to be more reminiscent of cybertechno or technorock and shuts his door. Exe will then spend the next week+ making talismans, he will also pull from Corus as he needs too. (He has access to over 700 PPE between himself, his Spirit and his Familiar)

Meditating on his own mystical knowledge and what would be the most beneficial to the team, Exe forms several spells in his mind to work with. See the Invisible (4), Vacuum Speak(6), Tongues(6), Armor of Ithan (10), Chromatic Protection(10), Impervious to Vacuum(10), Lightblade (20), Anti-Gravity Flight (25). Each Talisman that Exe finishes he will put some manner of design on with his paint sprayer.

During the lull when his music is on low and he is recovering his energy, Exe hears a... quack? Exe blinks his eyes open and stares up at the ceiling of his room before sitting up and looking over to Matthew who also has his eyes opened and is looking at the door. "Did you hear a..." Exe begins and Matthew finishes. "... a quack? I believe so." The ariel responds and Exe shakes his groggy eyes open and gets out of his bunk to check out the hallway.

Exe'll open the door and peer down the cold ship's metal corridor and open his senses to see if he picks up anything evil (Sense Evil), the talisman for his own Lightblade in hand. Regardless of what he senses, Exe begins to slink down the corridor to investigate. When he finds the first crewmate he can rightly identify, he stops them. "Hey, you didn't hear a... you know what, nevermind." Exe says and shakes his head. Nope, totally was dreaming it. Exe begins walking back when he stops. But Shandshrew heard it. Damn it. It was real. Exe returns then decides to go to the bridge to see if anything is up and to ask about the Quack.

Perception: 1d100: [25] = 25 /25%
JiC: 1d20: [2] = 2 | 1d100: [62] = 62

Conditions: HF/Awe: 12 | Nightvision (200ft) | See Invisible (At Will) | Bio-Regen (4d6/min) | Speak and understand all languages

MDC: 660/660 PPE: 440/440 ISP: 160/160
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Re: [GA] Part Deux: Duuk Hunt!

Post by Dime Store Magic »

For nineteen days, the Dime Store Magic had been traveling through interstellar space. The Galactic Adventurers have settled into a general routine, their waking and sleeping hours slowly altering from each other as they pursue their own activities between their shifts watching the helm over Datephus' watch unblinking eye.

Ghast sleeping fitfully as usual with his multitude of voices commenting on his dreams as much as his daily activities. His honed senses twig to an unexpected sound and he wakes up. He makes no sound as he puts on boots and harness over his undies (is he a boxer or brief man?) He presses the button to open his door and it makes a quick "shwick" sound as it opens. He steps out into the hallway and he hears and feels a crunch under his boot. Looking down he sees what appears to be pieces of what look like iridescent porcelain. Maybe a cup? He scoops the pieces up and takes them to the bridge.

Juan is also asleep dreaming of his sister. They are arguing about what Joan should put in her sauce as she finds keeping Thraxus entertained increasingly more difficult. His dream vision sees her sitting down on a fluffy pillow. "Blah, blah, blah, quack, blah, quack, quack, QUACK!" She jumps up and where she was sitting now gleams an iridescent egg about 3 inches long. Juan wakes up strangely discomfited.

Exe, is awake in his room with Matthew and Corus. He is sitting cross-legged on the ground holding a trinket in front of him. He has just finished creating a new talisman
Back of the napkin math suggests that Exe can recover 232 PPE per day, Matthew 160 PPE, and Corus 120 PPE, assuming 16 hours awake and 8 hours asleep - so he's been able to create 19 talismans so far - deplete PPE accordingly and decide which talismans have been made)
. As he admires his handiwork, all three hear a sound that can only be described as a quack. Exe sees and feels Corus being restless. He consults his supernatural link with the bird, he gets a clear feeling from Corus that prey is near. They move out into the hallway and eventually find Ghast at the bridge along with Draggor and Corrigon (if he is still with us?) who have been on watch and talking between themselves.

Down in the hold, Chef Icky has just cracked open one of his larder pods looking for some Laprosian Tree pollen for a new pastry he wants to create. To his dismay, the inside of the pod has been ransacked. Someone has gotten inside and broken open various sacks, bottles, and other containers. Much of it looks partially eaten. He finds pieces of iridescent egg shells on three of the shelves. He opens another pod and finds the food has been eaten and another broken shell. Opening the third he beholds one large lurduuk and four baby duuks happily eating. The large duuk quacks at Chef Icky in warning.

Kaedras preparing to go to sleep hears movement and muffled conversation outside his door, recognizing it as Exe and his minion conversing as they move towards the bridge. As he puts his clothes into the recycler, he sees something glitter inside a boot he hadn't worn in a few days. Reaching in he pulls out an iridescent egg.

The captain of the Dime Store Magic, StarChief, is in the gym. Rhythmically bench pressing about 300lbs of weight under a magically generated 10G's to give himself a challenge. It's his fifth set of 100 and he is starting to breathe a little heavy.

What are you doing?

Edit: Beat your perception check by 10% and you find an egg. Describe where you find it!
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Re: [GA] Part Deux: Duuk Hunt!

Post by Starchief »

Perception: 1d100: [61] = 61 /62%
JIC: 1d20: [5] = 5 / 1d100: [32] = 32
  • Charges: 5/5
  • Duration: Until Wand is let go of
  • M.D.C.: 50/50
  • Impervious to cold, fire and all energy attacks, disease, poisons, toxins, gases and drugs
  • +10 to save vs Magic, psionic attacks and Horror Factor

So Thraxus is hiding out on Planet Juan. I can't say that I'm surprised, very little makes sense these days.
Or any day really. I'm not sure why I think things have ever been normal.
If anything, this crew thrives on the abnormal. We're like a magnet for...something's wrong.
With his 100th rep of his 5th set, Starchief places the barbell back on the rack, towels himself off and heads out into the Galley across the hall where he knew he'd find Icky. 3 AM or not, the man was obsessed with his Galley. He probably sleeps in there.
"Raiding your own larder, eh Chef?" When Icky shows him why he's truly down there, Starchief just says "Nope. Be right back."
Lurduuk. Why a frulking Lurduuk? Why?!
Starchief heads to his room and grabs his Millenium Wand of Power and Phase Sword. Heading back to the Galley, he walks up to the cabinet where the Lurduuk were located. If Icky is still standing there he says "Step back." To the Lurduuk he says "Don't know how you got in here, but you're not ruining my ship again!"

Initiative: 1d20+9: [10]+9 = 19
APM: 10

Action 1: Strike large Lurduuk with Phase Sword. Strike: 1d20+13: [4]+13 = 17 Damage: 4d6: [5, 4, 6, 4] = 19 MD
Action 2: Strike large Lurduuk with Phase Sword. Strike: 1d20+13: [12]+13 = 25 Damage: 4d6: [5, 1, 2, 4] = 12 MD
Action 3: Strike large Lurduuk with Phase Sword. Strike: 1d20+13: [5]+13 = 18 Damage: 4d6: [5, 6, 1, 4] = 16 MD
Action 4: Strike small Lurduuk with Phase Sword. Strike: 1d20+13: [7]+13 = 20 Damage: 4d6: [6, 3, 1, 6] = 16 MD
Action 5: Strike small Lurduuk with Phase Sword. Strike: 1d20+13: [2]+13 = 15 Damage: 4d6: [2, 2, 2, 5] = 11 MD
Action 6: Strike small Lurduuk with Phase Sword. Strike: 1d20+13: [19]+13 = 32 Damage: 4d6: [5, 1, 6, 5] = 17 MD
Action 7: Strike small Lurduuk with Phase Sword. Strike: 1d20+13: [7]+13 = 20 Damage: 4d6: [6, 3, 2, 3] = 14 MD
Action 8: Strike small Lurduuk with Phase Sword. Strike: 1d20+13: [5]+13 = 18 Damage: 4d6: [5, 3, 1, 6] = 15 MD
Action 9: Strike small Lurduuk with Phase Sword. Strike: 1d20+13: [12]+13 = 25 Damage: 4d6: [5, 6, 3, 6] = 20 MD
Action 10: Strike small Lurduuk with Phase Sword. Strike: 1d20+13: [16]+13 = 29 Damage: 4d6: [4, 6, 4, 5] = 19 MD
Andra "Starchief" Sekona
the Shield of Seeron

MDC: 439/439|Costume: 20/20

Saving Throw Bonuses:
Vs. Insanity: +9|Vs. Magic: +10|Vs. Possession: +7|Vs. Psionic: +7
Vs. Poison: +7|Vs. Mind Control: +6|Vs. Disease: +6|Vs. Illusion: +5
Vs. Horror Factor: +8|Vs. Coma/Death: +51%|Perception: +3

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Re: [GA] Part Deux: Duuk Hunt!

Post by Juan Echo »

Perception (33%) 1d100<33: [15*] = 1
JiC 1d20: [14] = 14 / 1d100:: [81] = 81

Cargo shorts
HPC bracelet

Magical clubs with the Rings of Sha Los (2)

In their shared dreamspace, Juan and Joan Echo sit bantering. It alters between a light recounting of their days and an almost dada-ist poetry that reflects the strength of their bond. At the moment it is fairly lucid, as Joan gets up from her chair and walks around the bright chamber they are in. You're right, he would enjoy a little more orange zest. That is not what I implied. He shouldn't be bathing in your sauce in the first place. You're one to talk about partners. You slept with the Doublespear twins! So did you! And they like me better! Joan is clearly enjoying taunting her brother. She takes a step and jumps on a large plush duck with a resounding "QUACK!"

Juan stares at her confused. Quack?

Joan doesn't not reply telepathically but shares her brother's puzzled look. Her mouth hangs open before she lets out another loud "QUACK!" Her eyes glow brighter in panic. "QUACK quack QUACK? QUACK!"

She bounces up and down as she quacks. After the last when she notices that there is a glowing egg beneath her. Then she figures it out. She straightens her face, and her eyes dull to gentle white lights. She is about to say something when Juan feels the sudden rush of returning to consciousness. She doesn't say it but he knows, too. At least he does while he's asleep. As he feels himself returning to reality this knowledge blurs into a vague but concrete dread. "Oh quack me!"

He instinctively bolts out of bed. Why did I say that? We were dreaming. He pulls on his cargo shorts and fumbles to find his magical clubs. What about? It's all a blur. He peers under his bed, rooting around with one of his clubs for anyone or anything hiding there. I don't think it is whoever Thraxus is hiding. No that's not it. Juan turns on the lights to his quarters and laying on top of a pile of clothes, most notably a Daffy Taffy t-shirt, is an egg. Jonny, I think this is what you were looking for, but I don't know why this is a threat. I do, and it's bad.
Status: Juan Echo
M.D.C.: 300 | P.P.E.: 50 | I.S.P.:82
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Re: [GA] Part Deux: Duuk Hunt!

Post by Dime Store Magic »


StarChief hungry from his workout heads to the galley to find something to eat. Upon arrival he finds three of the larder pods open and Chef Icky standing in front of the third. Quiet quacking can be heard from within.

Taking decisive action, the Captain of the Dime Store Magic rushes back to his room and grabs his phase sword and wand of power. He shifts Chef Icky out of position and sees the large Lurduuk and four chicks eating. The large Lurduuk looks like it was dipped in paint, it's underside a deep pink. The four chicks are fully red (burgundy?) in color. His blade flicks out and the large Lurduuk is struck down in a pair of strokes. Lightning blazes out of the cabinet arcing of other metal objects in the galley, the bolts that strike StarChief easily absorbed by the wand of power.

The four chicks dance around, but StarChief's accuracy is unsurpassed and he strikes each one. He pulls back his blade and sees the four red chicks hopping up and down apparently unharmed. "Quack! Quack!" The smell of burnt metal fills the galley. Little jagged lightning emanate from the birds. Touching one is like the shock one gets from rubbing your feet on a rug and then touching a doorknob.

In his room, Juan has jumped out of bed, put on his shorts. He finds an iridescent egg nestled in one of his shirts.

He crouches down on all fours raking the underside of his bed with one of his club. He sees a wide basin under his bed that he's used in the past for his sauce. A pool of liquid appears to have been spilled around it. He sudden feels like he's been stabbed four times in quick succession (Juan takes 16+16+11+17= 60 M.D.C.). Blood wells from the wounds, two in the chest, one in the right leg, one in the left arm.

What do you do?

Edited to fix my Corsican Brothers error
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Re: [GA] Part Deux: Duuk Hunt!

Post by Chef Icky »

Perception: 1d100<61: [41*] = 1
JIC: 1d20: [19] = 19 / 1d100: [16] = 16

GM Post 01
Dark Lord wrote: Fri Jul 29, 2022 4:55 amShe looks up at Icky with haunted, tear-stained eyes and sniffles. In a small voice, she responds ”Uh-huh” in Trade 4. ”Okay.” When asked her name, she replies in the same voice ”Alison” At Exe’s question about whether there’s anywhere you can take her, she doesn’t answer for several long, heartbreaking seconds before timidly shaking her head no. Eventually, Icky will get her back to the galley, and while she does perk up a little on seeing the spaceship with wide-eyed wonder it doesn’t last very long. About 10 minutes into the meal, she’s eaten only a small portion and now just picks at the rest. After returning to the ship and shucking most of his gear Ghast joins you, which does exactly nothing to liven up the mood. Heart heavy, Icky does some checking and while he can’t find any good-looking orphanages on the public net, the gregarious priest has met a few people from that world in his travels and eventually gets in touch with a kind-looking matron who agrees to take Alison in. There’s no fee, but when you go to drop off the girl one look at the dilapidated structure tells you they could use all the financial help they can get. Being charitable doesn’t pay well. With that (and potentially a very rush armor job) lightening Icky’s wallet, he gets back to the ship.
After Icky drops off his armor for repairs -- and grudgingly ponying up for the rush charges -- before taking little Alison to the kindly matron. When he attempts to hand her off, however, the little girl gets a death grip on Icky's massive arms and screams "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" in between bouts of sobbing and whimpering. I was afraid of this... Icky sighs and nods. "Alright, Little Britches, I got da hint. Tell ya what -- ya can come wit' us on dis trip if ya promise ta do what I tell ya an' stay outta trouble, 'cause knowin' us we're definitely gonna run waist deep in it pretty quick. If ya change yer mind we'll come back 'ere once we get back. Okay?"

When Alison stops crying and sniffles in the affirmative, Icky nods and gives the matron a heavy smile. "Oi, so looks like we're gonna have ta put dis on da back burner fer da time bein'... but keep a spot warm fer her just in case, a'right?" He hands her a cred-card to swipe. "In da meantime, take dis. Spruce up da place a bit, get some groceries, whatever ya need as far as dis'll go. An' if any o' Little Britches' family should show up askin' fer her, leave word wit' Doodles at Doodles' Discount Destruction Devices in Level 4-A." He gives Alison a pat on the back. "Alright kiddo, if yer gonna stay wit' us yer gonna need some stuff... an' since I gotta stock up a bit too, what say we go shoppin'?" He heads off to some of the various shops/stores/malls nearby and gets Alison some clothes, toiletries, toys (including a stuffed plush bird/eagle resembling Corus if they can find one), and a few treats as well as ordering some foodstuff supplies sent to the ship in order to top off their supplies. If there's time, he also swings through an alchemy shop or two on the way back to the ship to pick up some supplies as he's had some ideas bubbling in his head lately that he's hoping to try out during the presumably long trip there and back.

((OOC: GM's call as to whether or not Icky can score some alchemical supplies, I know I'm trying to do a lot in just one hour. If that's greenlit I'll submit a list of specific ingredients from the Herbalism section of WB3))

DSM 2022-08-11 - Pick 6 items Icky would like to make. We'll use the rarity rules to determine if he have them. Roll Uncommon Rarity for Earth plants, Roll Very Rare for Alien plants. Role a d4 for each success for how many doses he have. We'll just say between the stores on the ship and the time he had to shop he had them available to use.

((ALSO OOC: Just to keep things simple... between the shopping, the armor repair, and the donation I'd like to assume that Icky's card totaling 892,857.14 creds to be totally used up. Yes, that's likely a heck of a donation to the not-an-orphanage; Beefcake's getting to be quite a softie in his old age))

DSM 2022-08-11 - Sold!

Once they pick up Icky's repaired armor and get back to the DSM, Icky clears his throat. "Oi, Datephus, dis ere's Alison... Alison..." he stammers. "Oi, Little Britches, ya got a last name?" If she doesn't have one (or doesn't know it) then Icky will start back over "Oi, like I said, Datephus, dis ere's Alison Nolastname ((pronounced "No-lass-TAHM-ay")). She's gonna be stayin' wit' us for da time bein', an' I'm gonna be looking after her. I need ya to give her access to a cabin close ta mine as possible, an' set her up wit' access to da common areas o' da ship. No goin' inta areas like da armory, da bridge, cargo bay, or engineerin' unless a senior member o' da crew is supervisin' her. Dat means me, Starchief, Kaedras, or Juan. I'll let ya know when I reckon any o' da others are familiar enough wit' da ship's systems ta add to dat list." He gestures to a nearby comm panel. "Datephus is da ship. Oi ya, our ship can talk -- ain't it great? Anyway, if ya got a question, ask him. If yer in trouble or ya just need me fer somethin', ask him ta call me. If I ain't 'round, get him ta call Uncle Meatball, Uncle Red, or Uncle Slim."

After he helps Alison get settled in he sits down with her on her bunk. "Okay, Little Britches, 'ere's da deal. We were able to save ya an' a bunch o' other people from yer level, an' dat's a good thing, but we couldn't save everybody... so we don't know if yer folks made it out or not. I told Missus Potts ta let us know if yer family come lookin' fer ya, but da truth is dat may never happen. Now I know dat's scary, an' I know dat's sad, so if ya need ta cry it out dat's okay. I know da feelin' -- I was a slave as far back as I can remember so I never had a family o' me own growin' up. But da thing ta remember 'ere is dat even if ya ain't got no blood kin ya can still have a family. I learned dat when I joined da Warlock Marines. Me fellow Marines were me family den, an' now da crew o' dis ship, da Dime Store Magic, dey're me family now. An' we can be yer family fer as long as ya wanna stay wit' us. Ya change yer mind an' decide ya wanna go stay wit' Missus Potts instead once we get back, dat's okay. But in da meantime what we do is dangerous, an' a lot o' times it ain't much fun, so ya gotta mind me if ya don't wanna get hurt. I promise I'll do everythin' I can ta keep ya safe. Okay?"

GM Post 02
Dark Lord wrote: Fri Jul 29, 2022 4:55 amThe Yaya planet is located on the fringe of the Thundercloud Galaxy, and it will take the Dime Store Magic several weeks to travel there via FTL. Post how you spend the first half of the journey.
For the first several days, Icky will spend a good amount of time with Alison -- getting to know everything he can about her, about her parents (as much as she's willing to talk about, likely not a lot), the kinds of foods/games/etc. that she likes, taking her around the ship so she can learn more about it, showing her around the galley and letting her help him fix meals/treats/etc., introducing her to his weapons ("Oi, when yer older we'll get ya some o' yer own... but right now I jus' want ya ta know yer way 'round dese so ya won't be scared o' 'em but also dat ya know dey ain't toys ya can jus' play wit'.") He'll also spend his time without her (nap times, after bed times, etc.) searching the holo-internet for parenting videos, sparring/working out, and conducting alchemical experiments using water that he's turned into wine using his priestly powers (if he wasn't able to get actual supplies, he'll experiment with some of the herbs/spices he would already have on hand). He notes several times along the way that it's strange that he suddenly seems to know more about creating potions and whatnot than he did before -- he already knew some things as they related to his culinary pursuits, of course, but it's like a switch was flicked in his mind that unlocked a lot more possibilities. Clearly it's Dionysus' influence, he nods to himself. So thank you Big D, for opening my mind to all this.

((OOC: will make specific rolls based on what he may or may not have been able to procure before the ship left))

GM Post 03
Dime Store Magic wrote: Fri Aug 05, 2022 6:46 amDown in the hold, Chef Icky has just cracked open one of his larder pods looking for some Laprosian Tree pollen for a new pastry he wants to create. To his dismay, the inside of the pod has been ransacked. Someone has gotten inside and broken open various sacks, bottles, and other containers. Much of it looks partially eaten. He finds pieces of iridescent egg shells on three of the shelves. He opens another pod and finds the food has been eaten and another broken shell. Opening the third he beholds one large lurduuk and four baby duuks happily eating. The large duuk quacks at Chef Icky in warning.
"No... Dionysus' laundered loincloth, say it ain't so..." Icky growls. "Dunno how ya managed ta avoid gettin' turned inta sparklin' pâté terrine, but I'm gorram sick o' ya monkey-frakkin' lurduuks in me monkey-frakkin' galley on dis monkey-frakkin' ship!" He turns around and starts rummaging through the cutlery drawer to find the biggest forslugginer processing knife he can lay his massive hands on -- only to turn back around to find Starchief already going full Butcher Pete on them. Or trying to, as they're bouncing around looking all unharmed.

"Feetal's Gizzards, Meatball? Whaddya waitin' fer? Skewer da monkey-frakkin' featherballs already!" He snarls.

((OOC Question: Are the lurduuks acting hostile to Icky? In other words, is his "one with nature" priestly ability manifesting itself here?))

DSM 2022-08-11 - The duuks are just going about their business. They warning quacked when Icky opened the door, but otherwise leave him alone as long as he leaves them alone. StarChiefs actions have agitated them, but they haven't attacked Icky directly.
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Don't ya mess wit' either one while I'm 'round. An' especially when I ain't 'round.


- Max Bodily MDC: 187 ... Max ISP: 48 ... Max PPE: 12
- Armor Max MDC: 120 ... Force Field Max MDC: 110
- Natural Abilities: HF 11 ... 100’ nightvision (can see in total darkness) ... Fire/cold does 1/2 damage ... Fatigues at half rate of normal humans ... Lift 3,600 lbs & carry 1,800 lbs ... Jump 21.6’ across/10.8’ high standing; 54’ across/27’ high with running start
- Combat Notes: 8 APM ... +3 initiative; +11 strike; +13 parry; +14 dodge; +4 roll, disarm; +8 pull; +21 PS bonus ... Critical Strike on an unmodified 18-20 ... Boxing: auto KO on nat 20 for 1d6 melees ... Paired Weapons ... Body flip/throw
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Re: [GA] Part Deux: Duuk Hunt!

Post by Kaedras Starfall »

Perception 48% 1d100: [27] = 27

JIC: 1d20: [17] = 17
JIC: 1d100: [63] = 63

After briefly locking minds with Polya, Kaedras is bombarded by the feelings of rage coursing through her mind - so powerful he feels them himself. He quickly breaks off contact - but not before the rage takes control of him. He looks around and sees, not people, but targets, and he lashes out, taking a clumsy swing that is easily parried by the God of Travellers. He backs off, nearly hyperventilating and looking around, wild-eyed, until finally he regains control of his emotions.

By the gods I hope to never experience that again. He turns to Juan. "I apologize. I... was not myself."
Starchief wrote:”What did you find out?”
He tells Yiggins and the others, "As closely as I could discern, She is under an empathic transmission effect. Perhaps a trap from the computer she tried to mindlink to? It is filling her mind with a powerful blind rage, and I believe her mind has made her semicomatose in an effort to protect itself from the effect. I think perhaps a stronger telepath than I could attempt a group mind block, but unfortunately that is a talent I do not yet possess."

Back aboard the Dime Sgtore Magic, Kaedras receives Juan's news with interest.
Juan wrote:"Some of you might know that I share a special bond with my sister, Joan. Part of her psyche is in my mind, just like part of me is inside her. Just now, she reached out to me and said that our boss is on my home planet of Yaya. We need to go meet him there immediately. Thraxus visited the Yayamama System once over 1,000 years ago. He did not leave a good impression on either planet. In fact, I am pretty sure several members of my yul, or clan, would be more than happy to club him while he slept. However, we can trust Joni to take care of him; she is the Goddess of Hospitality and will protect him. Unless she gets bored and breaks his pelvis."
These demons then... they tracked him to a portal, and then when they could not find him... just ran amock?
Starchief wrote:”Well, looks like we’re headed to Yaya folks. Get yourselves ready for launch in 60. Malath, you’re at the helm. Starfall, co-pilot. I’ll take comms.”
Wordlessly, Kaedras nods and assumes the copilot's station. Another nod to Corrigon, and Kaedras' fingers fly over the copilot's console, breezing through preflight protocols and prepping the ship for launch.

Kaedras is just preparing for bed when a glimmer in a boot catches his eye, and he reaches inside, withdrawing an iridescent egg. Not again.

He pulls on some fresh clothes and grabs his bow and a quiver.

Carrying the egg, he steps into the corridor, to hear the commotion down the hall in Icky's Galley. Stepping into the galley, he seees Starchief doing battle with luhrduuck chicks.

"Not again."

He sees Starchief, Icky, and the young girl, Alison, and realizes that his previous trick of using tranquilizer gas arrows will not work here. Placing the egg aside, he readies for combat.

"How many are there this time? Just these? I found an egg in my quarters." Blast. We shall need to find them quickly - they are a danger to the child.

"Datephus! Can you please locate all Luhrduuks aboard the ship?"

Initiative: 1d20+4: [3]+4 = 7

APM: 6

Action 1: Call for Datephus' help in locating Luhrduuks
Action 2: Bio-Manipulation (paralysis) on a Luhrduuk (-10 ISP)
Action 3: Bio-Manipulation (paralysis) on a Luhrduuk (-10 ISP)
Action 4: Bio-Manipulation (paralysis) on a Luhrduuk (-10 ISP)
Action 5: Bio-Manipulation (paralysis) on a Luhrduuk (-10 ISP)
Action 6: Reserved for Dodge 1d20+8: [16]+8 = 24

Parries (using bow): 1) 1d20+8: [8]+8 = 16 ; 2) 1d20+8: [9]+8 = 17 ; 3) 1d20+8: [1]+8 = 9 ; 4) 1d20+8: [12]+8 = 20 ; 5) 1d20+8: [13]+8 = 21 ; 6) 1d20+8: [15]+8 = 23
Kaedras Starfall
I.S.P.: 122/188
M.D.C.: 45/45

Psionic Crystal Armor
M.D.C. by Location:
Arms: 15 each
Legs: 22 each
Main Body: 35/35
Psionic Force Field: 70/70 (Can be used 4 times per 24 hour period without I.S.P. cost to user)

Aldón MDC: 125/150

Water Relic PPE: 300/300
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Re: [GA] Part Deux: Duuk Hunt!

Post by Draggor »

Perception: 1d100: [55] = 55 | 21%
JIC: 1d20: 1d20: [18] = 18 | 1d100: [93] = 93

These weeks on the ship prove to be good for the creature, allowing some kind of routine and a more normal life than they have had access to in many, many cycles. Plenty of frustrating time is spent in their quarters, where the monster struggles to put symbols together. It hurts us to not know this. We will practice, and eventually remember. On good days the internal monologue results in more trying. Others, well, prowling in the fitness area is ever a great way to blow off steam, and this time, there aren't any blow-ups at anyone knocking.

It's the various shifts monitoring the helm where Draggor tends to drop guard, and have what sounds like a one sided conversation, at least, that's what Ghast walks in on.

Are you going to live a little on this planet?
"What does that mean?"
The wandering god and his kin offer many experiences.
"We celebrated at Center."
We want MORE!
"SO DO I!"
We're not alone.

At that moment Draggor is turning to face Ghast, perhaps in an eerily timed fashion. "Something is happening." The near ageless creature might be heavily vested in those internal arguments, but they pale in comparison to that survival instinct's urge, that gnawing feeling in the back of the mind, this time manifesting as... a quack?

"Datephus, how many creatures on this ship?" Draggor asks. They then reach for the ship's comms:
If the answer includes a count greater than the present crew: "Draggor to crew, more creatures on ship than should be."
If the answer is an accurate count, they send: "Draggor to crew, feels like a problem. Ghast feels it too."
Draggor | Ledger
M.D.C.: 1,519 / 1,519
P.P.E.: 89 / 89

Draggor's current life inner voice is like this.
Any of Draggor's past lives' inner voice is like this.

Events of Note
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Re: [GA] Part Deux: Duuk Hunt!

Post by Exe »

Perception: 1d100: [37] = 37 /39%
JiC: 1d20: [12] = 12 | 1d100: [87] = 87

Conditions: Sense Rifts [110 miles] | Res to Cold/Fire (1/2) | Bio-Regen 1d6*5/min |

MDC: 660/660 PPE: 440/440 ISP: 160/160

Invoke Trust: 1d100: [23] = 23 /86% (Get everyone to stop, appear non-threatening to the ducks)


When Exe sees the Lurduucks, his first reaction is one of 'awe' followed by one of horror at everyone elses immediate rage-filled reaction to the Lurduucks. What the!? These weirdos are acting more angry at the ducks than that angry witch lady we had to deal with. Exe thinks, bewildered. Exe will try to intervene from the potential slaying of the animals. "Hey! HEY! WOAH! Hold On! Put the weapons down! Just, chill out. I'll handle the big scary ducks." Exe says, trying his hardest to make everyone stop and look at him instead of going on a murder spree of innocent yet damaging ducks.

If Exe is able to get them to hold off their slaughter, Exe will let out a sigh of relief then focus on the Lurduucks, specifically the bigger one. Exe'll attempt to cloud the Lurduucks mind with Cloud Animal Mind to daze them into submission, get them to stop eating and/or even reacting to the others around him. Exe can affect four ducks at once. If Exe needs too, he'll cast it again just to get all the ducks under his spell. Then, Exe will reposition himself and reach out with his mind, Repeling the Ducks from the Mess Hall/Chow Room. Come on. Go towards the hold... Exe thinks as he strains a little trying to Repel the Clouded Ducks in a somewhat organized fashion.

If the above works, Exe continues following and will cast Manipulate Objects to close any doors other than the one that leads to the hold.

APM: 5
Initiative: 1d20+5: [19]+5 = 24
Auto-Dodge: 1d20+5: [2]+5 = 7 | 1d20+5: [8]+5 = 13 | 1d20+5: [2]+5 = 7 | 1d20+5: [9]+5 = 14 | 1d20+5: [9]+5 = 14

A1: Stop the slaughter
A2: Cloud Animal Mind (5 PPE) -- No save for dumb/standard animals
A3: Reserved for if he needs to use Cloud Animal Mind again.
A4: Repel Animals -- Repel them from the Mess Hall and try to push them to the rear hold of the ship with the influence of the spell.
A5: Manipulate Objects to shut/open doors along the path.

Level: Third Level Wizard spell.
Range: Touch or up to 200 feet (61 m) away.
Duration: Two minutes (20 rounds) per level of the spell caster.
Saving Throw: Dumb Animals: None; includes most insects.
Smart Animals: Only relatively intelligent animals and predatory
animals get to save, but even they need a 17 or higher.
Dumb, Animalistic Monsters: 10.
P.P.E.: Five
This spell clouds an animal's mind and interferes with its
thought processes and abilities. Reduce the performance of all
natural abilities such as track by smell, Nightvision, etc., and
skill-like abilities such as Climb, Prowl, Swim, etc., by half.
Likewise, reduce Spd, initiative and the number of attacks per
melee by half.
Note: Does not work on Wolfen, humans or any sentient beings,
including intelligent monsters, Faerie Folk, or creatures of
magic. May work on dumb animalistic monsters like the Beast
Dragon, Chimera, Dragondactyl, Eye Killer, Manticore, and
similar, even Worms of Taut and the monsters, demons and
Deevils used as War Steeds, but they only need a 10 to save vs
Can be cast upon one animal per level of experience.

Perception: 1d100: [69] = 69 /25%
JiC: 1d20: [5] = 5 | 1d100: [28] = 28

Conditions: HF/Awe: 12 | Nightvision (200ft) | See Invisible (At Will) | Bio-Regen (4d6/min) | Speak and understand all languages

MDC: 660/660 PPE: 440/440 ISP: 160/160

Unless the Ariel senses immediate danger or evil around Exe, while on the ship, he will remain in Exe's room meditating. If anyone approaches him while he is meditating, he will hold up a hand. "Direct any questions to Master Exe." He will say and not socialize otherwise.
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