Guardian: A Tale of Two Knights

In Century Station Operation Overlord has begun, villains beware!

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Guardian: A Tale of Two Knights

Post by Blackhaunt »

♪♫It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood♫♪
Kerguelen, Century Station
Date: Monday April 13th, 2043
Weather: Cloudy, cool, humid (61 degrees Fahrenheit)
Time 12:15 pm

It's been a week since Ajax the Telemonian, 5th of His Name landed on Earth and what a week it has been. It took fifteen Earth minutes for what were called "gangsters" on this planet to attempt to remove his possessions from him. They learned quickly that he was not an easy mark. Every day brought something new. Day 2 found him exploring the city and finding out first hand the wealth disparity that existed here. On Day 3, after helping an elderly woman across the street through vicious traffic, he was directed toward a soup kitchen that needed hands.

The soup kitchen was the first food that he was able to consume since he landed. The stew was hearty, the bread was nowhere as good as back home, but it would have to do for now. There was a beverage they called "So-duh" that was overly saccharine but they kept putting it in front of him anyway. Helping out was simple, he cut vegetables and cleaned up afterward. In turn, he was given numerous meals a day and a discount at the hotel near by.

The hotel was another interesting part of the situation. The hotel owner who went by the name of "Joe Justjoe" wanted cash up front every morning that he walked out the door to hold his room for the night. He never smiles and he's smoking a cigarette every time you see him. The room is small but has enough room on the bed for his massive frame and the rest of his items.

The looks he got walking down the street in his flight suit while holding a trident were varied. He wasn't sure why, but some people were confused by his presence and fled while others just went about their business as usual.

Days 4-6 were by the numbers and Ajax was getting to know what these humans were truly like. He found some street clothing that fit his massive frame. Saving a child from a car by stopping the car in its tracks definitely garnered him the respect of the locals if he didn't already have it. He might be off mission at the moment, but he had at least 176 years of life left to get on track. So getting his bearings was the current M.O.

On Day 7, Ajax is walking the twelve blocks from the hotel to the soup kitchen. On the 8th block, he hears a scream. It's coming from one block over.

What are you doing?
Let the GAMES begin.
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Re: Guardian: A Tale of Two Knights

Post by Guardian »

Perception: d100<21: [15*] = 1
JIC: d100: [53] = 53 , d20: [8] = 8
Superhuman Strength, Psionics (12+)/Lethal Poison (14+)/Non-Lethal Poison (16+)/Toxin (15+)/Magic(Varies) - +7, Horror Factor/Possession +6, Magical Illusions +1

Ajax says out loud “There is a human in danger I must aid them. “ He activates the AntiGrav Disc on his back and rises 10 feet into the air and makes his way over any bystanders in a B-Line Towards the scream. As he flys over any bystanders, he will wave with a warm smile and say “Hello, pardon me.” As soon as he reaches the source of the scream, any evil doer he stumbles upon, will be met with “Whoever you are, you will cease this villainy immediately, or shall feel the wrath of Telemon as I thrash you thoroughly.”
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