Episode 17: Return to Chandrakant

In the distant reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy, a race teeters on the brink of extinction as it is pursued by the relentless Atorian Empire. [Adventure forum.]

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Re: Episode 17: Return to Chandrakant

Post by Augur »

A.D.F. Time: 1311 I.R., Day 55
Visibility: Limited to natural Arismal nightvision or technological vision; 10' otherwise
Environment: somewhat dense atmo, high oxygen, ship interior
Location: Aboard I.S.S. Vikelter, in orbit around Chandrakant II

Ambient Sound of the Starship Interior (open in new tab & listen while you read)

Rosseyn gives the diminished group direction. ”Let's scout that hall to round out our mental maps. If there's nothing good, we've still got the hand of that Danaus to get us access to the teleporters. Hellbent, get there first and check it out. We're right behind you.”

Simone takes off at a breakneck pace to quickly find the passage in question is a dead end leading to another automated life. (Doors are not actually open, just wanted to reveal that to y'all.) Aside from the lift, and the remains of a drone she destroyed previously, there's nothing of interest. The others make haste to follow Simone's lead. As they pass the automated lift doors which Cairo jammed, they note the roughly oval shape that's been cut into it and the laser that's cooking away the last of the door, and hurry their pace even faster. They reach the intersection adjoining the passageway to portside and the teleporter room in time to see the drones Red bamboozled zipping down the passageway in their direction. Likewise, Simone sees them as she turns on a heel to head foreward. Behind the group, in the passage they've left behind the shriek of tearing metal sounds through the passages and they see two robots emerge into the passage.

SHIP MAP REVEAL (open in new tab)
Map Notes: 1 square = 10'

What are your intentions?
Butcher's Bill
Grifter: -496 to armor
Ryden: force bubble: 260 S.D.C.
Simone: -14 shots; -180 to armor's main body
Cairo: -175 personal S.D.C., -100 to helmet, Main Body Armor Destroyed [all features disabled]
Rosseyn: -5 shots; -100 to armor's main body, -1260 Force Field used
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Re: Episode 17: Return to Chandrakant

Post by Cairo »

Perception [67+(15 in Space): 82%]: 1d100 = 31: 31
JiC D20: 1d20 = 10: 10
JiC D100: 1d100 = 79: 79

Conditions: Personal AR 12, Spectrum Vision, Regenerates (30/Hr), Force Disc, Armor on Arms/Legs (AR 18), Merge [Goggles]

HP: 262/262
SDC: 1309/1450


CJ pulls up short at the intersection when he spots the robots emerging into the Aft-corridor, then looks back in time to glimpse drones rounding the corner up ahead pondering the way back for a split-moment [Navigation 130%: 1d100 = 99: 99], "Hellbent backtrack. Nova?? Portal to that Transit-Hub? ..." The PA Pilot holsters his

*We want the teleporter right?? ... Or should we pop out to that cargo bay where we landed? We could fight them without letting them know about the teleporter. But damnit we need to get information off one of these things instead of them being destroyed every frakking time!!!*

CJ rotates his disc slightly Aft so that he can see down both halls as best he can, and dodges incoming fire as best he can. *By Inanna why did Red frakking abandon us? With her here we could easily move through this. What the Frak did she have to do that was so much more important than getting a rescue team to her damn squad?!? Frakking spooks always think they are too good to explain sh^t.*

If Nova gets a Portal open, CJ waves others through first asking Nova, "Should we try and bring 1 along??"

APM: 7
Initiative +5: 1d20+5 = 8: 3

1] Holster Club and Radio
2] Unsling Assault Rifle and continue Radio
3-7] Dodge (*** Contingency, if Nova wants 1 brought along, CJ will try and drag 1 robot through the Portal before it closes [EP Strike to Grab if close enough])

Dodge [+15]: 1d20+15 = 19: 4, 1d20+15 = 21: 6, 1d20+15 = 20: 5, 1d20+15 = 23: 8, 1d20+15 = 22: 7, 1d20+15 = 27: 12
2nd Lt. Cairo Xanreys
OOC Comments
Natural AR: 12
H.P.: 262/262
S.D.C.: 1450/1450
Constant Conditions:
Impervious to [Mind] Control & Possession; Impervious to Radiation/Depressurization/Cold; Breathes without Air (& can speak in a Vacuum); Resistant to Gravity Based Attacks [½ Damage/Effects]; Supervision: Spectrum Vision (Able to see energy magnetic fields, the electromagnetic spectrum, radio waves, electricity, microwaves, phase fields, force fields, x-rays, and all forms of radiation, 180ft); Regenerates 30/Hr (HP or SDC); Fatigues at 1/3 Normal Rate, Nightvision: 600', Sensitive Hearing (20 decibels beyond normal human range)
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Re: Episode 17: Return to Chandrakant

Post by Rosseyn »

Perception: 1d100 = 73: 73/43% 58% regarding modern technology, 68% to perceiving any tactile characteristics, 83% regarding modern technology + tactile characteristics simultaneously
JIC: 1d20 = 9: 9/ 1d100 = 86: 86

"Frakking Robots! Portal going up. Hellbent, Fang's got the right idea. Back here now." Nova opens a gateway to the teleporter room he previously visited. At least we have more intel than before, thanks to Red. Skip the automated decks. Get the Valkyries out. Take the ship. Find our missing crew.

APM: 7
Initiative: 1d20+3 = 16: 13 (+3 vs guns and machines) (+4 vs AI, computers and auto defense systems)

Actions 1-7: Open gateway.
Lieutenant Commander Rosseyn "Nova" Ridatharen
[ooc=Current Details]Image
H.P.: 37/37
S.D.C.: 79/79
Energy Form S.D.C.: 119/119

Current Gear:
Galactic Standard Automatic Pistol:
  • Range: 200 feet.
  • Damage: 5D6 per shot, double for short burst.
  • Rate of Fire: Single shot or short burst. Payload: 15/15.
Battle Harness w/ Ball Bearings
Throwing Knives

Current Conditions:

Constant Conditions: Impervious to Fear & Terror, Mechanical Awareness, Heightened Sense of Touch.

Gateways (0/15):
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