Jackson White - Survivor (Athletics: Extreme Sports) ready for review

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Jackson White - Survivor (Athletics: Extreme Sports) ready for review

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Player Name: Jim Mohan
G-Mail: jwmohan78@gmail.com
Discord: jwmohan78#5504
Link to Ledger

Character Name: Jackson White
Alias: Jack, Mouse
Occupation: College Athlete / Soccer Player
O.C.C.: Survivor (Athletics: Extreme Sports)
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level: 1
XP Points: 0
Next Level @ XP: 1,876
Disposition: Shy, quiet and timid, tends to be a loner, but fairly sure of himself.
Insanity: None

I.Q.: 14
M.E.: 13
M.A.: 9
P.S.: 13
P.P.: 25
P.E.: 15
P.B.: 15
Speed: 33

P.P.E.: 7
H.P.: 18
S.D.C.: 30
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 195 lbs
Description: Tall, lean, clean cut young man. Dark brown hair and soft features. Blue eyes.

Natural Abilities
Perception: 15%
Charm/Impress: 25%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 5%
Max. Encumbrance: 58.5 lbs
Max. Carrying Weight: 130 lbs
Max. Lifting Weight: 260 lbs
Max. Jumping Ability: 6.5 ft length, 3.25 ft height

O.C.C./Occupational Skills (Starting at level 4)
Mathematics: Basic 81% (+3%)
Language: Native Tongue 91% (+1%)
Literacy: Native Language 86% (+2%)
--Sense of Balance 74% (+3%)
--Work Parallel Bars & Rings 84% (+3%)
--Back Flip 91% (+2%)
--Climb Rope/Rappel 66% (+2%)
Automobile 82% (+3%)
Climb 90%/80% (+5%)
Hand to Hand: Expert
Public Speaking 60% (+5%) (+15%)
Land Navigation 48% (+4%)
Motorcycles & Snowmobiles 86% (+4%)
Kick Boxing Bonuses:

Elective Skills(Starting at level 4)
W.P. Handguns
W.P. Rifles
Track & Trap Animals 45%/55% (+5%)
Computer Operation 69% (+3%)
Mathematics: Advanced 70% (+2%)
Prowl 55% (+5%)

Secondary Skills (+2 @ 3, 4, 8, and 12), (Starting at level 4)
Fishing 55% (+5%)
W.P. Knife

Combat Data
HTH Type: Expert
Number of Attacks: 5
Initiative Bonus:
Strike Bonus: +5
Parry Bonus: +5
Dodge Bonus: +6
HTH Damage Bonus:
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +4
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2
Bonus to Disarm:
Kick: 1d8
Roundhouse Kick: 3d6
Axe Kick: 2d8
Knee Strike: 1d8
Leap Kick: 3d8, (counts as two melee attacks)

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Knife: +0 to strike, +1 to parry, +1 to strike when thrown
W.P. Handguns: +0 to strike
W.P. Rifles: +1 to strike

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +0
Magic (varies): +0
Lethal Poison (14+): +0
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +0
Insanity (12+): +0
Psionics (varies): +0
Horror Factor (varies): +2
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Re: Jackson White

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  • Starting equipment will be negotiated between each player and the Game Master.
  • Items which have stats have their name in bold type.
  • Items which have stats or images are fully listed under Gear Stats.
  • As such, there should be no stats or images above the Gear Stats header.

Allocate your items into the categories listed in green!

Vehicles/Mounts are listed first.

Carried/In Hand

Worn on Person
Athletic shorts, cotton
Sweatshirt, hoody

Utility Belt
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, water bottle, minor items, or individual tools.
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:

Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep. Items larger than a paperback novel will require more than one space.
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:
• Space:

Stored in Vehicle

Gear Stats
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Re: Jackson White

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Background Story

Jack sat in the awful wooden hotel chair looking down at a red solo cup in his hand. The ice had started melting and he could see the water settling on top of the soda. He wondered, How did I get here? Looking up from the cup he wonders, Did they grow up the same? Is it just me? Around him young men stand, talking and drinking. They laugh and discuss all the fun they intend to have. Jack has a hard time understanding why they are all so reckless but doesn’t ask why.
He blinks and he is taken back. Eight years old, a soccer ball at his feet. His father standing behind him telling him, ”One touch for each step mouse. No more, no less. Control. It’s all about control and every touch counts.” Little Jack dribble the soccer ball back an fourth, so determined to make his dad proud. Always determined to make his dad proud.

He opens his eyes as the group prepares to leave the hotel room. One of his teammates asks, ”You finish that drink yet, Jack? Or are you nursing it again?” The boys break into a general chuckle. Jack didn’t enjoy drinking. It made him feel like he was losing control. He never wanted to lose control. Jack smiled, ”Don’t worry. I’ll finish it.” The boys all look away and continue with their chatter.

Jack blinks again, thirteen years old now. His father kneeling in front of him, ”Your not like other boys, mouse. They don’t have the drive you do. They don’t want it as bad. Don’t throw away your hard work for a bit of fun that will mean nothing when you are older” He opens his eyes and wonders, how do they expect to win the game tomorrow? Hung over, complaining. They are always hungover, always complaining. They never want to put the work in. Play, play, play.
Jack looks down at his cup again, the ice almost all melted at this point. They had made it to the national championship. He wasn’t even sure how. His father was so happy. He called Jack to remind him to get some sleep before the big game. ”Stack the advantages. Not the disadvantages.” he always told him. Jack knew he should probably be asleep, getting a good night rest. He had to go out with the team though. He had to blend.

”You don’t get it dad. They don’t treat me the same.” he would tell his father. Starting in high school Jack was able to tell the difference in the way the other boys looked at him. He was captain of the team his sophomore year. The coach loved him. He was early for every practice, never missed. Never. After practice as the other boys were packing up and heading home, he would run extra laps. He put the work in, and the coach rewarded him. The other boys didn’t see it that way. They would call him a ”Sweaty try hard.” In the locker room they would ask, ”Why do you always want to make us look bad?”

Jack take a sip of the warming drink and closes his eyes. ”Ignore them mouse. You will see. They will be fat old men reminiscing about their high school days. You will have everything. You will finally be able to have real fun. I promise.” His father’s word echoed in the back of his head, when? What is the real fun? How hard do I have to work?

Jack was born in a small coastal town in Florida. His mother and father were working class people. His mother was a banker. She worked pretty standard hours. His father was in construction. His father worked long hours and sometimes had to travel for work. As a child Jackson was always around others. During his early childhood, his mom would take him to day care each morning before work and pick him up after. his mom always had plans for the weekends. They would spend lots of time with friends and Jack would play with the friends children.

Survivor/Ordinary People
Level 1: 0,000 - 1,875
Level 2: 1,876 - 3,750
Level 3: 3,751 - 7,250
Level 4: 7,251 - 14,100
Level 5: 14,101 - 21,200
Level 6: 21,201 - 31,200
Level 7: 31,201 - 41,200
Level 8: 41,201 - 51,200
Level 9: 51,201 - 71,200
Level 10: 71,201 - 101,500
Level 11: 101,501 - 136,500
Level 12: 136,501 - 186,500
Level 13: 186,501 - 236,500
Level 14: 236,501 - 286,500
Level 15: 286,501 - 326,500
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Re: Jackson White - Survivor (Athletics: Extreme Sports) ready for review

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Everything looks good but you need to get an Avatar pic uploaded! Before I will approve you!

And add any minor gear that you may have brought on your trip to NOLO to your backpack. cellphone, keys, soccer gear, etc.
Because, if its not on your sheet by the start of the game, YOU DON'T HAVE IT!
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