Dead Reign Character Creation

Character creation rules, combat rules, PBP rules, GM feedback, and approved Rifter material will be kept here.
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Dead Reign Character Creation

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Dead Reign Character Creation

  • Clear and effective communication is key to a healthy community.
  • If you don't already have Google Hangouts or Discord, contact the site admin via email: lloyd.ritchey at gmail.
    • You will be directed to Hangouts and Discord.
  • Players who are not active chat participants tend not to know their fellow players well, and tend to "flake out" as they are not invested in the community.
  • EU Community Chat
  • EU Discord Server
Character Concept Approval
  • Access to each character class must be purchased.
    • This is to ensure that everyone is invested in the game, and to minimize EP influence in gameplay.
  • Once there are at least three active players in a game, those players will have approval authority over potential new players.
  • A majority vote by current players is required to approve a new player.
  • You can play whatever class you're willing and able to pay for.
    • Conferring with your fellow players about your choice of class is courteous, wise, and advised.
Important Character Creation Rules
  • Experience: All characters start at experience level one.
  • Alignment: Player characters are not allowed Miscreant or Diabolic alignments.
    • Miscreant or Diabolic are strictly NPC alignments.
    • A character who degenerates into one of these alignments through in-character roleplay, must be redeemed by the end of the character's next adventure, or he will be converted to an NPC at the GM's disposal, and the character account deleted.
  • These templates will be used, and in the order posted.
  • Equipment: Starting equipment will be negotiated between each player and the Game Master.
Patron Items
  • Patron items are inappropriate to the Dead Reign setting.
  • The Game Master and player will work together to come up with a way of compensating the player such as:
    • A minor, permanent benefit to the character itself like an Attribute Boost.
    • A significant roleplaying asset to the character like a Favorable Contact.
    • A material benefit to the character like are listed on the Fortune & Glory Tables.
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Re: Dead Reign Character Creation

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Character Creation Guidelines
(These guidelines are subject to change or modification at any time.)

After gaining approval to join please follow these steps.

1. Create your character thread in the "In the Face of Death" forum using the provided forms.

2. Roll your attributes using the Quick Character Creation rules starting on page 159 of the Dead Reign Main Book. (No Exploding Dice Rules will be used!) You may choose from the Attributes and Suggested O.C.C. table starting on page 160 as well as the Special Aptitude Bonuses table on page 162. All other tables are player's choice and are dependent only on the Background you provide. Perception is per the EU site rules.

3. Select your O.C.C. per the above stated Experience rules and the EP rules stated here. Then complete your skill selections. Include the Common Skills as listed on page 190.

4. Players starting on Day Zero will not start with a mandatory Insanity check. All players starting after Day Zero will have a mandatory Insanity check as per EU site rules.

5. Complete your Background

6. Equipment: (Note: This game is based in a modern setting. Starting location, New Orleans, LA)
Characters starting on Day Zero, roll on the Success & Annual Income Before the Apocalypse table on page 87. Add $10,000 to the amount rolled and establish your modern pre-zombie life based on this dollar amount. You can use your O.C.C.'s starting equipment as a guide. (Vehicle cost can be on credit up to a price of half your annual income. Home cost can be on credit up to a price of twice your annual income. All equipment is subject to GM approval.)
All characters starting after Day Zero will start with basic equipment as per their O.C.C. Weapons, armor, vehicles and other special equipment will be negotiated between each player and the Game Master. Provide 2-3 suggestions for each of these four categories of equipment and if you are willing to sacrifice one category for another.
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