Governor's Expectations

Palladium's zombie apocalypse horror/survival setting. This campaign starts off at Day Zero in the "Big Easy," New Orleans.
3-6 players; This game setting unlocked at 65 supporters.
DM: The Governor
AGM: Aegis of No Retreat
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Governor's Expectations

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This is all about XP & expectations around it.

How to meet expectations:
Include the following in each post:
  • The character's internal monologue/thoughts
  • The character's dialogue with other PCs/NPCs
  • Description of the character's intended actions
  • Proper mechanics (JIC, Perception, skill rolls & their purpose)
How to exceed expectations:
All of the above plus...
  • Clever ideas
  • Evoking an emotional response from the GM other than anger
  • Roleplaying in-character under challenging circumstances
  • Being posted within the first 4 days of a major GM post
James, feel free to modify the above to suit you.
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