In Llorn ... But for How Long? (Group A)

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Re: In Llorn ... But for How Long? (Group A)

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Perception: 1d100<51: [1*] = 1
JIC: 1d20: [4] = 4 / 1d100: [23] = 23
Silhouette wrote: Wed Nov 03, 2021 2:30 pm”If others would know you as such, Bonk it is.”
Bonk nods and grins as he takes his seat.
Ramsis wrote: Fri Nov 05, 2021 7:53 amRamsis lets the smoke out slowly. "Me? I came across them as I was following a message from my mistress. We defeated a castle of dark ogres, though not as cultured as you two." He waves his hand at Azure and Bonk. "Since we returned, I got some schooling , and now we gather for another adventure."
Bonk chuckles as he takes a swig. "Bonk is not exactly product of 'typical' ogre culture... assuming there is such thing." He wipes the foam away with his sleeve. "Not that his background is any better or worse than any other; Bonk prefers not to judge as general rule."
Azure wrote: Sat Nov 06, 2021 6:12 pmAt hearing his name Azure tilts his head to better hear, ”I have no history with any here except her.” he says stiffly to the ogre with a nod towards Sil. ”I am also not, but have some experience with the Red Guards Earth shakers recruiter contacting other Ogres. Most are not as comfortable as you are.” Azure says feeling himself like all eyes in the tavern are on only him. ”Where are you from? I am not from here but deep south."
Bonk shrugs. "Comfort is largely in mind. Whether good or bad, Bonk is always ogre -- well, except for one time he was rather confused chicken due to badly cast spell -- so no point in worrying too much about what others think. I think human term is 'haters gonna hate,' yah?"

He takes another swig. "As for where Bonk is from... originally from Silver Range Mountains. Until recently Bonk has been student of Basst College of Magic in Timoro Kingdom." He's about to ask Azure where 'deep south' might be when Sil beats him to the punch. He nods as the other ogre gives his answer. Well, at least he's not from my neck of the mountain range. Hopefully he's never even heard of Ghozza Ogh.

He listens to more of the conversation when his ears prick up at Durak's suggestion.
Durak wrote: Wed Nov 17, 2021 9:09 am"The Wizards' guild might be able to help there, though I would suspect they would want a favour for such information."
"Bonk has been looking for good excuse to join local Mages Guild..." he nods. "Was not able last time Trask Gang was in town; perhaps now is better opportunity, yah?"
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Re: In Llorn ... But for How Long? (Group A)

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[rolls held]

Idleness is not seeming to be Azure's strong suit. His head nods and bobs as he starts dozing off listening to the chatter across the table. Seer how would you find her father? he thinks envious of her having a desire to find her father. My father will die by Seer's knife. he thinks staring ahead blankly, his thoughts on the conversation taking place further distracted by the swath of light flooding the walls of the tavern and causing his eyes scarred eyes to fill with a burst of white as patrons come and go through the front door of the tavern. The room falls quickly into gloom as the door closes creating a hypnotic rhythm that soothes his mind into a meditative trance. Where do we go to find her father indeed?
[Clairvoyance 4 ISP 64% +5%/ 1d100: [40] = 40 if subject of vision is a friend/loved 2d4: [2, 4] = 6 melees] SUCCESS

Clairvoyance PFRPG Main pg. 168
OOC Comments
Range: Self; although the image could pertain to people or places thousands of miles away. Duration: 6D6 melee rounds. I.S.P.: 4
Base Skill: 58% (+2%)
Clairvoyance enables the psychic to see or feel glimpses of the possible future. This is achieved through meditation or intense concentration in which the clairvoyant thinks about a particular person, event or place. Add +5% to the base skill if the person involved is a friend or loved one. Clairvoyance is unpredictable and cannot be turned on and off like a light bulb. Sometimes it works (if the roll is under the base skill) and sometimes it does not (when the roll is above the base skill). A failed roll means the psychic received no insight to the future, despite the expenditure of I.S.P.
A clairvoyant trance can be attempted as often as twice every day. The message can be a sudden feeling that somebody is in need ("... something's wrong. It's ... it's ... Janet! I've got to see her!") or, more often, a sudden flash of insight — a sudden image that races through the mind. The image is like a brief snippet from a movie or a dream. Often all the details are not clear, but the potential danger is. For example, the psychic character is in a trance or meditation, thinking about his/her friend Janet. Suddenly, the mind is flooded with an image of Janet rushing down a crowded street. It's twilight, like morning or evening. She seems very upset. Janet races into the street, ignoring the traffic. There's a gang of thugs riding down the street like madmen. The squeal of horses (or bystanders). Janet screams. The image ends. Is Janet hurt? Killed? Unknown, but the danger is clear. There are also other hints of information: the time of day, Janet seeming upset, rushing, etc. The glimpse into the future could be twenty minutes, eight hours, 24 hours, or a week. The psychic has no way of knowing. Of course, he has the advantage of recognizing the potential danger as it begins to unfold and may be able to avoid it, stop it, or change the outcome. The image may last a few minutes or be a sudden flash lasting but a few seconds. The flash could be a peculiar noise, insignia, a face, or a specific image like a particular door, object, or person.
It is important to note that sometimes a clairvoyant image will occur unintentionally, without the psychic trying. These most often manifest themselves as dreams or nightmares during sleep. The clairvoyant dream is exactly like the image from a meditative trance described previously. The precognitive flash of the future may also occur unbeckoned while awake, but this is extremely rare. These brief glimpses of the possible future happen because the clairvoyant is acutely attuned to his world. Anything that might hurt or change that world (including people and places) will often be foretold in a flash of insight.
Game Masters: Be careful not to reveal too much. Use the examples provided as a guide. Remember, these are brief glimpses of the possible future, not a motion picture. The psychic cannot engage in any actions, combat or otherwise, during a moment of clairvoyance, or the image will instantly stop. It usually requires 2D4 melee rounds of concentration or meditation before the image occurs. Remember, a failed skill roll means absolutely nothing happens, but still burns up the 4 I.S.P. and time.
Azure Languages: N:Gobblely, Eastern, Elven, Giantese
I.S.P.: 129/159 | P.P.E.: 1/1 | H.P.: 40/40 (0/5) | S.D.C.: 76/76 (0/70)
Conditions: Sixth Sense, Total Recall, Blind without familiar, Mind's Eye, or Blind Fighting
Armor: Quilted Tunic | A.R.: 8 | S.D.C.: 15/15 | Modifiers:-
Weapon: Long Spear | Dmg: 3d6+19 | Modifiers: +9 strike, +9 parry, +11 throw | Throw Range: 180' S.N. 240'| Dmg: 4d6
Familiar: Gaozir (See Equipment for Combat Data) | S.D.C.: 51/51 | H.P.:- | APR: 2 (+2 Strike/Dodge) Damage: 2D4+2 (talons or beak), Dive Bomb: 4d4+4 (2 actions)
Abilities: Horror Factor: 10, Spd: 33 (66 in bursts, dive at 88), Excellent vision (2 miles), Nightvision 300', Track by scent 66%; by sight 80%, Glide for over 10 miles without flapping wings
Animal and Psionics: See the Invisible, Sense Evil, Sense Magic, Sixth Sense, and Empathy (receives only). Range: 600 foot area.
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Re: In Llorn ... But for How Long? (Group A)

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Date: 17 September, 345
Time: 2200
Environment: a bit damp outside ...
Location: Llorn, The Deynish Boog

Azure explains that he hails from the southern portion of the Old Kingdom near north-eastern tip of the Baalgor wastelands although he can see through Gaozir's eyes that Silhouette has shifted her attention (or what passes for it) back to the stoic looking Dwarf called Durak. The Southern-Mage defensively responds to Durak that she had not searched for her father because he had been supposed to find her in Llorn (though if she wore a different face in Llorn than she had in Yin Sloth, the argument makes NO sense, and if she wore the same face, then fleeing to Llorn is nearly pointless). Further, Silhouette challenges that she only recently acquired forms of magic which might make a search viable and begins to articulate a very complicated plan that relies on dispatching a plague of magical pigeons throughout the world, then waiting for response ... which somewhat conflicts with the waiting part of her plan by proposing a Location-Magic tour of the jungles of Yin Sloth and the Western Empire.

Trask seems somewhat tentative as he shakes his head pointing out that world news is a different sort of beast, and a months old trail is less promising than one might hope. The veteran soldier explains that Trask's crew have been travelling the Eastern Territory for a while and not made as much as hoped. He proposes that if Silhouette disclose all the facts, names, locations, relevant info she has on the task to the entire team so that others are able to determine if they have contacts and resources who might assist.

Durak opines that the only real lead that Silhouette has presented is that the Club was taken to the Tri-Arcanum in Wisdom so that is naturally where they should plan to travel, and proposes that he look into a side job from the Collectors so that they are being paid. Bonk explains that he himself hails from the Silver Range Mountains but had also attended the Basst College of Magic in Timiro. Bonk then offers up that he could visit and join the Mages guild to try and gather further info, yet neither Ramsis or Azure seem to be paying particular attention. The smaller-dwarf [OOC: You can wake up in your next actually responsive post, but for now, you have been asleep for a while) seems to have begun snoring, while the thickly-built Azure seems intently focused on focusing his vacant (blind) stare at the far lip of his tankard ... because he is trying to employ clairvoyance.

Azure focuses on Silhouette, but cannot seem to find a vision of her father whom he does not know. A myriad of images form and burst without quite taking shape ... in one Silhouette is seen casting a spell to summon a bird and sits, in another she boards a ship and she seems happy before her face begins to shift to a greenish color and she seems to shrink to take on the form of a goblin, in a third she approaches a pit where Durak seems to be lying injured from spikes protruding up from the ground, in a fourth holding a bleeding Gaozir she climbs onto a floating carpet with Bonk ... (OOC: I seriously have no idea what you want a vision of, you dont have a plan, how am I supposed to put together a prediction of a plan where everyone is proposing options and changes? This isn't you come to a door and try to clairvoyantly predict what happens if you open it, or if you take Path 2 of 3 ...)

Butcher's Bill:
Azure: -30 ISP
Silhouette: -71 PPE, -4 ISP

What are you doing?
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