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Roll20 in 2021

The continuing adventures of an arrogant elf, and the masochists who join him on his fools errands.

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Roll20 in 2021

Post by Augur »

I want to figure out which campaigns people want to play next year.
I'm not going to use any polls for this endeavor. Instead, y'all should just state what you want in this thread in your own terms.
I'll take a tally of everything at the end of November, and promote the results.
  • If we elect to continue a given campaign, instead of having Session 0 in January for that campaign, I'll just solicit feedback regarding such over the holidays and we'll just continue playing once the new year starts!
  • If you, the players, decide to end one of the current campaigns in favor of a new campaign, I'll solicit feedback regarding the campaign that's ending, and we will have a Session 0 in January for the new campaign.

Let me know your status regarding Roll 20, and what you're interested in:

You are:
  • ...a Roll 20 player currently active in at least one campaign and committed to playing in 2021.
  • ...a prospective Roll 20 player. I'm not in a game currently, but I'm interested in participating in 2021.
The current line-up of campaigns is:
  • Heroes Unlimited: Resurrection (continue)
  • Palladium Fantasy: Legacy of Tarquin (continue)
  • Rifts: Humble Origins (continue)
Here are alternative campaign options:
  • After the Bomb (new campaign)
  • Beyond the Supernatural (new campaign)
  • Chaos Earth (new campaign)
  • Dead Reign (new campaign)
  • Heroes Unlimited (different campaign)
  • Palladium Fantasy (different campaign)
  • Rifts (different campaign)
  • Robotech (new campaign)
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Re: Roll20 in 2021

Post by Rook »

I'm not currently a Roll20 player, but I could maybe be interested in ATB, Rifts or Robotech (in that order). A big part of it is of course when the game would take place, as my availability is somewhat limited
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Re: Roll20 in 2021

Post by Selenidaria »

I am currently a player in both the HU2 Galactic game and the Rifts: Humble Origins game, and I am interested in continuing playing in both of those games. Someone had mentioned playing on Friday nights, but if any of the games that I am in are moved to a Friday night slot, then I would be forced to leave the game as currently my Friday nights to too hectic to allow playing. Sometime during the first half of next year, my schedule is going to be forced to change anyway as my wife has a goal of us moving by the end of April of next year to someplace that is too far away for me to keep my job. But seeing as I don't know what my next job is going to be, I have no idea what my schedule is going to wind up looking like.
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Re: Roll20 in 2021

Post by Underguard »

I enjoy roll20, and would like to continue in all games currently active.

That said, my entire living situation will be changing over the next couple months. New work, new state, new home, new environment. I do not know what this will do for my availability and will advise as I learn more.
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Re: Roll20 in 2021

Post by Mierin »

I'm in the HU Galactic and PF games and am interested in continuing those games.

I'd also be interested if a BtS game started.
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