Phinneas Graves (Human Crazy) (Level Up)

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Phinneas Graves (Human Crazy) (Level Up)

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Player Name: Chris
Discord: Ironhead74#1622
Link to Ledger

Character Name: Phinneas Graves
Alias: None
Race: Human
O.C.C.: Crazies
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 5,875 (AoNR 01OCT22)
Next Level @ XP: 8,560
Sentiments/Non-Humans: Just because a being is from another dimension doesn't mean they're bad. Unless they're trying to eat me, of course. If that's the case, I would pair well with a nice red wine.
Sentiments/Coalition: Doesn't hate the Coalition, but at the same time doesn't look at them as the saviors of humanity. Sure they have done their share to keep humanity from the jaws of extinction, but there are stories about some of their methods that leave a very sour taste. Intentionally antagonizing or attacking them isn't a priority, but a "once in a lifetime" chance at a big score wouldn't go unnoticed.
Disposition: Wild Man. Phinneas means well in just about everything he does, but he can be bullheaded and overconfident which leads him to jump head first into situations without fully thinking them through first. Even if he makes decisions within a group, if the urge grabs him he's like a dog chasing a squirrel and won't stop 'til he gets it.
Power by Association: Magic Object Syndrome - A frag grenade with eyes and a smile on the side in worn white paint called Mr. Boom Boom. Without the object, he believes he has no special psionic powers or abilities and all O.C.C. bonuses and wildness are gone. He has all his ordinary abilities, but he is more timid and acts as if ALL his attributes and S.D.C. are 12 maximum. If the object is lost, he becomes depressed and despondent for 3d6 weeks, after which he will find a new object from which to get his powers or find a new, similar object to the first and insist it is the one he lost.

Phobia: Magic involving augmentation, imbuing powers: - Character becomes terrified when object of the fear is encountered. If surrounded by friends who can soothe away his fears, he may be able to contain himself long enough to safely avoid it (01-60% chance). However, the character feels faint, nauseous, and trembles while doing so (reduce attacks/actions per round, combat bonuses, skill performance and SPD by half. Speed is at full only if character is running away from his fear. If character is alone, already nervous or feels threatened, he will be overcome with fear. This is Phobic Panic.
Phobic Panic: Upon reaching the breaking point, the character's mind will defend itself in one of the following ways: (01-25%) Pass out/fall unconscious for 2D4 minutes, (26-80%) Flee at top speed, ignoring any cries or pleas from other characters until he is certain he has escaped the object or is subdued and restrained. He will only fight if there is no other way to escape, and then only until he can get away and run, (81-100%) Paralyzed with fear, the character can only whimper, sob or scream at the horror. He stands completely rigid or huddled in a corner and cannot do anything until the object of his fear is removed or destroyed, or he is dragged away from it.

Affective Disorder: Hysterical Blindness - When under pressure (battle, an important opportunity, torture, interrogation, etc.) the character loses his sight until the pressure is removed. Roll for each situation. 01-88% likelihood of happening. -10 to strike, parry, dodge, and all combat rolls while blind; no initiative and skill performance is half. Blindness lasts for 1D6+1 melee rounds.

I.Q.: 11
M.E.: 12
M.A.: 17
P.S.: 31 (Augmented)
P.P.: 17
P.E.: 21
P.B.: 12
Speed: 21 (105 yds/melee round)

P.P.E.: 21
I.S.P.: 46
H.P.: 39
S.D.C.: 144
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210 lbs
Description: Average height and build. Short green hair. 7 silver rods, 1" in diameter and 2-3" in length protrude through his hair.

Natural Abilities
Perception: 45%
Charm/Impress: 10%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 45%
Max. Encumbrance: 252 lbs
Max. Carrying Weight: 1240 lbs
Max. Lifting Weight: 2480 lbs
Max. Jumping Ability: 27' length/18' height

Special Abilities
1. Super Endurance: Can lift and carry twice as much as a normal person of equivalent Strength and Endurance, and can last 10 times longer before feeling effect of exhaustion. Can remain alert and operate at full efficiency for up to 3 days (72 hours) without sleep. Needs only 4 hours of sleep to function at full capacity.
2. Increased Strength: Falls under "Augmented" category.
3. Increased Speed: Can leap 20 ft across and 15 high after a short run (half the distance from a dead stop).
4. Heightened Reflexes and Agility: Exceptional Balance and Grace.
5. Enhanced Senses:
Enhanced Vision: Character has perfect 20/20 vision and exceptional long range vision; can read a small sign or recognize a face from up to 2 miles away when he concentrates; must have line of sight.
Enhanced Hearing:Can hear a whisper or a twig snap up to 3oo ft away. Acute hearing gives an Automatic Dodge on ALL attacks; even from behind and surprise attacks. Does NOT use up a melee attack. Normal dodge bonuses do not apply, but P.P. bonuses do.
Enhanced sense of smell: Character can instantly recognize odors (01-65%), recognize a person by scent like a dog (01-25%), and even track by smell (01-30%), provided the sent is not more than 2 hours old.
Enhanced sense of taste: Can taste for a specific flavor, discern specific ingredients and tell if a drink or food has been poisoned, drugged or spoiled. Chance for detection (01-55%), +20% if the chemical has a telltale taste or odor to begin with.
Enhanced sense of touch: Character recognizes very slight differences in textures by touch. Adds 10% to all skills that require a delicate touch such as Art, Demolitions, Palming, Pick Pockets, Pick Locks, Electronics, etc.
6. Enhanced Healing: Heals two times faster than normal. Virtually impervious to pain, no amount of pain will impair the Crazy until he is down to 10 HP or less. At that point the warrior will realize his condition and start to feel the effects of his injuries. However, the Crazy can go into an intense meditative trance that will induce Bio-Regeneration, healing damage in moments.
7. Crazies Bio-Regeneration: The Crazy must stop to slip into a meditative trance. While in the trance, he is completely helpless and cannot move or take any action. All of his concentration is being forced into an accelerated bio-feedback program that will restore 2D6 HP and 3D6 S.D.C., stops bleeding, and closes wounds in 2D4 minutes. An extended period of Crazies' Bio-Regeneration, over a period of 6 hours, will restore all S.D.C. and an additional 4D6 HP.

Minor Psionic
(Phy) Nightvision (4)
-10 minutes per level of exp.
-Must have a light source to see. Cannot see in total darkness.
-If exposed to light more than a single candle, will be temporarily blinded for 3D4 melee rounds.
-Can also be used for polarized sight, reducing glare like polarized sunglasses.

(Phy) Telekinetic Punch (6)
-By touch or 1 foot per level of exp.
-Inflicts 3D6 S.D.C for punch, 4D6 S.D.C. for kicks. Must be used with normal punch or kick and can be dodged or parried.
-Psionic must make a saving roll of 14 or higher or take 1D6 S.D.C. himself as a result of muscle strain or dislocated joint from the extra body stress.

(Phy) Telekinetic Push (4)
-By touch or 1 foot per level of exp.
-Pushing force has a rough equivalent of P.S. 16+1 per level of exp.
-Roughly equal to a body block and does 1D4 S.D.C. or HP damage. Will knock a normal person back 2 meters and has a (01-60%) chance of knocking them off their feet. (If so, character loses initiative and one melee action.)
-Targets weighing over 200 lbs or with Robotic P.S. or Supernatural P.S. will only be knocked back 1 meter with a (01-12%) chance of being knocked off their feet.
-Inanimate objects weighing under 50 lbs. will be "pushed" or slid across the ground twice as far, roughly 4 meters.

O.C.C. Skills
Language: American 99% (+1%)
Language: Spanish 71% (+3%)
Climbing 75% (+5%)
Dance 55% (+5%)
Detect Ambush 50% (+5%)
Detect Concealment 50% (+5%)
Electronic Countermeasures 50% (+5%)
Escape Artist 50% (+5%)
Gymnastics (Provides all of the following)
--An automatic kick attack at first level (2D4 damage)
--Sense of Balance 76% (3%)
--Work parallel bars and rings 86% (3%)
--Back Flip 94% (2%)
--Climb Rope/Rappel 84% (2%)
Land Navigation 54% (+4%)
Prowl 60% (+5%)
Radio: Basic 65% (+5%)
Streetwise 45% (+5%)
Tailing 60% (+5%)
Swimming 80% (+5%)
W.P. Archery
W.P. Blunt
W.P. Energy Rifle
W.P. Energy Pistol
W.P. Heavy M.D. Weapons
W.P. Paired Weapons

O.C.C. Related Skills
Demolitions 81% (+3%)
Demolitions Disposal 81% (+3%)
Mathematics: Basic 60% (+5%)
Pick Locks 60% (+5%)
Electronic Countermeasures 45% (+5%)

Secondary Skills
Gambling: Standard 40% (+5%)
Pilot: Hover Craft (Ground) 60% (+5%)
Pilot: Hovercycles, Skycycles & Rocket Bikes 76% (+3%)
Body Building and Weight Lifting
W.P. Axe
W.P. Chain
W.P. Knife

Combat Data
HTH Type: Commando
Number of Attacks: 4
Initiative Bonus: +4
Strike Bonus: +3
Parry Bonus: +3
Dodge Bonus: +3
Auto-Dodge Bonus: +2
HTH Damage Bonus: +16
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +9
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +3
Bonus to Disarm: +1
Karate Punch/Strike: 2D4 + 14 P.S. Bonus
Punch: 1D4 + 14 P.S. Bonus
Kick: 2D4 + 14 P.S. Bonus
Elbow: 1D6 + 14 P.S. Bonus
Knee: 1D6 + 14 P.S. Bonus
Disarm: Defensive - Natural 19 or 20. As a strike, higher player roll wins
Dodge: Equal to or greater than attacker's strike roll.
Entangle: Roll higher than attacker's Strike roll
Body Block/Tackle: 1D4 + 14 P.S. Bonus. Victim can try to Save vs Knockdown depending on Skills.
Body Flip/ Throw: 1D6 + 14 P.S. Bonus. Victim also loses Initiative and one melee attack. Victim can try to Roll w/ Impact to half damage.
Power Punch/Power Kick - 2D4 M.D. (Augmented Strength) - Counts as 2 Melee attacks.
Backward Sweep Kick - Used only on opponents coming from behind the character. Does no damage; it is purely a knockdown attack (same penalties as Body Flip), and cannot be parried. (Opponent can try to dodge but is -2 to do so.)

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Archery - +2 to strike, +1 to parry with the bow itself, +1 to disarm
W.P. Blunt - +2 to strike and parry
W.P. Energy Pistol - +1 to strike
W.P. Chain +2 to strike. Cannot be used to entangle, and cannot be thrown with any accuracy (-3 to strike when thrown)
W.P. Knife +1 to strike, +2 to parry, +2 to strike when thrown
W.P. Axe +1 to strike, +1 to parry

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +27%
Magic (varies): +3
Lethal Poison (14+): +7
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +7
Insanity (12+): 0
Psionics (12+): +2
Horror Factor (varies): +2
Possession: +2
Drugs: +4
Disease: +4
Toxic Gases: +4
Mind Control: +6
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Phinneas Graves
Current stats
S.D.C. 134/134
M.D.C. 110/110
P.P.E. 21/21
Ammo: 192/192
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Re: Phinneas Graves (Crazy) **WIP**

Post by Phinneas_Graves »


AFC-115 Warbird Rocket Cycle (NG Knockoff)

Carried/In Hand
NG-R50 Mini Rail Gun

Worn on Person
Grey T-shirt
OD Green pants
Black leather combat style boots
"Mr. Boom Boom" worn on a chain around his neck
Utility Belt
Walkie Talkie hands free set
Duffel Bag
NE-RV07 Ripper Vibro-Axe slung over shoulder
Non-Secure Universal Card: 156,168 credits in pocket
Non-Secure Black Card: 4,000 credits in pocket

Utility Belt
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.
• Attachment: N-F40A Heavy Force Field
• Attachment: LP3-D Dual-Shot Laser Pistol
• Attachment: PRC-5 Secure Walkie Talkie
• Attachment: Canteen

The backpack is padded, sealable, and lightly armored. Internal space can be utilized to carry a variety of items. Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep. Items larger than a grenade will require more than one space.
• Space: E-clip
• Space: E-clip
• Space: E-clip
• Space: E-clip
• Space: Extra battery for Walkie Talkie
• Space: Canteen
• Space: Geiger Counter
• Space: Gas Mask/Air Filter
• Space: Power Pack for NG-R50
• Space: 2 week food rations

Duffel Bag
Urban Warrior Light EBA, Flat Grey

Stored in Room

• Tent
• Black covert operations clothing
• Wood cutting hatchet
• Tinted goggles

Gear Stats
OOC Comments
NE-RV07 Ripper Vibro-Axe
  • Damage: 4D6 M.D.
  • Payload: 1 hour constant use
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Features: silver coated
  • Modifiers: None
  • Book Reference: p.24, DB8

LP3-D Dual-Shot Laser Pistol
  • Range: 700'
  • Damage: 2D6 M.D. or 4D6 M.D. burst
  • Rate of Fire: Single shot & 2-shot bursts only
  • Payload: 18 shots per E-Clip, 36 shots per LE-Clip
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Features: None
  • Modifiers: None
  • Book Reference: p.145, Black Market

NG-R50 Mini Rail Gun
  • Range: 1,500'
  • Damage: 4D6 M.D.
  • Rate of Fire: Single shots only
  • Payload options:
    • Short Magazine: 14 rounds
    • Banana Magazine: 24 rounds
    • Charge Capacity: 14 shots via E-Clip, 24 shots via LE-Clip, 192 shots via Power Pack
  • Weight: 25 lbs.; (optional) power pack is 20 lbs.
  • Features: W.P. Heavy M.D. Weapons
  • Modifiers: -3 to strike if P.S.<20
  • Book Reference: p.209, WB33

N-F40A Heavy Force Field
M.D.C. by Location:
  • Force Field: 110

Weight: 15 lbs.
Modifiers: none
  • 8 hour duration per E-clip

Book Reference: p.122, DB2

AFC-115 Warbird Rocket Cycle
M.D.C. by Location:g
  • *Lasers (2; front): 15
  • *Rail Guns (2): 65 each
  • Mini Missile Launcher (2; sides): 40 each
  • Front Windshield: 35
  • *Headlights (2; undercarriage): 4 each
  • *Directional Jets (12): 15 each
  • *Tail Fin (3): 25 each
  • Side/ Rear Jets (2): 100 each
  • Main Body: 220

*Requires a called shot at -4 to strike
Destroying three or more of the directional jets inflicts a piloting skill penalty of -15%. Destroying one of the rear jets reduces speed by 50% and inflicts a piloting penalty of -30%. Destroying both sends the vehicle crashing to the ground
Statistical Data:
Range: The Warbird can be flown continuously for 24 hours without fear of overheating, 6,000' max altitude
Flying: 200 mph
Underwater Capabilities: The Warbird Rocket Cycle can also skim across the surface of water at a speed of 200 mph. It is not submersible.
Modifiers: None
Crew: Pilot only
Class: Aerial Military Combat Vehicle
Dimensions: 4' 7' tall, 10' wide, 12' long, 1.2 tons
Cargo: Only enough to stow an energy rifle and three E-clips.
Power System: Nuclear Powered
Weapon Systems:
C-42 Rail Gun Cluster Housing (2)
  • Range: 4,000'
  • Damage: 1D6x10 M.D. burst, 2D6x10 M.D. dual burst
  • Rate of Fire: 40 rounds per each burst
  • Payload: 4,000 round drum per barrel, 8,000 rounds total

Forward Lasers (2)
  • Range: 2,000'
  • Damage: 2D6 M.D. or 4D6 M.D. dual blast
  • Rate of Fire: Single & dual blasts only
  • Payload: Unlimited

Concealed Mini-Missile Launchers (2)
  • Range: Varies by mini-missile type
  • Damage: Varies by mini-missile type
  • Rate of Fire: 1 at a time or volleys of 2, 3, 4 or 5
  • Payload: 20 mini-missiles total, 10 per launcher

Features of Note:
  • Radar: track & ID 48 targets (10 miles)
  • Directional laser comms (500 miles)
  • Short-range radio (5 miles)

Book Reference: p.169-170, WB11

Wilk's PRC-5 Secure Walkie-Talkie
  • M.D.C.: 2
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Features: 96 hours before recharge required
  • Modifiers: -25% to crack encryption
  • Book Reference: p.106, MercOps

Urban Warrior Light EBA
M.D.C. by Location:
  • Helmet: 35
  • Arms: 16 each
  • Legs: 30 each
  • Main Body: 50

Weight: 11 lbs.
Modifiers: -5% to physical skills
  • All standard environmental features

Book Reference: p.60, WB34

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Phinneas Graves
Current stats
S.D.C. 134/134
M.D.C. 110/110
P.P.E. 21/21
Ammo: 192/192
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Re: Phinneas Graves (Crazy) **WIP**

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I was born to Wilmand and Genesse Graves, in a small community south of Ipsheming. We lived in a modest home which was afforded by both of my parents working for Northern Gun. My mother cleaned offices and my father was a weapons assembler. I had a wonderful childhood. My parents were very loving and gave me everything I needed without spoiling me. I learned how to stand my ground and be a man from my father, and I learned how to balance that with compassion and understanding from my mother. If there could be any kind of paradise in the time of the Rifts, it was with my parents.

When I was 18, my father was involved in a work accident at Northern Gun. A power supply in one of the rifles he was working on malfunctioned and ruptured in front of him. Shrapnel from the rupture took the vision in his left eye and caused nerve damage in his left arm. No longer able to perform the meticulous work required for weapons assembly, he had to leave his position at Northern Gun. The company made good on their end and gave him a sizeable payment, as an investigation into the accident found the power supply to be defective from manufacturing, and my father had given 23 excellent years of service to them.

It was one month and 6 days after my father's early retirement when it happened. My father woke me one night and told me he heard footsteps in the house. I listened for a moment and didn't hear anything, but I told him I would check it out. I made my way downstairs, and as I went into the family room I was met with a white flash and then darkness. I don't know how much time passed, but when I awoke I was bound and I could hear my mother crying and my father pleading with whoever was there. Fading in and out, I was shocked awake at the sound of two single gunshots and the silence. Screaming for my parents, I saw a shadow come down the steps. He stopped and asked "Where is the money?", to which I replied "I'm going to fucking kill you!" Another flash and darkness again.

I woke again to bright lights and a doctor. It turns out that the last flash I saw was from the muzzle of a gun. I was left for dead after whoever shot thought that they had succeeded with a head shot, but the bullet only grazed and cracked my skull. After a couple days in the hospital, the police came in to ask some questions. The intruders to my home appear to have been after my father's money that was paid from his injury. I could not answer any of their questions and spent the next few days in a depression and in and out of crying over my loss.

After leaving the hospital, I returned home to find the mess left from the intruders rummaging through things trying to find what they were looking for. I began to clean. It was something, if anything, to keep my mind occupied, and my mother always appreciated a tidy house. While in my father's toolchest in the garage, I noticed that one of the drawer bottoms was loose and appeared to be removable. With a screwdriver, I pried the drawer bottom up and found a cred-stick in an envelope with Phinneas written on it. Also in the envelope was a note from my father:

"Phinneas, you have made me and your mother so happy. Watching you grow up and being your father has been the highlight of my life. After my injury, I put this aside for you so that when it was time, you would be able to have a head start in this world. I have no doubt that you are capable of great things and I can't wait to watch you continue to grow into the man that I know you will be."

After what felt like a day of tears, I swore that I would find my parents' killer and I would do whatever it took. I knew from what had already happened that if I went on by myself that I would be outmanned and outgunned, unless......

I found 600,000 credits on the stick that my father had put away for me. Keeping this quiet, and maintaining appearances of a grieving son, my grief quickly turned to anger and revenge, and I started to look into the seedier areas of Ipsheming to find something that could help me avenge my parents. Asking what I thought were the right questions and greasing a few palms led me to a body chop shop where I was able to talk to a man about M.O.M. implants. I was going to become a Crazy. Sounds crazy enough to say, but the legends of the Crazies coupled with the fact that the Coalition has banned their creation made me know that if I was going to be a one man army, being a Crazy was how I was going to do it. I handed the "doctor" my cred-stick, laid down on the table, and slowly drifted off as I inhaled whatever was in the mask the doc put over my face.

Waking up with a decent headache, I heard the doctor in the background, "Oh, you DID make it. I wasn't sure..." I stood up from the table and the doctor did a few final checks. "Everything is working as it should. It may take a week or so to get accustomed to your new abilities but the operation was a success. Enjoy!" Running my fingers through my hair, I acknowledged the cool touch of the steel rods now protruding from my scalp. Looking at a table in the corner, I noticed a frag grenade sitting among some personal effects. It had 2 eyes and a smile on the side in a worn white paint. "How much more for that?", I asked. "On the house," the doctor said, "He won't be needing that anymore." With a slight nod and a smile, I looked back at the doctor and let out the smallest of giggles. I then walked out the door and into the night.

As I started to make my way home, I kept looking at the face on the grenade. As odd as it sounds, that little smile was very comforting. It was the first smile I had seen since before my parents were taken. "Phinneas.........Phinneas." I looked around, but didn't see anyone. "Phinneas.......Phinneas." I looked around again and still didn't see anyone. "Phinneas.......down here." I looked down at the little white paint smile, "Hi Phinneas. It's me, Mr. Boom Boom. Wanna be friends?" I shook my head and rubbed my eyes for a second, then looked back at the little white face. "It's okay, Phinneas. I want to help. I like you." "Sure, Mr. Boom Boom....I really could use a friend right now....." I told everything to Mr. Boom Boom on the way home. After I got done with my story, Mr. Boom Boom told me, "It's okay Phinneas. As long as you have me around you'll be just fine. You'll be almost unstoppable. I have a lot of power inside and I'll share it with you, no problem. Just do me a favor and don't pull my pin. It hurts real bad if you do that." "If you promise to help me find who killed my parents, you got a deal", I said. "That's exactly why I'm here," the little white smile replied.....

As a Crazy, Phinneas suffers from delusions and insanity. Everything is fine initially, but as time goes on, he gets increasingly more disturbed:

-At Second level of experience roll once on the Phobia table.
-At Third level roll once on the Affective Disorders table
-At Fourth level roll on the Random Crazy Insanities tables located within O.C.C. (R:UE, pg. 57)
-At Sixth level roll on the Obsession table
-At Eighth level roll on the Phobia table again
-At Tenth level roll on the Neurosis table
-At Twelfth level roll on the Psychosis table
-At Fourteenth level roll for a Random Insanity
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Phinneas Graves
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S.D.C. 134/134
M.D.C. 110/110
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Re: Phinneas Graves (Crazy) **WIP**

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Scratch Sheet

4d6-L: [4, 6, 6, 6]-L = 18
4d6-L: [1, 5, 4, 3]-L = 12
4d6-L: [6, 5, 5, 2]-L = 16
4d6-L: [1, 6, 6, 3]-L = 15
4d6-L: [6, 1, 3, 5]-L = 14
4d6-L: [2, 3, 5, 4]-L = 12
4d6-L: [2, 5, 4, 1]-L = 11
4d6-L: [4, 1, 1, 5]-L = 10
First bonus attribute roll - 1d6: [3] = 3
Second bonus attribute roll - 1d6: [1] = 1

6d6: [3, 3, 6, 3, 3, 3] = 21 P.P.E. (O.O.C.)
6d6: [6, 6, 5, 5, 2, 4] = 28 + M.E. (12) = 40 I.S.P. (O.O.C.)
1d6: [2] = 2 + P.E. (14) = 16 H.P.

O.C.C. Special Bonuses
1. Super Endurance:
3d6*10: [4, 3, 6]*10 = 130 S.D.C. + 2d6 Gymnastics bonus 2d6: [2, 2] = 4 = 134
5d6: [5, 3, 1, 5, 5] = 19 to HP
1d6: [5] = 5 to P.E.
2. Increased Strength
2d4: [4, 2] = 6 to P.S.
3. Increased Speed
4d6: [1, 6, 3, 1] = 11 to Speed
4. Heightened Reflexes and Agility
+2 to initiative
+1 to strike
+4 to roll with impact
1d6: [1] = 1 to P.P.
5. Enhanced Senses:
+3 to Perception
6. Saving Throw Bonuses:
+2 vs Psionics and Possession
+6 vs all forms of mind control
+4 vs toxic gases, poisons, drugs and disease
7. Enhanced Healing:
+15% to save vs coma/death

1d4: [2] = 2 Gambling skill roll

2d6: [2, 2] = 4 *100 = 400 Starting Credits

1d6: [4] = 4 *1000 = 4000 Starting Black Market Credits
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Re: Phinneas Graves (Human Crazy) (Level Up)

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Level 2 scratch sheet

I.S.P. Gain 1d6: [6] = 6
Phobia Table roll 1d100: [16] = 16 Phobia: Magic Involving Augmentation, Imbuing Powers
Hit Points 1d6: [2] = 2
New Secondary Skill: Body Building and Weight Lifting
Phinneas Graves
Current stats
S.D.C. 134/134
M.D.C. 110/110
P.P.E. 21/21
Ammo: 192/192
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Re: Phinneas Graves (Human Crazy)

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Spent 3 EP to raise Perception 15% from 30 to 45
Phinneas Graves
Current stats
S.D.C. 134/134
M.D.C. 110/110
P.P.E. 21/21
Ammo: 192/192
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Re: Phinneas Graves (Human Crazy) (Level Up)

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Level 3 scratch sheet

Commando HTH gains:
- +1 Initiative
- +1 Disarm
- Karate punch/strike (2D4 damage)

Affective Disorder table roll 1d100: [99] = 99 Affective Disorder: Hysterical Blindness

Hit Points 1d6: [2] = 2

W.P. Knife +1 to parry, +1 to strike when thrown
W.P. Blunt +1 to strike
W.P. Chain +1 to strike
Phinneas Graves
Current stats
S.D.C. 134/134
M.D.C. 110/110
P.P.E. 21/21
Ammo: 192/192
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