Chapter 1: Equivocal Dawn

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Susan Lee
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Re: Chapter 1: Equivocal Dawn

Post by Susan Lee »

Perception: 1d100: [7] = 7 / 38%
JiC: 1d20: [20] = 20 / 1d100: [9] = 9

Susan watches Jez usher the ATV across the river and thinks... Yes. No one has ever seen a trid show. I was right to join them.

Once across the tree, she claps her hands, "Commander, that was clinically insane! I need a moment to cover our trail." She unloads the drones and gets them in place for a good cross-angle on the tree.

Babies, destroy the tree. Make it in the river.

Once the 'bridge' has been destroyed behind them, Susan loads the babies back in the ATV and climbs into the passenger compartment, ready to move on to their destination.

"Number 8, I build up castles. I tear down mountains. I make some men blind, I help others to see. What am I?"
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Re: Chapter 1: Equivocal Dawn

Post by Amber Dach »

Perception: 39% = 1d100: [41] = 41
JiC: 1d20: [17] = 17 | 1d100: [20] = 20

Skills Rolls
Land Navigation 58% = 1d100: [97] = 97
Constant/Active Conditions
Constant Conditions
Sixth Sense: Range 180’
Sense Supernatural Evil & Sense Magic Energy: Range 300’
Sense the Presence of Vampires and Vampire Intelligences: Range 1000' radius
Sense Rifts and Ley Lines: Senses Ley Lines up to 5 miles away, a nexus point up to 10 miles, and sense an open/active Rift up to 20 miles away.

Alter Aura to change her aura in the following ways:
• The general level of experience can be made to seem much higher (1d4+3 levels higher) than it really is.
• Conceal the I.S.P. levels to be show them to be minimal (like a minor psychic).
• Conceal the presence of magic.
Alter Aura will last for 8 hours. 4.25 hours remaining. Costs 2 I.S.P.
Amber is awe of the feat of strength she just saw Jez perform. “Very impressive Jez.” And she really didn’t know she was capable of this. We really need to get back to Manoa after this to see if the Healers there can unscramble some of her memories to what happened to her in the past.

Amber will do a quick check to ensure that nothing got left behind on the other side of the river and then takes her seat in the Mountaineer. “I could use a bite to eat but I think we should push on a bit further before we stop again. We have caused enough racket here that everyone in the area knows we are here. Maybe we can find a good spot to stop further along the path.” She looks at Eight as she checks their progress on her armour's computer. “How much further is it anyways, Eight?”
Amber Dach
Current Conditions
P.P.E.: 33
I.S.P.: 128/130
H.P.: 27
S.D.C.: 87
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Re: Chapter 1: Equivocal Dawn

Post by Jezebel »

Perception: 77% / 1d100: [65] = 65
JIC: 1d20: [12] = 12
JIC: 1d100: [58] = 58
Conditions: Critical strike on 18-20, K.O. on N20, Energy Resistance, NE-BA-26 & Stalker Suit worn, N-F50A active

Jez pipes up out loud once they're across the river. "Thanks, ladies. That was a stretch even for me. Speaking of which, Susan, remind me to do a hard stretch tonight before we get shuteye. My joints are gonna need it after that punishment." Thank Atlas for Arismal genetics! She snaps down her visor, keys her mic, and adds via the radio, "Amber's right. No doubt we've raised enough ruckus to draw attention. It's time to get the frak outta here. Eight, lead the way at our best speed." While on the road she keep her senses alert to potential dangers.

Trap/Mine Detection 85% / 1d100: [41] = 41
Detect Concealment 85% / 1d100: [8] = 8
Detect Ambush 90% / 1d100: [77] = 77
com⋅pli⋅cat⋅ed [kom-pli-key-tid] –adjective: 1. composed of elaborately interconnected parts; complex. 2. difficult to analyze, understand. Synonyms: involved, tangled, Jezebel
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Note: Critical strike on an unmodified roll of 18, 19 or 20.
-10% Penalty when using skills to operate in unfamiliar, high-tech Rifts science & engineering fields.
H.P.: 67
S.D.C.: 133/133
P.T.P.: 1600/1600
• Charm/Impress: 60%
• Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 88%
• Nightvision: 600'
• Resistant to Energy Damage
• Sensitive Hearing (20 decibels beyond normal human range)
• Can perform a non-combat action at no cost and without penalty even while engaged in combat
• Embodiment of physical perfection for her race; Appears to be one level higher and more powerful than actual; Tends to be fidgety and has trouble sleeping; Ambidextrous

(Equipment post is up to date.)
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