Q3 2020 EP Contest: Make A Monster

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Q3 2020 EP Contest: Make A Monster

Post by Augur »

Q3 2020's EP contest is to design a monster for Beyond the Supernatural: The Melting Demon

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[b]Name:[/b] The Melting Demon
[b]Background Story:[/b]
[b]GM/Story Notes:[/b]
[b]Real Name:[/b]
[b]Hit Points:[/b]
[b]Experience Level:[/b]
[b]Natural Abilities:[/b]
[b]Magic Knowledge:[/b]
[b]Psionic Powers:[/b]
[b]Combat Skills:[/b]
[b]Attacks per Melee:[/b]
[b]Skills of Note:[/b]
[b]Notable Equipment:[/b]
[b]Story Note:[/b]
[b]Special Resources & Henchmen (if any):[/b]

Explanatory Notes:
Augur will validate/invalidate each submission at this time based exclusively on the quality of the writing, add a poll to the contest, and the EU community will vote for their favorite submission. (Time to bribe your fellow players!)

The contest ends a week after the third submission is posted, and will be concluded a week after the third submission is posted.

1st Place: Submission will be forever immortalized at the House of BTS. +5 EP
2nd Place: +3 EP
3rd Place: +1 EP
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Re: Q3 2020 EP Contest: Make A Monster

Post by Shazbut »

Name: The Melting Demon

Background Story:
The Melting Demon is the Teacher of Treachery, the Prince of Perfidy and the Fiend of Flaking. The few who understand its true nature know it as The Flake Demon. Certainly there are demons responsible for more deaths. But few can claim to have claimed so many heroes without the need for battle. Its victims are heroes who have, for reasons unknown by their comrades, suddenly turned away from their cause and abandoned it. Those who are flaked, simply walk away and are rarely seen again. The Melting Demon's ability to seduce heroes into breaking solemn oaths and commitments makes it among the most dangerous entities in the multiverse. Few are aware of its existence, and yet all have known a heroic colleague who inexplicably vanished without a trace. It is active in all known dimensions and its victims cannot easily be counted.

GM/Story Notes:
It is always a chore to explain away the characters of flaked out players. Now such unwelcome occurrences can be explained away by this elusive and sinister demon!

Real Name: Meh
Alignment: Miscreant.
Attributes: IQ.: 25, M.E.: 22, M.A.: 21, P.S.: 15, P.P.: 20, P.E.: 18, P.B. : 5, Spd.: 18.
Hit Points: 100
S.D.C.: 340
Size: 4-16 feet (1.2 to 4.9 m), shape-changing range of height
Age: 4,208
P.P.E.: 144

The Melting Demon is a shape-changing monster, much like the succubus and incubus. To its intended victim it can appear as anyone or anything. It will appear to be whatever is needed to draw close enough to the victim to strike. Once it does, one's life path is forever altered. However, the demon's true form is a nightmarish twisted visage which constantly melts and reforms. Like its victims, this demon cannot commit to anything for more than a few moments. The hideous fluidity of its form is a reflection of its strategy.

Stagnation is this demon's creed. It hates all things that bring inspiration to heroes; speeches which light a fire within the heart, or threats which light a fire underneath. Music it finds especially painful. It will go to great lengths to avoid it. It also dislikes conversation, friendship and community. One such thing begets another, making it harder for the demon to do accomplish its despicable goals. The Melting Demon takes great pleasure in seeing its victims seduced by the frivolous and the fleeting. Once a hero flakes out and abandons a cause, the demon will remain near to hurt friends and allies, feasting on the negative emotions. It is always alert to opportunities to spread poisonous thoughts to encourage further flaking.

Experience Level: Not applicable.

Natural Abilities: Nightvision 500 feet (30.5 m), turn invisible at will, see the invisible, teleport 90%, dimensional teleport 50%, metamorphosis (any shape) at will, knows all languages, and can bio-regenerate 1d4x10 S.D.C./hit points every five minutes.

Flake blood: The melting flesh of this demon is a foul tarlike ichor that is highly toxic. A successful touch can forever dissolve one's resolve and commitment. On a successful touch (or strike) the victim must pass a saving throw vs insanity. Failure means that the victim enters a catatonic state of self absorption. In 3 hours the process is complete, and the victim will forget his friends, allies and even enemies. They will walk away and never return. Many decide to take up careers as YouTubers or food critics.

Magic Knowledge: None, it is too big a commitment.

Psionic Powers: I.S.P. 150. Powers include: meditation, mind block, psychic diagnosis, object read, see aura, presence sense, telepathy, bio-manipulation (The Evil Eye), empathic transmission, hypnotic suggestion, insert memory and mind bond.
Combat Skills: +6 on initiative, +6 to strike, parry, dodge, +6 to pull punch, +6 to roll with impact. Remember all demons have supernatural P.S.
Attacks per Melee: Six attacks per melee.
Bonuses: +10 to save vs horror factor, +6 on all other saving throws in addition to attribute bonuses.
Skills of Note: None
Notable Equipment: None

Story Note: Certain lords of light in the multiverse are aware of this demonic entity. To counter its influence they work behind the scenes to ensure that heroes often have a jongleur of some sort in their lives. It is the fools, the bards, the entertainers who unknowingly keep this demon at bay. They inspire, they amuse and most importantly, they help build engaged communities of love. Places the Melting Demon cannot enter.

This demon may well have other powers. How can so many heroes vanish without a trace with no serious attempts by former comrades to locate them? The response to most disappearances is often little more than an exasperated sigh. This could well be the result of the demon's manipulations. Ensuring it is never suspected of being the culprit is perhaps the Melting Demon's greatest strength. Until it is found and stopped, many more shining lights of the multiverse will simply flake out.

Special Resources & Henchmen (if any): None needed nor wanted. No loose ends means his existence remains secret.
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