Maia’Glthyra’maxal-aiusu (Plant Gestalt, APPROVED)

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Maia’Glthyra’maxal-aiusu (Plant Gestalt, APPROVED)

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Player Name: Brian

Character Name: Maia’Glthyra’maxal-aiusu (M-eye-uh, glith-ee-ra, max-uhl, aye-eee-soo)
Power Category: Mega-Hero- Plant Gestalt (Force of Nature)
Alias: Maia
Occupation: Defender of the Earth. All of it.
Alignment: Anarchist
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 18,096 (Updated 10/3/2021 by CHIMERA)
Next Level @ XP: 20,001
Land of Origin: Primordial nothingness.
Disposition: One doesn’t need to interact long with Maia to realize that her perspective is a very alien one. To human points of view, Maia’s intelligence, ability to communicate complex thoughts, and activity level operate in inverse proportion to how threatened she feels. If all is well, she will act in a simple, primitive fashion and generally be content simply to exist (preferably in a sunbeam somewhere). If she feels threatened (either personally, or on behalf of the local flora/fauna), on the other hand, her intelligence scales up accordingly in response. In battle, Maia lives up to her title as a force of nature. She can be strategic, visionary, creative, cunning- and ruthless. The only authority she respects is that which can prove its strength, or can convince her that it operates on behalf of the greater good (for the planet as a whole, not just humanity).
Insanity: None

Gestalt form
Energy form
Gestalt form + crystal armor
Gestalt form + crystal armor + totem energy aura

I.Q.: 13
M.E.: 15
M.A.: 10
P.S.: 61 (SN)/71 (SN)/96 (SN)
P.P.: 16 (+1 s/p/d)/26 (+6 s/p/d)/33 (+8 s/p/d, +1 I)
P.E.: N/A +10?
P.B.: N/A
Speed: 26 (18 MPH)/66 (46 MPH)/56 (39 MPH)/117

PPE: 900
HP: 126/136
SDC: 955/1135/Aura has 225, +112 at night
AR: 15
Age: Unknown.
Sex: Female.
Height: 10 feet tall
Weight: 2000 pounds/ 0
Description: Maia prefers to construct her physical form out of tough, rope-like vines densely interwoven into a humanoid figure. Invisible in energy form. It’s unclear exactly how she communicates, but particularly in her more laconic moods the barrier between Maia’s thoughts/emotions and her “words” lowers. It’s rarely hard to tell what she’s thinking.

Natural Abilities
  • Perception: 21% +3%/level
  • Ethereal energy being- in energy form only magic/magic weapons and psionics that affect the supernatural can affect the entity.
  • The character has a difficult time using items: -20% to skills, -1 to strike and parry with ancient weapons, -5 to strike using guns and high-tech tools.
  • Controlling Force: Force of nature- Maia can form her gestalt body (takes 1d4 melees), or possess a large plant, once per 24-hour period. The physical body can be kept for about eight days depending upon circumstance, but after the third day it begins to deteriorate. Starting on day 4 the gestalt body loses 1d6+30 SDC per day due to deterioration. The gestalt body does not heal SDC, and plants begin to die once the body drops below 75% SDC.
  • Heal plants and animals by touch- Restores broken bones/stems/branches, heals wounds and injuries, negates toxins or poisons, and restores 50% of lost HP/SDC (only 20% when used on humans or other intelligent lifeforms). Can be performed 4x/24h period.
  • Possess a large (min. 6 feet tall or long) plant or tree. In this form the spirit can watch the world unrecognized, but it can speak (voice sounds like wind or the rattle of dry leaves), and its physical attributes are the same as those of the gestalt body. HP/SDC are as normal for the plant, +60. Unlimited duration, serves to anchor the spirit to the physical world.
  • Increase SDC from super powers by 50%.
  • Heals four times faster than a human.
  • Increase all ranges by 50%.
  • Mega-power: Tremendous physical strength.
  • Achilles' Heel: Vulnerable to cold. In temperatures at or below freezing, reduce the character's super abilities (damage, range, duration, etc.) by half, speed attribute by half, combat bonuses by half, and supernatural PS turns to normal PS. Warm clothing does not help. A self-contained environment suit with heat, or being inside a heated building or vehicle, will protect against this weakness but may also prohibit or limit the use of certain super abilities. Penalties apply within 30 seconds of exposure to cold (nearly instant).
  • Plant control, HU2 P. 285.
    • Animate and control plants
      • Range: Area of 90 feet (+15/level) at a distance up to 180 feet (+15/level).
      • Can manipulate all plant life in area of effect. Plants can be made to move and function like hands and arms, but cannot uproot from the soil. Requires the character’s full concentration, does not require line of sight.
    • Grow plants
      • Most plants and shrubs from seed to maturity in 1d4 melees.
      • Trees/large plants grow at a rate of 8 feet per melee round, up to 200 feet tall.
      • Plants revert to normal after 20 minutes or the superbeing’s command.
    • Alter wood
      • Can alter the strength of any wooden item.
      • Items up to one foot can add or decrease 10 SDC, 2-4 feet 30 SDC, 5+ feet 100 SDC.
      • Living wood/trees can be increased/decreased up to 25%.
    • Wither plants
      • Range: 60 feet + 15/level
      • Area of effect: 20-foot radius
      • Plants can be reduced to 1 HP once per melee.
    • Recognize and Identify Plants: 87%+1%/level. --> Adds +15% to skill per BH
    • +10% to climb trees or vines, +1d4x10 SDC.
Super Abilities
  1. Bend Light
    • Range: 195ft (+22.5/level)
    • Duration: One melee round
    • Separate the color bands of light to produce a colored light beam or radiate about 70 watts of colored light (enough to light up a 10x10 room or read). Colors possible are red, yellow, blue, green, purple, and orange.
    • Blank spot: Maia can make herself invisible to light, including infrared and ultraviolet. Opponents notice the blank spot on an initiative roll of 18 or better (imposes a -20% penalty to opponent perception checks).
    • Parry lasers and light beams (including flashlights) at +3, or create a bubble to deflect them with maximum range of 100 feet.
    • Deflect light beams: Roll a parry as above (including +3), then a strike to deflect a light beam back at its source. Counts as one attack, no bonuses to strike.
    • Can see into the infrared and ultraviolet spectra, range 450ft + 150/level.
    • Usable in both plant and energy form.
  2. Matter Explusion: Crystal
    • Crystal armor: Adds natural AR of 15 and +10 to PS/PP/PE, +40 to Spd, +10 HP, +120 SDC, +3 strike/parry/dodge, +4 to damage. Takes 1/3 damage from light and laser attacks.
    • Crystal blast: Range is 52.5 feet (+7.5/level), damage is 3d6 (+1d6 per level). Crystals fade into nothing after 30 minutes.
    • Encase in crystal: Small targets (up to a microwave) can be encased in 1-2 seconds, including weapons or body parts (AR 15, SDC 50+10/level). Larger targets up to the size of a loveseat or half the body take 2-3 seconds (one attack) to encase (AR 14, SDC 50+10/level). Encasing the entire body up to 10 feet tall or an object the size of a king-size bed or small car takes 4-6 seconds (3 actions, AR 12, SDC 50+10/level). Crystal weighs the same as glass (~100lbs for a human body-sized chunk). Range is Touch or 9 feet/level. Most living creatures will suffocate in 1d6+3 minutes if their breathing is cut off. Duration is 30 minutes/level. Rose/light pink color.
  3. Dispersal
    • The superbeing can discorporate and disperse her molecules over a large area, effectively becoming intangible and invisible (even to heat, motion, and other sensors). The character can see and hear everything that transpires within the area she is dispersed over but cannot move, fight, talk, use psionics, or cast spells. All she can do is hide or observe. While dispersed, the character is also invulnerable to all kinetic and energy attacks including fire, heat, electricity, lasers, bullets, punches, kicks, etc. She is, however, still vulnerable to most psionic attacks and magical spells, and can be detected via presense sense and telepathic probes/scans (registering only as an unseen presence).
    • Area of Effect: The character's body disperses up to a 30-foot radius (including mega-hero boost).
    • Duration: The dispersal can be maintained for 5 minutes/level.
    • Attacks Per Melee: Dispersing counts as one action, reforming as two.
    • Bonus: When dispersal is used to dodge gain +3.
  4. Personal Recognition
    • By altering the personal recognition ability of those around him, the super being can provoke a variety of responses in other people. He can make others see him as a personal friend, an authority figure or a horrific fiend, among other possibilities. It is important to note that the super being has no control over who the victim(s) see him as. If he uses his Best Friend personal recognition on a busy street, one victim may see him as an old high school buddy, a cop might think the character is his partner and a villain may see him as his favorite henchman. All of this
      happens simultaneously, with each of the victims seeing the super being as their own best friend and reacting accordingly. Thus, innocent bystanders will treat an Authority Figure with respect, a villain will probably attack (or avoid) him on sight. These conflicting recognitions mean the character will have to take care when using this ability. There are no illusions or physical changes generated by this ability, so while the victims will react to him as a different person, any cameras, video recorders and those out of range will all see the character for what he really is.
    • Range: 30-foot radius around Maia per level, or one individual within line of sight up to 150 feet per level.
    • Duration: As long as Maia maintains her concentration (requires one action per melee round).
    • Archetypes of Recognition- Can only use one of the following at any time:
      The super being appears to be some type of authority figure, like a police officer, military officer, judge, politician, mayor, priest, etc., as seems to best fit the situation. The victim will follow any reasonable instructions, commands or requests made by the "Authority Figure." Only those who hate and/or defy authority figures will react with hostility or defiance.
      Seen as victim's best friend and long time pal. The victim will want to help and assist "his friend" and believe anything that sounds reasonable. If the character is engaged in combat the victim(s) will join in the battle to help out as much as he can.
      Appears as one of the victim's hated enemies or rivals. This may include a school bully, business associate, competitor, criminal (or hero), super-villain or even a sibling or relative. The victim is likely to ignore, distrust and defy anything the "rival" asks or tells him, and depending on the magnitude of emotion and the situation, may do anything he can to undermine, attack, capture, arrest or get the upper hand on his rival or enemy. The victim will ignore all other targets and concentrate on the hated character.
      Appears to be an innocent bystander, or helpless individual, like a child, invalid, etc. in harm's way and in need of help. Heroes, the authorities and people of good alignment will want to try to help the innocent person get to safety, while crooks and villains may try to use the innocent person as a hostage, human shield or distraction.
      Sees the super human as a vagabond/transient and probably ignores him altogether.
      Sees the character as some sort of fiend, demon, or monster conjured up from the victim's own fears. This will give the super being a Horror Factor of 1D6+12 and most victims will try to avoid the dangerous looking creature. On the other hand, heroes and the authorities may attack him.
      The character appears to be the victim's lover, girlfriend/boyfriend, spouse, ex-lover, etc. Most who see their loved one will do anything to keep that person safe, but will also become jealous if others react to their lover in the same manner. And if it's an ex-lover. . . who knows what emotions might boil over.
      Others see the super being as some other very powerful, super being - typically more powerful than he truly is. He will seem 2D4 levels higher than normal and can use the victim's false perception of him to bluff and intimidate him and those around him who are weaker and frightened of the brute. Villains and heroes may see the superhuman as a threat and concentrate their attacks and attention on him. Heroes who see a champion may feel they have their backs covered or a new ally to join a battle they cannot win.
    • Saving Throw: 16 or higher (ME bonuses applicable). A successful save means the intended victim sees Maia for what she really is.
  5. Healing Factor
    • +2d6+6 (11) to HP, +25 to SDC, +20% save vs. coma/death, +3 vs. magic, poison, toxins, psionics.
    • Recovers 3 SDC every 10 minutes (18/hour), 1 HP every 15 minutes (4/hour).
    • Special superhealing: Can instantly regenerate 4d6 HP two times per 24-hour period.
    • Does not fatigue at all.
    • Resistant to fire/cold (half damage) and drugs/toxins/poisons (1/3 usual effect if failed save).
  6. Stretch Time
    • Speed up individuals and/or vehicles: Can increase speed of self and up to two other people or one vehicle (car, truck, boat, etc.) for a brief period of time. Targets of the speed-up effect feel as if they are moving faster than those around them, and that everyone and everything else is moving slowly while they are moving fast. The speed of the affected person (or vehicle) is increased by 50%, they gain one additional melee attack, and are +2 on initiative, and +2 to strike, parry and dodge. Can also dodge a bullet, energy beam or thrown object without penalty, because the sped-up characters can see it moving toward them at what appears to be a reduced speed. Range is self plus others by touch. One minute per level of experience duration, with at least a one-minute break between uses. Costs one action per target (including self).
    • Split-second acceleration: High-speed punches and kicks. Fast punch/kick: 2d6/3d6 damage, one attack. Super-fast punch/kick: 4d6/6d6 damage, two attacks.
    • Accelerate thrown weapons: The character can accelerate any thrown weapons, just as he releases them to increase their range; increase by 50% and does an extra die of damage. The item must be thrown and does not work on arrows, crossbow bolts, bullets, energy blasts or modern weapons. (See throwing ranges on page 235 of the Heroes Unlimited RPG, 2nd Edition.)
    • Warning glimpse about the future: The super being can touch someone or an object or pause to think about his next action (walking through a particular door, attacking someone, taking a specific action, saying something to a particular person, etc.) and see what will happen if he does so. This functions as a sort of vision or small glimpse of the future in which the character is able to see what happens in the next 6-10 seconds after he makes his one move. This is a way to avert traps, avoid mistakes, prevent a dangerous reaction, etc. This gives him some insight on what or what not to do and also provides bonuses to parry and dodge if he sees an incoming attack. To use the Warning Glimpse about the Future, the character must focus and will it to happen, burning up one of his melee attacks/actions. However, the ability can only be performed four times per level of experience per 24 hours, and no more often than once every four melee rounds (one minute). Costs one melee action to use, adds +4 to parry/dodge/roll with impact/pull punch for the next action only. Effects do not stack with certain other time-based powers.
    • Uncanny sense of time and bonuses: The character has an uncanny sense of time and is never late, unless he wants to be. Knows the day and time within 1D4 minutes without having to refer to a timepiece. +3 save vs. time-altering powers/magic, +1 initiative at levels 1/5/10.
  7. Totem Energy Aura
    • Aura can be created or canceled at will but requires one melee action. Always surrounds the character when activated and functions like a suit of powered armor, lifting them off of the ground.
    • Form of the Leopard: Adds extraordinary PP, superhuman PS, energy claws, nightstalking, enhanced leaping, supervision: nightvision plus the following natural abilities (Monsters and Animals, P. 217): Climb 90%, prowl 90%, track by smell or sight 50%, exceptional hearing and eyesight.
    • Aura bonuses: +1 APM, energy aura inflicts 2d6 plus character’s normal damage. Has 50 SDC per level, when depleted powers vanish. Speed bonus is that of the real-life animal (22, with spurts of up to 50 for 1d4 minutes) x2. HF of 10 (+1 at levels 4, 6, 8, 12, 15). Lasts 10 minutes +2 minutes per level.
    • Limitations: Cannot physically touch anyone with bare skin while in use, cannot use weapons, cannot safely touch objects without them suffering damage.
    • Extraordinary PP: +7 to PP and Spd, +1 APM, +3 automatic dodge, +10% relevant physical skills.
    • Superhuman PS: +25 to PS. Can carry 200 times PS in pounds, lift 300 times. Fatigues at half the normal rate.
    • Energy Claws: Appear at the ends of fingers, cannot parry physical attacks but can parry energy, magic, and supernatural beings. 2d6 damage (+1d6 at levels 6, 9, 12, 15); +1 parry, +2 disarm, +1 pull punch.
    • Nightstalking: Hide in shadows 82% +3%/level, sense exact moment of sunrise/sunset, recognizes vampires and shadow beasts and anyone cloaked in magical or unnatural darkness. Cannot be turned into undead. +10% tracking, land navigation, prowl, nightvision 1000 feet, HF of 13, +1 initiative, at night only +1d6 damage and +50 SDC.
    • Enhanced Leaping: Horizontal leap is PS times 40, vertical is half that. Can fall twice normal horizontal leap and take no damage if Maia lands on her feet.
    • Supervision: Nightvision: Can see clearly in total darkness, range same as normal vision.
Scholastic Skills
Can speak and understand all languages, but cannot read or write
Basic Math 101% (+5%)
Advanced Math 103% (+5%)
Hand to Hand: Expert

Bonsai 104% (+4%)
Brewing: Basic 103%/105% (+5%)
Cook 104% (+5%)
Dance 105% (+5%)
Fishing 106% (+5%)
Floral Arrangement (Ikebana) 102% (+3%)
Gardening 99% (+4%)
Go 102% (+5%)
Housekeeping 102% (+5%)
Play Musical Instrument 101% (+5%)
Poetry (Haiku) 104% (+5%)
Recycle 103% (+5%)
Rock Painting and Engraving 104% (+4%)
Sewing 106% (+5%)
Sing 102% (+5%)
Wardrobe & Grooming 103% (+4%)

Boat Building 106% (+5%)
Carpentry 104% (+5%)
Dowsing 101% (+5%)
Fasting 100% (+3%)
Identify Plants & Fruit 116% (+5%)
Land Navigation 101% (+4%)
Preserve Foods 105% (+5%)
Skin & Prepare Animal Hides 106% (+5%)
Spelunking 103% (+5%)
Track & Trap Animals 101%/104% (+5%)
Track and Hunt Sea Animals 104/104% (+5%)
Undersea and Sea Survival 101% (+5%)
Underwater Navigation 103% (+4%)
Wilderness Survival 103% (+5%)

Navigation 106% (+5%)
Astronomy 103% (+5%)
Biology 106% (+5%)
Botany 105% (+5%)
Chemistry 102% (+5%)
Holistic Medicine 101/105%% (+5%)
First Aid 104% (+5%)

Pick Pockets 84% (+5%)
Detect concealment 84% (+5%)
Interrogation 83% (+5%)
Tracking 86% (+5%)

Secondary Skills
Prowl 25% (+5% 1st level)
Concealment 20% (+4% 1st level)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Expert
Number of Attacks: 6 / 8
Initiative Bonus: +3 / 5
Melee Strike Bonus: +3/11/13
Parry Bonus: +4/12/15
Dodge Bonus: +4/12/14
Autododge Bonus: +11
Disarm Bonus: 0/2
HTH Damage Bonus: +46/+60
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +2 / +3
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2
SN Punch Damage: 5d6 restrained/2d4x10 regular/3d6x10 power
SN Punch Damage: 6d6 restrained/2d6x10 regular/4d6x10 power
SN Punch Damage: 9d6 restrained/3d4x10+2d6 regular/5d6x10 +2d6 power, +1d6 to all if at night.
Death blow on 16-20 to strike (must announce)

Weapon Proficiencies

Saving Throw Bonuses
Magic (varies): +6
Psionics: +3
Poison: +3
Horror Factor: +3/+8
Impervious to disease, poison, heat, cold, and possession.

Impervious to disease, possession, and poisons and drugs that hurt mammals but takes double damage from vegetation-killing poisons. Half damage from heat/cold, normal damage from fire and extreme cold and magical fire and cold.
+3 save vs. time-altering effects in addition to above.
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Maia’Glthyra’maxal-aiusu's Equipment

Post by Maia »

Equipment List
None. Maia doesn’t even like (or see the point of) wearing clothes.
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Maia’Glthyra’maxal-aiusu's Background

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Background Story
In the beginning, the world was without form, and void.

Then, a burst of light, and heat, and energy. A single burst of reverse entropy that animated all of creation. Eons since were spent in the long, glacial slide back towards the void. As matter coalesced, emergent systems formed. Fusion ignited. Planets formed. The sun shone upon the sleeping Earth.

Somehow, life was born- assembling itself from primordial components that should not be capable of working together, yet did. Now, the same forces that had birthed the complexity of the early universe had something new with which to play. Evolution continued, but this time on organic timescales rather than geological or astrophysical ones. In other words, it accelerated by orders of magnitude.

As adaptation and natural selection did their slow, methodical work of trial-and-error visible differences emerged and countless species, genera, and families of life emerged and then diverged. As time passed and the biodiversity of the planet Earth blossomed, the available ecological niches were gradually filled up. The process of evolution continued, even quickened, but it did so along paths that were not always visibly apparent. One of these paths, arguably the most successful, survived ice age and catastrophe multiple times to culminate in the evolution of a sentient species of mammals deep in the heart of what would later be called Africa. Other paths went in other directions, some of them completely alien to human thought and perception.

Her first memories were of warmth, followed by debilitating cold, then warmth again. For countless generations the cycle continued, but always She thrived. Sleeping, mostly, but as life continued to do what it does best- to grow and to change, so too did She. She grew resistant to the cold, even welcomed those times as a necessary balance to the heat of other seasons and ages. Little did She know that one day, She would even come to miss the frozen times. Once an eon, some calamity would threaten and She would emerge, to ensure that life continued to grow and to change.

A few thousand years ago, She noticed an itch. It was annoying, but localized, and hardly seemed like the sort of thing that merited waking up. Some parts of the infestation even settled into a crude form of symbiosis with The Life, even helping to mitigate some of the inevitable natural disasters that descended. The itch didn’t seem like a problem worth worrying about. In her later years, whenever She slept, She would wonder if that had been a mistake.

It seemed like almost overnight the infestation had spread- first a handful of tribes fleeing one another across the main landmass, then further divergences and settlements and changes. They… did things- some good, some bad, some unspeakable. And yet, they did not threaten The Life, and they were still part of it- so She let them be. Only the strongest survive.

Then, all at once, one of the cool periods became one of the hot periods. There was no warning, no transition that normally accompanies changes in solar activity, planetary alignment, or the climate. She felt it- like a severe fever, cooking her entire body at once. The Life was under threat.

She awoke. The infestation was everywhere, it would seem. They were overpopulating, depleting the planet’s natural resources, and forcing other species into extinction. The worst of the destruction seemed to be clustered around a single location- a vast, human city. She would begin there. Balance must be restored, and woe to any who would threaten the greater good.
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Re: Maia’Glthyra’maxal-aiusu (Plant Gestalt, APPROVED)

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Code: Select all

[inline=Crystal Armor][color=red]130[/color]/130 SDC remaining; adds natural AR of 15 and +10 to PS/PP/PE, +40 to Spd, +3 strike/parry/dodge, +4 to damage. Takes 1/3 damage from light and laser attacks.[/inline]
Passive abilities: See infrared/ultraviolet (range 450ft.).
2/4 healing touches today; 800/930 SDC remaining.
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Re: Maia’Glthyra’maxal-aiusu (Plant Gestalt, APPROVED)

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Semi-random major power: Greater choice of category

Three categories:

1d100: [42] = 42 (Matter Expulsion)
1d100: [67] = 67 (APS: Inorganic)
1d100: [80] = 80 (Control physics)

Selecting control physics. Final roll: 1d100: [91] = 91 (stretch time)
Why kill a PC when you can torture their player?
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Re: Maia’Glthyra’maxal-aiusu (Plant Gestalt, APPROVED)

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Semi-random major power #2: Greater choice of category

Three categories:

1d100: [8] = 8 (Mind control)
1d100: [90] = 90 (APS Inorganic)
1d100: [73] = 73 (Control energy)

Selection: control energy.

Final roll: 1d100: [91] = 91 (totem energy aura)
Why kill a PC when you can torture their player?
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Totem Attribute Bonuses

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PP: 2d4: [4, 3] = 7
Spd: 2d4: [4, 3] = 7
PS: 2d4: [1, 4] = 5
Why kill a PC when you can torture their player?
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