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Lenok (Immortal, APPROVED)

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Player Name: T.J.
Hangouts/Email: evil_leprechuan@yahoo.com Mac Fion
Discord: MacFion
Link to Ledger: TJ ledger

Character Name: Lenok
Power Category: Immortal (Dragon)/ Enchanted Weapon (Dual class mega hero)
Alias: "The Dragon Man" Dragonman, Ryuu Kun, Ryan Lee Nox, Leo Tatsuo
Race: (Chiang Ku) Dragon/human Mutant hybrid
Occupation: Medical Science Investigator
Alignment: Scrupulous
XP Level: 4
XP Points: 44,416 (Updated 6/1/2022 by CHIMERA)
Next Level @ XP: 48,401
Birth Order/Family Ties: Last Hatched
Land of Origin: Planet Xorbia (Ilta Quadrant, Milky Way Galaxy)
Familiarity with Earth: Some Familiarity; Knows the laws, cultures and customs of Canada, The United States and Japan.
Reasons for coming to Earth: Outcast
When Extraordinary Abilities First Manifested: At Hatching
Disposition: Wild "Man", cocky, overconfident, takes unnecessary risks.
Insanity: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

*Indicates ME: Metal in use*

I.Q.: 18
M.E.: 17
M.A.: 17
P.S.: 33 (Supernatural) *43*
P.P.: 25
P.E.: 25 *29*
P.B.: 18 25
Speed: 32/ 280 mph

PPE: 95
HP: 263 *283*
SDC: 371 *611* 621
AR: 13 (Natural) *17*ME:metal 17 Omega suit
Age: 173 years
Sex: Male
Height: 30' long, 15' tall
Weight: 8,000 lbs.
Description: A 27 year old Japanese/Caucasian male, approximately 5'10" appearing around 180 lbs, dark hair and eyes, wearing a black shirt, jeans, and boots. Appears to be in peak physical condition.

Natural Abilities
Trust/Intimidate 49%
Charm/Impress 44% 75%
Perception/Immortal: 38% (none; +1 @ levels 4, 7, 10, 13)

Racial Abilities
Supernatural Strength: Carry 9,600 lbs., Lift 16,000 lbs., Fatigues at 1/10th normal rate
Metamorphosis: Human-Can Shape-change to look like a Human of any race. This False Appearance can be maintained as long as desired and while the ability can be used for the purpose of disguise, it can not be used to impersonate others. Attributes and powers remain the same in whatever form it takes.
Flight: 300mph, No limit on altitude.
Increased Healing: Recover from physical Injury by sleeping for at least four hours (Usually much longer), Healing 4d6 hit points and 4d6 sdc per hour of sleep.
Night-vision: 200'
Sees the Invisible (Always active)
Horror Factor (In Natural Form): 15, 5 while in ME: Metal Armor *17-both*

Marks of Heritage: Chiang Ku
The Eye of Knowledge (understands and speaks all languages at 96% efficiency and is literate at 82%)
Flaming Sword (creates an M.D.C. sword out of thin air; 2d6 M.D. damage)

Super Abilities 5 minors/ 3 majors
Extraordinary Speed:(Minor Ability)
The ability to move and run faster than most vehicles without tiring. It also enables the character to sidestep attacks without losing an attack.
Bonuses: Speed 220 mph (353 km), plus 20 mi les (32 km) per level of experience! (280 mph currently)
+50 to S.D.C.
+ 1 attack per melee round.
+ 1 on initiative at levels 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 & 1 5.
+2 to strike.
+3 to parry.
+2 to pull punch.
+4 to roll with punch or fall.
+6 to dodge by moving, running or diving out of the way.
+2 to automatic dodge; can dodge an attack without using up a melee action.
+4 to damage for every 20 mph (32 km) of speed. The best a punch or kick can do from a standing still position is 40 mph (64 km), adding +8 to damage.

B.) Sidestep (Minor Ability)
The ability to make an automatic dodge with a +8 bonus to do so, but only by stepping to the side. This power is even good for Sidestepping thrown and falling objects, arrows, bullets, and missiles, provided the superbeing can step sideways to avoid it, and sees the shooter fire or the object coming (if it's large enough). Note: Reduce the bonus to Sidestep to only +3 when attempting to dodge bullets and energy blasts.

MINOR: Energy Expulsion:Electricity
Range: 400'
Damage: 6D6+1 per level
Bonuses: +3 aimed shot, +1 wild shot

MINOR: Energy Expulsion: Directed Sound
This power lets the character strike and do damage with sound waves from just a yell. The sound can be as high- or low-pitched as the character chooses, but only one pitch is chosen for the character. The character can also generate a sound blast from the clap of his hands. In both cases, the sound blast is directed at a specific target.
Range: 300 feet (91.5 m) maximum.
Damage: 1d6 points of damage at levels 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 and 15.
Deafens targets 43% +3% chance per level of experience of temporarily deafening an opponent, unless the victim has some form of hearing protection. Characters with Advanced or Heightened Sense of Hearing are made temporarily deaf (1d4+2 melee rounds) by this
attack unless they use protection for their ears to block or muffle the sound. A deafened individual is -2 on initiative, -4 to strike, parry and dodge, has difficulty communicating and runs off balance and may trip and fall.
Duration: Instant.
Attacks per Melee: Each sonic blast counts as one melee attack or action.
Bonuses: Only the character's P.P. attribute and Hand to Hand Combat skill bonuses apply.

MINOR: Venomous Attack
The character has natural hollow fangs or small claws or a stinger (may be retractable in the wrist or a finger) that deliver a poisonous venom in close combat. A Minor ability if the super being has only one venom (pick one). A Major ability if the character can generate any and all of the venoms as desired.

Range: Touch/hand to hand combat.
Damage or Effect: Varies with type of venom.
Duration: Varies with the type of venom. Increases cumulatively if struck repeatedly with the same venom, penalties remain the same, they just last longer.
Attacks per Melee: Each venomous attack counts as one melee attack though it may be used in combination with
other types of attacks/actions. Can inject venom, however, only twice per melee round.

Paralytic Poison: Victims must save vs non-lethal poison (a roll of 16 or higher). A failed roll means 1d4 damage and the part of the body that was stung becomes paralyzed within seconds. If an arm or leg, the character functions without its use. One melee round later, the entire body is paralyzed by the neural toxin for 1d6+2 melee rounds; cannot attack, use powers (except mind powers) or even speak.

MAJOR: Matter Expulsion: Metal
Metal Armor: +4 PE,+10 PS,+20 hp,+240 sdc, +10 h2h damage
Shoot Metal Blades: : Range 70+10 per lvl , 4d6 (1d6pr lvl)
Create Metal objects: : +1d6 more then usual for that weapon.
Encase in Metal:Small Items:2 actions; Items incase have a AR 17 and 40sdc +10 per lvl (sdc 80), Medium Items:2 actions;AR 15 and 30 sdc + 10 per lvl (sdc 70), Large Items:4 actions, AR 13 and sdc 20 +10 per lvl (sdc 60)
Range is 4ft per lvl (16ft) or touch and 20 minutes per lvl, or until creator wishes.

MAJOR: Invulnerability
mutated from orbital Spheres
Details of Invincible
An impressive power that makes the character an almost indestructible juggernaut. Most physical attacks do no damage whatsoever! This means cold, fire, heat, electricity, lasers, other types of energy, bullets, punches, falls, and so on, do no damage! Supernatural punches, bites and kicks inflict half damage; Extraordinary and Superhuman P .S. attacks do no damage, although they sting a bit. Gases, drugs, chemicals, poisons, toxins, disease and radiation will affect the invulnerable person, but are reduced to half the usual potency (half damage, duration, and effect). Deadly poisons, radiation and disease cannot kill this character, only make him sick. The character is only, truly, vulnerable to psionics, spell magic, magic illusions and magic weapons, all of which have full effect. However, energy type magic, like fire balls, does no damage. The character still needs to breathe and eat, so he can die from drowning, suffocation, or starvation, but he can hold his breath and survive without food four times longer than the average human (hold breath for about 12 minutes; go without food for 80 days).

Add [roll]4D6*10[/roll] S.D.C.
Add [roll]3D6*10[/roll] to Hit Points.
Add [roll]1d6[/roll] to the P.E. attribute.
Add [roll]1d4[/roll] to the P.S. attribute, which is considered Superhuman when it comes to lifting and carrying things.
Add +20% to save vs coma/death (this is in addition to any P.E. bonus).

MAJOR: Invisibility
Invisible details
The superbeing and anything he is wearing or carrying, up to
100 Ibs (45 kg) in weight, can be turned invisible at will. Any object(s) exceeding the 100 Ib (45 kg) weight limit will remain visible, but the character and much of his other gear will still turn invisible. In this case, a visible object carried by an invisible character will be seen as floating in air. Neither normal vision nor night vision can detect invisibility; however, infrared optics, thermo-imaging systems, heat sensors and motion detectors detect his presence and can be used to locate an invisible interloper. Although the invisible character is imperceptible to the eye, he retains his physical mass, meaning that he cannot go through walls nor do weapons or attacks pass through him. This also means he still makes noise (footsteps, breathing, bumps, knocks, etc.) and may be tracked down and pinpointed by the noise he makes, if not careful. Duration: The invisibility can be maintained indefinitely and created and cancelled at will. Attacks Per Melee: Each act of turning invisible and visible counts as one melee action/attack. Other Abilities and Bonuses: The invisible character can attack and fight opponents in his invisible state. However, tremendous pain, death or loss of consciousness will automatically turn him visible.
Opponents who cannot see their invisible antagonist are -8 to strike, parry or dodge himOpponents who cannot see their invisible antagonist are -6 to strike, parry or dodge him (the penalties are not as extreme as being blind, because even slight sounds and air movement will give an adversary in close combat some idea where he is).
Opponents with Extraordinary Sense of Smell or Hearing are only -3 to strike, parry and dodge an invisible assailant. Opponents with heat or infrared sensors or vision suffer no penalties and see the character to counter and strike back. see item below for removal of flaws
Boots of the Erased (Patron Item)
Boots of the Erased (Patron Item)
Rare Enchanted Boots
S.D.C.: 50
Weight: 3 lbs.
Magic Features
  • These enchanted boots leave no trail, convey no body odors or oils, leave no footprints, make no sound, and convey no detectable amount of body heat.
  • When the wearer walks, he does not stir the ground cover, and only minimally disturbs the air--doesn't register on motion detectors.
  • The wearer is effectively untrackable: any attempt to track suffer a -70% modifier.

Curse: None
History: None
The superbeing can automatically see the invisible.
Add [roll]1d4*10[/roll] S.D.C.
Can create a Horror Factor of 9 by making noises and moving items while invisible - "spooking" others.

EDUCATION LEVEL: Eclectic Rhodes Scholar

Racial Skills
Language: Dragonese 98%
Read/write: Dragonese 98%

Familiarization Skills
Language: Japanese 98% +3%
Language: English 98% +3%

Scholastic Skills
Detect Ambush 54% +5%
Intelligence 52% +4%
Wilderness Survival 54% +5%
Detect Concealment 49% +5
Tracking 49% +5
Athletics (general)
Swimming 74% +5%
Criminal Science/Forensics 59% +5%
Biology 54% +5%
Chemistry 54% +5%
Pathology 64% +5%
Basic Math 69% +5%
Advanced Math 69% +5%
Radio:Basic 69% +5%
Law 59% +5%
Streetwise 40% +4%

Secondary Skills
Computer Operations 64% +5%
Computer Programming 54% +5%
First-Aid 54% +5% (LVL 3)
Literacy: English 54% +5%
Literacy: Japanese 54% +5%
Research 74% +5%
Writing 49% +5%
Basic Electronics 54% +5%
Basic Mechanics 54% +5%
Pilot: Automobile 72% +2
Pilot: Motorcycle 80% +4%
Land Navigation 56% +4%
Pick Locks 54% +5%
Recognize weapon quality 58% +6%
(2nd Level) Prowl 49% +5%
(2nd Level) Cook 49% +5%

Combat Data
HTH Type: Martial Arts
Armor rating: last Natural 13 sdc 371/ 2nd Omega suit 17 sdc 250/ 1st ME: Metal 17 sdc 240
Number of Attacks: 8 / 11
Initiative Bonus: +3 +6
Strike Bonus: +7 +9
Parry Bonus: +11 +14
Dodge Bonus: +11 +17
Auto Dodge Bonus: +5 +15
Disarm Bonus: +2
HTH Damage Bonus: +18 *38* +6*= 44 (*From abilities bestowed/all attacks +6)
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +6 +10
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +7 +9
Other: +4 to damage for every 20 mph (32 km) of speed. +60 flying FS/ +56 running FS

Weapon Proficiencies
Paired Weapons
Sword: +2 +3= 12 to Strike, +2 +3=17 to Parry
Shield: +2 to Parry +16, +1 to Strike +10/ Mystic Shield 200 sdc
Knife: +1 to Strike when Thrown, +1 to Strike, +1 to Parry
Pistol: +7 to Strike w/Aimed shot, +3 to Strike w/Burst

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death:40% *48*
Toxins (15+):+4
Magic (varies):+7 *+9*
Lethal Poison (14+):+5 *+7*
Non-Lethal Poison (16+):+5 *+7*
Insanity (12+):+1
Psionics (varies):+1
Possession : +2
Horror Factor: +6

Known Combat maneuvers:
Kick Attack: This is a conventional, karate-style kick. It starts with bringing the knee, folded, up to chest level, then the foot is completely extended. Does 2D4 damage.

Roundhouse Kick: By turning the body and swiveling the hips, there's tremendous power packed into this kick. Can be used only once per melee round, and no other kicks can be used in that melee round. Does 3D6 damage.

Crescent Kick: A swivel-hipped kick that sends the foot out on a sweeping arc. Does 2D4+2 damage.

Axe Kick: A very high kick that goes up and over the opponent, coming down on the neck or shoulder. Can't be used in the same melee round with any other kicks. Does 2D6 damage.

Tripping/Leg Hook: An attack on the opponent's legs. Does no damage, it's purely a knockdown attack. Cannot be parried.
Dice rolls
1d4*10: [3]*10 = 30
1d4: [1] = 1
1d6: [3] = 3
3d6*10: [3, 4, 4]*10 = 110
4d6*10: [2, 5, 6, 3]*10 = 160
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Current Appearance: Height: 30' long, 15' tall, Weight: 8,000 lbs. Metal armored serpentine winged dragon / Horror factor: 17, could be confused for a Metallic dragon or possibly a giant robot made to look like a dragon. Picture available on character sheet.
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Post by Lenok »

*NOTE, everything in this background is for purposes of keeping the information straight, this information is not in any file in game. IE. Can not be learned from reading the File on Lenok.*

Background Story
Reasons for coming to Earth: Outcast
Familiarity with earth: Some Familiarity

Prequel BackGround story

The Following short story is based on Palladium's Heroes unlimited, Aliens Unlimited, and Armageddon unlimited.


Imagine nothing, as hard as you try it is a hard to fathom the concept, having a mind empty of thoughts, eventually all of us, have thoughts flood our minds, but what about before you ever had a thought? What were your first thoughts? That is a very hard and impossible task for most to ever find out, let alone accomplish. I do remember mine, or remembered I should say.

Gomeria: chapter 1

Pushing against the confines of my surroundings, I detect some give, realizing this, it fills me with hope and I push harder. I hear a crack, and another, I push harder, and a chorus of crisp snaps and crunches ring in my ears, and then quicker than anticipated light pierces the darkness in stress cracks as the pieces of this strange jail crumble around me. I advance toward the light while questioning what is happening. I look around, and then down below, ~I'm purple, right? That doesn't seem right to me.~ Standing on four legs and swinging my head in a circular motion to see my environment, I am flooded with thoughts, which I know aren't my own. Flashes of images flood my mind, with scents and sounds of my current location, while remembering the same from other lands, these are memories, but they are not my memories. ~Mother, this is my Mother, I remember her!~

She's with a man, they're happy, ~Is that my father?~ They walk around a large body of fluid moving slow in one direction. ~A river, how do I know that?~ Some horses are on a little walkway behind them, tied to a tree. The couple sit around a stack of logs, on a blanket, and start kissing, she stops and says a few words, "Quartus Ignis Ficome".

A dancing light producing heat takes hold of the cylinders, ~That is wood, and the light is fire, how do I know that?~ They begin to lay down together talking and in each others arms, they fade from my sight.

I step forward and out of my small container, and look back, I see a egg shell, a large one, made of what appears to be a crystalline type of rock with green and purple streaks throughout the material. Just then I hear something inside my mind.

"Hello, my child, my hope is that you are seeing and hearing my moments before you were conceived, as do all my kin, as you are such." ~Is that her voice, or is it thoughts?~ this soothing to me, I relish in it as it continues, "The man you saw me with is your father. He is not like me or you, he is a human. I fell in love with a member of another species, and you are the byproduct of our love and union. By the time you are hatched, hundreds of years will have passed since that moment, you are a child of magic, old magic, but I fear you will, like many hybrids, not be able to access or use it yourself." ~Is that why everything seems confusing?~

"You were conceived during a time of low magic in the world and dimension during the time we were together. To give you a better chance at survival, I left your egg on a similar planet, in the same dimension you were conceived, in an environment where the inhabitants have a extremely large chance to develop other skills and abilities comparable to our species essence and aptitude for magic" ~Well, that seems logical, but emotionally cold hearted~. "If I am not present in three days I fear I am no longer in this realm or world of the living, whether that is of my choosing or not, I have lived thousands of years and at this time you are one of over a dozen children I have had, most likely the last at my time of conception was supposed to have already gone by. Normally a Chiang Ku, which is what I am, will get memories from both parents, but since your father was not of our race, let alone species, you will not get a full and complete ancestral memory, which maybe be considered a blessing or a curse, however you wish to perceive it as, not all memories are pleasant."

"Look for the dim yellow star that appears in the middle of this planet's two moons when they align together with its blue sun rising. That is the system of your father, his world is the third from their star. His family name is Tatsu, We chose the name Tatsu Ryu for you, but your Chiang Ku name will be Lenok, do not let others know it, there is power in knowing a name. Another of our kind is his ancestor, so we already knew it was possible for our union to bare offspring. I leave you with this information as you will not get his memories. With love and hope, till we meet in death."

Her image and voice fade from my mind. ~Lenok, I am Lenok, No, I am Tatsu Ryu, or is that Ryu Tatsu? Yellow star between the moons at sunrise, ok, but how do I get there?~

Going through his mother's memories, he tries to recall her form, and noticed his form looks vastly different from his own, both has 6 limbs, but two of his appear to be wings, but they feel like hands that are just stretched apart with webbed skin between his fingers, he moves his wings in a waving motion. A memory of hers appears in his mind complete with the sensation of flying and thrill at taking to the sky, he takes to it, not unlike a colt walking at birth or a fish swimming upon hatching, he notices whether his wings move or not he is still able to move through the sky, since his mother didn't have wings and could still fly he considers this a simple atavism.

His stomach growls, and the acknowledgement of needing to eat spurs him to put his aviation skills to work. He takes to the sky and finds a strange creature swinging from what one would guess, is a tree, but seems to be made of coral not wood, it seems to be hunting for food itself as it launches itself atop a smaller creature and starts devouring it. Starting a controlled decent upon the creature, he focuses on the being readying his hands to grab it up and a bolt of electricity sparks from his limbs connecting to both of the creatures, stunning them. He seems to recall his mother casting a spell similar to this, but it didn't emit from her body, but came from above, and he didn't chant any words like she did. He lands on the shocked and surprised critters, and devours them in just a few bites.

His hunger sated, he notices clouds high above where he was flying, and notices in the distance that it seems to be releasing rain, but as it gets closer he can hear something off, and where it hits the ground, fires seem to break out, whatever that is, it's flammable. Both the flora and fauna seem to not be bothered by the fire at all, they go on as if it is not a problem. Some creatures seem to be following the fire rain and they walk on two legs, they look similar to his father, but not, they seem to be interested in smaller creatures that are coming out of the ground as if to bask in the enchanting enigma of light and heat. ~Well, if it works for them, why not me.~

Knowing his mother appeared as human in the memory of his parents together, and seeing her true form when she left that message for him, he searches her memory of how she did so, and tries to focus on that memory. After a few moments he is able to mimic their shape, they seem to match his fathers body structure, but covered in fur and have oddly shaped heads, they seem to look like humans with dog heads, a few attempts later he is indistinguishable from them.

A few days pass and he waits for the blue star to rise above the horizon, while looking between the moons, as soon as the sun seems to rise, it very nearly highlights the very one his maternal parent described. ~Now what? How do I get there?~ He flies up to the air and is even able to leave under his own power the gravitational field of the planet, but he runs into a problem, he no longer as a atmosphere. He cannot breath, and starts to fall from passing out and being drawn back to the surface unconsciously.

He comes to on the ground in a bit of a crater and when he sits up he has changed color, he is a metallic silver and gray in color. At first he thinks he changed shape again, but he still feels the same, it's at that moment he realizes he has a protective covering that reactively came out when in danger. After some testing it seems to come out and can be controlled in whatever appearance he assumes. It's similar to what the two legged creatures were wearing a couple days ago, but not as colorful. Tatsu decides he can use this to try and intermingle with the strangers.

When it next rains again a few days later he sees more of the curious beings and approaches them. At first they seemed surprised to see another of their kind, but the feeling that it is because they are not normally out here as there seems to be why, after all no civilization has been found so far in this area. They try communicating with Lenok, but he is unable to respond, not knowing what they are saying or how to respond. He simply places his hand on his chest and points to where the star his father is from, should be, and draws a shelter with a being inside it, and again points up into the sky.

A few moments pass, and one of them step forward speaking slowly in a language Ryu can not fathom. He tries speaking his mother's tongue, which he does know, and one of the creatures responds. "You know the language of the sky isikhumba? You must be a Scholar of the Ancient times, but why do you not know Gomero? Are you not from Xorbia?" The others seem to be curious as to what is being said as they do not seem to understand the conversation. Lenok Tells the Gomerian his story, leaving out the one sided communication from his mother. Stating he needs to get home. After some time he agree's to go with his new acquaintances, not seeing or able to figure out another way off this space rock.

Months go by and he translates tome after tome of the ancients in exchange for aid. After helping solve some of their planets longest quarried questions about their past that was written in the original language, it was uncovered that there people differed from the majority of this planets life forms cause long ago their people came from a planet who had spawned sentience late in its life and a group of Sky isikhumba, or Ice Dragons in Dragonese, came to their rescue and brought them to this planet which is only a few million years into its life, his appearance seems similar to his ice brethren but some differences remain.

It seems this was a favored planet in the past hatching their offspring, and according to his mother's memories his fathers draconic ancestor may have been an ice dragon themselves, his father could change shapes not unlike himself, and had some invisible abilities on top of that. The Gomerian's themselves were not a space fairing race yet, but they weren't to far off, maybe in the next few decades, they will be able to make it to one of their moons, they had been working on it for some time, they had explored their oceans first making suits that allowed them to weather the pressure and lack of hydrogen and oxygen in the water, he also learned the reason it the rains seems to become flammable was the soil is very rich in sodium-potassium composition, so when the water hits it, it combusts. They gave him a suit, some patches and air tanks, and a sky bike. The sky bike is a anti-gravity transportation device that can reach fast speeds, and with little friction, they themselves could not protect the suits once they leave the atmosphere, Lenok suits up and activates his metallic shell, and protects the suit, they write this down in one last lesson taught, and he departs after thanking them for the supplies and equipment.

As Ryu Tatsu is reaching the end of the atmosphere, he thinks over his last few months since he was hatched, he has learned much about his self, his race, and made friends, discovered his parents chose this planet thoughtfully, and looks hopefully towards the adventures to come.

Back into the Darkness: chapter 2

Lenok has been riding the "sky bike" for a few weeks now, his food supplies are running low, and his search for planets and moons with water and other vessels have not bared much fruit. Of the few worlds and moons he found, hardly any had water, nor any food, but most had no supplies to speak of, primordial or dead, nothing in between, if not for the few comets abundance of ice he would had perished. The frigid void of space is helpful as it has been keeping the food ration supplies in edible condition and a plus side, no bacteria to decay them. Then it happened, he saw a ship, he pointed the sky bike at the ship, it had lights, but wasn't moving, he didn't know why, but he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

As he approached, a bright light shoots from the front of the ship. Waking up in a strange place lately seems more odd than waking up on a hunk of metal he is strapped too, but that is what he just did. It doesn't matter if it's from sleep, from general anesthesia or, in my case, any weapon, or from the great beyond. The only reason he wasn't concerned is that he was awake. No headache, no tiredness or anything really. No, somehow, he had gone past all of the usual symptoms of groans and pains and is simply rested.

Lenok looked around aggravated while considering the latest set of events his life had seen fit to dump on him and sighed. Tatsu opened his mouth to yell hello, but then imagined, perhaps he has been captured by hostile entities. Realizing he isn't chained up, however he sits up and looks around the small room, medical equipment seemed to be around the room. He wonders if he is being watched then loudly ..."Is this a medical bay of some sort? Is anyone there? Where am I and why did you shoot me?"

Moments pass and then a door slide up and dark hued silhouette walks into the room, a gray furred feline female appearing humanoid approaches him, dressed in what seems to be pretty standard generic clothing. He says hello to the humanoid a few times, while the creature looks at him systematically, saying something unintelligible with each look down at the flat object in his hand, until finally "Do you understand me now?" ~Just how widespread are my race?~ Lenok nods his head.

"Oh good, we detected you hours ago and waited for you to catch up, you seemed to be in dire need of help as when we scanned you, your supplies seemed low and that transport you were on didn't seem like it was supposed to be an off world device"

"Well, it isn't, but I am doing what I can to get home, to Earth" Lenoks responded.

"I will guess that is near our destination as you seem to be going to the same coordinates, you said earth correct?" Lenok nods, then the creature looks to the item in their hands, fiddles with it, and then says, "Ah, yes, Earth, the life forms call themselves earthlings and humans, the local alpha centari database has information on them. If you help us out around the ship and at our stops during the voyage, you may traverse with us to your destination as we will be doing a flyby of it. Are these terms acceptable?"

The young Dragon responds with "Thank you, and Yes they are. What did you mean be "We" detected you though?" As two more beings entered the room. Looking over the two newcomers, one is similar in appearance to a human male, but has pointy ears, the other is a shorter, smaller stature, possibly female, it's hard to tell as it seemed to be covered in colorful feathers for the parts that are not covered in the same similar garb the other two are wearing, and a beak protrude from their face, not unlike a earth bird called a parrot.

Lenok, who still looks like a Gomerian, seems puzzled by their appearances. "I hope this doesn't seem rude, but what are you? You don't seem to be of the same race." The three crew members look at each other and then as the new arrival on their ship. "We have similar questions about you actually. You look like whom my people would call a Canis or Vulpese, or possibly a union of the two, but when we used our tractor beam on you it indicated you were much more dense and heavier than you should be." The male responds.

Lenok gives his answer some thought. "I am a union of two different races as you have guessed, but neither of those you have named are familiar to me, my natural form is much bigger and larger than this form, however, I have the ability to change my appearance to look like another race, but not mimic them. This is simply what the ones who found me and helped me get this far look like. They are an intelligent, inquisitive, and peaceful race of beings. I did not use this form to deceive you, as it was just easier to assume their size as I used their gift of my Anti-Gravity sky bike transport to traverse to my fathers planet, my homeworld, Earth."

The Feline speaks up "I am called Sashara, I am a Concol, my people hail from the Planet Col. The silent one is Camile, a Struthios, her planet is no more, sadly. You may run into them from time to time as the they are scattered among the stars these days. Lastly, our inquisitive friend Folen here is a Aluta from Rizza, this is an exploration vessel, and we sometimes act as a transport to pay for our expenses, as we are not a endorsed ship, we are just a group of curious minds looking for our own answers to the questions that grip us." With that the hybrid dragon is shown the ship and his duties, he will be performing while among them. It's a small ship, but could easily handle a crew of double currently. After the duties of the first day, he is shown his bunk, then rests after eating a modest meal with the crew.

The new normal" Chapter 3

Weeks have passed since Ryu met Sashara, Folen, and Camile. Camile slowly opened up to him eventually, she was wary of strangers due to how her home world and people were treated by a race of humans called Atorians, he learns of the atrocities they have done in the universe among the known galaxies to the crew. Today's task is to explore an asteroid they discovered with unusual readings.

The dragon took a step out of the shuttle door and onto the porous surface of the asteroid and shuttered. It was not due to the emptiness of space, but because he had no way of knowing what he would face on the space rock. A total of two hours on the asteroid was all he was given. That’s how long it would take for him to complete the task and return to the ship. He knew the mission, he knew what he had to do, but half of him wanted to remain in space. His journey to earth is easier, and faster, but he can't help feeling like it could be going quickly. No matter if he returned, it would take him years to get to earth, he knew that the chances were slim that his siblings or mother was still there, let alone alive. She had said she was older in years, and their kind lives a long time, but she wasn't there like she said she would be. He could not resist the temptation to hope for the best outcomes and push to make the journey. It would take five years to return back to earth as he has found out. The fact that he made it to this crew and was found, and rescued at that, was a miracle in and of itself.

A shadow flickered and his heart skipped. There was no life here, his readings showed no life signs. Taking a slow step forward, he turned his body and looked towards the sunlight gleaming through the darkness. He was the first to make it to the asteroid belt and the first to take samples of this alien rock beneath him. He had to do this mission quickly and return to the shuttle.

The astronaut took another moment to revel in the shadows of passing meteorites and smaller asteroids, The way they looked as they floated between him and the sun triggered a memory of his mothers to him of how the sun peeked through dark clouds and the streams of sunlight poured onto the ground. Ryu took in a deep breath off of the oxygen reserves before turning his back to the light to begin his task.

He grabbed a sample container and opened it. It made no sound as air escaped into the void; a dust particle floated up, catching the beam of sunlight just before the astronaut could no longer see it. It had taken him nearly seven months to get to this point. He liked being alone with his thoughts and mother's memories, if only there was a way he could stay just a little longer than the measly two hours he was allotted.

Looking back down at his task, he took his small shovel, and knelt down with the jar in his other hand. Resting the jar on the ground, he shoveled some of the dust into it and sealed it up with a click. One jar down, four more to go. He set the jar on the ground and picked up the empty one next to it. Still holding the small shovel in his hand, he made his way, slowly, towards the rock resting on the edge of a basketball sized crater. Ryu repeats the task three more times, changing craters between each dig, and after he is done, he flies up to overlook the rock and looks for anything significant, then returns to the ship's airlock, goes through the decontamination process and takes the samples into the lab.

Handing off his collected materials to Sashara and Folen, and begins watching them work. ~That is definitely an interesting line of work, I wonder what it's like to be able to search and discover the answers to your questions and gain knowledge that you earned on your own.~ Lost in shadowing the scientists, and thought, Ryu comes to and heads to the cockpit of the ship to visit Camile.

"Greetings Camile, anything new?" the hybrid asks. Shaking her head no, the avian humanoid responds simultaneously. "Nothing yet Ryu, just plotting our course for the planet we were heading too before that asteroid peaked Folen's curiosity." Sitting in the co-pilot seat, Ryu watches her pilot and stares off into the stars. "It's beautiful right?" the struthios seemingly asks aloud, but one could tell she wasn't looking for a answer, he nods in agreement. "I can see why some spend their whole lives out here, but no matter the beauty, one will always long for home eventually. " she says with a sigh, her demeanor suggests she is missing her native world that is lost to them, Lenok responds "And some of us long for a home we have yet to know with our own heart and eyes."

More days go by and they are approaching a planet devoid of sentient life that seems to be at the end of its cycle, and the crew wants to go down and get samples and see what natural elements they can acquire. Landing the ship a kilometer away from a meandering body of liquid, the crew set up and depart the ship while Camile is staying aboard.

As they step off the ship's platform, Lenok and Sashara Glide down to the surface, placing Folen gently on the surface as the lower him by his arms, and then proceed to explore. Ryu in front, playing protector, and Sashara and Folen in the 3 and 9 position to his 12, directing him where to go with their instruments. He follows the direction of the Senior members and hauling the equipment on his back as well. It's amazing how some portions of this planet look like earth, and others are as alien as can be, it reminds him at times of Gomera as well. Eventually they find a site with blue grass and wild flowers that seem to have a animal like predatory sense with some of the lesser life forms, something in the area trips a trigger on one of Sashara's devices to stop due to a dictating to Sashara is check it, she gives a gesture and they unpack, and start drilling, testing, and lookings at samples, three to 4 hours later they pack up, and move to a new location and the process repeats, this goes on for a few days, which leaves Ryu doing a lot of site to ship, and ship to site transporting for supplies, samples, and staff.

Days go by, not really sure if it is three days, or four, but none the less, it seems like a long period of time to one who has no skills to use in this situation, it bothers him that he is nearly useless during this excursion of the surface world, he tells himself he must do something about that when he gets a chance.

It is on one of the return trips to the ship where he is unloading more samples to keep the more brainy crew members busy for the next few weeks during the patch of void in space in the upcoming week, a distress alert comes over the crews built in communications on their suits. The beacon reads as if it is from Folen, a few seconds later Sashara's sends an alert too. Ryu doesn't know what is happening, but he recalls what they said to do in this situation, Camile is preparing the ship for take off and before she can verbally say anything he rips through the planet's weak atmosphere to the current site location a few miles out.

Ryu is a few hundred feet above the surface to glean a better view of what lies ahead of him, speeding in the last know location of his fellow crewmates. It is a few hundred meters away when he comes across a strange creature that he has seen before in his mother's memories but only once. The being has horns, not unlike his own in his natural state, but his red in hue, about twice the size and height of his crew, and his projecting beams and bolts of fire and some sort of energy. Ryu Tastsu stops for a moment in shock, it is a demon, his mother has memories of fighting them once, and it nearly killed her as she was weak, it was shortly after laying a egg of one of his siblings, He has never been in a fight, he doesn't know if he can even do it, but if his friends do not get help, they will surely die.

He witnesses Folen and Sashara hiding behind equipment, around a pit of what appears to be volcanic rock, and a red glow from what appears to be magma, some sort of headstone is at the top of the pit. It appears as if Folen has been hit, they apparently had discovered it's resting spot, or possibly a trap, in either case, they will not hold out long as the creature bellows in laughter in between launches of attacks, alternating between what looks like balls of fire and some dark, somewhat purple hue, energy balls and blasts ripping through the air in their direction, it doesn't even seem like it is trying to kill them fast, but is merely toying with them.

As suddenly as his fear gripped him, the memory of all his mother's friends that were not dragons dying, wakes him out of his stupor, followed by the realization of his chance of getting to earth is dwindling with every delayed moment. He grits his teeth and launches forward at the beastly creature, launching bolts of electricity at him, the first two blasts miss, but the following two connect, stunning the devil for a few moments with some damage, but gains his attention enough to focus on the hybrid instead. Lenok collides with the demon crashing into each other, he hit it hard, something sounded like it broke or cracked, unknown as to if it was himself or the evil entity trying to rid his friends of life.

The creature hits the Young Dragon with bolts of energy, the first erupts into flames on his face and chest, the second seemed to make him feel a different type of burning, he notices his environmental suit is dissolving. A second round of blasts come at him and Lenok puts his arms over his face in a defensive stand and suddenly silvery glints of metallic matter form around him, a covering of protective metal scales envelopes him, just as the attack connects. This seems to take the enemy by surprise as they stop attacking and stare at him in disbelief, taking advantage of this moment, He flies forward and connects again, and hits him even harder launching him into the air, and Lenok follows up with another attack flying past him and knocking him back to the surface, not unlike a hammer striking a nail.

After a moment of pause, the creature arises and places his hand through some sort of a portal, and draws out a weapon, it appears as a sharp melee weapon to somewhat, a sword if his mother's memory serves. Lenok attempts to do the same thing, but instead of a portal, his metallic protective scales on that arm grow and change shape to form a similar object itself. The Demon rushes him with its blade and swings repeatedly, Lenok is overwhelmed and the strikes that don't glance off his armor, chip away at his protective covering, but the occasional strike at the demon still gets through the barrage of attacks on the Demonic being. Out of anger and frustration, Lenok lets a loud roar erupt from deep inside of him, and the demon grips his head, holding it tightly as if in pain from the loud declaration at the agitation at the circumstance. In anger Lenok lets the facade of his image fade away, his size increases and the Demon looks up, and fear creeps across his face. Lenok in his Natural form increases the size of his weapon to match his new parameters and swings it down on the fiend, cleaving it in two.

Lenok scoops up his crew mates in his natural form, as they both seem frozen in terror from his appearance, and he shrivels in size back to the form they recognize him as, upon reaching the ship he is back to normal, but normal is not what occurs afterwards. Scared by his natural form, not recognizing it for any known species of Dragon across the known galaxies, they give him equipment and repair his sky bike to be more attuned to space travel due to saving their lives, and leave him to the dark depths of space again, in a confining bubble construct around the bike, he is again restrained, and alone, and his journey to earth is resumed.

Original BackGround story

Lenok came to Earth a little over 80 years ago. His arrival on Earth is not a vacation or a punishment, it’s more like a self-exile. Lenok was born a Dragon Human Hybrid, one of the Mythical beings everyone on Earth has heard about, from some legend or another & every culture on Earth has had dealings with them at some time.

A long time ago, Dragons were not rare on this planet. As Man’s population grew much faster than the other species on the planet, some of the other races started to pull away. Since Dragons were not truly of this world, they started to arrive less and less frequently. Ages ago, the last of the Dragons entered into a long slumber from which they would not awake for a Millennium, the ones who did not stick around in this dimension, left.

Lenok was the last hatched egg from his parents who, in normal dragon fashion, he never knew. Upon hatching and the memories that were passed down to him he knew he was different. Perhaps it was because he was born in the same dimension as Earth. Perhaps something had effected him before he was hatched. Most Dragons are born with either Psionic or Magic abilities but Lenok was born with the ability to emit Electricity. Whether this ability will turn into something later is unknown but for now he is a freak, an outcast even among other Dragons.

He first arrived on earth on an island the inhabitants called Japan. The rest of the world seemed to be caught up in some events. Being new to the planet, he used the chaos to blend into society. He learned of the Japanese and their culture and began to get involved with humanity as a whole. He even took a human name: Ryuu Kun, which means Dragon Boy when translated into English. He later found a young human female, Kiato, around the same age he was portraying and started dating her. Even though her father was upset because Ryuu Kun was an unknown, and a outsider, she disobeyed her father and lived on with Ryuu.

Years later, Kiato fell ill. Ryuu, not having any way of healing her, or what was wrong with her, took her back to her father and begged her father to take her back into his home, knowing the Adai Family was very wealthy, and could get the help needed for Kiato Adai. Kiato’s father agreed, if he agreed to never return and reluctantly Ryuu agreed and left his estate. He went back a few times as a delivery boy, and an old man, to check on Kiato’s health, it took a few years, but it seemed the doctors and nurses her father was able to hire did their job. Within a year, after Lenok stopped visiting, she was back to normal and healthy. Time healed both her physical and emotional ailments. Ryuu kept his promise to her father and never returned.

Lenok departed Japan shortly thereafter. He flew at night and slept during the day, to avoid unwanted attention. He finally arrived someplace far from Japan and less heavily populated and decided to stay there for a bit. Years had passed since he landed on Earth, and already he was leaving areas of the small blue and green sphere due to problems of the heart. The more he thought on the inherited memories of his kind, the more he thought he must not be like the others, he was also beginning to realize he had some strange gaps in some of his memories.

He was now in Alaska, a cold and isolated place, it had people spread for miles, but it was nothing like the sardine can, that was Japan. Here he adapted his Japanese-chosen name to a more North American name of Ryan Lee Nox. Ryan, needing a lair and land, took up looking for work while trying to figure out the new culture that was so vastly different just a short flight away from Japan.

He worked here as a lumber jack for a while, until a man fell victim to his mind during the winter time, and committed murder. Ryan, being a keen observer and having enhanced abilities compared to Humans, caught onto the man in short time and not wanting to interfere or bring attention to himself, told the investigating local law enforcement that he had suspicions about the man who Ryan deduced was the killer. The local Sheriff followed Ryan’s “Hunch” and caught the man, he soon told Ryan that he had missed his calling and in a few short weeks Ryan was the Deputy of the small sleepy town.

During his time as a Deputy, Ryan (Lenok) learned as much about the people as he did the law, and the way that they “Did Things” around these parts. Ryan took classes at the local school and started to become a key member of the town society. For the first time in his long life so far, Ryan, as he had become used to being called, felt he belonged. Subtle things like using his flight ability to offset his weight on planks and riding in cars become as natural to him as walking and chewing gum does to a human.

Lenok, better known as Ryan, started to befriend a lot of locals and was trading favors of labor from some of the less physical townies, for tutoring in things like Earth Science, “ins and outs” of computers, combined with the classes he was talking at night school he was on his way to becoming a vast eclectic Rhodes scholar.

Fast forward to another 16 years later, Ryan is still going to school. He has taken many different classes by now at the community college. Many of the Townie’s noticed, before Ryan did, that he was not an ordinary man. Lenok got too used to his “Ryan” disguise, and forgot one simple thing. Humans age much faster then Dragons.

Once the Gossip was put out there in the small town, it spread like wild fire and what Lenok had built as a safe haven of friends for the last twenty years turned on him in a matter of a week. He had Friends, he made twenty years ago, begging for the secret to his seemingly eternal youth. The rumor of Ryan even being a vampire got around only to be quickly dispelled due to his work shift being a day time one.

In the middle of his 36th consecutive semester, while the whole town was at the college, for what they had planned was finally cornering “Ryan” and getting an answer once and for all, he simply left, he gather his belongings, for what he could carry, changed his appearance into a black silhouette, and vanished into the night sky. He roamed Canada as an American tourist for the next couple of years under the name of Leo Knox, after he changed his name when it seemed his “Town of Friends” had decided he was wanted in questioning for a murder that took place more than 20 years ago.

When he decided to stop pretending to be an American tourist in Canada and go to America, it was a bit odd, first off, no where in Canada had anyone questioned him for papers to cross a border, he solved it by just flying over an unguarded area, under the invisibility the night air offered, to one that has the ability to change his coloring at will, but still, he thought how peculiar.

When he arrived in New York he found quite a large group of people from all over the world, he adjusted his appearance to be a Japanese-Caucasian mix and Continue to go by Leo but he was using another Japanese word for a Dragon, specifically “Dragon Man”, as his last name. Leo Tatsuo then Applied for a Visa to stay in the Country Legally considering the last time he had problems with the law, he did not want a repeat of those events.

After getting his Visa and being accepted as a Medical Science Investigator from Japan, he was offered a job by New York City Police Department to work closely with Homicide detectives to solve the cases. It was during this time the reports of persons with super abilities and mutants started coming in, day after day, more and more people were being ousted for being different.

This did not make Lenok happy. It seems the place that these people fit best, and where they were starting to commune was a place called Century Station. Lenok went to Police Chief himself with his transfer request, stating that “If everything that is expected to go on over there at Century Station does, they are going to need some major help.”

One month later his Transfer went through, this time instead of just leaving and starting over, he packed up the few belongings he had, though he did not consider them his “Horde” or “Treasure” as Humans would call it, and moved to Century Station last Month.


Detective Tatsuo was assigned to a jail break crime scene, where the slaying of several Prison guards at Gramercy Island prison, where several super powered convicts are held, took place. The prison break made the news and a lot of self appointed heroes came out and tried to help. During the Marshall law state around the prison, several heroes inadvertently where helping criminals and hindering each other from succeeding in the personal goals, making a distraction for several of the escaped inmates to stay at large. Detective Leo Tatsuo called for back up and gave a description of the scene before him.

None of the heroes were sanction or trained by the government, so the collateral damage was quickly escalating, and the attempt to deescalate the prison break, started to quickly deteriorate. When Back up arrived, the entire group of cavaliers were subdued. Lenok volunteered to join the group and teach them the law, and the proper method, and way to take ownership, and think about collateral damage, as well as protecting innocent by standers, as opposed to accidentally hurting them.

The newly formed group of cavaliers were given a choice, by Director Balisong, prison, or to become a sanction hero on the team that would later be named "The Omega's" . Upon Identifying himself as the groups arresting officer, they were very upset at Lenok, for obvious reasons. During the training process, Lenok tried to get to know each of the members and befriend them. It was rather difficult for some, more then others, for Lenok to relate with.

During a one on one talk, with probably the most stubborn of the heroes, Leo Tatsuo revealed his true nature, that of a dragon, to the heroine dubbed "Steele". Steele was having a hard time adjusting, and kept complaining about her problems. The revealing of his nature and his constant need to always do his minimal, so not to hurt anyone, always having to remind himself he is different, which not only makes him alone in a full room, but helps keep what others would call his "abilities", under wraps. This Realization of Lenok's problems appeared to make her finally break through the self loathing and hatred of the situation, of the way she joined the Omega's in a different light. It made her realize that others also do not realize their own potential, and without learning control , could easily hurt others by shear accident.

Another new arrival from CSPD,Valentine, one without social grace, due to his mental aptitude being so abnormally high, showed up, and after the team bonding, insulted some of the team members, the team stuck up for each other, as a big family would normally. This encouraged the Lenok to reveal his nature to the whole team, seeing the positive effect it had on Steele, when the team started to fall apart again from the Drama that the new arrival had brought with him. The Revealing had the effect Lenok was looking for, and the team bonded again.

The Omega's had grown to the point that they were to be divided into two teams, if only for the physical separation, cause the Omega's still acted as a family. The Alpha and Bravo teams were then assigned to two Leaders, one being a Sector 10 agent Known as Aegis, and the other, team bravo, being assigned to Lenok.

Disaster struck on the teams first mission, Steele, after Lenok had spent many a times conversing with becoming emotionally attached to fall in love with, was killed in the line of duty, by a bullet to the head, at point blank range. Steele was ordered, by Lenok, to stay in the van and do surveillance in the nearby van that has been setup for just that task, since she had no offensive or defensive powers.

Steele broke the command and went out into the staked out area. The end result was a funeral that rocked the Omega's world.

A new assignment came about, a mad man playing god with people, trying to alter their genetic makeup, and the survivors of his experiments were turned into slaves, and Lenok had a replacement from another, non powered crew member being assigned to his team. After Steele's death, he started to try and keep close to all the none powered members, to protect them. During a breaching of the suspected base of the enemies they were seeking, a powerful energy emitting mutant had attacked them, fear of the mutant getting back up and attacking and killing Blade , the agent previously mention, Lenok over reacted in trying to keep the mutant subdued, and accidentally murdered the mutant. Lenok's large self doubting of his leadership abilities began here.

After the mission was completed and the enemy captured, Lenok started with drawing emotionally from the team.

Aegis and Lenok had a discussion, Lenok tried to resign from the Bravo Team Lead Position, thinking himself for the reason of Steele's death, and not being in control of himself enough after accidentally murdering the mutant in the sewers. He had known of Steele's in ability to follow orders, and with the closeness that had formed between Lenok and Steele, he self disillusioned himself into believing she would follow his orders.

Aegis would not accept his resigning, and asked to him to think about it for a bit.

The Director brought in some new recruits again, among the new recruits was a Japanese female, who reminded Lenok a lot of Kiato, in appearance only. Her attitude and demeanor was a lot like his own. She wanted to to find out what was going on with her own genetic makeup, she had apparently been forced to do illegal genetic experiments, in her native country of Japan, and had the people who forced her to, looking for her, her abilities got the attention of Chimera, the organization which funds the Omega's.

With Lenok aiding her, they found that her Genetic experiments had not effected her as she had thought, it was simply a matter of believing it had that awakened her actual genetic abilities. Lenok quickly noticed her Gene structure, from his days of going through college in Canada when he was practicing through school by examining his own blood and DNA. This Miho Adai was his biological offspring.

When they discussed her past, she talked about her mother and grandfather,Miho did not know her father, due to her grandfather taking over that role. Her mother Turned out to be Kiato, the same woman he first fell in love with. Kiato's unexplained "illness" was actually a hybrid gestation period of the hybrid human + dragon offspring, not being familiar with this being possible, and having unexplained gaps in his own inherited memory, made Lenok realize that he may not be a full dragon. A realization he has not shared with his team mates, which might explain some of his short comings as a dragon, and the manifestations of altered version of draconian abilities, why he originally thought he might be a draconian mutant, when in fact he is a hybrid of a mating between, what he can only assume, was a mutant human and a dragon.

Miho's abilities, where a slightly altered version of his own abilities. Miho even had a Dragon form, all be it much smaller then his own form. Her blood revealed her to be a mutant draconian as well, leaning more towards the human side , then the dragon side.

The very next morning, Lenok emerges with a new ability, the ability to create metal out of thin air, to cover himself in it, make it to his desire and specifications, and even weapons. So far the alloy created is much stronger then anything known thus far. He begins to suspect, that this may have something to do with Miho's appearance. Maybe it is his minds way of coping with this new found fact, maybe it is some new form of dragon maturity, being a hybrid, a mutant, or maybe the proximity to another of his kind accelerating his internal clock. He tells the team he has entered puberty, and they quickly ignore the new ability, as Lenok had hoped would happen.

The next mission is a Ambassador type mission. The Bravo team was assigned to protect a alien Ambassador, who has asked to defect to the planet. He was being pursued by the enslaving race of his people, these en slavers had assigned bounty hunters / assassins to eliminate the Ambassador. A large explosion wipes out half the team. The team gathers itself back up, Lenok reveals his nature to the the attackers, and the entire team was effectively, although not smoothly, dealing with the attackers, when another group of hero haters shows up and adds another form of attack, with camera's and staging of false police officers attacking the hero group, a smear campaign is started and aired live.

The team prevails, but Miho has been taken into custody, due to being noticed as the girl fleeting from Japanese government for genetic experimentations. Lenok gives her a few words of encouragement, and tells her she can not begin a new life, until the old one is completed, that she will always be his daughter and he will be waiting for her release, putting his belief in the law, and Japans superb level of technology in keeping her safe, above his desire to keep her to himself. Lenok tells Miho she will be safe in their hands and both teams head back to the base, both teams learn of the crushing defeat and loss's of life they have endured, the teams goes into mourning, but before the day is even over, when the team goes to rest and recover, another attack occurs, wiping out the base and Lenok then succumbed to a psionic attack.

When he awakens from the humiliating defeat, Lenok learns his friend Aegis is crippled in the base attack, Pooka is killed, and The Robot jock, Empire, is now just a jock, his Armor being destroyed. This caused Lenok to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Aegis being gone, he finds a letter that will change his demeanor and attitude on his being a leader, he is being asked to Lead all of the Omega's in Aegis Absence. He accepts the position, keeping in mind that if he is the leader, he can then make plans that keep the others safe, while putting him self at risk.

He decides to keep his part of possibly being human, and that may be why he is not as indestructible as his ancestors, a secret, from the team, even more so now.

*Further UPDATE*

Empire's Armor was fixed up due to Whiz kid's interference. Lonewolf, with Lenok's aid, was able to make a fairly good non lethal form of subduement that the Omega's can use to keep the criminals alive and, well, subdued.

Lenok's friend Aegis, and Aegis's love interest, due to Lenok's old CSPD co-worker's, now known has Strive, abilities manifesting in the hospital, with the ability to heal, somehow it was such a charge of explosive healing ability, it brought back the recent dead in that hospitals morgue. Lenok hasn't seen Enigma yet since she came back from the dead, but when he saw Aegis, he let his emotions get the best of him. One less person for his shoulders to try and carry the weight of response-ability for failing to keep them safe.

Immortal + Enchanted weapon (dual class mega option)
1.) 0xp - 7,300
2.) 7,301 - 14,600
3.) 14,601 - 29,200
4.) 29,201 - 48,400
5.) 48,401 - 66,500
6.) 66,501 - 96,600
7.) 96,601 - 131,700
8.) 131,701 - 181,800
9.) 181,801 - 247,900
10.) 247,900 - 337,000
11.) 337,001 - 465,100
12.) 465,101 - 585,200
13.) 585,201 - 740,400
14.) 740,401 - 950,600
15.) 950,601 - 1,225,800
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Current Appearance: Height: 30' long, 15' tall, Weight: 8,000 lbs. Metal armored serpentine winged dragon / Horror factor: 17, could be confused for a Metallic dragon or possibly a giant robot made to look like a dragon. Picture available on character sheet.
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Worn on Person
CSPD Detective Badge
Large Sword: "Doragonto~ūsu" See Magic Weapon of Order below

Omega Suit
A.R.: 17
SDC: 250
1) Hyper-mimetic alloy fibers change size and molecular composition to fit wearer regardless of APS powers, shape or size changes.
2) Built-in short range encrypted radio transceiver (Omega freq only).
3) Built-in RFID transponder for C.S.P.D. verifies wearer is a Centurion to all C.S.P.D. and their precise GPS location within 20'

Boots of the Erased (Patron Item) Matter expulsion: metal: boot armor are always made over to protect them.
Rare Enchanted Boots
S.D.C.: 50
Weight: 3 lbs.
Magic Features
  • These enchanted boots leave no trail, convey no body odors or oils, leave no footprints, make no sound, and convey no detectable amount of body heat.
  • When the wearer walks, he does not stir the ground cover, and only minimally disturbs the air--doesn't register on motion detectors.
  • The wearer is effectively untrackable: any attempt to track suffer a -70% modifier.

Curse: None
History: None

Utility Belt
2 magazines (9mm)
Beretta Model 92 9mm Automatic Pistol
Range: 180'
Damage: 3d6 per shot or 6d6 per 5-round burst
Rate of fire: Single shot or Burst firing
Payload: 15 rounds

Titanium Daisho in shoulder scabbards
Katana (SDC: 75): 3d6
Wakazashi (SDC: 50): 2d6

Composite Buckler (SDC: 50)
(A small arm shield approximately 24" in diameter)

In Room at Omega Base
Dress Uniform & Dress shoes
7 pairs of jeans
7 black T shirts
Desktop Media Center
*High-Speed connection to TV & Internet

Stored in Omega Garage
Avtran Skybike: CSPD Edition (USED)
Crew: One Pilot and one passenger
A.R. 5
S.D.C. by location:
Main Body -100 sdc
Jet Engine -100 sdc
Tail -50 sdc
Speed: 400 mph (640 km)
Range: 600 Miles (960 km)
Length: 6ft (1.83 m)
Weight: 500 bld (225kg)
Alarm system, Mini-Radar, Radio

Suzuki Strider
SDC by Location
Windshield: 30
Tires (2): 25 each
Main Body: 125

Speed: 150mph max (not suitable for off-road terrain)
Range: 150 miles
Power Plant: Electric
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Current Appearance: Height: 30' long, 15' tall, Weight: 8,000 lbs. Metal armored serpentine winged dragon / Horror factor: 17, could be confused for a Metallic dragon or possibly a giant robot made to look like a dragon. Picture available on character sheet.
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Re: Lenok (Immortal, APPROVED)

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Lenok's "Dragon" Form.

Alternate Dimensional Lenok's Human Form with costume /Omega suit, with Helmet from his ME: Steel, and full ME: Steel Armor.

Lenok's Dragon Form wih his metallic Armor activated (At least a close proximity)

Original Alpha Team.Image

Original Bravo Team.Image

Hero Forge Model's
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Current Appearance: Height: 30' long, 15' tall, Weight: 8,000 lbs. Metal armored serpentine winged dragon / Horror factor: 17, could be confused for a Metallic dragon or possibly a giant robot made to look like a dragon. Picture available on character sheet.
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Power Grid

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Let the GAMES begin.
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Re: Lenok (Immortal, APPROVED) LEVEL UP!

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Doragonto~ūsu is a Comically Large Sword, with very long handle/Doubles as a dagger in dragon form. Too most it looks like a dark metal or blackened iron, but in reality it is made of a indestructible organic matter.
The Weight of the item, 50 pounds, makes it impossible to wield for mere mortals, and is thought to be a offering and not a working weapon. Truth be told this weapon was designed by and for Supernatural beings, specifically dragons and gods. One of a good alignment and unnatural strength may be able to bond with the item, after 72 hours of the previous owners death. Abilities may change after bonding with new owner(If Gm permitted)
The powers of the weapon should reflect the personality of the wielder (remember, the weapon will choose someone who should use it properly). This means a protective character defending the weak might choose healing and defensive abilities, while an aggressive, combatant champion of good may tend toward the offensive aspects like lightning bolts, superhuman strength and extra damage. Unless otherwise stated, there is no
limit to how often a power can be used by its champion, and it is presumed to be in force as needed.

A good aligned weapon can be used by Principled, Scrupulous or Unprincipled characters only. To anybody else it is an ordinary weapon of superior craftsmanship, without any magical properties.

The only exception is when the weapon's champion willingly lends it to someone for a specific purpose, like protecting an innocent from danger or evil forces. Under this circumstance, the borrower can draw upon the six powers of the Enchanted Weapon and use them as is necessary in fulfilling his or her noble mission. Its champion can continue to draw on the powers that transform him into a superbeing even though the two are
apart, but he or she cannot transform back into their normal, mortal identity without the weapon. Furthermore, if separated for more than 72 hours, the character will automatically return to his ordinary human form and the weapon becomes inert (seemingly powerless). Until the two are reunited (or the mortal killed), both are powerless.

1d100: [40] = 40 The weapon's base damage before adding P.S. or W.P. bonuses. 4d6 damage +6
1d100: [19] = 19 19 1-33 two minors of choice
A.) Extraordinary Speed:
The ability to move and run faster than most vehicles without tiring. It also enables the character to sidestep attacks without losing an attack.
Bonuses: Speed 220 mph (353 km), plus 20 mi les (32 km) per level of experience! (280 mph currently)
+50 to S.D.C.
+ 1 attack per melee round.
+ 1 on initiative at levels 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 & 1 5.
+2 to strike.
+3 to parry.
+2 to pull punch.
+4 to roll with punch or fall.
+6 to dodge by moving, running or diving out of the way.
+2 to automatic dodge; can dodge an attack without using up a melee action.
+4 to damage for every 20 mph (32 km) of speed. The best a punch or kick can do from a standing still position is 40 mph (64 km), adding +8 to damage.

B.) Sidestep (Minor Ability)
The ability to make an automatic dodge with a +8 bonus to do so, but only by stepping to the side. This power is even good for Sidestepping thrown and falling objects, arrows, bullets, and missiles, provided the superbeing can step sideways to avoid it, and sees the shooter fire or the object coming (if it's large enough). Note: Reduce the bonus to Sidestep to only +3 when attempting to dodge bullets and energy blasts.
1d6: [1] = 1 x10= 10 S.D.C. to its owner/champion.
1d4: [4] = 4 +3= 7 to P.B. in heroic form
1. Totally indestructible, blade never dulls and the weapon never dents, cracks or breaks; always looks like new.
2. Well balanced +1 to strike and parry when using the weapon.
3. Made of grey or silver colored "metal". It is inscribed with Kanji like rune symbols.
4. The weapon's base damage before adding P.S. or W.P. bonuses is 4d6 damage +6* (*From abilities bestowed)
5. Affects/damages all creatures of magic, including animated dead, zombies, golems, vampires, werewolves, demons, dragons, godlings, etc. Also damages superbeings who are Invulnerable!
6. The enchanted weapon and its champion are linked until its current mortal connection is severed - killed! Consequently, anybody else who takes and uses the weapon cannot draw on its magic or be transformed into a superbeing. They can only use it as a superior quality weapon. However, if the champion is slain, the magic weapon is able to join and empower a new one after 72 hours.
7. Enables its owner to sees the invisible.

Creates a costume or "battle dress" out of thin air. This battle
dress can be of classic, comic book superhero appearance or include full body armor (usually an ancient style of armor). Whatever the costume/battle dress looks like, the basic design will usually reflect its owner's personality and imagination. Although the costume can be damaged, ripped and tom, it always reappears fresh and new.

The weapon, battle dress and available magic are activated when the wielder, who is of the correct alignment, speaks the following phrase.
Subete no uso o kurau ryū no kiba!
A dragon tooth that eats all lies!
Whenever the character is transformed into battle dress (becomes a hero), he or she is magically "beefed" up and appears as an ideal version of them self.

Abilities bestowed:
1. Healing Touch: Restores 3D6 Hit Points or S.D.C. by
touching the weapon to the individual who needs healing. The magical healing leaves no scars. The healing touch can be used 10 times per day (24 hours). Although intended for helping others, its champion can draw upon its healing power as well (counts as one of the 10 per day).

2. Damage Bonus: +6 damage is added to all modes of attack used by the weapon wielder, including lightning bolts, fireballs, and strikes from/by the weapon, as well as punches and kicks from its magically empowered champion.

3. Spits Lightning Bolt: Can be used as often as once every melee round (counts as one melee attack). As a magical energy blast, it will affect supernatural beings, creatures of magic and those who are normally invulnerable. Damage: 6d6 if the wielder is Principled, 5d6 if Scrupulous, or 4d6 if Unprincipled. Range: 1000 feet (305 m)!

4. Words of Truth: Same as the Wizard spell of the same name, but can only be used 10 times per 24 hours.
Range: 5 feet (1.5 m).
Duration: One minute (4 melees) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: Standard. The enchanted character makes a saving throw for each question asked. A successful save means he does not have to answer. Questions can, however, be repeated. A person affected by this enchantment is compelled to answer all questions truthfully. The spell caster must be within five feet (1.5 m) and can ask two brief questions per melee round. It is wise to keep questions simple and clear to avoid confusion.

5. Returns to Wielder When Thrown: Returns immediately after striking (or missing) the target. Range: 100 feet (30.5 m) +15 feet (4.6 m) per level of its wielder's experience. A throwing and return counts as two attacks (one to reach the target and one to return). If the weapon misses, it flies past the target and an attack roll can be made as it returns, but only if it missed initially; plus this additional, swing around attack counts as a third melee action. Note that the thrown weapon can have only one successful attack/strike per throw.

6. Mystic Shield: Creates a mystic energy shield that can be used to parry attacks like a knight and his shield. When necessary, the hero can turn his shield into a protective bubble that can enclose and protect himself and as many as six normal-sized humans. Those protected must be huddled close together and within 60 feet (1 8.3 m) of the weapon.

The shield has a total of 200 S.D.C. and is effective against all types of attacks, from hammering punches to lasers or explosives (all do normal damage). The mystic shield can be created instantly with but a thought. If the weapon wielder is trying erect the shield in time to block/protect himself from an incoming attack, he must roll a d20 to see if it is erected in time (+3; the character's normal parry bonuses do not apply). A failed roll means the hero, or those he was trying to protect, were struck before the shield was created. No shield; try again.

When it is created and used as a hand held shield to block and parry attacks, all the character's usual parry bonuses apply. A successful parry with the mystic shield means it takes all damage. The remainder of any damage above the shield's 200 S.D.C. shatters the shield and affects those behind it.
Dice rolls
1d100: [85] = 85
1d100: [57] = 57
1d100: [10] = 10
1d100: [85] = 85
1d100: [14] = 14
1d100: [89] = 89
1d100: [3] = 3
1d100: [3] = 3
Current Appearance: Height: 30' long, 15' tall, Weight: 8,000 lbs. Metal armored serpentine winged dragon / Horror factor: 17, could be confused for a Metallic dragon or possibly a giant robot made to look like a dragon. Picture available on character sheet.
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Re: Lenok (Immortal, APPROVED)

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Current Appearance: Height: 30' long, 15' tall, Weight: 8,000 lbs. Metal armored serpentine winged dragon / Horror factor: 17, could be confused for a Metallic dragon or possibly a giant robot made to look like a dragon. Picture available on character sheet.
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