Ramsis (Dwarf Dark Priest)

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Ramsis (Dwarf Dark Priest)

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Player Name: Jason
YIM Handle: Leprecoon

Character Name: Ignatius Cobblepott (True Name)
Alias: Ramsis
Race: Dwarf
O.C.C.: Dark Priest of Tark
Alignment: Aberrent
XP Level: 5
XP Points: 18,516 [Updated by UG 01OCT21]
Next Level @ XP: 25,400
Racial Hostilities:
Sentiments/Western Empire: The Empire of Sin, a fun place to blow off steam
Sentiments/Dominion of Man: Kind of place one could retire
Disposition: Quiet, hangs back, not a front line personality
Insanity: Aquaphobia - You find that any source of water causes you an excessive amount of anxiety. This can include a swimming pool, a lake, an ocean, or even a bathtub.

I.Q. 13
M.E. 15
M.A. 12
P.S. 19
P.P. 10
P.E. 19
P.B. 9
Spd 11 running / 6 digging.

P.P.E.: 91
H.P.: 40
S.D.C.: 23
Age: 90 / Life Span: 250+ years
Sex: Male
Height: 4 ft
Weight: 180 lbs
Horror Factor:
Description: Dwarves are a short, husky people with powerful muscles, broad shoulders, ruddy complexions, weathered looks, and an aged appearance. His white hair has a streak of blue-black right down the middle, about 4 inches wide.

Racial Abilities
+5% to the following skills (this is in addition to O.C.C. bonuses): Any Military Skills, general repair, recognize weapon quality, masonry, carpentry, rope works, sculpting, locate secret compartments/doors, detect concealment, basic math, and land navigation.
Nightvision 90 ft
Good Day Vision
Underground Tunneling (Special): 65% +5%
Underground Architecture: 55% +5%; detection and deactivation of traps is done at half
Underground Sense of Direction: 65% +5%
Judge the approximate location to surface structures (natural and artificial): 55% +5%; -25% if in an unfamiliar area.
Metal working (Special): 65% +5%
Recognize Precious Metals & Stones: 60% +5% / Id Fakes 55% +5%

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: 30% +3%
Charm/Impress: 0%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 0%
Max. Encumbrance: 54 lbs (30% of body wt)
Max. Carrying Weight: 380 lbs
Max. Lifting Weight: 720 lbs
Max. Jumping Ability: 9.5 feet of length / 4.75 feet of height

Special Abilities
Special Prayers
All priests pray.
Prayer serves many functions: it enables the priest to talk/communicate to his deity (one way; the priest does all the talking) and in so doing, gets things off his mind and enables him to focus his thoughts. Prayers are also used during mass and in religious ceremonies both as a part of the tradition and to focus and coordinate the participants which can number into the hundreds or even thousands.
Special prayers are pleas to the god(s) for strength, insight, and minor acts of intervention. These are typically limited to the following some religions and gods may have a few other or additional prayers):

Prayer of Strength of the Damned: Success ratio: 48% +8%
This ritual endows the priest with dark inspiration and strength: +6 vs horror factor, +2 on ALL other saving throws, +10% to turn dead, +1 to spell strength, +4 damage, +1 to parry and dodge and +8% to summon the Minions of Darkness.
This prayer can only be attempted twice per 24 hour period.
Duration: 15 minutes +3 minutes (12 melee rounds) per level

Prayer of Communion: Success Ratio: 48% +8%
The prayer allows the priest to contact his deity or one of the gods in the pantheon. The god responds by creating a vision or dream which will motivate and encourage the priest. There is a 60% chance of divination or an omen which warns of impending danger, treachery, or good fortune (in this instance, the priest will automatically correctly interpret the signs of an omen). Visions and dreams are usually symbolic and cryptic, and always concern people and matters close to the priest, his deity(s) or church. Can only be attempted twice per 24 hour period.

Summon the Minions of Darkness: Success Ratio: 42% +8%
A prayer in which the priest asks his deity for help in the form of a demonic servant or protector. The priest can summon 4 lesser deevil, demon, or gargoyle (sub-demon) +1 per level to aid him. The creatures will faithfully serve him for 15 min +5 min and then vanish from whence they came. All such creatures obey the priest without question. Such a summoning prayer can only be attempted twice per 24 hour period.

Curses: Success ratio: 34% +6%
Black priests are infamous for placing curses upon their enemies as a means of revenge and in anger. All curses are debilitating and potentially deadly. Curses can be cast upon a person, place or object by speaking a short prayer of vengeance and invoking his deity's name. When placed upon the latter two, anyone using that place or object will feel the full effect of that curse. If the cursed place or object is abandoned, the person will return to normal within 24 hours. Curses cast directly on another character will last 1D6 months.
This is considered the casting of magic, but the P.P.E. is provided by the evil deity.
High level priests can add their spell strength bonuses to the potency of the curse, meaning the victim needs to roll 15 or 16 or higher, depending on the level of the priest.
A failed roll means the character's god did not hear him and there is no curse.
Even if the curse is successful, the intended victim gets a saving throw vs magic.
Saving Throw: All living things, including trees, get a saving throw, but must roll a 14 or higher to save vs magic (bonuses are applicable) / Ordinary objects do not get to save, but rune weapons get the same save as living creatures. Places also get an automatic save, but have no bonuses and the curse will last only 1D4 weeks.
Range: The target of the curse must be clearly visible (line of sight) and within 30 feet of the angry priest.
Limitations: The dark priest can only attempt to inflict a curse a maximum of two times a day (24 hours). 5 people or objects +1 can be affected per level of the priest, so a fifth level priest could curse as many as five people or items. Only one place up to 200 feet in diameter can be cursed.
The priest can inflict any the following curses:
  • Pox curse: Within 24 hours after the curse was cast, the victim will break out in open, running sores which will cover both face and body. The sores are ugly, puss-filled, and itchy. Physical beauty (P.B.) and S.D.C. are reduced by half and P.E. is -3 points. The curse will disappear within 1D6 months or immediately when a successful remove curse is performed. Healing touch and magic potions or salves cannot cure sores or ease the pain and itching.
  • Fever curse: A debilitating curse which causes its victim to suffer from a constant, low-grade fever that impairs sleep, eating, thought, and activities. As a result, the victim is -1 on all combat bonuses, speed is reduced by 25% and skills suffer a -10% penalty (has difficulty concentrating and tires easily). The curse will disappear within 1D6 months or immediately when a successful remove curse is performed. No other remedies can cure or relieve the symptoms or penalties.
  • Luck Curse: The incantation inflicts the person with bad luck. The victim's normal combat bonuses are all reduced to zero; no bonuses! The character's critical strikes do normal damage (except a natural 20 which always does double damage); a death or knockout/stun punch does only 1D4 damage. Kick attacks have a 60% chance of causing the character to trip and fall down (lose initiative and one melee attack). The prowl skill turns into a clumsy roll, making noise every time it is tried, and all other skills are -40%, but only during critical situations. The G.M. can add other minor occurrences of bad luck if he so desires. Note: Only a "remove curse" invocation can negate the effects of this enchantment.
  • Minor Curse: can inflict a curse in the form of minor physical disorders that cause a constant irritation. Such disorders include:
    • Fever: -2 on initiative, -5% on all skills, reduce speed and endurance (P.E.) by 25%. Fever ranges from 99 to 102 degrees, making the victim feel drained, tired, and uncomfortable.
    • Gas: Some indigestion and nausea, plus a bloated feeling. Farts once every two melees (pee-u). -2 on initiative, sneak attacks and prowl are impossible.
    • Headache: Dull, throbbing headache; sleep and concentration are difficult. All skills are -10% and all saving throws are -1 (lack of focus).
    • Hiccups: Annoying hiccups that interrupt speaking constantly. Language skills are -15%, mental affinity (M.A.) is reduced by half, and prowl is impossible. Spells can still be cast with little difficulty.
    • Ingrown Toenail: Painful to walk, victim limps. Reduce speed by half, prowl is -10%, and climb is -15%.
    • Itching and Rash: Very uncomfortable; almost maddening itch that can be relieved only by scratching. Reduce mental affinity (M.A.) by half, -4 on initiative, and minus one attack per melee.
    • Pimples: Dozens of pimples break out all over the face and arms. Reduce physical beauty by half.
    • Nausea: Stomach ache, loose bowels and vomiting, slow this poor victim down. Reduce speed to a comfortable half normal (running faster is possible, but there is a 50% chance of vomiting). Sudden movements, riding horseback, bumpy rides or high speed chases (50 mph or faster), have a 60% chance of inducing vomiting or diarrhea. The victim is -6 to strike, parry and dodge while throwing up, and has no initiative.
    • Runny Nose and Cough: The victim suffers from a nagging, constant cough, watering eyes and runny nose. Reduce physical beauty (P.B.) by 25%. Prowling and sneak attacks are impossible, but spell casting is unimpaired.
    • Vertigo: The character gets dizzy when running at speeds higher than 8, during high speed chases (50 mph or faster), or when exposed to heights (must be looking out a window or standing on a ladder or ledge higher than 10 feet/3 m). When vertigo hits, the character is almost helpless: reduce attacks per melee to one, no initiative, -8 to strike, parry or dodge. The vertigo will last as long as the victim is exposed to what induces it.
      No normal medicine or cures will rid a character of a curse, only the remove curse spell can do it, or waiting until the duration time of the curse elapses. A negation spell can be tried, but it has only a 25% possibility of success.
  • Cold - The victim of this curse is always cold, no matter how many clothes he is wearing or how hot it may be. If the combined temperature around the character (blankets, fireplace, furnace, etc.) exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit, there is a chance the character may fall unconscious from heat prostration (must roll above 16 on a 1D20, P.E. bonuses can be added to this saving throw). If this happens and there is no one to aid the person, he will continue to lose one S.D.C./hit point every 1D4 hours from dehydration and heat exhaustion. The character will recover in a few hours if given water and the temperature lowered, but he is again cold and uncomfortable. Penalties: -1 on initiative and the character tends to be irritable. A remove curse is required to negate the lasting effects of this enchantment even after the cursed item has been relinquished.
  • Insect Attraction - This curse attracts annoying insects. Flies, bees, wasps, and gnats circle around the head and body. Mosquitoes, lice and ticks will love to infest his clothes and armor and live on the body. Any insects in the area will be drawn towards the character before anyone else. The omnipresent and repulsive insects reduce the person's P.B. and M.A. attributes by half, and cause a horror factor (revulsion) of 12 / After all, it's not pleasant to sit near somebody crawling with bugs and with another couple dozen winged insects buzzing his head. Note: While an alchemist may be able to create some type of insect repellent, it will not repulse insects attracted by the curse. They remain no matter what is done. This does not apply to such monstrous insects as grunnors, rock crawlers and giant insects. A remove curse is needed to negate the magic even after disposal of the cursed item.
  • Stink - The victim gains such a foul body odor that it is enough to make others within five feet gag and choke. No amount of baths or perfumes will disguise this stench. Prowl, invisibility and hiding are impossible and creatures who can track by scent are +20% to follow this character. Remove curse is required even after the cursed item discarded in order to negate these lasting effects.
  • Spoilage - This interesting curse causes all food, wine and water carried by the cursed individual to spoil within 24 hours. Even food preserved in containers, dried or smoked will become a rotten mess. Wine and beer becomes sour and undrinkable, and water bitter and tainted / This curse is also applied to food and drink carried by a porter hired by the character and supplies carried on a horse or other creature owned by him. The curse will remain even after the damned item is discarded. A remove curse must be successfully applied to return to normal. In this case, all curses last 1D6 months.
Powers of Darkness
Healing Touch: restores 1D6 hit points or S.D.C.
Priests of Darkness can perform the healing touch once every other melee round, but cannot use it on themselves and usually reserve it for the minions of their foul Master.
Selling the Healing Touch:
These evil clergy often sell their healing touch for as low as five or ten gold per laying of hands to 1D6x100 gold per touch. However, the average fee is usually 50-100 gold per touch.

Exorcism: Success ratio: 35% +7% ; +10% if the possessing force is a servant of the same dark god or pantheon.
A successful exorcism will drive out/banish any entity or demon from a possessed person/animal, dwelling or area. The exorcised creatures cannot return to the place or person for at least 6 months and are likely to NEVER return (86% likelihood of never returning). A successful exorcism performed in an area such as a graveyard, tomb, etc., will destroy all animated skeletons, corpses, and mummies which inhabit the area of exorcism. Ghouls and zombies will be banished for 10 months, while the greater supernatural creatures, including lesser devils and demons, vampires, ghosts, wraiths and specters, are banished for 6 months. The Rite of Exorcism requires 1D6 hours of prayer and meditation to perform the rite, depending on the strength of the possessing/inhabiting force. The holy symbols of the priest's religion are necessary and it is wise to have assistants and bodyguards should fighting be necessary. An exorcism can be attempted as many times as the priest wants to try.

Remove Curse: Success Ratio: 35% +7%
This ritual is similar to exorcism except that it remove magic curses.
If successful, all the effects of the magic or god induced curse are removed (of course, new curses can be placed on the character).
Unfortunately, while the priest can remove a curse from a person or animal, he cannot remove curses placed on/in rune weapons, magic items or sacred/supernatural places. It takes 1D4x10 minutes to perform the remove curse ritual. The priest can only perform remove curse ONCE per each curse on the same person. However, he can perform this ability on innumerable different people and other priests can try to remove a curse on those another priest has failed to help.

Turn Dead: Success Ratio: 40% + 5%
This rite is similar to exorcism, but it can be enacted in only two melee rounds (30 seconds). It affects only animated skeletons and corpses, mummies and ghouls. Enables the priest to turn/repel the dead by commanding them to leave in the name of his deity(s). The dead will stop what they were doing and go away. Vampires, ghosts, wraiths, and specters may be temporarily kept at bay, hesitating for one or two melee rounds, but will not be otherwise affected. Demons, deevils, gods and most other supernatural beings are not affected at all!

Animate & Command Dead: Success ratio: 45% +9%
This ability is the same as the wizard spell with the following distinct differences.
Duration: This ability can be maintained as long as the priest concentrates on it and does not engage in other activities, thoughts, spells or prayers.
P.P.E.: 10
# OF: 5d4 +1D4 dead per level
can try to seize control of dead things animated by another character!
The priest can keep such creatures at bay (not turn or repel them, but keep them at bay) with a simple command such as "Stay back," "Move away," or "Stop," and without need of any special roll or attack.
To seize full command, the priest must roll 1D20 and roll a above the animator's spell strength.
For example, if a wizard with a spell strength of 12 animates the dead, the dark priest can usurp control by rolling a 13 or higher and announcing his conquest by bellowing something like, "You are mine to command. Obey me!" followed by an order.
These stolen animated dead will remain under his control for the maximum duration of the original spell and serve in addition to those raised by his own magic.
Penance and Sacrifice:
The techniques used for self-denial and the exploration of one's self and environment include meditation, fasting, vows of abstinence, and vows of silence. As a result, priests can
resist thirst for two days per level (10 days)
resist hunger for three days per level (15 days)
Although the priest can ignore the pain and discomfort, and function at close to normal, the physical body does suffer damage from dehydration, starvation, etc.

This is one of the most awesome of all the priest's
powers, to breathe life into the recently deceased. Impressive as it may be, there are several limitations and conditions. The body must have all of its parts; small body parts like fingers and toes may be missing and will remain missing after the resurrection. The deceased should not have been dead for more than 2 to 4 weeks (refrigeration can add up to 6 months to the four-week limit). A penalty of -3% is applied to each month beyond four weeks from the time of death. Deceased over one year old has only a total of a 5% chance for a successful resurrection.
Ratio of Success: 10% +3%
Note: A resurrection can only be attempted ONCE on the same character by the same priest. A failed roll means the character remains dead.
Special Priestly Powers
Affinity to Spiders:
All Priests of Tark have an affinity to spiders of all kinds.
They are never frightened by spiders, even those of monstrous sizes, and always treat them as if they were valued and loved pets ("Aw, and how is little freckles doing today? Have we eaten our our nice little chickens? Gooood spider ! ") .
In return, most spiders will never attack the Priests of Tark, and will be fairly cooperative if they are carefully lifted, moved, or shifted around.
Note: Scorpions are not part of the dominion of the spider god, nor do Priests of Tark have any power over scorpions, or over any insects.

Immunity to Spider Venom:
All Priests of Tark, during their initiation, go through a process of becoming immune to spider venom. Just as apprentice beekeepers have to go through a process of being stung every day, for a few weeks, until they can be stung dozens of times without real damage).

Tark 's Holy Lotion:
Created from a secret formula, known only to the Priests of Tark, this lotion is designed to keep spider webbing from sticking .
It can be spread on hands, skin, leather and other smooth objects, but not on hair, wool or cotton cloth, or other rough surfaces (this is why many Priests of Tark shave themselves bald, or wear leather caps).
Prayers Exclusive to Priests of Tark
Prayer of Spider Communion.
The priest speaks with a spider, any kind of spider, and gives it a specific set of instructions. The spider cannot answer back, but it will do as it is told. Instructions should not involve anything too complicated, or anything that would take more than eight hours to complete. Typical instructions have to do with making specific webs or lines, guarding an area, or taking a small object somewhere. Note: While an ordinary spider could never recognize an individual through a spoken instruction, it can be "introduced" to a person or an animal, which it will then be able to identify later. While not absolutely necessary, it is traditional to feed the spider some small morsel (a bug, a small piece of meat) as a signal that the communication is complete.
Success Ratio: 32% +4%

Prayer of Spider Summoning. Success Ratio: 30% +5%
The Priest calls spiders of a particular kind.
The spiders do not arrive immediately, but will travel in their normal fashion, and carefully. The number of spiders who arrive depend on the area; only those spiders who could travel to the priest in less than an hour will even attempt the journey ; typically 2D6x50.
If giant spiders are requested, only 2D4 very large spiders, such as Giant Timber Spider, come.

Prayer of Venom NegationSuccess Ratio: 54% +8%
Cast on a sufferer who has received any kind of poison venom (not just from spiders). This prayer neutralizes the venom. Note that any damage (lost hit points, etc) will have to be healed in some other way.
Miracles Exclusive to Priests of Tark
Miracle of Mass Spider Control
This one kind of miracle, which is in great demand all over the Palladium World, has spread the news that the worship of Tark is truly beneficial. Basically, with the use of spiders, the Priest of Tark have become the Palladium World ' s foremost insect controllers. At any location, the priest can attract sufficient numbers of spiders to control virtually any kind of insects. In a home or palace, they can arrange for web-spinners who will eliminate flies and mosquitoes. In A farmer's field or orchard, they can install hunting spiders who will root out burrowing insects, egg-laying insects, ravenous larvae, or any other kind of destructive insect pest. In barns, they can control fleas and other insects that infest animals. In warehouses, they can eliminate those pests who eat the stored food. The list could go on forever. Since there is really no other way of dealing with insects (except for monstrously expensive spell-casting), the Priests of Tark have a captive market, and it's one that has embraced them. If it were just a matter of money, they would already be fabulously wealthy, but the priest are after worshipers; consequently, the priests will usually offer a huge cash discount if their client will offer prayers to Tark and spread the word of his good works. They will even forgo cash payment entirely if one or more people (can be the clients, servants or slaves, they don't care) convert to Tark!
Duration: Once the Miracle is cast, it generally works for about four weeks. The Priests are very honest about saying that it is a temporary solution, but each time a Priest duplicates the same Miracle of Mass Spider Control in the same place, the cost is half
Cost: 50 P.P.E .; cash fees vary from 100 gold for home to a 1000 or more for a field of crops or a castle.

Miracle of Spider Climbing
An individual who receives this miracle will find that their hands and feet can stick to any surface at will, and they can climb up a sheer wall, or even along a ceiling, like a spider
Duration: 5 hr +1 hr per level of experience
Cost: 25 P.P.E. for one individual, 100 P.P.E. for a group of up to eight characters.

Guardian Spiders:
The priests of Tark can raise, train and command spiders, like most people train a dog! Guardian spiders are typically giant spiders trained to serve as watchdogs/protectors of a particular person, shrine, temple, or location.
Spell Knowledge
Spell Strength: (starts at 12 in most cases)
Paraylsis: Lesser
Range: 60 feet
Duration: The effect lasts 4 minutes plus one minute (4 melees) per level of experience.
Saving Throw: Standard
P.P.E.: Five
This magic attack temporarily paralyzes a part of its victim's body, immobilizing that particular limb. A paralyzed hand means that the person cannot pick up or hold objects, write, or use the hand in any way. A paralyzed arm means the limb dangles uselessly at the person's side. A paralyzed leg will make standing difficult and movement almost impossible; reduce speed by 90%, and -2 to parry and dodge. Note: The incantation will paralyze only one limb per each invoking of the magic.
Internal organs cannot be affected, so the mage can't paralyze a heart, lung, etc.
Note: Paralysis cannot affect people inside a vehicle, or in full scale or plate body armor.
Range: Touch or within 4 feet
Duration: 15 minutes per level of experience.
Saving Throw: Standard.
P.P.E.: Ten
Domination is another trance-like enchantment that enables the spell caster to impose his will over his victim' s, forcing the individual to do his bidding. The victim of Domination appears to act oddly, dazed, confused, slow and unfriendly (ignoring friends, etc.). The enchanted character has one goal, to fulfill the command of the spell caster. Under the enchantment of Domination, the character's alignment does not apply. He will steal, lie, assist in crimes, kidnap, betray friends, reveal secrets and so on. The victim is under the (almost) complete control of the spell caster. The only things the bewitched victim will not do are commit suicide, inflict self-harm, or kill a friend or loved one. A good aligned character, Principled, Scrupulous and even Unprincipled, can not be made to kill anybody; it is too deeply against their alignment.
Note: The enchanted person is not himself and suffers the following penalties. Attacks per melee round are half, speed is half, all skills are half their usual proficiency, speech is slow, and the person seems distracted or a little dazed. A successful saving throw versus magic means the magic has no effect. The character is 100% his normal self. The effects of the Domination magic can not be faked. Can not affect a person inside environmental M.D.C. body armor, power armor, robots, or vehicles.
Armor of Ithan
Range: Self or Other
Duration: 5 min +1 min per level of experience.
Saving Throw: Standard.
P.P.E.: Ten
This powerful spell instantly creates an invisible, weightless, noiseless,
full suit of mystic armor on the spell caster. Named after the magic
armor of the dwarf king Ithan, this mystic armor has an A.R. of 18 and
150 S.D.C. +10 S.D.C. per level of experience. Furthermore, magic
fire, lightning, and cold do half damage.
The armor can be instantly created upon anyone, as long as the spell
caster invokes the spell while touching the intended recipient.
O.C.C. Skills
Language: Eastern 99% +1%)
Language: Dwarven 70% +5%
Language: Gobblely 70% +5%
Literacy: Eastern 70% +5%
Basic Math 90% +5%
Lore: Demons & Monsters 60% +5%
Lore: Religion (Jungle Pantheon, Cult of Panath, Cult of Netosa, Dragonwright, Church of Taut, Church of Light and Dark) 60% +5%
Land Navigation 61% +4%
Streetwise 46% +4%
Wilderness Survival 60% +5%
W.P. Axe
Hand to Hand: Expert

O.C.C. Related Skills
Brewing 55%/60% +5%
Archeology 45% +5%
Stalk/Capture 40%/50% +5%
Use & Recognize poison 45%/37% +4%
First Aid 45% +5%
Holistic Medicine 60%/50% +5%
WP Polearm
Juggling 50% +5%; Number of items juggled: 9
[4th] Identify Plants & Fruits 25% (+5%)

Secondary Skills.
Prowl 45% +5%
W.P. Spear
Climb/Scale walls 60%/55% +5%
Animal husbandry 60%/40% +5%
Horsemanship: Exotic 50%/40% +5%
[2nd] WP Archery/Crossbow (2nd)
[5th] Teamster 35% +5%

School Taught -
[5th] Bartering 40% (+4%)
[5th] Lore: Undead 15% (+5%)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Expert
Number of Attacks: 6
Initiative Bonus: +1
Strike Bonus: +2
Parry Bonus: +3
Dodge Bonus: +3
HTH Damage Bonus: +4
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +2
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +3
Bonus to Disarm: +2
Punch 1d4
Karate Punch 1d6
Kick 1d8
Karate style kick - 2D4
Roundhouse Kick — 3D6
Snap Kick — 1D6
Body Block/Tackle 1d4 +KD
Bear Hug 2D6
[*]- Hold - roll strike then roll under skill%. / each success is 15% Ko (2nd is 30%, 3rds is 45%, etc.) / each hug is 1 att, the victim is -2 att and init / victim can attack but all damage is half (unless magic or psi) as well as -2 strike/parry/dodge
[*]- Squeeze - roll strike then roll under skill%. / each success is 15% Ko (2nd is 30%, 3rds is 45%, etc.) / each squeeze is 2 att, does 2d6 dmg , doesn’t affect AR 13+ or PS/PE of 24 or higher
Disarm - as parry or Strike/ counts as 1 att / +4/+1 at lvl 7, 9, 11, 13, 15
Entangle - instead of parry or dodge / counts as 1 att / +4/+1 at lvl 7, 9, 11, 13, 15
Stun - Nat 19-20 - lasts 1d4 rds / does 1d6 dmg / then has 15 secs to deal with victim
Pin - roll to grab, then roll again to slam on ground / PS 20 or higher gets to attempt parry
Pull Punch - punchy, kick, or blunt impact / can do half damage, or a quarter damage, or just 1 pt, or no damage / must declare attempt / need to roll 11+ /
Whittling Attacks - using a 1 hd weapon, a stick, or even his bare hands to inflict stunning effect instead of damage / Each strike causes -1 init, -1 strike, -1 parry, speed -10% / penalties are cumulative and stay in effect while in combat and even 1d4 rds after.

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus / No extra action cost

W.P. name--List totaled bonuses from W.P. only
WP Archery +60 ft rng / +3 strike / +2 parry/ +2 disarm / RoF: 5
WP Spear +3 strike / +3 parry / +2 when thrown
WP Axe +1D6 damage / +3 strike / +2 parry / +2 strike when thrown
Juggling - 4 attacks per melee with a thrown weapon. +1 at 8, 11 / Auto parry applies ONLY when a knife, throwing axe, spear, or small object, is used.

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: N/A
Magic (varies): +1
Lethal Poison (14+): +3
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +3
Insanity (12+): N/A
Psionics (varies): N/A
Horror Factor: +2
Possession: +2
Drugs or Toxic Fumes: +1
immune to spider bites
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Re: Ramsis (Dwarf Dark priest of Tark) Group A - WIP

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Oncin Pick

Starts with 190 in gold.
Pouch: 3,065 gold [ 07.07.21-Ya-Blik ]



Items which have stats have their name in bold type.
Items which have stats or images are fully listed under Gear Stats.
As such, there should be no stats or images above the Gear Stats header.


Carried/In Hand

Worn on Person
Janissary Brigandine Armor (Patron Item)
travelling clothes - sturdy pants and shirt
a travelling robe with a hood
Holy symbol tattooed on the chest
Leather Jacket - in pocket = pouch holding a sling with two dozen loads (metal balls that do 1D6 damage)

Saddlebags - worn over shoulder
are padded, and sealable. Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep.
• [*] Space: four small sacks
• [*] Space: 1 Pint of Honey
• [*] Space: food rations of 6 weeks
• [*] Space: 2 Pints Rum
• [*] Space: 1 lb Salted Pork
• [*] Space: 1 lb Smoked Sausage
• [*] Space: 1 lb Cheese
• [*] Space: 4 dozen "trail-bread," a hard biscuit that stays good for weeks (lasts 8 weeks)
• [*] Space: 0.5 lb Pepper
• [*] Space: 10 lbs Oatmeal

padded, sealable, and lightly armored. Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep.
• Space: Work Pants
• Space: [3] nice shirts
• Space: [3] Nice pants
• Space: [1] Scarf wrapped around a gold chalice
• Space:
• Space: rolled up Leather Handle Bag
• Space: rolled up Leather Handle Bag
• Space: a set of [6] small throwing axes - rolled
• Space: a set of (4) weighted meat cleavers - rolled
• Space: a ceremonial robe
tied to pack
[1] 2 man tent
[2] Heavy blanket
[2] Saddle Blanket
[1] bedroll
[1] Rope 40ft
[1] 30 ft light rope
[1] Small wooden box (see below)

Gear Stats

Janissary Brigandine Load Bearing Armor (Patron Item)
  • A.R. 11
  • S.D.C.: 95

  • 8 attachment points
  • Wieght: 10 lbs

Magic Features:
  • Magic SDC: cannot be repaired except by magic and cannot be used on cloth fabrics.
  • Lightweight: Half normal weight. Reduce all penalties because of armour encumbrance by half.
  • Attachment: Pouch of stones - (coal) x4 / (soapstone) x4 / (granite) x4
  • Attachment: Custom [Dwarven] Throwing Axe
  • Attachment: Custom [Dwarven] Throwing Axe
  • Attachment: a tinderbox / small mirror / pipe
  • Attachment: Large pouch with 1 lb finest blend of tobacco with Small Pouch with 1 oz. Oponi (Weed)
  • Attachment: a set of [4] high-quality, very good·looking, Dwarven throwing knives
  • Attachment: a set of [4] high-quality, very good·looking, Dwarven throwing knives
  • Attachment: wood spikes x4 / small mallet
  • Across back - Orcin Pick
Shockwave TW Grenade Launcher (Patron Item)(counts as crossbow)
  • Range: 500’
  • Damage: varies by active munition ( uses 2-inch stones as ammo)
    • Normal Rifle grenades: 2d6 S.D.C. to 24’ AoE per grenade +shockwave effect
    • Firestorm Shockwave Grenade: 8d6 S.D.C. to 50’ AoE, half of the damage is force damage & half is fire +shockwave effect
    • Blizzard Shockwave Grenade: 6d6 S.D.C. to 80’ AoE, half the damage is force & half is cold +shockwave effect
    • Thunderstorm Shockwave Effect: 1d4x10 S.D.C. to 50’ AoE, half the damage is force & half is lightning +shockwave effect
  • Rate of Fire: Single shots only
  • Payload: 4 Stones; 1 APM to reload each grenade; 3 APM each stone without heavy weapon WP ??
  • P.P.E.: 20 P.P.E. to charge a stone; entire payload can be ahead of time (1-hour duration)
  • Modifiers: Two-Handed Weapon
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Shockwave Effect:
    • 14+ required to roll w/impact if in AoE
    • 88% chance of knockdown (3d4 yards) for things up to 500 lbs.
    • 50% chance of knockdown (1d4 yards) for things 500-1000 lbs
    • 20% chance of knockdown for things 1000+ lbs.
    • Penalties: 40% chance of losing handheld items, lose initiative, -2 APM

    Oncin Pick
  • Range: Close Combat
  • Damage: 2D4
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Features:
  • Modifiers: 2-handed

    Custom [Dwarven] Throwing Axe
  • Range: Close Combat or 40' (thrown)
  • Damage: 2D4+2
  • Weight: 2.7lbs
  • Features: +2 to Strike, Parry, Damage, Spider acid-etched into the Axe-blade
  • Modifiers: Dwarven forged at Iron-eye's Weaponries in Llorn.

    Small wooden box -
  • Ink vials -black (6 ounces)
  • 12 sticks of charcoal
  • 3 crow quill pen
  • Brush (writing)
  • [20] sheets of paper
  • Book paper 100 sheets, glued

    Carried -
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Re: Ramsis (Dwarf Dark priest of Tark) Group A - WIP

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Ignatius, Iggy to his friends, was raised in one of the few dwarven welcoming villages in the Yin Sloth jungle. A small little shit hole called Mishala. Iggy was left on the steps of the main temple in town. The morning he was found, his blanket was covered with small spiders. When the priests tried to pick him up, they were attacked by a large spider hiding in the bundle. Seeing this as a sign he was rushed to the temple of the spider goddess, Tark.

Here he was raised as an acolyte. Being a dwarf made it difficult. He was bullied, and beaten until he got big enough to fight back. He was a good student, who took all the abuse and bottled it up. The night of his nameday, the dwarven rite of adulthood, was when Tark made herself known to the young dwarf.

”I am your mistress, Tark. You have been a loyal and willing servant in my name. This pleases me. In return , i grant you all the privilege and powers deserving of a priest of mine. Pick a name as that is what you will be known by from now on. When you awaken your new life will start. You must go forth intpo the world and spread my name thru tale and deed. I will send you a friend and a guide. Live free, Die well.”

There is a flash of light and Iggy opens his name. As the fog in his head clears, he utters a name. ”Ramsis”[/]. He slowly sits up and looks around. The other priests are there, watching him. After a moment, he notices the head priest standing off to the side. As he regaind his feet, Ramsis feels a pressure on his arm. He looks down and sees a small tarantula type spider crawling up his arm. As he makes eye contact with it, there is a feeling of love and trust emanating from the spider. ”You must be the one sent. My mistress honours me. I will call you Proximo!!” He finally gets to his feet and heads to the head priest. With a nod, the priest speaks. ”Ramsis. Solid name. The mistress has sent me a vision. I am to send you out into the world. Gain some world experience before you return to your position in the temple.” He smiles gently. Laying a hand upon Iggy’s shoulder, the head priest says ”There is no limit to the time you must travel and learn. It is different with each person. So we have gathered some equipment. It is not much, but it is yours.” He steps back to let Ramsis examine the gear. ”Where you go is up to you. We were to prepare you, spiritually and physically, and send you off with Tark’s blessing.”

The gear is all servicable, nothing fancy. Ramsis gathers it all up, and with a bow, heads to his room. Upon returning to his meager cell of a room, Ramsis drops the borrowed gear on the bed. Dropping to his knees he gives thanks to his mistress in the form of non stop prayer till morning. With a quick bath and breakfast, He dresses and heads out to find his glory and spread the word of Tark.

After spending many years wandering the lands, Iggy life experiences have molded him. After he left Mishala, he explored the Yin-Sloth Jungle for awhile. This where he got a love for poisons. He then made his way to The Baalgor Wastelands. He spent a good number of years in the mountains ranges around the Wastelands before moving quickly through them, and up into the Old Kingdom. He used those years to reconnect with his racial heritage. Iggy retrained himself in the dwarven techniques for mining and gem cutting, also learned the ancient art of metal working, but wasn't interested in that as gem cutting.

This led to his discovery of his ever-present rock thrower. One day will exploring some buried ruins, Iggy surprised a band of kobolds after they had a kill. Since it was a small band, Iggy decided to intervene. After killing all 5, he checked thier goods. The kobolds gear was all shoddy, surprising considering they were kobolds. The loot was a nice suit of armor, and a fancy weapon of some kind, as well as some gold. Iggy gladly took it all. After many failed attempts, Iggy finally fiqured out how the thing worked. Load in a stone, pray and shoot. The efect depends on what you load. Coal (fire touched)for a fire effect, Sandstone (light stone) for a cold effect, and granite (hard stone) for a better impact. So he uses his dwarven knowledge and prayers to Tark to lead him to new types of stone to use. As long as he can mine, he has ammo.

Through all his learning and doing his lord’s bidding, Iggy was killing and fighting enemies and clearing tunnels. Most of the enemies he found were kobolds. Eventually, he made it to the eastern lands dominated by Man. He travelled the region before finally settling on Llorn as the place to put roots. He arrives a couple of weeks after the dragon attack.
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Re: Ramsis (Dwarf Dark priest of Tark) Group A - WIP

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Dwarf Dark Priest roll sheet


I.Q. 3D6
M.E. 3D6
M.A. 2D6
P.S. 4D6+6
P.P. 3D6
P.E. 4D6
P.B. 2D6+2
Spd 2D6 running / 1D6 digging.

P.P.E.: Race: [dice]9[/dice] / OCC: [dice]10[/dice] +P.E. +2D4/lvl [dice]11[/dice]
H.P.: PE +3d6 [dice]12[/dice] +6 spider link
S.D.C.: 19 +[dice]13[/dice] from spider link

Psionics 1d100 = 51 - none
Racial Hostilities: 1d100 = 8 - kobolds

Spider Familiar: PROXIMO
I.Q. [dice]14[/dice]
P.S. 4,
P.P. 10,
Spd 12
HP: 8,
S.D.C. [dice]15[/dice]
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Re: Ramsis (Dwarf Dark Priest)

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PR2.png (197.82 KiB) Viewed 5226 times
Spider Familiar // Black Leaper Spider
Alignment: Anarchist
I.Q.: 5
P.S.: 4
P.P.: 10
Speed: 12
Physical Data
S.D.C.: 11
H.P.: 8
Dimensions: 8" long
Average Life Span: same as Ramsis ( as familiar)

Natural Abilities
  • Night vision 60'
  • (5th) Can spin a web that can be used to bind prisoners, tie things, etc . ; two S.D.C. points per strand.

Combat Data
  • Attacks: 2
  • Dodge: +4
  • Bite: 2d6
  • Poison: 2d6 Damage+4, -1 Strike, -2 Dodge, and moving faster than 1/2 normal speed has a 65% chance of making victim vomit.

Saving Throw Bonuses

Skill Equivalents
  • Prowl 80%
  • Climbing/Rappelling 80%
  • Track by Smell 36%

Book Reference: (PFRPG DnG/187), (PFRPG AnM/ 197)
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Re: Ramsis (Dwarf Dark Priest) level up to 4

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OCC related skill - Identify Plants & Fruits 25% (+5%)
+1 APM

1d6 - add to HP
2d4 - add to PPE

Proximo - 4th level: +4 to venom lethality
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Re: Ramsis (Dwarf Dark Priest)

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Level up to 5 -

Secondary skill - Teamster
Spell - Armor of Ithan (10)
add to HP - LL1d6[/roll]
add to PPE - LL2d4[/roll]

Proximo - 5th level: Can spin a web that can be used to bind prisoners, tie things, etc . ; two S.D.C. points per strand
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