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Edison (Hardware Expert - Analytical/Weapons)

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Player Name: John
Hangouts Handle: GarrisonBurne
Discord: John#6761
Ledger: Ledger

Character Name: Marcus Davidson IV
Power Category: Hardware Expert (Analytical/Weapons)
Alias: Edison
Occupation: Freelance Mechanic/Engineer
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level: 4
XP Points: 10,316 (Updated 6/1/2022 by CHIMERA)
Next Level @ XP: 19,001
Birth Order/Family Ties: 3rd born son of 3 children
Land of Origin: United States
Childhood Environment: Small Town (Deadwood, North Dakota)
Social/Economic Background: Laborer/Lower Class.
Disposition: Nice guy, friendly. courteous and hospitable.
Insanity: OPTIONAL

I.Q.: 19
M.E.: 14
M.A.: 10
P.S.: 22
P.P.: 21
P.E.: 17
P.B.: 8
Speed: 20

PPE: 4
HP: 47
SDC: 135 (165 w/ Talisman of Marduk)
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 170 lbs
Description: Might have been attractive once, but some manner of accident has robbed him of his looks as the left side of his face is covered in burn scars that mar any looks he may have had. This coupled with what appears to be acme scars on his good cheek, makes for a relatively unappealing face. He has short brown hair, and pale blue eyes. He tends to dress in rugged work clothes, befitting of someone who calls themselves a mechanic.

Sponsoring Organization & Status: Wealthy individual or private industry. All responsibilities have been fulfilled and the relationship remains friendly and positive. Unless the character becomes a pariah, he can freelance for them any time (and at top pay too).

Natural Abilities
Perception: 50% (+3%)
Charm/Impress: 0%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 30%
Max. Encumbrance: 51 lbs
Max. Carrying Weight: 120 lbs
Max. Lifting Weight: 240 lbs
Max. Jumping Ability: Lengthwise: 6', Height: 3'

Special Skills

Analyze and Operate Devices 91% (+2%)
This special skill enables the Analytical Genius to analyze devices, machines and the theories behind them in order to figure out their purpose, how to use them, how they work, and how to repair or build/duplicate one. This skill can be used to operate a pair of Russian nightvision goggles, a Chinese fighter jet, an alien power engine, or anything in between. If the item was built by the hands of man, aliens or gods, the Analytical Genius has a chance of figuring it out. Even magical items can be figured out in regard to purpose and function (how to use it), but it cannot be repaired or duplicated.
Note: Just because the character can figure out the controls and use an item, it does not mean that he can immediately disassemble and repair it. To do this, he will have to study and analyze it, and make extensive notes while taking it apart. This could take hours to months if it is extremely alien and unfamiliar.

Analysis Penalties
The following penalties apply whenever the character tries to analyze and/or use unfamiliar or alien machines and devices. The penalty generally reflects the complexity, difficulty, and strangeness of the job at hand. In some cases, more than one penalty may apply.
Note that these penalties only apply for strange devices that utilize advanced, high-tech or foreign technology (including custom built items like those of other Hardware characters), unknown technology and truly alien (otherworldly) technology.
Analysis Penalties for work required may be interrupted with breaks for food, rest and "Unfamiliar" Mechanisms & Technology
Note: There are no penalty for items he/she is familiar with.
-5% Purpose: Earth manufacture; low to medium-tech.
-10% Purpose: Earth manufacture; advanced, high-tech/foreign, including energy weapons.
-15% Purpose: Earth manufacture; advanced, robotics or bionics.
-20% Purpose: Alien manufacture and advanced technology.
-35% Purpose: Alien manufacture and technology unlike anything he has ever seen.
-25% Purpose: Magical item.
How to use it:
-5% How to use it & how the mechanism work: Earth manufacture; low to medium-tech.
-10% How to use it & how the mechanism work: Earth manufacture; advanced, high-tech/foreign, including energy weapons.
-15% How to use: Earth manufacture; advanced, robotics or bionics, includes robot vehicles and exoskeletons.
-20% How to use it & how the mechanism work: Alien manufacture and advanced technology.
-30% How to use Alien technology unlike anything he has ever seen.
-40% How to use a mechanism of alien manufacture and technology unlike anything he has ever seen, and how it works.
-40% How to use it & how the mechanism works: Magic item.
Repairs & Maintenance:
-0% Repairs and Maintenance: Earth manufacture; low to medium- tech.
-10% Repairs and Maintenance: Earth manufacture; advanced, high-tech/foreign.
-15% Repairs and Maintenance: Earth manufacture; advanced, robotics or bionics.
-25% Repairs and Maintenance: Alien manufacture and advanced technology.
-40% Repairs and Maintenance: Alien manufacture and technology unlike anything he has ever seen.
-80% Repairs and Maintenance: Magic item.
-0% Build/Duplicate: Earth manufacture; low to medium-tech.
-20% Build/Duplicate: Earth manufacture; advanced, high-tech or foreign high-tech.
-30% Build/Duplicate: Earth manufacture; advanced, robotics or bionics, including robot vehicles and exoskeletons.
-50% Build/Duplicate: Alien manufacture and advanced technology.
-70% Build/Duplicate: Alien manufacture and technology unlike anything he has ever seen.
-98% Build/Duplicate: Magic item.
When working on computers, surveillance systems/alarms, weapons and machines, use the same penalty tables as are found under the other Hardware characters.

The amount of time needed to puzzle out or work On a machine varies with the complexity of the task. The player and the Game Master will have to work together on deciding how much time will be needed to do the work properly. Also the hours of work may be interrupted with breaks for food, rest and sleep. Building, making repairs or doing precision work requires an alert mind and hands not dulled by exhaustion; an 8-10 hour work day. Note: In all cases, a failed roll means the character doesn't know or can't perform the job at hand. Trying again is both noble and applicable, but requires 50% more time than the first attempt. A third try requires double the amount of time, a fourth 50% more than the last time.
Some estimates for work are:

Quick Guess diagnosis of a problem, or determination of the purpose and operation/use of a particular machine:
Simple machine/device of Earth manufacture: 2D4 melee rounds; -20% skill penalty.
Complex machine/device of advanced Earth manufacture (includes robots): 5-10 minutes; -30% skill penalty (-60% if under three minutes).
Complex machine/device of advanced Alien manufacture: 5-10 minutes; -60% skill penalty (-90% if under three minutes).

Proper Analysis, inspection and/or diagnosis of a problem, or the purpose and operation/use of a particular machine:
Simple machine/device of Earth manufacture: 10-30 minutes depending on the complexity of the item. No penalty.
Complex machine/device of advanced Earth manufacture (includes robots): 2-8 hours depending on the complexity of the item. No penalty.
Complex machine/device of advanced Alien manufacture: 10-100 hours depending on the complexity of the item; -40% skill penalty (as noted in the previous table).
Complex machine/device of advanced Alien manufacture unlike anything seen before: 30-120 hours depending on the complexity of the item; -50% skill penalty (as noted in the previous table).

Minor body work, repairing dents and bullet holes or changing parts (like brakes, tires, and windshields), will take 10-36 hours depending on the severity of damage.

Adding or replacing additional body armor is a long, heavy job. Two hours per ten S.D.C. replaced or added. This time requirement can be used for vehicles, 'robots, or body armor repair.

Major system work. Includes overhauling or rebuilding engines, replacing robot limbs, rebuilding a computer system, building a sensor or optic system, etc. 24-48 hours.

Adding mounts or turrets for weapon systems, 12-24 hours each.

Note: Any of the above xl00 when working on advanced alien machines and ~10,000if the alien machines are unlike anything seen before, minus the appropriate penalties.

Build/Modify Armor 91%+2% per level
One of the areas in which the Analytical Genius excels is the combination of chemistry, mechanics, and physics that creates body armors. With his knowledge, the character can repair, modify, and construct all forms of body armor. Any of the armors listed in the equipment section can be made at 1110th the listed costs. Ancient armors require 12 hours of work for each 10 S.D.C., and modern armors require 24 hours for each 10 S.D.C.
Time Restrictions, Penalties & Bonuses The character can also modify armors, adding up to +lo% of the total armor S.D.C. without decreasing the concealability/mobility of the armor. A maximum of +25% can be added to a suit of chine varies with the complexity of the task. The player and armor, but it will be heavy and slightly awkward (-1 to all combat Game Master will have to work together on deciding how much rolls and -10% to prowl), time will be needed to do the work properly. Also, the hours of Armor Rating (A.R.) can also be increased by a maximum of two points.
In addition, the character can build a special kind of concealed armor that lines normal clothes. This hidden armor has no armor rating, and all damage comes off of it before damaging the character's own S.D.C. This hidden armor is a soft and flexible combination of Kevlar, chain mail and padding.
Cost $500 per 10 S.D.C. points, with a maximum of 40 S.D.C.
Another trick is to build small weapons like pistols, stun guns, chemical sprays, smoke grenades, spike launchers, etc., into armor, especially hard armors, or combat gauntlets. Game Masters and players should use some common sense when mounting mini-weapons in armor or gauntlets.
The previous list of penalties applies to the building and/or modification of armor.

Communications: Electronic Countermeasures (Jamming) 81% (+2%)
Useful for preventing the enemy's communications from working. Since all armor, power armor and robot vehicles are linked by radio transmissions, jamming can cause unit confusion and disrupt communications. Military organization breaks down, causing a loss of effectiveness for all but the best of units. Just about any high-powered radio can be used for jamming. Armed with a radio, a small guerrilla unit can completely disrupt the maneuvers of large enemy groups. This skill also enables the radio operator to "follow" the enemy's attempted transmissions over jammed frequencies to trace their general location, a specific building, or direction. This tactic is extremely useful in finding and eliminating lone power-armor troopers.

Make & Modify Weapons Skill 95% (+2%)
Weapon Repairs:
The character can take apart, clean and put together his favorite types of weapons blind folded. He can also clear jams, make repairs to weapons, pack his own bullets (a.k.a. "load shells") or make/modify his own special ammunition, jury-rig an E-Clip recharger from a vehicle, generator or robot, and custom modify weapons in which he/she has a Weapon Proficiency (W.P.). For Example: A Modern W.P. such as Revolver or Automatic Rifle, means the character knows how to best clean, unjam, condition, and maintain the weapon, as well as how to lengthen and shorten the barrel, modify the trigger to create a hair-trigger, adapt it to handle a larger or smaller slug (limited to two grades up or down, with the largest and smallest calibers being the limit for that type of weapon. That is to say, a magnum can not be made to fire a rifle shell) and adapt the principles of the weapon(s) into micronized or special gimmick weapons.
The Hardware: Weapons Expert can also make any and all of the special cartridges, from hollow points and Dum Dums to armor piercing and exploding shells (See Weapons in the Equipment Section). This skill does not include making energy weapons, but a character proficient with energy weapons who possesses the Electrical Engineer skill can modify energy weapons (if he can get a hold of them).
Penalties for Creating or Modifying a Weapon
The following penalties apply whenever any weapon is built or modified. After the weapon is constructed, the player must roll to see if it works. At first level, the character has a base skill of 86%, but then you must subtract all the appropriate penalties. Penalties are cumulative, so there are likely to be several combined penalties, especially when working with modern weapons.
For Example: A revolver has three moving parts: the trigger, barrel and hammer, so a penalty of -1 5% would apply when modifying a revolver. Thus, the chance for success drops to 71%; still very good.
A failed roll means the weapon does NOT work. PERIOD. Of course, the character can try again and again.
Penalties for Modern Weapons
-5% For each moving part.
-5% If explosives are involved (very touchy stuff).
-5% If electronics are involved (another touchy item).
-10% If miniaturization is involved.
-10% If the character is using his own design (experimental).
-15% If the character is not familiar with the weapon.
-25% Rush job, takes half the time, but may be flawed because of it.
-30% If an energy weapon (i.e. laser, particle beam, plasma, electricity, etc.).
-50% If an alien weapon and technology.
-90% If the alien weapon and technology is unlike anything he has ever seen.
Note, cannot build or repair magic items and needs instructions to their use.
Penalties for Ancient Weapons
-10% Improve balance for throwing or parrying on an existing weapon (somebody else made it). +1 to parry.
-10% Improve sharpness of a blade (superior). +1 to damage
-25% Improve damage capability (usually involves additional mass and better balance). +2 to damage.
-25% Forge one's own weapon from scratch (good quality). +1 to parry.
-35% Forge one's own weapon from scratch with superior balance, damage and/or sharpness (add +1 to strike, +2 to parry, and +4 to damage).
-10% Own design.
-20% Rush job, takes half the time, but may be flawed
Time Restrictions
The amount of time needed to work on a weapon varies with the complexity of the task. The player and Game Master will have to work out, together, how much time will be needed to do the work properly. Also, the hours of work may have to be spread out over a period of a few days or even weeks. Don't forget, even he roes need to sleep and rest. This is precision work and requires a person's full attention.
A fair formula for determining time is one hour for every one penalty point. Two hours per each penalty point if it's the character's own design, and add 10 hours for miniaturization; quadruple the total time if working on an alien device. This is the time for the specific work. Additional time may be spent on research, travel, and getting money for parts and materials.

Recognize Weapon Quality 45%/70% (+5%)
The character is so skilled and familiar with weapons that he can recognize the quality of a weapon by sight, observing it in use and/or by personally examining it. Thus, a character can ascertain the approximate value, condition and quality, as well as its authenticity and approximate age.
Recognize quality by sight (not personally examined): 40% (+5%)
Recognize quality by personal examination: 65% (+5%)

Gunfighter Paired Weapons: Revolver & Pistol (special)
The Weapons Expert can draw and shoot two handguns (or throw two knives) simultaneously at the same target, inflicting full damage from both weapons, but counts as one melee attack! In the alternative, the two-gun attack can be divided between two different targets visible to the shooter and within his range of peripheral vision. The divided attack counts as one simultaneous melee action against two different foes. The quick-draw initiative bonus still applies, but the shooter must roll two separate times to hit each target (roll to strike for each) and the bonuses to strike for each divided attack are reduced by half.
Note: Parrying is not possible when two handguns are being used as paired weapons, but the character can dodge (which uses up one of his attacks) and counter by shooting.

Quick-Draw Initiative: Handguns & Rifles (special)
This is really a special P.P. bonus exclusive to the Weapons Expert: +1 to initiative for every two P.P. points above 16 (maximum P.P. 30; for a bonus of +7). This means a Weapons Expert with a P.P. of 24 is +4 on initiative (plus any other initiative bonuses from combat and physical skills. Remember, the winner of the initiative roll shoots first. This skill combined with W.P. Sharpshooting, makes for a deadly combination. Note: The full bonus applies only to the use of handguns (i.e. Derringers, revolvers and pistols) and rifles (energy and conventional types). Reduce by half when using shotguns, automatic rifles, sub-machine guns, archery, knife throwing, or alien weapons similar to handguns and rifles. The quick draw is not possible with machine guns, heavy weapons, rail guns, artillery, explosives, hand grenades, power armor, magic weapons or weapons built into vehicles.

W.P. Sharpshooting (Special)
This skill is limited to the following weapons: Revolvers, Automatic Pistols, Bolt-Action Rifles, Semi-Automatic Rifles, Energy Pistols, Energy Rifles. Sharpshooting is a combination of special expertise and trick shooting with a particular type of weapon. Historically, revolvers and, sometimes, rifles were the weapons used by sharpshooters. It was first developed by the Gunfighters of the Old West, and has been adopted by the Hardware Weapons Expert (the character practices all the time). Sharpshooting abilities and bonuses are as follows.
1. Gets a bonus of +1 melee attack when using one of the specific weapon types listed for the entire melee round.
2. Can fire a traditional two-handed weapon, like a file, one handed without penalty (normally the shooter loses all strike bonuses).
3. Can shoot over his shoulder by holding up a mirror and using the reflection to aim; no penalties, keep full bonuses to strike!
4. Accurately shoot while riding a horse or from a moving vehicle (normally a wild shot), but strike bonuses are half and a "called" shot is impossible.
5. Shoot accurately while standing on head or hanging upside down; all bonuses applicable at full.
6. Dodge, roll or somersault and come up shooting (normally a wild shot), no bonuses or penalties to strike; straight roll of the dice.
7. Ricochet shot! The shooter can bounce bullets, arrows, slings, and other fired projectiles (depending on the specific W.P.) off of one surface and angle the shot in such a way that the projectile ricochets/bounces off and hits a different/second target! Inflicts only one point of damage to the first surface and full damage to the second. Reduce bonuses to strike by half. The real target has no opportunity to parry or dodge a ricochet shot. This can also be done with laser weapons but the ricocheting surface must be mirrored or highly polished. Other types of energy weapons, heavy weapons, mini-missiles and other types of weapons cannot be used to attempt a ricochet.
Note: See the W.P. Sharpshooting Specialty skill description for full details.

EDUCATION LEVEL: Analytical Expert

Fundamental Skills
Pilot Automobile 71% (+2%)
Mathematics: Basic 65% (+5%)
Language: American 113% (+1%)
Literacy: American 70% (+5%).

Scholastic Skills
Electrical Engineer 62% (+5%)
Mechanical Engineer 52% (+5%)
Weapons Engineer 50% (+5%)
Robot Mechanics 47% (+5%)
Robot Electronics 55% (+5%)
Radio: Basic 75% (+5%)
Sensory Equipment 60% (+5%)
Chemistry 60% (+5%)
Chemistry: Analytical 55% (+5%)
Computer Operation 70% (+5%)
Computer Programming 60% (+5%)
Computer Repair 55% (+5%)
Astrophysics 57% (+5%)
Art 60% (+5%)
Anthropology 55% (+5%)
Biology 55% (+5%)
Paramedic 65% (+5%)
Intelligence 54% (+4%)
Research 80% (+5%)
Mathematics: Advanced 80% (+5%)
+2 to Aimed shots with single shot ranged weapons.

W.P. Handguns
W.P. Rifle
W.P. Energy Rifle
W.P. Energy Pistols
W.P. Flame Throwers
W.P. Shotgun
W.P. Sub-Machine Gun
W.P. Knife
W.P. Blunt
Demolitions 86% (+3%)
Demolitions Disposal 86% (+3%)
Find Contraband 53% (+4%)
Basic Electronics 55% (+5%)
Basic Mechanics 60% (+5%)
[EP] HtH Martial Arts
[EP] Boxing
Sense of Balance 67% (+2%)
Walk Tightrope or High Wire 68% (+3%)
Climb Rope 77% (+2%)
Back Flip 60% (+5%)

Sense of Balance 58% (+3%)
Work Parallel Bars & Rings 68% (+3%)
Climb Rope 67% (+2%)
Back Flip 77% (+2%)

[EP] Running
Sense of Balance 40% (+5%)

[EP] Athletics (General)
[EP] Physical Labor
[EP] Body Building & Weight Lifting
[EP] Wilderness Survival 45% (+5%)
[EP] Prowl 45% (+5%)
[EP] Land Navigation 45% (+4%)
[EP] Outdoorsmanship
[EP] Parachuting 50% (+5%)
[EP] Trap Construction 30% (+4%)
[EP] Trap & Mine Detection 30% (+5%)

Secondary Skills
Optic Systems 50% (+5%)
Swimming 70% (+5%)
Climbing 75% (+5%)
*Rappelling 50% (+5%)
Jury-Rig 45% (+5%)
Law: General 55% (+5%)
[3rd] Cook 45% (+5%)
[3rd] Automotive Mechanics 35% (+5%)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Martial Arts
Number of Attacks: 4 (+1 w/Handguns/Rifles)
Initiative Bonus: +2 (+4 w/Handguns/Rifles)
Strike Bonus: +5
Parry Bonus: +9
Dodge Bonus: +9
Disarm Bonus: +3
HTH Damage Bonus: +7 (+2 to Kicks)
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +9
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +4
Other: Karate Kick (2D4), Tripping Leg Hook (No Damage, Knockdown), Snap Kick (1D6), Roundhouse Kick (3D6), KO/Stun (Nat 20)

Weapon Proficiencies
W.P. Handguns (+1 to Strike)
W.P. Rifles (+2 to Strike)
W.P. Energy Rifle (+1 to Strike)
W.P. Shotgun (+2 to Strike)
W.P. Sub-Machine Gun (+2 to Strike)
W.P. Blunt (+2 to Strike, +2 to Parry)
W.P. Knife (+1 to Strike, +2 to Parry, +2 to Strike when Thrown)
W.P. Energy Pistols (+2 to Strike)
W.P. Flame Throwers (+1 to Strike)

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +5%
Toxins (15+): +1
Magic (varies): +1 (+2 w/ Talisman of Marduk)
Lethal Poison (14+): +1
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +1
Insanity (12+): +0
Psionics (varies): +0
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Edison's Equipment

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Held in Hands
AR-15 w/ Master Key

Worn on Person
Edison Mark 1
Armored Bodyglove
Red Flannel Shirt, Fire Hose Work Pants, Belt, White Undershirt, Socks, Boxers.

Talisman of Marduk (Patron Item)
• Sunglasses (Good Quality)
Folding Knife
Cash, Credit Cards, Drivers License.

• Pen-sized Flashlight (Pants Pocket)
Work Knife (Clipped to Belt)

Utility Belt
• 2 Lemat Revolvers
• 2 Flashbangs
• 2 Smoke Grenades
• 2 Explosive Grenades

• Full-sized Flashlight
• Binoculars
• Pocket Tape Recorder
• Camera
• Handcuffs
• Magnifying Glass
• 2 Journal-Style Notebooks
• 2 Pens
• 2 Mechanical Pencils

Omega Suit v3.1.7
Gun Cleaning Kit
• Steel Toed Boots
• Carhart Work Coat
• Baseball Cap (Seattle Mariners)
• Nylon Cord (100')
• Tarp (10x10)
• Box of 5.56 (100 rounds)
• Box of 12 Gauge Slug (20 Shells)
• 4 Spare AR-15 Magazines (Empty)
• Box of .44 rounds (50 rounds)
• Box of 20 Gauge Slugs (20 Shells)

Stored in Vehicle
Craftsman Tool Chest

Stored at Home/Base
• 4 Flashbangs
• 4 Smoke Grenades
• 4 Explosive Grenades

• Cash on Hand: $90.00
• Bank Account: $10,000.00
• Projects Budget: $1,411,550.00

Gear Stats

Talisman of Marduk (Patron Item)
Godly Health: Even with the merest fraction of power from the Tablets of Destiny the talisman enhances the health of its wearer
  • +30 S.D.C. or +15 M.D.C., as appropriate

Magical Resistance: The Talisman protects it's wearer from harmful magical effects
  • +1 to save vs. magic

Voice of Kings: The wearer is able to speak any language even if only for a brief while and limited times per day
  • Tongues 3/day (per invocation at 5th level proficiency)

Sight of Destiny: The wearer is able to peer into the depths of time and space to view events as they happen
  • Clairvoyance 3/day (per invocation at 5th level proficiency)

Edison Mk.1
Modified Class 4 Armor, integrated with bomb disposal armor features.
AR: 19
S.D.C.: 308
Weight: 22 lbs
Modifiers: None?
  • Increased AR.
  • Increased S.D.C.
  • Multi-Optic Helmet
  • Integrated Body-cam
  • Integrated Radio (Scrambler equipped, 2 mile range (3.2 km). up to 10 preset channels.)
  • Integrated Mini-Flamethrower (Range: 6', Damage: 3D6, plus 60% chance of setting combustible items ablaze, Payload: Six blasts.)
  • Integrated Explosive Wrist Blaster (Range: 80', Damage: 6D6, Blast Radius: Localized, one foot, Payload: .)

Book Reference: HU2
Cost: $44,300

Armored Undersuit
An armored bodyglove with a flexible combination of Kevlar, Chain Mail, and Padding
AR: 12
S.D.C.: 40
Weight: 2 lbs.
Modifiers: None.
  • Concealable under clothes.

Book Reference:
Cost: $2,000

Omega Suit v3.1.7
Bravo: Image
S.D.C. by Location:
  • Arms: 90 each
  • Legs: 100 each
  • Main Body: 250
  • *Body Camera: 15

Weight: 6 lbs
  • AR: 17
  • *Body Camera (-2 to strike via aimed shot only)

  • Hyper-mimetic alloy fibers change size and molecular composition to fit wearer regardless of APS powers, shape or size changes.
  • Built-in short range encrypted radio transceiver (Omega freq only).
  • Built-in RFID transponder for C.S.P.D. verifies wearer is a Centurion to all C.S.P.D. and their precise GPS location within 20'
  • Body Camera located in center of chest.
  • Anti-Tamper system

2 Lemat Revolver
Reproduction of a Confederate Officers gun.
  • Range: .44: 120'; 20 gauge: 80'
  • Damage: .44: 5d6; 20 gauge: 3d6
  • Rate of Fire: single shot.
  • Payload: .44: 9 shots (Cylinder); 20 gauge: 1 (breech loaded)
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Features: None
  • Modifiers: None.
  • Book Reference:

AR-15 w/Masterkey
A Modified AR-15 with underbarrel shotgun
  • Range: Rifle: 1,200'; Shotgun: 90'
  • Damage: Rifle: 5D6, Shotgun: Slug: 5D6 Buckshot: 4D6 (5' AOE)
  • Rate of Fire: Rifle: Capable of Burst fire; Shotgun: Each Shot counts as one attack.
  • Payload: Rifle: 20 round Box Magazine; Shotgun: 6+1 internal tube magazine.
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs
  • Features: Masterkey (Underbarrel 12 Guage pump Shotgun), Tactical Scope, Mid-range Scope
  • Modifiers:
  • Modifications: Master Key, Mid-Range Scope, Tactical Scope.
  • Book Reference:

Pocket Knife (Folding Type)
  • Damage: 1D6
  • Features: Foldable, fits in a pocket.

Short Blade Work Knife
  • Range: 40'
  • Damage: 1D6
  • Features: Full Tang, comfortable handle.

  • Range: 40'
  • Damage: 1D8
  • Features: Handmade.

  • Range: 120' thrown
  • Damage: -1 APM, -1 to initiative, -8 to combat actions (w/o EBA or polarization) or -1 to initiative (w/protection) in a 20' AoE
  • Duration: 1D4 melees.

Teargas Grenade
  • Range: 120' thrown
  • Damage: -6 to Strike, Parry, Dodge, Lose initiative. (No Save, Gas masks auto counters)
  • Duration: 1D4 Melees.

Smoke Grenade
  • Range: 120'
  • Damage: None: -8 to Strike, Parry, Dodge; 20' AOE of vision impairing smoke.
  • Duration: 1D4 Melees.

Explosive Grenade
  • Range: 120'
  • Damage: 2D4x10, 20' AOE.

Craftsman Tool chest
A sturdy tool chest full of tools.
  • Features: Full of tools to make on the spot repairs, that don't require welding or machining.

Gun Cleaning Kit
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Features: Each tool is fitted into a separate loop and there's plenty of room for spare bolts, screws, springs and cleaning rods. Contained in a 12 inch by 8 inch by 2 inch (30~20x5c m) case. Can be attached to a harness or worn over the shoulder with strap, which is included.

63 Chevy Silverado
S.D.C.: 300
AR: 6
Statistical Data:
Maximum Speed: 120 mph
Range: 300 miles
Modifiers: None.
Crew: 1
Class: Small Truck (Pilot Automobile)
Dimensions: [6'3", 8', 16', 2200 lbs]
Cargo: Aproximately 800 lbs of cargo.
Power System: Combustion Engine
Weapon Systems: None.
Features of Note: Radio, Truck Tool box.
Book Reference:
Cost: $18,000
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Edison's Background

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Born February 11th, 2021 on the tail end of a global pandemic. Marcus Davidson IV was born in Deadwood, North Dakota to Marcus and Elisha Davidson, a young couple who at the time were struggling to make ends meet, with two other children a set of twin girls. Marcus while loved was very unexpected. Marcus was raised in poverty, his family making do with cheap manual labor jobs. While things were tough, Marcus showed signs as a young child to be gifted, not only in intelligence, but skilled with his hands. Marcus was inquisitive, always wanting to know how something worked, so he had a bad habit of taking apart things. At first, he wasn't particularly good at it and got into trouble often. Though with practice, he became relatively proficient at disassembly/reassembly, going so far as to help fix things around the house. Almost in a case of irony, Marcus actually did poorly in school as a youth. He found the curriculum to be slow and tedious. It wasn't till he moved into middle school that his teachers noticed and did something about it.

As a preteen/teenager Marcus sort of came into his own. His teachers realized that they were holding him back for the most part, so they started giving him advanced classes, and college prep courses. He bypassed a few of his grades, and would eventually graduate two full years early. Marcus' family continued to struggle, money issues, illnesses, and just plain bad luck. Marcus spent a good portion of his teens helping his family financially, working in local garages. Marcus also proved to be a crack shot, and was able to provide food through hunting. Around the age of fifteen, Marcus' grandfather had passed and the family got a little windfall. The money helped lift the family onto it's feet for the first time in a long while. One of the things handed over in the inheritance was a notebook, given specifically to young Marcus. This notebook would change the young man's life inexorably.

Not talked about in his small family was the legacy of his great grandfather, Marcus Davidson the first. A hero of World War II, tasked to secret operations in a joint task force in Europe. While the notebook was valuable, journal entries and schematics of, for the time high tech armor and weapons, it also had an address noted in it. This address would lead Marcus to a seemingly abandoned shop, locked up for decades. Inside this disused building was a dated workshop, that would allow young Marcus to begin his burgeoning foray into weapons and armor design.

After Marcus graduated from High school, he went college on a full ride scholastic scholarship. Marcus enrolled for a broad engineering degree, a smattering of all the disciplines. Like his primary schooling, Marcus graduated in near record time, graduating in a mere three years. Prospective employers had watched Marcus and saw not only potential, but drive, so they quickly snatched him up. Marcus was hired into a large firm that specialized in body armor design and manufacture. Marcus saw a real opportunity, but didn't know it would become a truly life altering decision. Being the new guy, Marcus had everything to prove and no seniority to back it up, but Marcus always loved a challenge, his whole life has been one. This unsurprisingly made him a few enemies, including a spy who had infiltrated the business from the nefarious Fabricators. Marcus had been badly wounded when he caught the spy stealing proprietary technology. The agent had used a chemical spray, melting half of Marcus' face. The company paid for his recovery and they compensated him very well, or so they say, but who can really put a price on ones looks.

Marcus now unemployed, and out of options desperately looking for work and maybe a little payback, got word of a job offer in Century Station. Marcus packed up his truck and made his way there. Upon arriving Marcus found work with Sector 10, At first it was good work, even fulfilling, but over a few years, Marcus found the work draining. The same old story began to unfold once more as one of his fellow officers threw him under the bus for something he wasn't involved in. Marcus' career now in danger has led to Marcus fighting for a transfer to a better position.

1: 0-2,400
2: 2,401-4,800
3: 4,801-9,600
4: 9,601-19,000
5: 19,001-27,000
6: 27,001-37,000
7: 37,001-52,000
8: 52,001-72,000
9: 72,001-96,000
10: 96,001-131,000
11: 131,001-180,000
12: 180,001-229,000
13: 229,001-278,000
14: 278,001-337,000
15: 337,001, 396,000
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EP Purchases and Level-UP Notes

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EP Purchases and Level-UP Notes
EP Purchases
-3 EP Perception Boost (+25%) (Edison)
-2 EP S.D.C. Boost (+1D4x10) (Edison) 1d4*10: [4]*10 = 40
-3 EP Attribute Boost (applicable to attributes 16+, +1D6; IQ) (Edison) 1d6: [1] = 1
-3 EP Attribute Boost (applicable to attributes 16+, +1D6; PP) (Edison) 1d6: [1] = 1
-2 EP Skill Download: New O.C.C. Related Skill (HtH Martial Arts) (Edison)
-6 EP Upgrade Existing Combat Skill Two Levels (HTH Martial Arts) (Edison)
-2 EP Skill Download: New O.C.C. Related Skill (Boxing) (Edison)
-2 EP Skill Download: New O.C.C. Related Skill (Acrobatics) (Edison)
-2 EP Skill Download: New O.C.C. Related Skill (Gymnastics)(Edison)
-2 EP Skill Download: New O.C.C. Related Skill (Running)(Edison)
-2 EP Skill Download: New O.C.C. Related Skill (Aerobic Athletics)(Edison)
-2 EP Skill Download: New O.C.C. Related Skill (Athletics (General))(Edison)
-2 EP Skill Download: New O.C.C. Related Skill (Physical Labor)(Edison)
-2 EP Skill Download: New O.C.C. Related Skill (Law: General)(Edison)
Acrobatics: SDC: 1d6: [2] = 2
Athletics (General): SPD: 1d6: [2] = 2 SDC: 2d4: [4, 3] = 7
Boxing: SDC: 3d6: [4, 1, 4] = 9
Gymnastics: SDC: 2d6: [5, 2] = 7
Running: SPD: 4d4: [2, 1, 1, 4] = 8 SDC: 1d6: [6] = 6
Aerobic Athletics: SDC: 2d4: [4, 3] = 7
Physical Labor: SDC: 2d8: [8, 7] = 15
Outdoorsmanship: S.D.C.: [roll]2d6[/roll]
“Why is it my job to save these people? Why do I have to be some kind of hero?” ~Dean Winchester
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Re: Edison (Hardware Expert - Analytical/Weapons)

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EP Purchases
(2 EP) Skill Download: New O.C.C. Related Skill (Wilderness Survival; Edison)
(2 EP) Skill Download: New O.C.C. Related Skill (Prowl; Edison)
(2 EP) Skill Download: New O.C.C. Related Skill (Land Navigation; Edison)
(2 EP) Skill Download: New O.C.C. Related Skill (Outdoorsmanship; Edison)
(2 EP) Skill Download: New O.C.C. Related Skill (Parachuting; Edison)
(2 EP) Skill Download: New O.C.C. Related Skill (Trap Construction; Edison)
(2 EP) Skill Download: New O.C.C. Related Skill (Trap & Mine Detection; Edison)
Outdoorsmanship: S.D.C.: 2d6: [6, 2] = 8

Level 4: HP: 1d6: [6] = 6
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Code: Select all

Perception: [roll]1d100[/roll]/50%
Just in Case: [roll]1d20[/roll]; [roll]1d100[/roll]
Conditions: None.
[inline=Equipment][b]Edison Mk. I[/b]: AR: 19; S.D.C.: 308/[color=red]308[/color]
[b]Armored Undersuit[/b]: AR: 12; S.D.C.: 40/[color=red]40[/color]
2 [b]Lemat Revolvers[/b] Payload: .44: 9/[color=red]9[/color] - 9/[color=red]9[/color]; 20 gauge: 1/[color=red]1[/color] - 1/[color=red]1[/color] 
[b]AR-15 w/ Masterkey[/b]: Payload: 5.56: 20/[color=red]20[/color]; 12 Gauge: 7/[color=red]7[/color][/inline]

[inline=Personal Mission Notes][u]Location:[/u] Camp Guthrie, Lake Tatsiumpi, south west Montana.
[u]Map:[/u] Yes.
[list][*]Missing Counselors 
[*]superhuman?, Supernatural threat.[/list]
[u]Potential Victims:[/u] 
[list][*]Cuppo; AKA Robert Pimm (Power Object, Family Heirloom Cup)
[*]Firsty; AKA Janet Crosby.[/list]
[u]Points of contact:[/u] 
[i]Black Star; AKA Yasim Kwellib[/i]
[i]Clair de Lune; AKA  Claire Juggliano[/i]
[u]Objectives:[/u] Assist at the camp as requested/needed, Find missing Counselors, Deal with threat.
[u]Insertion Method:[/u] Airplane, Parachuting, plus short hike.
[u]Orders given:[/u] 
[b]From Chimera:[/b]
[list][*]Find the missing Councilors.
[*]Find what the threat is and deal with it.[/list]
[b]From WiFi:[/b] 
[list][*]Buddy system, always have a partner.[/list]
[u]Additional Notes:[/u] 
[list][*]Radio Deadzone; Sat phone only, small window 7 AM and/or 7 PM.
[*]Area is dimensionaly odd, making dimensional based abilities act weird.
[*]Howling noises in the woods nearby, neither wolf or Coyote.
[*]Something knocked down trees across one of the main hiking trails, these were not old trees. Tracks around the tree are mostly the campers, and a few of the prints found during our initial landing. Trees were battered down with several blows, so what ever did it was strong, but not ungodly strong it seems.
[*]A bear washed up on the shore of the lake, and apparently was mauled very bad. The bear was destroyed by use of Napalm.
[*]The two missing councilors had run off to do adult things, and never came back.[/list]
[ooc=Campers List][list][*]"30" Helen Agee (14; multiple selves) - Charged with felony theft and trespassing; can create up to 30 clones of herself which she used to storm designer retail stores and steal as much as possible
[*]Siobahn "Cran" Berry (16) - Ward of the state; the psychological profile for first viola is very close to the psychological profile of a costumed villain, we hope early intervention will produce the former
[*]Gaylord "Smith" Byron (15; vertigo powers) - charged with two dozen counts of petty assault; someone insulted his poetry (NOTE FROM CLAIR: tbf his poetry sux so bad) (NOTE FROM BLACK STAR: be nice, if my parents gave me that name id write moody doggerel too) (NOTE FROM CLAIR: aha! even you think his poetry is bad!) (NOTE FROM BLACK STAR: thats not what i said!)
[*]Dolph Groening (16) - Arrested for manufacture of an illicit chemical, possession with intent to sell of an illicit chemical, and aggravated assault, charges pending; made his own designer drugs that could temporarily grant user super powers and sold it to his classmates
[*]Yuki Hitachi (16; teleportation) - Arrested for trespassing, charges dropped; was caught using her powers to sneak backstage to the Centa-jamboree Music and Arts Festival on more than one occasion
[*]HRM - Ward of state; Hermione Jane (13) was consumed by a swarm of nanites three years ago, the nanites later consolidated into a single entity claiming to have Hermione's consciousness
[*]James "Jimbo" Jones (15) - Charged with possession of an illicit chemical, petty assault, aggravated assault, trespassing with intent to assault; purchased drugs that gave him temporary super powers and decided to settle the score with some classmates
[*]Kearney (10; rapid aging and super-strength) - Charged with petty assault and larceny; despite being in the 5th grade he looks and acts like a low-level goon in his middle 30's, was caught shaking down drunks outside a bar
[*]Riley "Kilo" Lewis (14; create dimensional pockets) - Arrested for possession with intent to sell, charges dropped; was coerced by her uncle to use her developing super powers to transport large quantities of narcotics into Century Station
[*]Stark "Raver" Mann (14) - Charges pending; no one is sure where the uranium Stark used to power his armor came from, he insists that he synthesized it himself in his basement but CHIMERA scientists have yet to find the particle accelerator he would need to do so
[*]Gavin McCulloh (9; reality warping) - Ward of the state; just keep Gavin happy and distracted at all times, do not let him help in any way and for the love of all that is holy do not ask him about imaginary friend "Buddy"
[*]Beth Molok (13) - Arrested for burglary, felony theft, and menacing with a deadly weapon, charges pending; broke into a storehouse controlled by the Order of St. Ptolmey and bonded with a magical staff, staff returned to Order for time being but bond still very strong
[*]Dave Muntz (16; sonic blast) - Arrested for vandalism, charges dropped; a sarcastic laugh destroyed the windows of 10 storefronts, uses humor to mask his high anxiety
[*]Nester Onard (13; electrokenisis) - Ward of state; found living in an abandoned video arcade that he was operating using his own powers
[*]Jean "String" Phaseol (15; create vines from body) - Arrested for aggravated assault, charges pending; attacked Jimbo Jones after he had been subdued by police officers
[*]"Letters 2" Cleopatra Post Jr. (15; mild precognition) - Arrested  for felony theft charges dropped; stole 238 scratch lottery tickets from a convenience store, insisted she would pay the owner back with part of the winnings
[*]Jeremy "Coyote" Roedikk (16; fire manipulation) - Charged with public indecency and petty vandalism; arrested while urinating into his physics teacher's windshield wiper fluid tank, the fact he hasn't used his super powers in his many acts of vandalism yet is a good sign
[*]Pippa "Riot" Rosay (14; metal manipulation) - Arrested for aggravated assault, charges dropped; generally shy and withdrawn but has explosive anger issues 
[*]Gwenno "Rocksteady" Stevens (15; energy constructs) - Expelled from multiple high schools; Gwenno does not play nice with others and while she has not commited any crimes yet, we're concerned that she will in the future
[*]Mark "Headcrusher" Tyzik (17; telekenisis) - Expelled from high school; attempted to crush his guidance counselor's head[/list][/ooc]
[ooc=Schedule]Morning: Group Activities
Afternoon: School work.
Dinner: 6 PM.
CHIMERA Check-in: 7 PM
Evenings: Group Activities till 8:30-9 PM 
Lights out: 10:30 PM[/ooc]
[ooc=Timeline of Events]Events started two to three weeks before Arrival: Odd Sounds coming from the woods, Large unidentified animal tracks near the cabins.
Sunday April 5th: Something knocked the trees down near camp.
Wednesday April 8th: Bear washed up on shore after being mauled.
Friday Night April 10th/Saturday Morning April 11th: Cuppo and Firsty leave camp to do "things" but do not return.
Saturday April 11th And Sunday April 12th: Camp Guthrie searches for missing Councilors.
Monday April 13th: Omega's Team Bravo Arrives via Airdrop.
Monday April 13th: Something in the woods makes it's presence known.
Tuesday April 14th: Current Day[/ooc]
[ooc=Strange History of the Area][list][*]80's: Previous camp was slaughtered by a machete wielding maniac.
[*]90's: Rich kids were murdered on an island in the middle of the lake.
[*]00's: Old lady unleashed mega-fauna crocodile into the lake.
[*]Late 00's: Pair of Serial killers kidnapped some families.
[*]10's -20's?: Crypto-bro gathering dies due to massive food poisoning due to tainted abalone salad.[/list][/ooc][/inline]

Code: Select all

Attacks: 4 (+1 w/Handguns/Rifles)
Initiative: [roll]1d20+2[/roll] (+4 w/Handguns/Rifles)

Action One:
Action Two:
Action Three:
Action Four:
*Action Five: 

Parries as needed: [roll]1d20+9[/roll], [roll]1d20+9[/roll], [roll]1d20+9[/roll], *[roll]1d20+9[/roll].
Dodges vs Ranged Attacks: [roll]1d20+9[/roll], [roll]1d20+9[/roll], [roll]1d20+9[/roll], *[roll]1d20+9[/roll].
"Death is the only true constant, for everything dies, but not everything truly lives."
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